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S is also for Soup!

I love soup– all kinds of soup; and I’m happy to eat soup in any sort of weather (yes, even in the 105-degree Texas summers). But the best time for soup is on those blustry winter days when all one wants to do is snuggle up in front of a fire. When the temperature dropped to the 20s here in Dallas, I decided it was time to cook up some soup!

The following is my grandmother’s recipe for vegetable soup, and while I know there are countless vegetable soup recipes out there, I love my grandma’s version best due to one special ingredient– parsnips.














Veggie Soup

-2 large cans diced tomatoes
-2 large onions
-olive oil or broth (optional; we usually just throw everything into the pot together and don’t worry about sauteeing any ingredients beforehand)
-4 cups vegetable broth
-2c. carrots, cut
-2-3 medium parsnips, cut
-1 package fresh spinach (or a few handfuls)
-a few stalks celery, cut
-fresh parsley
-salt and pepper, to taste

Some nice additions: a grain (such as noodles or barley or rice)/ beans/ lentils/ garlic or garlic powder (because garlic makes everything better… except for maybe chocolate cake)

In a large pot, sauté the onions in some olive oil, broth, or water until onion is translucent. (Or, if you’re lazy like me, just put all the ingredients, minus the spinach and parsley, in a pot.)
Add all the other ingredients except for the spinach and parsley, and bring to a boil.
Turn down to medium and cook until vegetables are tender, about 20 minutes.
Add the spinach and simmer for 20-40 more minutes.
Add the parsley.
Eat in your pajamas ;o).

EDIT: This also tastes really yummy if you pulverize it and eat it cold like gazpacho.

Published on January 3, 2008

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  1. Melissa says

    Yum! I think I’ll make that for dinner tomorrow. Thanks!

    And thanks for saying my children are adorable…I think so too! 🙂

  2. Paulina says

    I love soup too! I had soup for lunch two day in a row 🙂

    Where can you buy parsnips? I checked at my local HEB and they didn’t have any 🙁

  3. Ruby Red Vegan says

    i can’t say i’ve ever had parsnips before… but soup sounds super yummy – even though finally i beat you and have warmer weather here 🙂

    i like the “eat in your pajamas” part!

  4. Melisser; the Urban Housewife says

    I love soup too! I’m going to a vegan soup competition later this month & I still have to decide what to make!

  5. Seitan Wörshipper says

    Your christmas cupcakes rock`s! I like your decorative ideas on them 😉 Hope you have nice christmas and wih you the happy year 2008!

  6. Vegan_Noodle says

    Yes, I think it is probably safe to say that garlic and chocolate don’t mix. I have been meaning to cook up some soup this week too because of the temps, but instead I’ve been roasting veggies like crazy, and of course, now it’s supposed to warm up this weekend. But, like you, I”ll eat soup any time of year, so I’ll probably make some anyways. Your grandma’s recipe sounds delicious!

  7. Ashasarala says

    It gets down to 20 degrees in Texas? I had no idea. Shows what I know!

    I love making soup. I make some nearly every weekend. It’s so hearty, comforting, satisfying, and it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and fat. haha

  8. selina says

    20 in Texas!? Thats COLD for you guys! The soup looks delish. You just can’t beat a good bowl of soup on a cold day! Stay warm!

  9. Veg-a-Nut says

    I am with you on soup. I usually make a big pot of veggie soup each week to snack on. I take leftovers, like rice, or beans and throw it in the soup for breakfast. Yummmmmmmy! Your looks really good.

  10. Tommy luca says

    I like soup very much. I really want to taste this soup now. I like tomato soup very much because it help to purify the blood. I advise everyone to take tomato soup at least once in a week it will helps you to keep your body healthy

  11. Crafty lil vegan says

    I absolutely love your site! I only discovered it a few days ago and i am now truly hooked! You really are an amazing person, and you’ve even inspired me to be a much healthier vegan! I Had to post on this recipe as i just made a bowl of this soup about 10 minutes ago (the gazpacho version) .. Before i’d even found this recipe! Mine is identical except instead of parsnips mine has chickpeas (and a little cayenne – I’m a litttle bit of a spicy-freak!) – Great minds think alike, obviously!
    Keep up the great blogging! I’m definately going to have to break out my running shoes very soon ^-^
    Love and stuff =]

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