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What I Eat In A Day

When I published my first “What I Eat In A Day” post a few months ago, I had no idea what to expect.

So I was happily surprised when the post received such an outpouring of positive reader feedback, with many people writing in to say they loved seeing the example of how a vegan day in the life might look.

As I mention in the first post, there’s no typical day for me, but the amount of food stays pretty constant. I’ve also never been one of those people who can go even a day without dessert!

If you missed it, here’s the first post: Everything I Eat in a Day – Part 1

Chocolate Covered Katie 2021 Bananas

What I Eat In A Day

I wake up hungry and usually snack on a handful of nuts as I check emails, maybe post to @Chocolatecoveredkatie on Instagram, and make breakfast.

Today I also ate a few strawberries that needed to be used up. If I’m going running in the morning, I’ll make a cup of coffee and have a more substantial first breakfast.

That’s about 1-3 times per week, depending on whether or not I feel like running.

I’ll never again force myself to exercise if I don’t feel like it, after being an obsessive exerciser for years.

Anyways, no running or coffee today.

day in the life


Lately, I’ve been craving savory food for breakfast.

Today was two Homemade English Muffins–one of my favorite recipes in my new cookbook–toasted in the oven with organic vegan buttery spread, kale sautéed with olive oil and garlic, and caramelized cherry tomatoes.

It looks fancy, but honestly the tomatoes took under a minute to prepare, and all I did for the kale was throw it into the cast-iron skillet the day before and let it cook as I put my groceries away.


Lunch was even easier to prepare.

Heat up some leftover Buffalo Chickpea Chili from the freezer, dice an avocado and throw it on top, and finish the meal by breaking off a piece of extra-dark (95%) chocolate.

My blog title really is a good name for me.

chocolate larabars

Snack 1

I always get hungry in the afternoon, and—surprise—it’s usually for chocolate.

Today was homemade cashewmilk and a Chocolate Brownie Paleo Bar.

cheesy broccoli rice


Dinner was this Broccoli Cheesy Rice, also from the cookbook.

I added extra broccoli and served it with sautéed mushrooms on the side.

I could eat this meal every single day – it is the epitome of creamy comfort food.

Snack 2

Nighttime snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream

More creamy comfort food. And also more chocolate. Katies are simple creatures, and we know what we like.

That’s usually it for the day in terms of eating, but on this particular night I went out later and had a glass of red wine as well.

Daily Total: 3,003 calories

(As a vegan, I also take Vitamin B12 and Omega 3s each day.)

By Popular Request: Link to the Full Nutrition Facts

Published on May 1, 2017

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          • Matt says

            I am a 185 pound male who works out almost daily (weights mostly) as well as working most days on my farm. I eat around 2000 calories a day. She would not be able to eat this many calories and not gain weight unless she has an incredible metabolism or works out daily. I am assuming this is not a regular day of food or the calorie count is wrong? But by the looks of it except for the breakfast every meal is high in fat which has the most calories. Did she really throw on a whole avocado to her chili? But besides all that I do agree with her philosophy of not being strict with regards to working out or what you eat. Let your own body guide you.

          • Kelly says

            I have to pipe in here – I am a young woman in my 20s and and I weigh about 125 lbs, I’m very athletic but not as slim as Katie. I’ve been working as an athletic trainer for 5+ years, so while I’m not a doctor or expert, I do have a ton of education and experience on this topic. I’m in an extremely intensive professional training program that involves 1.5-2 hours of HIIT and running 6 days a week. I eat 2200 calories per day to maintain my weight. When I took 2 weeks off training for a minor injury, my doctor dropped that number down to 1500 calories per day in order to not gain fat. If I ate 3000 calories per day on my current intense training plan, I would gain nearly 7 lbs per month (80 lbs per year). I don’t care how fast her metabolism is, there is NO WAY she can eat nearly TWICE what is likely her TDEE and not gain weight. Something is off, either she is grossly overestimating her calories, this a very atypical day, or she completely misrepresented what she eats for the purpose of this blog (which I hope is not the case).

          • Jason Sanford says

            People are built differently, have different metabolisms based on genetics, age, gender, and lifestyle, and therefore have different energy needs. What might cause one person to gain weight will not necessarily be the same for someone else. That’s why some people thrive on a particular diet that doesn’t work at all for others. What I can say is that I know Katie personally and she absolutely does eat like this on a daily basis.
            Jason (media relations)

          • emily says

            OK I think something people are missing is that when you eat vegan, you have to eat extra calories to maintain your weight. I am a 28 year old PhD in molecular biology (just saying that so people don’t hit back saying that I’m crazy or uneducated) and I started eating vegan/mostly vegan about 4 years ago. When I ate a lot of meat and dairy, I would probably eat about 1200-1500 calories per day or gain weight (I’m naturally small around 110lb, but I would easily gain weight to 125lb when I ate meat/dairy). Once I started eating vegan, I would eat 2500-3000 calories per day depending on my activity level (basically if I was on my feet at work all day vs sitting at a computer or if I went for a 3 mile run etc). You’d be surprised how quickly calories add up, and I never gained any weight. Now I eat some dairy products like yogurt and also seafood and I notice that I don’t need as many calories on days that I eat dairy or seafood. Katie is not lying, being able to eat more calories is just byproduct of her plant based diet. For people who doubt this, you should try it out a whole-plant based diet and I really think you’ll see (as long as you’re eating healthily and not eating junky) that you can eat far more calories without gaining weight.

          • Amanda says

            RE: Emily, I think you’re misconstruing VOLUME for calories. While it is true that vegans need to consume a larger volume of food to meet their TDEE, that doesn’t change how many calories a person needs to gain or lose weight. The caloric value of meat, dairy, and processed foods is much higher than most fruits and vegetables, which is why vegans need to consume more volume of these items to meet their needs. Vegans don’t magically need to eat more calories to maintain their weight, they simply need to eat more volume to reach their caloric needs. As an extremely petite female, I highly doubt she can eat over 3000 calories a day, every day, and maintain her figure.

          • Jenn says

            There are studies that indicate vegans do need to eat more calories, because their bodies are more efficient at digesting and also because not all calories are created equal. The amount of calories needed by an individual will also vary greatly depending on age, gender, genetics, metabolism, activity level, etc. as Mary and Emily note here. It’s not unheard of for people to need 3000 calories, especially if they’re younger and if they are runners as Katie is. Think of the girl who won the hot dog eating contest and is all of 100 pounds. It really depends on so many factors.

          • Amanda says

            I don’t really understand why everyone is having a fat cow over what this woman is eating, like it’s an obscene amount. Most of you must have a very skewed idea of what’s considered healthy. If you’re active enough and eat REAL food, I don’t think there’s much to worry about. It seems to me like she ate decent portioned meals, and had one healthy snack during the day. My meals aren’t vegan, but are about the same portion sizes and I lost 38lbs with my current “diet” and exercise. I’ll have a piece of whole grain toast w/ 1/2 of an avocado, a hb egg, and salt and pepper for breakfast with a protein shake. Then for lunch I’ll usually eat a salad with quinoa, spinach, cucumber, carrots, nuts, a vinaigrette, goat cheese, and tuna or chicken. Dinner is generally some kind of protein, veggies, and a complex carb (brown rice or quinoa)…some nights it’s grilled and others it’s smothered in cheese. I’ll also have greek yogurt and/or fruit for snacks and some dark chocolate of some sort. Some days I’m hungrier than normal, so I’ll eat more of something I know will be good for me…half of an english muffin with some all natural, organic peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks (*gasp* so much fat!). Life is too short to worry about your calorie intake, day in and day out. Eat real food in moderate portions and exercise. It’s not that hard.

          • Kdhoops says

            Our bodies absorb different types of foods in a different way. People eating meat or highly processed foods cannot eat as many calories as eating Whole Foods without gaining weight. I have friends that are raw foodists that have to eat a lot of calories each day in their plant based diet just to maintain their weight and not become too lean. This is even without exercising. So, unless you know the molecular structure of food and the way in which our bodies breakdown and absorb those foods, we cannot really judge.

          • donna says

            She’s lying,that’s how.
            I am a registered dietician and there is no way she eats that much everyday.
            verified eating disorder in the past

        • Lauren says

          She’s already responded to this way down the thread. She has a very high metabolism and is constantly moving. Downside, she doesn’t sleep well or take enough time to rest.

          • Veronica says

            Oh my STARS, does anyone have decent manners any more? You cannot just write “she lies” and an oh-so important ellipses (as if you have more info, but just can’t trust us with the big deep secret! LOL) If you think Katie is fibbing, you’d better be able to back that up. It would also have been polite to write to her personally if you have questions. If this were a newspaper, not a Blog, she could use you for libel. Now it’s defamation of character. You’re very lucky that Katie is nicer than I am.
            If you can’t write something nice that is also true? Sit on your hands.

        • Judy Oleksik says

          Katie, I am Judy a 71 yr old who is on a very strict eating program as I have a candida/fungus issue going on in my body and it has been there for a very long time. Gastric bypass 1998 and this has been an issue big time with processing carbs, fats and proteins. I cannot eat beans, spinach, kale, collards, and yeast breads.
          I am a Southern gal and it has been a short journey to learn how to cook so I can have some kinds of food that I really enjoy. I am not to eat gluten free, however, I bake with almond and some coconut flours. It is the sugar that I have to deal with in baking and the carbs. I saw your brownie recipe but didn’t get to look at the full recipe to see what is in it. So my question is. If I wanted to bake a brownie recipe that called for refined sugar, would it work with using mashed banana/ dates for the sugar content? I am trying to loose 40 lbs. of weight also and I am finding I feel guilty if I bake a desert and eat it for I am afraid I will gain weight and don’t know how to count it in my daily food diary. If you could give me some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Staying faithful to me and looking forward to seeing good results. Judy in VA

          • Jason Sanford says

            Hi Judy! It normally would not work to replace sugar (a dry ingredient) with mashed banana or something else wet, but you could use date sugar! They should sell date sugar at health food stores, or also online:
            Hope that helps!!

          • Lee-Anne Diepdael says

            Judy, you could use Stevia drops, and sweeten to taste. I often use banana or dates or maple syrup or honey. You just have to play with your recipe because some are sweeter or wetter than you want.

          • Kim Fincher says

            Ive had candida yeast overgrowth from refined sugar n artificial sweeteners n finally got rid of them on a no sugar, no bread, i use stevia as my sweetener its all natural. Wishing you well.

          • Phillipa says

            You need to cut out all sugars for a while including most carbs and root veg. I’d recommend doing that under a programme such as Wildfit which really helped me. Just so you do it safely.

      • Mary says

        I need to chime in here!
        Every single day I struggle to not loose wweight. I am now 38 and bearly ever work out but what Katie eats in a day would barely be enough for me to maintain my weight. I’m not sure why I have such a fast metabolism but I do. I always blamed it on being tall. I am 5′ 9″ and currently 142. I always try to keep my weight closer to 155 or even 165 because that feels healthier. This is my struggle and it’s a really difficulty for me just as I imagine keeping weight off for other people is. I could certainly eat what Katie listed but I would have to add at least 1 more avocado and a portion of meat for dinner. Trust me I know I’ve had this struggle all my life. Katie is not exaggerating her metabolism some of us have it even worse!

  1. A says

    Hmmm Is it just me, or do you look waaay skinnier in this post than you do in the post you linked to at the top from a year ago? Just wondering ?

    • Andrea says

      Please don’t try and diagnose someone on the internet that you don’t know. That is not helpful to anyone. Everyone needs to worry about their own health and well being.

      • Rosie says

        ESPECIALLY someone with a history in that area. Not. Good. It can be really damaging to bring these things up for someone who has previously suffered from disordered eating (I speak from experience). So what if she’s skinny? If she wasn’t, you would say “hmm, Katie you look a little bigger in this photo than the last one”.

      • Hayley says

        amen. for all we know she could be ill or have a severe case of hyperthyroidism. or both. it’s fascinating how people just go off and judge with hardly any facts.

      • Amy George says

        I love how all of the negative comments have no real name attached to them lol. Pretty petty eh?

      • Leigh says

        This is the most ignorant,triggering,troll,weak,hide behind your computer statement you could ever make. The reason you say this crap is because your not happy within yourself and have some severe needed counseling issues. Your actually jealous of her that she can be healthy at a very slim weight and you wish you had her thighs! I’m crying fir your troll ignorance. Go read a book! Get educated. If you are, go back to school again and hit repeat, troll! ???

        • Jane, a former anxorexic says

          Leigh. trolls don’t believe what they say, they say things just so that people like you will get hysterical, which you have done. They are now in their bedrooms, laughing. At you. Hopefully I’ve helped you “get educated” on the subject of trolling.

          As a former anorexic, I can tell you that a very good way to both get adulation for your thinness AND cover up your tracks would be to post on the internet about all the avocados and chocolate cakes you eat. Who know what’s really going on with Katie, it’s the business of her and her family, but “I’m not anorexic I eat all the things” is pretty much exactly what an anorexic would say so it doesn’t mean much.

      • Veronica says

        If course someone who was so rude didn’t use their name! That was insane! Lose weight in her WHAT?
        Grief. I miss life before comment sections. These used to largely be kind. I’m sad that things have changed but glad about everyone standing up for Katie. She doesn’t owe us anything, I sure wish the trolls would find something else to do.

    • Hannah says

      Hey, The girl looks healthy. Hell, I wish I had her energy – I get cold and tired after eating too much protein or too much starch. My metabolism needs help!

  2. Juliette | Namastay Traveling says

    Love seeing a full day of vegan eats. I’m wondering the same as the commenter above, do you typically calculate calories per day to make sure it’s fitting your needs, and do you have any recommendations when doing so? Thanks!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Except for these “what I eat in a day” posts, I don’t count calories or carbs/protein/fat so just go by how I feel. Other than that, I will make changes if any labwork comes back abnormal. (For example, a few years ago the labwork found I was deficient in b12, so I added a supplement to my diet… which I honestly should have been doing anyway…)

    • Lee-Anne Diepdael says

      Cronometer is wonderful free app you can use to calculate your calorie & nutrient intake in a day, and compare to what you need.

  3. Kathleen says

    How many SmartPoints do you eat every day? I assume you are still with WW since your recipes usually have the SP. Your posts are so appetizing. Yum.

      • Kathleen says

        Oh ok. Thank you for your answer! 🙂
        I saw above that you go by feeling and you do not count macros and stuff. If I follow my feeling I will be eating way more donuts. Hehe.

  4. monika says

    I love you…but hate the WIAD posts. They are fuel for people with eating disorders.
    I wish you wouldn’t do them. It makes it hard to come to your site.

    • Andrea says

      I’m in recovery (mostly recovered) from anorexia and have to disagree with you here, although normally I would agree with you on many of the WIAD posts around the internet that show the blogger eating a shockingly low amount of food riddled with low calorie substitutes like zoodles and pb2. Those are triggering for me even still, but this post and Katie’s previous WIAD post which talks more specifically about what you mention in your comment do the opposite of trigger me. They show a healthy amount of food and someone who is not afraid of eating real foods, not shying away from fat or dessert, and it inspires me to take better care of myself and also reassures me that it IS possible to eat a normal amount of food and not get “fat”. Anyway I know you didn’t ask for my two cents but I wanted to give a different perspective from someone who is helped by these kinds of posts as well as watching what other “normal” intuitive eaters around her eat.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Monika, and thank you for the honesty. In my initial “day in the life” post, I went more in-depth into my reasons for wanting to do these. I hope that it can help people, not trigger them. Most of the feedback I’ve gotten from people struggling with eating disorders has been positive, but I know everyone is different. Please absolutely feel free to skip over these posts in the future; I don’t expect to do more than two or three a year, if even that.

    • Amy George says

      I am currently in treatment for ED. There needs to be some personal responsibility here. The title informed you what type of post it was….up to you to read it. If you thought it would be triggering for you than maybe not a good idea to read. However you can’t vouch for everyone…esp people without ED. That’s not fair….

    • Amber says

      What are you talking about? Eating disoder? She ate 3,000 calories worth of healthy food from all vegan food groups. Tip for you…do not watch them. That way your day is not damaged in anyway watching someone eat a normal amount of food and vegan nonetheless.
      Think before you type.

    • Veronica says

      Monica, I need to eat after two days of raging tummy badness. That comment made me feel like I’m going to barf AGAIN!
      Disordered eating is a problem some people have, sure. A woman who eats like Katie? She doesn’t. Everyone get that plank out of your eyes, then you can “help” Katie with any speck she may have in hers.
      Seriously, people! This is so gross!

  5. Natasha says

    Wow, so much hate for one post…
    I like these posts, they show that even high calorie natural foods are good for you, such as nuts!

  6. Karen says

    Love, love, love this post. Thanks CCK for showing that you can have your cake and eat it, too. I want to make all of these.

  7. Hannah says

    I love these kinds of posts! I’m a new vegan 4 months in and often get stuck in a food rut resorting to my usual throw everything in a bowl salad or something from the prepared food section at Whole Foods. But that can get expensive so I try not to do it very often. I love that there aren’t processed meats or soy included here.

  8. Whitney says

    Personally, I don’t mind these posts. I like seeing a little into your life, without posting tons of personal information, and it DOES show a great picture of a healthy (and lovely) young woman with a healthy relationship with food/exercise/body image. And I think you look fantastic, Katie. You don’t look unhealthy at all, just cute a heck! Thank you again for all that you do on this site. You’ve made college a much more bearable experience for me.

    • Whitney says

      Oh, and I wanted to add: it’s thanks to you, I’ve been having your nice cream recipe at the end of the post for breakfast or lunch almost everyday, recently, but not always chocolate (gotta experiment with flavors, right?). Strangely, I’ve found it’s particularly good on top of toast with nut butter (ahem, healthy CCK Nutella!). Talk about an ice cream sandwich!

  9. jordan @ dancing for donuts says

    i always love seeing what other people are eating, mostly for inspiration since i tend to eat the same things everyday! that cheesy rice looks so insanely delicious. i also love that you’re so intuitive about eating & exercise – i think it’s so important to listen to our bodies and follow our cravings or motivations!

  10. Abby says

    Wow – I am so intrigued by this. I’m also vegan, and admittedly, actively trying to lose weight (and recover from binge-eating disorder/EDNOS – which is part of the reason I objectively have weight to lose) but I find that I will GAIN weight for sure if I eat more than ~1800-1900 calories per day, and sometimes don’t even lose weight at 1400 (I have to go down to like 1200, and I’m young!) AND I tend to eat largely plant-based and non-processed foods. So wow, yes, I am in awe that you can eat 3000 calories a day and still be so slim? Do you think it has to do with most of your calories coming from vegetables or just a super high metabolism? Wow wow wow! In any case, thanks for posting! Your daily food looks delicious & happy-making, I am inspired! 🙂

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      It’s definitely genetic in part, but I think it also has to do with having a lot of adrenaline, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I don’t sleep or relax much. Even when I’m sitting, I sometimes notice myself moving without even realizing it. I’m actually making a conscious effort to force myself to relax more, which will probably slow my metabolism down a little in the process because the adrenaline won’t be torching calories. (I’m not a doctor… just hypothesizing! 🙂 )

      • Anonymous says

        Your moving whilst sitting is an anorexic thing and I’m sure you do know your doing it really.ive been anorexic for 23 years.

        • Jason Sanford says

          It is not specific to eating disorders and many people of all different weights do this. Just google something like “shaking leg without realizing” or watch people around you in school or church or another public venue. It is pretty common.

        • Veronica says

          Anonymous, you are also PROJECTING.
          My Mom has always been a leg bounce, especially in church. She likes to be busy. And never once had she had anything resembling an eating disorder. In my family, we eat to live. We don’t live to obsess over what we eat.
          All people just are not the same, Katie is a grown woman, if something is arr, she’ll go to her doctor. Not be “diagnosed” by someone who refuses to sign their name.

    • J says

      Also, it’s possible that her calorie counts may be inaccurate if she doesn’t count calories often. When I first started counting calories, I was off by 600 calories on some days because I didn’t measure properly. Also, she’s a runner and may need more calories as a result.

    • Alyssa says

      I also have a problem with weight gain – and have all my life. What I’ve found is that exercising is the key to dropping and keeping weight off. (I’m not a physically active person, so I really dislike exercising, but force myself to do it.)

      Also, I don’t process certain carbs – i.e. starchy ones – well and they tend to add weight even though they are vegan. I have found that eating plenty of organic coconut oil helps a great deal in weight loss and maintenance even though it is high in calories. It is the “type” of calories I ingest, not necessarily the amount that is important for me! I think you’ll have to keep experimenting and find out what works the best for you – everyone is different and react differently to certain foods.

      Obviously, not eating processed foods or fast foods helps a lot to drop pounds and keep them off as well as not drinking alcohol (sorry!) or sweetened or artificially sweetened sodas. I love soda and have found that Zevia soda products (sweetened with stevia, no caffeine, or artificial ingredients) sate my desire for a delicious soda!

      As Katy stated, it is a metabolism thing as well. My husband can eat and drink anything and everything and still weighs what he did in high school – and that was a very long time ago!! He has a very high metabolism and I have the metabolism of a sloth!! 🙂 Oh, well, it’s just something we’ve got to deal with.

  11. Sabrina says

    I am confused by your size and the amount of calories you consume. If I ate 3000 calories a day I’d be 300# at 5’2.
    Please explain this to me.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Different people have different dietary needs. It depends on metabolism, age, height, gender, activity level, genetics, etc.

        • Ricky says

          Why should Katie explain to you how you would be 300# at your height? If you choose an active lifestyle, you will burn 3000 calories, too. That’s the only secret. It’s all in your own hands.

          • Mcouture says

            Ha, yeah right. Im 5’1″ and workout nearly everyday, weight lifting, running etc. I wear a Fitbit and log all my food intake. On a super active day, I mean active all day long, I might burn 2000 calories, but a typical day at work with a normal workout, averages 1700 or so. My basic if I did nothing all day calorie burn would be around 1200 calories. Height, weight, age, gender, and activity level all matter. She is probably 5’8 with a high metabolism.

    • Amelie says

      I’m afraid the answer might annoy you – it looks to me that Katie is simply naturally skinny, one of the few people who can basically eat whatever they want. Genes. It is annoying indeed but 3000k without much exercise would make most people overweight. Life isn’t fair!

      • Amy says

        Actually, exercise science claims that there is no such thing as a fast metabolism. If your body needs more calories, that means that a) you move more or b) there are certain hormones like adrenalin or thyroid hormones which boost calorie burn. Katie talked about how as he subconsciously moves a lot- its a thing! You call it the “NEAT”- non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It can make up more than 1000 calories a day without even going to the gym. Look it up, it´s a real thing!

  12. Sandra says

    I can’t find the recipe for the cheesy broccoli rice in the cookbook, but it looks so yummy, I need that recipe 😀

    • Jason Sanford says

      I just emailed you (from chocolatecoveredmedia). Let me know if you didn’t receive it, and thank you for getting the book!

        • Jason Sanford says

          I emailed you too. Sorry for the trouble – the bonus pack of recipes did not automatically send out to some people and we’re not sure why, but I just sent them all to you now.

          • Brigit says

            Hi, Can you email it to me too? I just purchased the book this morning (I’ve been meaning to do it, but the cheesy broccoli rice looked so good I couldn’t wait anymore). Thanks!

          • Lyndsay says

            I’m having the same issue… I was hoping to get the cheesy broccoli rice and melty mozzarella recipes included as advertised, but they’re not there!

          • Jason Sanford says

            I just emailed you the missing recipes as well. So sorry for the trouble!

          • Katie says

            I also did not receive it either after I ordered the cookbook, would you be able to send to me as well?

      • Jason Sanford says

        Hi! It’s in the bonus pack that ships out automatically with the book. I will send it to you manually ASAP so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive. If you don’t see it within the next few minutes, definitely let me know!
        -Jason (media relations)

  13. Karen says

    How do you get your Omega 3s? I have a hard time finding reasonably priced supplements that are suitable for vegans or vegetarians, and often the few that are out there are too enormous to swallow. Any suggestions would be appreciated! P.S. Love the blog and the cookbooks!

  14. Kayla says

    Great post Katie. Thanks for keeping it real. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with high (natural) sugar, vitamin A, C, etc. amounts. I would also be interested to know the exact amount (or the tipping point) that is too much vitamin A. I’m not a nutritionist either, but in one of my biology classes we discussed a paper about people in the arctic consuming polar bear liver. Polar bear livers are extremely rich in vitamin A and it caused them to become sick. (Here’s the link to one of the papers :

    Anyway, I love sweet potatoes (I’ve got some in the oven right now) so my vitamin A almost always above the recommended amount, whatever that is, and I have not suffered any ill effects…

    • Jason Sanford says

      That is so interesting. I know there are two different types of vitamin A and that it is possible to overdose on the type you can get from a supplement. No idea about polar bears though. If you ever learn more about this from your biology class or a nutritionist, definitely be sure to report back!

    • Kara says

      Vitamin A from animal or manufactured sources is generally in the form of retinol and too much retinol is pro-inflammatory. Vitamin A from plant sources is in the form of beta-carotene (it’s actually pro-vitamin A because the body enzymatically converts beta-carotene into Vit A) and is processed differently in the body. As far as I know, it’s impossible to OD on beta-carotene, although some people who eat excessive amounts of orange foods (pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, etc) can begin to turn orange. Pretty funny! It’s called carotenemia and can take a few months to go away, but that’s the only thing it does. It’s not toxic and it doesn’t cause sickness, just orange skin.

      • Lyndsey says

        We lovingly called our youngest ‘carrot stick’ for a brief period when he was about 7 months old, after I had rushed him to the doctor when I noticed he was turning yellow! I thought he had developed jaundice and was seriously ill. Our family doctor examined him, smiled and asked me what I’d been feeding him? I was making his baby food and using whatever was in season (or more importantly cheap!) which happened to be carrots and sweet potatoes at the time. He explained the whole carotene thing 😉 He did suggest maybe shaking up the veggies I was feeding him a bit but wasn’t worried at all about his health. It went away after a few weeks and I can happily report he’s a very normal skin-toned 12 year old now.

    • alyr says

      There’s no such thing as “high natural sugar”. Please read Dr. Joel Fuhrman Eat to Live or any of his other books like End of Diabetes. All about HEALTHY eating. And THIS is not it. Jeeze there are hardly ANY vegetables in this entire day. The misinformation here is astounding.

      Here’s what IEID (ONLY):

      Two lbs vegetables 80% raw
      1 Cup beans
      Some fruit (3-5 “servings”)
      1-2 oz Nuts and Seeds.
      Occasionally but rarely – a slice of Food for Life Ezekiel bread.

      NO added sodium, no added sugars fake or real, no oil whatsoever.

      Nutrient dense eating A.K.A. Nutritarian.

  15. Kaye says

    Hi Katie~
    Wondering what website you use for tracking your “what I eat in a day” nutrition data. I’ve used a few and like the display for the one you used. Thanks for sharing!!

      • Sandy says

        I have found Calorie Count to be inaccurate in many instances, and there are many variables, so it’s likely that Katie doesn’t eat 3,000 calories a day, and certainly not every day…. if she did, she wouldn’t be nice and slim, even with a high metabolism. It’s good to use different websites for counting nutrition. And food has to be measured and weighed, not guessed at….. not saying that Katie guesses, but a lot of people do.

        • Sarah says

          It’s absolutely possible for some people to eat 3000 cal a day and still be slim. As other posters have said, it just depends on your metabolism.

        • Heather says

          It is absolutely possible. I eat roughly the same amount, also from plant based sources, and have always been slim. It has a lot to do with genetics and activity levels! Also, calories from natural whole food sources are a lot more nutritionally dense. 😉

  16. leah says

    Hi – Can I get the missing recipes as well? Just downloaded the cookbook. Can’t wait to get started!

  17. Anonymous says

    I like these posts as someone recovering from an eating disorder it is refreshing to see and hear that people aren’t just surviving on salad and a minuscule number of calories. Thanks Katie.

  18. Anita says

    It really is not about calories, or how heavy or thin a person is. It’s about health and tuning into your body Any size can be healthy. Every body is different. What works for one person may not work for another. We have to find out what works for us individually.

    • donna says

      True, but it is very misleading. she wants you to eat like her and buy her cookbook.
      If you want abrownie eat a brownie, it doesn’t have to be made out of beans.
      moderation is the key, sounds like too many people are obsessed with food.
      I’m 62 5’ft 3 and weigh 92 lbs.
      I eat in moderation and exercise in moderation. No food is off limits.
      Sure I pick the healthiest options when I can but I’m not going to deny myself something I want.That’s how eating disorders come about.
      If something is forbidden you just want it that much more.

  19. Chanel says

    I love these posts, I find them helpful and disarming. Thank you for not demonizing any type of food and choosing to be yourself in a public way. Keep it up! It is not in vain. Thank you again Katie, so appreciate your overflow and we all benefit from your posts 🙂

  20. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    LOVED reading this post, Katie! It’s amazing that you’re sharing such a genuine part of your life to help others. I know that it can get really difficult to feel confused about how much to eat in a day along with the misconceptions that vegan diets tend to be extremely low in nutrients and that we should just live on ridiculously low portions of food! Definitely will try the buffalo chickpea chili. It looks TO DIE FOR!

  21. Vikki says

    That Broccoli Cheesy Rice looks amazing! The breakfast looks pretty good too and I really want to try those paleo bars soon. I wish I would take the time to prepare meals as good as you do, thanks for sharing how simple they can be.

  22. Laura says

    I’m afraid I’m going to be a downer but I think that Katie is one of those genetically blessed people with not only a great metabolism, but an inbuilt mechanism that knows when to stop eating AND how to burn off extra kilojoules (I’m from Australia!) with unconscious movement like fidgeting & such. I have battled with obesity for most of my adult life & was a Weight Watchers Leader for many years. I have found that the people who are naturally slim have these qualities & those who are overweight, do not. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist but this is what I have seen over & over again. So if you battle with your weight, what Katie eats in a day is not for you. More that twice as much fat & almost 1 1/2 times as much saturated fat sets off my alarm bells! There is still very little scientific proof that saturated fats are good for you, any tests are done with way too small of a sample group to make a definitive statement. And 1000 more calories in a day…many people don’t realise that you can overeat healthy food!
    And the Calorie Count website is great for working out the nutritional values of foods but their system of grading food is terrifying! For anyone who may be battling an eating disorder, that is certainly not going to help. Alcohol is not an ‘F’, in fact one glass of red wine has great antioxidant properties. Maybe it should check the volume of alcohol before grading it.

  23. Kelly Lynn says

    I really like reading these posts. I love seeing real food. I’m not vegan, but am vegetarian and follow WW. I think people get so focused on how many calories or points and not on what we’re fueling our bodies with. Great post!

  24. Marina says

    I absolutely LOVE your cookbook and can’t wait to continue baking my way through it!! 🙂 As someone who has also recovered from orthorexia and an exercise addiction, I completely appreciate these posts. I also think most people assume that vegans only eat vegetables and salads all day, and you clearly don’t!! Thank you so much for always keeping things real. 🙂 Don’t listen to the trolls on here who clearly have nothing better to do than shame other people’s lives. It’s your blog and you have the right to post whatever you choose. I’ll always be a supporter of this blog!! <3

  25. Christina Bauer says

    I’m curious about the B12 and Omega-3 supplements you take. Have you noticed they make a difference? Can you recommend a brand? I’m nearly vegan (still eating eggs), so I may very well need these supplements as well. Thanks!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      I use Minami for Omega-3s, and I’ve used both Whole Foods and Vitacost brands of B12. I actually did notice a difference once I started taking the B12 (and I’m normally a skeptic of anything that claims to make you “miraculously” feel more energetic). I highly recommend taking B12 if you do go vegan.

      • Hannah says

        I take Jarrow B12 because I’m on Prilosec, which can inhibit the absorption of animal proteins in the gut. I eat fish, chicken, and lamb in moderation. I hope your vitamin b12 has merthylcobalamin, which is something my doctor told me is important in B12 absorption…

  26. Tanya says

    I love this post! I am a vegetarian who is contemplating going vegan (again). I am definitely a soup and salad vegetarian. This post is inspiring me to put more effort into my food so I can enjoy it more! Thanks Katie!!

  27. Maria says

    You all are beautiful, however you look. Lets stand with each other, not try to bring each other down. Katie, your blog is great and you look like a happy, healthy woman, keep the good work!!

  28. Lori says

    Seriously, I love your posts! Thank you so much for posting about what you eat in a day! It gives me some creative ideas. You are so awesome to open yourself up and share your personal life with us. LOVE this post!!!

  29. HL says

    I think it’s safe to say that each and every one of you has come together to culminate in what has to be the most annoying comment thread of all time.

  30. Anonymous says

    Hey Katie,
    Assuming you used to eat meat (sorry, I don’t know) how do you feel about vegetarian meat alternatives? I’ve noticed you don’t post any recipes with seitan/fake meat, and that’s ok. I was raised vegetarian and was always curious as to whether people not raised vegetarian/vegan use meat substitutes because they actually miss meat or just because they’re one more source of protein. I caved for the past year and ate meat because I was abroad, but trying to go back. So, just wanted to know your thoughts on fake meat–does it make you feel “slimy” because it’s probably so processed?

  31. Gypsy says

    Thanks Katie, this is great! I love your desert recipes as I believe living a healthful vegan lifestyle with a healthy amount of exercise a girl deserves a little pudding!! I like fork over knives mantra where you eat a healthy unprocessed diet and no calorie counting.
    Keep doing your good thing. 🙂

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, absolutely! The bonus recipes are sending out automatically i a few hours to everyone who bought it in the past 24 hours. Or I can also send it to you manually if you need it immediately – what email address did you use to get the book?

      Thank you so much for getting it!

      Jason (media relations)

  32. hatefuckwits says

    How is this even still a blog? seriously, the photos are very old and she has a serious problem. I’d say buyer beware in a round about way.

  33. Ash says

    “Katies are simple creatures.”


    Your jokes make for a delicious side with all of your recipes. And thank the lord! I have found that the majority of the millions of food blogs out there are either as exciting as watching paint dry, and/or you have an outpouring of verbal diarrhea to muck through just to get to the point (aka the recipe).

    You seem to be so solid within yourself. True to you and being just the unique and happy (and simple) Katie that you know you are meant to be. Your honesty, goofiness, and chocolate madness are much appreciated! Muah!

  34. JJ says

    Thank you for this post, Katie. My daughter is barely 12 and has been struggling with disordered eating. We got your cookbook from the library, and she has deemed all of your recipes “safe.” I am THRILLED to be able to show her that her favorite foodie is eating about 3,000 calories a day. Thank you so much!!

    (constructive criticism: in my position, it would be helpful to see some pics that show those nice healthy serving sizes.)

  35. Clayton Davis says

    I don’t get it. I’m fighting to loose that last bit of o belly fat eating around 1650 calories a day, and I’m a 6 foot tall guy. If I ate 3000/day,even with exercise, I’d be getting’ pretty fat.

  36. Joiedevivre says

    You are so beautiful, thin, and look full of life & passion! I went low-carb vegan for a week (as a fun challenge), and did a mostly alkaline diet after I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I do not go a day without (sugar free) chocolate, either. I can’t seem to drop the weight I gained during chemo & I feel like I would gain weight on what you eat in a typical day… Looks super delicious, though! God Bless

  37. Elizabeth says

    Hi, On some of your recipes you indicate an alternative if one doesn’t want to use oil but on others you don’t. I read the food could turn out different but was curious what you would suggest if one doesn’t want to use oil. What ingredient should be increased? Thanks for your help. I am not much of a cook and have recently switched to plant based eating so don’t have a lot of experieince. Thanks for your help. I enjoy your webpage.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! If she doesn’t have an alternative listed, it just means she hasn’t tried an oil-free alternative for that recipe, so you’d have to experiment at your own risk because she wouldn’t know how it might turn out. But edible experiments are sometimes delicious! What to substitute would depend on the recipe – in some recipes, you could sub applesauce, in others you can sub milk of choice, and others might sub peanut butter or something else. Hope that all helps, and definitely be sure to report back if you do experiment!

  38. Catherine says

    I just discovered your blog when flourless banana PB muffins showed up on my Pinterest feed & the texture looked right up my alley. Glad it did, it led me here and your recipes look fab, and I think I’ll be checking in frequently. I’m a fan of higher fat, moderate protein, low carb (not strictly Keto but maybe a half-a** keto).. My body feels good on that, & I see a bunch of your recipes that fit the bill. And chocolate. Need I say more. And you look great, your skin is so fresh looking! Always thought that was a good sign of a good diet. Thanks!

  39. Gail says

    You are my chocolate hero.
    I’m 60 plus years old and totally a fan of yours.
    My metabolism has “matured”, so I can’t eat as much as I did 40 years ago.
    So when I went to splurge in a chocolate sort of way, I head to your cookbook or your pins.
    Your amazing recipes never cease to amaze me.
    Keep on, sister!!!

  40. Myrna Solganick says

    Katie, you eat A LOT of calories. Most of us cannot eat that much. I myself try to stay between 1200 and 1500. You are a runner, so you burn a lot, and you are most likely a tall gal. It would be nice to have sample menus for us ordinary post menopausal gals who are trying to be healthy and either maintain or lose weight. Thanks!

  41. Amy says

    Hi! Curious question… This post mentions both homemade English muffins and the broccoli rice and when mentioned, you’re linking to the “Hello Breakfast,” cookbook. I recently purchased the Ebook, and neither of these are in there. Is the URL just wrong in this post? I realize this could also be a marketing thing like… “Hey, keep an eye out here for new books,” Which is awesome, just confusing. 🙂

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Amy! I am so sorry about that, you SHOULD have those recipes. They’re in the bonus pack that comes with the book. Sometimes it gets caught in a spam filter somewhere before getting to its destination. I’m sending it manually to you right now, so let me know if you don’t see it within the hour!

      Jason (media relations)

    • Jason Sanford says

      I am so sorry about that, you SHOULD have that recipe. It’s in the bonus pack that comes with the book and has a few extra recipes. Sometimes it gets caught in a spam filter somewhere before getting to its destination. I’m sending it manually to you right now, so let me know if you don’t see it within the hour!

      Jason (media relations)

  42. Candice Frizzell says

    Hi, I purchased your second book and can’t find the English muffin recipe. I’ve went through it a couple time and I just don’t see it. Help please!
    On another note, I love all your recipes and posts. 🙂

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! I am so sorry for the trouble – the bonus pack with a few extra recipes sometimes gets caught in a spam filter (I’m guessing) en route to its destination. I’m emailing you immediately, and let me know if you don’t get it within the hour!
      Jason (media relations)

  43. Abby Balkus says

    Everyone that is saying that that is way to many calories and that she should be gaining weight, she is VEGAN. It is known that as a vegan you have to eat a lot more calories.

  44. Nicole says

    Hey, I know this post is over a year old now, but just wanted to comment. The broccoli cheesy rice looked delicious so I went ahead and bought the cookbook….alas no recipe listed. I guess I should have known by the title of the cookbook. Perhaps that link use to go to another one of your books but with the time passed, it changed? It’s all very sad here in computer-no-cheesy-rice land, however I’m sure I’ll like many of the other recipes and am not unhappy with my purchase. =)

    • Jason Sanford says

      Oh you absolutely should have that recipe! And a few others as well – it’s in the bonus pack that should be sending out automatically with the book but sometimes gets caught in a spam filter en route. Sending ASAP, and let me know if you don’t see it within the hour!
      Jason (media relations)

  45. Cait says

    Okay, so…

    I cut out most animal-based products from my diet a few years ago including all poultry, beef, pork etc. My mind and body thanked me, my tastebuds did not. Eating consciously and exercising routinely allowed me to shed 40 pounds (although I would actually attribute most of this to diet). As happy as I am with the physical changes I see, I miss my meat-based products/foods (or I did). I think a lot of people, myself included, believe that vegetable-based substitutes will taste the exact same as their animal-based counterparts. They might…. but likely not.

    That being said, Katie has offered some great recipes here that really reinvigorates my love for plant-based dishes. Her recipe for black bean brownies is KILLER. I struggled not to eat the entire tray (Thanks Katie!)

    For those who are experimenting with plant-based takes on traditionally meaty dishes… don’t expect the exact same flavour. The aforementioned brownies have a slightly different taste than your typical brownie, but my god, they are delicious.

    Happy snacking! Thanks Katie!

  46. Samantha says

    Hi Katie! I only recently stumbled upon your website and have already made a couple recipes and read several of your articles. Thank you so much for all the hard work and passion you obviously pour into this blog – it made it so that I woke up this morning excited to find a recipe specifically on your blog to make today. I also love these What I Ate Today posts. Some of the comments are a bit off-putting but I just wanted to let you know that there are many people reading these articles who are appreciative of your openness, honesty, and desire to help others live healthy lives!

  47. Anna says

    The level of insecurity and ignorance on display in these comments is staggering. I wonder how many of these individuals go onto a body builder’s blog and take them to task because if THEY ate 8000 calories a day, they’d be dead… The human body is not cut and dry. It isn’t “calories in calories out” (please, for the sake of all things healthy get that noise out of your head) and it isn’t one size fits all. There’s a lot at play here. The obvious is that Katie has an aggressive metabolism. That boils down to a combination of genetics, your adrenal and digestive systems in general, and everything from what you eat to how much you work out. The reason some vegans, irregardless of metabolism, can get away with eating more calories? Higher quantities of fiber and complex carbohydrates like pectin and lecithin, which can block the absorption calories. Interestingly enough, many get the same effect from certain fat and protein profiles in ketogenic and carnivore diets. There is new research into weight loss and metabolism in the past year that I highly suggest anyone who doesn’t simply get a kick out of being a judgemental prick look into. Much of what we have been taught in the past has been disproved several times over and you readily can find the answer to why she can eat 3000 calories, but you can’t go over 1600

  48. NickyT says

    Wow, my 24 year old, 6’1″ vegan triathlete son in law eats 2800 calories per day and he probably has 60 pounds of muscle on Katie. He does he more on long training days, but on those days he is doing a 10 mile run or a 50 mile ride. Unless she can change the laws of physics or she has some type of metabolic abnormality, there is not one chance our very thin Katie can eat 3000 calories per day and stay that thin. Just sayin’.

  49. Karen says

    I followed the link for the cookbook to get the Cheesy Broccoli Rice recipe. It took me to your breakfast cookbook, which I bought, but after looking through it, I don’t see it. Help!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! I am so sorry for the trouble, the bonus pack should have sent out automatically along with the book. Sending it manually ASAP, so let me know if you don’t see it within the next few minutes!
      Jason (media relations)

  50. Karen says

    She is beautiful !!! She’s eating a plant based diet and helping people make delicious food so they can also be healthy. No wonder she is gaining popularity and attention. Normal people appreciate beauty and kindness. Haters have evil and jealousy in their heart…so to see such a beautiful women have success hurts their soul. Sometimes stating the obvious is needed. So there you go.

  51. Lex says

    Although I’m sure Katie isn’t being intentionally misleading, I do think she has her “calorie count” off. Basing off of similar food calorie counts and portion sizes, I doubt the day she described is any more than 2,400 calories at most, unless she just ate really large portions of each meal. Because the food looks pretty much homemade, it’s easy to grossly miscalculate, under/overestimating the actual caloric amount. For the future, Katie, it might be easier to measure actual portions if you are incorporating calories into your post.

  52. Molly Shave says

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks for sharing what you eat, it looks delicious! I know there has been a lot of debate about how many calories you are eating and how you stay skinny, etc, but I wanted to add my two cents because I was eating a similar way. In high school I was very skinny (not quite as skinny as you though perhaps), and when we did health class I recorded that I was eating about 3000 calories per day (and a lot of that was junk) and I was not gaining any weight. I think the teacher assumed I just did it wrong (I later went on to get a bachelors in Biochemistry, and was acing all my classes at the time, so I really think I was pretty accurate).
    It turns out I was (and am) suffering from celiac disease. Despite eating a lot of calories my body was not able to absorb a lot of the nutrition. I also found myself eating a very high fat diet at the time because it helped my body to feel better. If you develop any gastrointestinal symptoms, joint pain, weird rashes, etc (there are so many potential symptoms), I would recommend having your doctor look into the possibility of celiac. (I’ve been strictly gluten free – the treatment for celiac – for 5 years and now follow a normal caloric level diet and it is enough for me, a number of other seemingly unrelated health issues cleared up for me too). Take it or leave it, just my two cents, but hopefully this comment might help shed some light someday if that is what’s going on for you or anyone reading the comments :-). Have a great day!

  53. Laura S. says

    I once worked with a lady that was so skinny it was actually a little scary….seriously I could almost wrap one hand around her upper thigh. Everyone always commented on her weight, I actually felt sorry for her for having people be so focused on it. But she everyone back for the jokes at lunchtime. Almost every day she would go to the pizzeria down the block and order a full-size, 12-inch, meatball hero on Italian bread (and I am NOT joking) and 2 large chocolate chip cookies with a large Coca-Cola and eat every bite right in front of us. It was hilarious! People stopped eating in the lunchroom with her because the delicious smell of her food would put everyone off their salads LOL! This lady couldn’t gain weight if she tried. Its not scientific, its not what anyone could calculate and make sense of but it was her situation. If she had underlying health problems I didn’t know about it. She certainly wasn’t healthy though. She smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and never worked out either. Skinny as a rail. Katie can eat this was because of genetics. Don’t follow her lead if you know its not going to work for you, period.

  54. Amy says

    Hi Katie,

    Have you by any chance been tested for hyperthyroidism? For a lightly (or even moderately) active female, you seem to have energy needs much higher than the norm (I’m not a doctor but do have a relevant degree and a fair amount of medical knowledge in this area). Hyperthyroidism can have serious consequences if left unaddressed. It may be worth talking about your high metabolism with your doctor to see what they think. That being said you may just have a rare genetic makeup which elevates your metabolic rate above the norm without necessarily having negative consequences. Just a thought!

    Thanks for the great recipes, I’ve been following your blog for many years.

    Wishing you the best,


  55. Laney says

    Wowwww!! A LOT of JEALOUSY and a SHI-TON OF TROLLS!!

    I’m 5’2” and weigh 100 pounds. I eat about 1500-2000 calories per day on a paleo/keto diet. Sometimes when I feel really sick and extra weak, I will eat up to 2300 cal.

    The past 10 years I’ve suffered from mold poisoning caused by a low functioning immune system by gluten intolerance. My Functional/Integrative MD was shocked by the sad amount of white blood cells that I even had (she is a survivor of cancer, twice). So I’m pretty sedentary. Anything shooting my heart rate up makes my body think a dire emergency is taking place since it’s been in fight flight for eons. So I take it easy and do no cardio when working out.

    When I tried to be vegan or even vegetarian in the 90’s, I definitely felt like I was eating double the amount, no such thing as calorie “counters” and companies BARELY started putting “nutrition facts” labels on ANYTHING.

    In defense of Katie, she has no reason to lie. People who accuse others of lying about petty things with such force and malice are usually doing the lying…

    Also, losing weight is NOT supposed to be a struggle… Yet Americans have this struggle, due to underlying medical problems, processed foods, poor gut health, inflammation. I spent quite a lot of time in France (and Western Europe), and the French oddly do not have sugar or carb cravings, or binge eat. Nobody wants to take home the leftover candy at the end of the French Halloween party. They eat very little if any processed foods. A weight gain of 5 lbs is treated like a life changing event (much like gaining 30 pounds on a 5’ frame is seen in the US).

    Thanks to Katie and her recipe “coconut ice cream 5 ways” I spent 6 weeks eating that as meals (I made it with different proteins from collagen, bone broth, chia, spinach) plus spiked chocolate walnut bread. With sides of crispy roasted kale and veggies du jour, everyday.

    I did not gain an ounce but lost weight since the proteins allowed my gut to heal a bit and reduce overall inflammation. I enjoyed every second of it.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH KATIE! ❤️❤️❤️ HUGE FAN HERE!! Many thanks for enriching my life and the lives of others!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you so much for the kind comment and for making the coconut ice cream. Spiked chocolate walnut bread sounds amazing, for so many reasons…

  56. Anonymous says

    I don’t understand why people discuss about other people on a comment page meant to comment on the post, and not judge or lose their mind because of one comment. I have been reading all these comments and found only a few that were helpful. Other ones just give me a signal of some hate, problems, confusion, envy, and deciding they know something more than another. Even if they do it puts someone down one way or another, and I will ask please, to comment on the post or someone else and reread it and remove any words or tone that might spike a small fight. Have an awesome day!

  57. Jaymee says

    As part of the human race I just need to apologies for all the crappy people that posted to this thread. You are not a liar, you are not “skinny” you are healthy. Your blog/recipes are stellar and you are a beautiful person!

    Have a great weekend!


    • Catherine says


      I totally agree with you. You shouldn’t have to apologies, but some of the comments on here are horrendous. People giving medical advice without any reason or qualification. It’s unreal. It’s simple, everyone is different. Clearly what she is eats is healthy with very little processed foods. That makes a huge difference. You can tell by looking at her that she is healthy. Also, she isn’t giving health advice, just recipes that people can use or not.

      I feel for her, but also love her page and her recipes, which is all I’m here for.

  58. Laura Kopack says

    I justed discovered your blog. Like you I crave dessert every day. I am 10 months post-baeiatric surgery and have lost 80 lbs. I am enjoying learning new ways to eat and live. Thanks.

  59. Carol J. Tibbs says

    Katie, I made your black bean brownies….they are so good, almost taste like fudge. I put them in a mini muffin pan, and left them in for 20 min. I plan on sharing this recipe. I am always looking for something healthy and tasty to boot. The brownies will become a favorite.

  60. Sue says

    Lucky you with that great metabolism! I LOVE chocolate and eating healthy as I am a registered dietitian. I really appreciate your recipes and have your first cookbook! Thank you!

  61. J says

    Katie, thank you for sharing this! I am also a runner and do a similar thing – eat peanut butter and banana, something substantial- pre run. I also want you to know I relate so much- I also eat plenty, and good stuff too like nuts, veggies, grains, and I get feedback that I’m unhealthy or “not eating enough.” Simply because I am skinny. Meanwhile, I feel great. You are beautiful the way you are and I just support this blog so much. Stay strong!! Sending love.

  62. Pt says

    Ladies it’s called lying. Unless she’s a marathon runner which maybe she is, she would not eat this much and be that weight. She’s lying. Same as the celebs with magically thinning noses who say it’s makeup and Kylie Jenner and her boobs growing three sizes from her period, my favorite. I’m sure she (katie) has to field tons of comments that she should eat more so why not lie. She looks in her 20s normal height. Underweight but nothing dangerous. By the way I don’t think being underweight is dangerous much as it annoys women. She eats nutritious foods according to her so that’s the way to go if you eat Spartan. My estimate is unless she’s highly intense cardio athletic she eats no more than 1200-1400 calories a day absolute max. It’s called reality. Any of you women who think anyone can just eat and not get fat never took biology. Metabolic disorders are rare. Every heavy person I know over eats every thin person eats much less very thin even less. If you see a model eating a candy bar that may be lunch. She may throw it up. People have systems. You can eat cake if you skip a meal. It’s total daily calories whether healthy or unhealthy. The only other determinants are age, amount of exercise, and muscle in your body. She doesn’t look muscular to me at all so I’m guessing she eats healthy and Spartan. She’s a gorgeous woman and I don’t care that she lies. I’m not an idiot.

  63. Bri L says

    Have to chime in because I don’t get what the fuss is about. I eat about the same amount daily (as does every woman on my mom’s side of the family, big appetites), and I’d say I’m around the same size as her with little to moderate exercise. Whether she has a healthy relationship with food, or doesn’t, or is somewhere in between is impossible to know by the information in this article and if you call out a behavior she doesn’t mention, you are giving away a lot about yourself and what you want/need to believe about weight and food. Please please pay attention to your own thought processes and help yourself instead of judging someone else. In the event she IS struggling with something, nothing but compassion is useful.

    • Tracy C says

      Well put.
      But you and Katie are both blessed with beautiful metabolisms. I wish.
      Take care, stay safe and be well.

  64. Tamie says

    I love your Katie, but no way are you eating 3,000 calories a day. Perhaps the food you displayed is what you eat, but you don’t finish the entire serving.

  65. Tracy C says

    How do you stay so slim eating that many calories a day? Cheese chocolate and nuts all delicious and all laden with calls. Are you a naturally slim person? I have been receiving your emails for years now and recently shared some of your recipes with my weight watcher friends including a few of the coaches. Hopefully something will come of it. They are getting more into vegan items now so hopefully you’ll be called upon to help out or even sell your book on their website.
    Take care

  66. Gracie says

    There is a LOT of bupkiss here with health. Artificial sweeteners don’t do anything, except a select few which can raise glucose, like Maltitol. Erythritol, Xylitol, Stevia and Aspartame don’t contribute to candida or weight gain.
    What might happen to create the correlation is that eating artificial sweeteners might increase cravings in some people and cause them to eat more, because no-sugar things still have calories unless formulated otherwise. That’s why ice creams and baked goods made to have no sugar and be low calorie are helpful for those people, because then they can eat another cookie or another bowl of ice cream with out ruining progress.

    Calories are calories. You can and will lose weight on a krispy kreme diet if you ate one-two donuts a day and nothing else. You body will have nothing to work with and you will be hungry, but it will start breaking down fat for energy after the quick burst of glucose used up. You also shouldn’t do this because you’re not getting in nutrients and will feel like crap and cause problems if you did it for two long, but it would work.
    You can eat foods that also assist with revving metabolism and do patterns of food that encourage the body to burn more, IE eating a relatively clean healthy diet and having a cheat day or meal once a month or so. This is why competitive eaters are so damn fit/thin. They eat stupid healthy every other day and train to be able to take in the sheer amount of calories they do. They also tend to work out and be active.
    Also at a certain level, it’s possible the sheer excess in one sitting doesn’t get digested, meaning the body doesn’t absorb the nutrients or the calories from the food. A good example of this is a Japanese competitive eater who is female who has been tested and essentially her body is really bad at absorbing nutrients. She basically almost has to eat more than one would expect because of it.

    So too it might not be a stretch to assume that if your body is very good at absorption, you might use more calories than another who has normal ability to absorb. This would count for the discrepancy of people on the same diet same sex, same height losing different amounts of weight despite having the same pre-existing set up.

    Starvation mode is real, it’s when you are actually starving and your body starts to break down muscle because there is nothing else to work with. You can not be fat and in starvation mode.

    Your body all the time is concerned with possible starvation. Feeding it proper nutrition and enough calories can help it get into a rhythm so that breaking and having a lot less or a lot more than your average will help it understand it’s a fluke until it becomes a pattern.

    Most of all, your body WANTS to maintain. It wants to be able to put some fat away, but mainly it wants to keep what it has when it can. This is why you stall when losing or gaining, it’s hitting a new equilibrium and needs a push to get out of it or just time.

    I think this post has over counted how many calories are in total, but I also know that very active people, especially if they get a lot of cardio on top of having decent lean muscle mass can need a lot to maintain. If Katie works out a lot and is also generally active than 3000 might be required, but like I said, I think it’s an overestimate, but it is possible regardless depending on activity level.

    Also organic and natural doesn’t mean healthy and natural is a buzzword that means nothing. You can have an organic and all natural donut, it’s still 200+ calories. Your body does not care unless you are literally getting in substances that are dangerous for you, like pesticide, arsenic etc.
    The problem with packaged food is that it’s highly caloric and often high in sugar because palatable food sells, our bodies love fat and sugar because they were indicators that we weren’t going to starve and could save up for the next starvation if needed. Not that it’s artificial or premade.

  67. Michele G Allen says

    Why, I don’t know, but I sat and read every comment on this post. I am blown away that so many people are so arrogant, ignorant, or just plain ridiculous. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Whether it is regarding calories, exercise, nutritional needs, diseases, disorders, etc. The fact that instead of being appreciative of Katie’s post and dedicating her life to sharing her gift and craft with us all, you instead choose to tear down, dissect, or diagnose her, is truly repulsive.

  68. April says

    I’ve always wanted to go vegan, but feel the meal prep would be unsustainable (full time working and toddler mom). But these meals sound delicious and not really too much prep! Thanks for the inspo!

  69. Erin Curtis says

    To be fair I think we all know that one lucky acquaintance that can shovel down the super-sized quarter pounder meal with chocolate shake for lunch, and eat a half of pizza and a 12pk of bud light (watching those calories) for dinner and still maintain the rail thin physique by simply breathing. Some people are just built that way. I mean I look at a picture of a cupcake and I gain 5lbs so it’s kinda hard to judge (not that we should be) a person based on their daily food intake. That chili looked amazing is my take away.

  70. Julia says

    I have only just made these (after saving the recipe a while ago:). They came out really good; except that I added the first choc chips to the processor (duh!), so this may have been the reason that they didn’t fill out as much in the oven. They still tasted really good. I also didn’t tell anyone that they were black bean – and they were very surprised indeed! Thank you, Katie.

  71. Carnivore Lounge says

    Curious to see what others eat in a day for inspiration and ideas. This sounds like an interesting peek into someone’s daily food choices. Can’t wait to check it out!

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