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Cheesy Ramen Noodle Bowls

4.88 from 8 votes

Cheesy ramen noodles – Easy, healthy, savory comfort food in a bowl!

cheese ramen

First, thank you for all the comments on my What I Eat In A Day post.

I appreciate even the constructive criticism.

Notsomuch the trolling comments about my appearance; but if it makes people feel better to leave them, that’s okay.

Writing a blog gives you a thick skin, and the good thing about getting so many negative comments is they become background noise after a while.

Sometimes they can even be funny when they’re creative enough.

But anyway, constructive comments help me better understand what types of posts you want to see and how I can make the blog more fun and useful for you.

So please never be afraid to leave a comment with any honest feedback you might feel.

(Of course, positive comments are appreciated as well. They are always wonderful to read!)

And for today? Hopefully you like this fast & delicious cheesy ramen recipe!

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vegan ramen

In a way, I am kind of like these ramen noodles.

And yes, I did just compare myself to a bowl of noodles… Smile with tongue out

Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish, and adding cheese sauce is definitely more of an American thing, which leaves this cheesy ramen recipe without one specific country of origin.

It’s something I’ve tried often to figure out in my own life: the answer to the question Where are you from?

I’m sure I’ve been asked this question at least a thousand times; yet I’m still unsure how to respond.

As an American born in London, who spent her formative years in Tokyo before moving to Philadelphia, Dallas, Shanghai, Manila, and Washington, D.C., the best answer I can come up with is to tell people I’m from Earth.

I learned to eat with chopsticks before a fork, and my childhood lunches—packed neatly into a Hello Kitty bento box—included foods such as inari sushi or onigiri, with chocolate koalas or Pocky for dessert.

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cheesy ramen

These cheesy ramen noodles are just plain addictive.

Eat them for dinner, or snack, or packed into a lunchbox – with chopsticks or a fork; it’s completely your choice!

Cheesy Ramen Noodle Bowls

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Cheesy Ramen Noodle Bowls

These cheesy ramen noodles are the ultimate healthy comfort food meal!
Total Time 10 minutes
Yield 2 - 3 servings
4.9 from 8 votes


  • 1/2 cup milk of choice
  • 6 oz silken tofu OR cooked white beans (170g)
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup nutritional yeast or Parmesan, such as vegan Parma
  • 1 tbsp butter spread of choice
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/8 tsp garlic powder
  • 6 oz uncooked ramen


  • Blend all ingredients except noodles until completely smooth. Boil water in a medium pot. Add ramen and cook uncovered for 2 minutes. Drain fully. Pour on sauce, heat until desired temperature is reached, and serve hot. Feel free to experiment with replacing the buttery spread with oil or almond butter or omitting it; I haven't tried so can't vouch for the flavor, but edible experiments are always fun.
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  1. Carrie says

    Where do you buy your ramen noodles? What kind are they? My kids love ramen noodles, and finding a healthier alternative to the packaged stuff would be great.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Try Koyo Foods or Lotus brand. There are whole grain or rice-based varieties. You can even buy flavored packages and just use the noodles instead of the flavoring packets if it’s all you can find. I think I’ve seen Lotus foods at Whole Foods and even Target.

  2. Gerri Burland says

    Love the recipe . Really helpful because my daughter is a vegan. Keep up the good work. Ignore what the trolls say. We all love you

  3. Gerri Burland says

    Loved the recipe especially since my daughter is a vegan. Keep up the good work and ignore the trolls. We all love ya

  4. Linda says

    I used to love adding sourcream to the sauce/soup packet and then toss the ramen noodles into it.

  5. Mary Jane says

    Happy Star Wars day!! (May the fourth be with you lol). I added about 1/2 cup o cashews that had been soaked overnigh then drained into the “cheese” and it was a wonderful texture. It tastes much more cheesey too

  6. Cecilia says

    I rarely comment, I’m mostly just a reader who tries out your recipes. I wanted to say two things:
    Firstly, it’s terrible that people (trolls) feel that it’s their place to comment negatively on women’s bodies. You look stunning, but even if you didn’t your work shouldn’t be judged by that. Your recipes are good and that’s what keeps me coming back to your site. Keep up the good work! I’m glad that you’ve developed a thick skin, but I wish that as women in this world that wasn’t such a necessity.
    Secondly, I appreciate the breadth of experience that growing up in so many places has given you. It shows up in your recipes in terms of thinking outside the all-american box and I love it. I too grew up in many places (Montana, Ghana, Angola, and Canada) and the experience of different perspectives is one of the things I’m most grateful for in my life.

  7. Whitney says

    Ah! You just reminded me that I have nutritional yeast that needs using–and just when I was wondering where I’m going to get a richer does of protein today! Thank you, Katie!
    Question, though: is there anything I can substitute for the tofu or beans? I don’t eat tofu, and I’m not a HUGE fan of bean-based cheese sauce. I know someone commented above that they used cashew cream, but would it be okay to use just that instead? Or do you have a different suggestion?

  8. Ekko says

    HI Katie, You are beautiful and awesome – I’m glad you post pictures of yourself, its nice to see a REAL person sharing so much of their life with us out here in the inter-webs – it can be really challenging to put yourself out there and I’m glad you do it. This recipe looks so dang good I can’t want to try it. (I learned to eat with chopsticks very young *we had Chinese next door neighbors with twins* and as a kid I was delighted to try and master chopsticks) I still use chopsticks with nearly every meal I eat – I even have a travel pair to use at restaurants which its always really funny to see the waiters at Mexican restaurants comment on the chopsticks.

    None the less I do have a website improvement suggestion. I like to scroll through your pages of desserts or meals to get ideas on something new to make…. however I find the process a bit cumbersome because the site only has 9 photo/recipes per page and to see all the recipes I need to click [next page] for over 10+pages for many of your recipe categories to see them all. I’m not opposed to clicking, but 10+ pages worth can be a bit much. So would you consider listing off more recipes per page… like maybe or 16 or 24 recipes per page or even giving a choice at the top to list off more recipes per page. I would greatly appreciate it and I’m sure others would enjoy that option as well. Many Thanks for your hard work and you are beautiful inside and out most of us out here following your blog can see that, so any comments that say otherwise are folks whom are just not tuned into their own beauty so its harder for them to see the beauty in others.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Thanks so much for the comment and suggestions! The lower number of posts is to not overwhelm readers with too much “clutter” and make them subconsciously click off the page because of too many choices. Studies show that when a person is given too many choices, they’re more likely to choose none at all. I tried to strike a good balance with the 9. But I am definitely still in the process of redesigning so will absolutely play around with the idea of showing more in future redesigns. 🙂

      • Ekko says

        Yes you are correct that in most cases too many choices can be a deal breaker. (As a graphic designer of menus I will say I rather have only 10 good things on a menu). . However we are not talking about a spontaneous decision being made while standing in a line ordering food. One needs to think differently you are categorizing and filing MANY recipies. I would say finding a recipe is more like shopping for clothes online. i would keep choices slimmed down to categories. such as – yes I want a blouse or I this case I want cookies… Now when I get to the page I want to see all the cookies. Very much like wanting to see all the blouses. Or at least a choice to see them all. Start with the page loading 9 and possible give the option to show more.

        Good for you on marketing strategy. It’s an ever evolving beast.

  9. mary says

    Hmm well I would use an alternate to ramen as they are not that great in relation to fat and sodium. As a person whose family hx I try to be mindful of sodium. Interesting abt the white beans as tofu is a no no for me. The sauce would probably be great over alternative noodles and rice.

  10. Cynthia says

    This Looks great! I looove noodles. And I love all your posts! You are always a source of inspiration in the kitchen and the way you deal with people with such love, compassion and grace is also a source of inspiration. You are setting a good example of how to cook and eat and also how to be a good person.

  11. Jen E says

    This recipe was so good Katie! Thank you for sharing it 🙂 I’m sorry about all the mean people, I think you look great!

  12. Balie says

    I made these for dinner and they were so yummy. Thanks for coming up with a wonderful combination.

  13. Chris says

    Katie, you are absolutely beautiful and incredibly sweet!

    I admire you a great deal and wish that the only things people would write to you or about you would be positive. You don’t deserve anything other than kindness and kind words. Remember that!

    Thank you for your wonderful website, recipes and cookbooks. I have been vegan for over three years now (as well as vegetarian for many years before becoming vegan) and am grateful to you for sharing your vegan recipes and vegan tips through your website and cookbooks.

    I wish you many blessings in your life both now and in your future, Katie. Take care.

  14. Tiffany says

    I was looking for a recipe that I can make it at work and I think I just found it. I will let you know from 1-10 how good it is after i make it.

  15. Hannah says

    Oh maaaaannnn! Ramen and mac and cheese are two of my favorite foods, but I’ve never put them together. Like, what have I been doing this whole time? Thank you for the inspiration and recipe!

  16. Maggie Hubbard says

    This was sooo tasty!! Used regular pasta and added some fried mushrooms, garlic, leek and courgette to the mix. Also put some wholegrain mustard in the sauce. Thanks for the tasty easy meal ideas 🙂

  17. Trishs says

    If we all looked in the mirror we’d see ourselves. The man in the mirror lies to everyone but he sees himself in the mirror.

  18. Mattie says

    Wow! I just made this – I didn’t have tofu or beans on hand, but the recipe was amazing regardless. Definitely will make this again and again.

  19. Renee says

    This recipe is DELICIOUS! I made it tonight – used silken tofu and I added kale and 1/2 tsp of turmeric (for the anti-inflammatory benefit) and 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika (that’s just my fave spice).

    Your recipes are fabulous. 🙂

  20. Marissa says

    I’m going to have to try this for my kiddos!!! Ps- you are gorgeous and online trolls are just miserable people who have some serious insecurities. ❤️

  21. Deirbhille Milloy says

    Easiest and most delicious recipe!! I was having a bad day today, saw this recipe, asked my 19 year old to whip it up for me. Delicious!! So simple! My daughter used white beans, unsweetened almond milk and doubled the garlic(cuz she knew I needed it 🙂 going into the weekend with a different mood now!
    Thank you for all your awesome recipes!!

  22. Kat says

    I’ve got a jar of baby food carrots… I think I’ll try using that instead of the tofu/ beans….

    Argh! As soon as I can find some gf noodles… Want food!

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