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Sisters by Chance. Friends by Choice.

My sister and I haven’t always been the best of friends. Poor girl; when I was two, I used to bite her! (Not very vegan of me!) As young teens, our relationship wasn’t much better. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re so close in age. But, thankfully, we’ve matured and have become great friends. When sister dearest ventured off to college, I even discovered that I missed her!

For my sister’s summer homecoming (she attends school in Boston), I baked one of her favorite flavors of cake– strawberry.


I’m naked! Please clothe me!
The finished cake, all decked out in fondant.

Unfortunately, the little sister didn’t make it home until 1:30AM (darn you, plane delays!). Therefore, I was sound asleep when she walked in the door… but apparently my family had a feast while I slept, because this is the sight to which I awoke the next morning:

Notice, they left the girl intact. Nobody wanted to be the one to eat her head!

Speaking of the “chocolate-covered little sister,” I think she needs a new name… But she says that her favorite food is mashed potatoes, so this presents a problem. Mashed-Potato Sister?? 😕
And just in case you were wondering– No, I do not still bite my sister. I know that’s what has been on your minds the entire time you were reading this post.

Published on May 18, 2008

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  1. romina says

    Aww I wish my sister and I were friends!

    That cake is so cute!! And pink!!! =) I’m surprised it wasn’t all gone when you woke up. 😉

  2. Ricki says

    That is the cutest cake ever! Love it. And with 2 sisters, I can relate. . . we tend to go through “close” and “less close” phases. Maybe I need to bake more cakes for my sisters!

  3. radioactivegan says

    How sweet of you to make that cute cake for your sister. If you ever need another sister, I’m available 🙂 Of course, I would bake you some vegan cakes, too. Reciprocity, you know.

  4. Paulina says

    Awww, how nice of you to make a cake for you sister! Unfortunately, my sister and I don’t have such a good relationship but I wish with all my heart that someday we will 🙂

  5. Alice (in Veganland) says

    You sure have decorating skills! I wish I had a sister…

    I’m so glad you liked the songs! Spanish music is rather easy: people like it to be a little light, easy to sing, and such things!

    And no, being vegan in Spain is NOT easy, even if you speak the language, because they don’t understand it. It’s a matter of knowing what’s vegan and sticking to it. 80% of the times I ask the waiter to leave something off a dish, they just forget it…

  6. oatmeal says

    Glad you and your sister are now close 😀 I laughed when I read that you used to bite her XD

    And you did a great job decorating the cake! So cute! Judging from the huge chunk of eaten cake–your family must have loved it!

  7. Emma says

    Well done on the fab grades- I knew you’d ace them! Unfortunately I have to wait months for my results once I have finished my exams : (

    That cake is absolutely adorable! It looks so pretty- and seriously yummy too! It must have been a lovely surprise for your sister when she arrived home! xx

  8. Lisa J. says

    And just in case you were wondering– No, I do not still bite my sister.

    Phew! I was wondering about that!! LOL!

    My brother & I have always been great friends. I can’t imagine it any other way…

  9. Danielle says

    Aw, haha. That is such a beautiful cake, you’re so talented! I know what you mean about realizing you miss your siblings. I had the same delayed bonding experience with mine. Thankfully we’re close now and I can’t imagine how we weren’t before 🙂

  10. linds says

    We are going to need a LOT of sandwich fuel if this spy mission is going to be successful!! You bring your spy gear bag, I’ll pack the sandwiches 🙂 Do you think you can sneak the rest of that cake out of your house too?? It looks like perfect banana-stealing-back fuel!!!! Your sister can come too then, in case she doesn’t want to be parted from her amazing cake 🙂

  11. Melody Polakow says

    What a beautiful cake! You definitely have decorating talent!

    Have fun with your sister.. and if you’re ever in Boston to visit her let me know, I’m 45 mins away and you should definitely come for dinner or something!

  12. shellyfish says

    Special K, that cake is so adorable! I have never, ever, done such a cute decorating job you master of fondant! I need to get that whole fondant thing figured out…
    Dorky question, but what recipe did you use for the basic cake? I’m looking for a basic sort of birthday cake cake, just plain, that I can add things to (and that rises nicely like yours did!)
    Sisters…I have 4 younger ones (and 1 younger bro). Can’t live with em, can’t bite em, what’s a girl to do? 🙂

  13. Ruby Red Vegan says

    Oh my gosh, I used to bit my sister too! Hahaha, you’re right – that’s not too vegan, now, is it? Am I not a vegan if I still bite my sister?

    Just kidding! I don’t do that anymore! But last year my sister was still in high school and that’s when we got along the best (because we missed each other). Now we go to the same college, and I’ve found that we don’t get along as well anymore. It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder! Closeness makes us see all the flaws, ugh.

    I love that the family chopped into the cake while you were sleeping. It’s so purdy!

  14. vegan addict says

    First up, congratulations on your grades! Secondly, I used to bite both of my sisters when we were all younger! Yikes…it is comforting to know I wasn’t the only one…! Third, that cake is awesome. The intricate detail, and all the lovely pinkness. It is too bad your family started without you!

  15. aTxVegn says

    My sis and I are 10 years apart. In fact, she used to call me mama! We are the best of friends.

    Your cake is so cute! You are good to your sister.

  16. Veggie says

    I can’t believe they ate the cake without you, how dare they?

    It’s really adorable cake, by the way.

  17. healthyceliac says

    That cake looks fantastic! You are an amazing cake decorator, and I assume, cake baker. Pink cakes are wonderful, I think.

    I also used to bite my sister when we were younger. Apparently, when I was teething, I bit her wrist and it left a scar. She still shows it to me today, when she’s 32 and I’m 26, as a sign of how mean I was. I thought I was the only one. I’m glad to see I’m not alone. My sis and I aren’t the best of friends, but we are starting to get along a lot better than we did. I guess with age, you learn to appreciate what you have, as you can’t choose your family.

  18. lighterportions says

    Aw that cake is adorable, you have quite the cake decorating artist!

    I used to bite my younger brother too… heck once in a while I still do if I really need a good way to fight him off, the kid is now about twice my size!

  19. Jess - The Domestic Vegan says

    That cake is ADORABLE! And it sounds delicious, too. I LOVE strawberry. How sweet of you to make that!

  20. newcitygirl says

    First off, that cake is so cute! My cooking/baking skills don’t go far beyond the microwave, so I am way impressed! On an unrelated note, I’ve been reading recently but just haven’t ever commented, but I have a quick question for you. When you go to visit friends/family who are not vegans (or even close) do you bring all of your own food? I’m a veg (sloooowly converting to veganism) and I’m planning to visit some friends this summer that are pretty much carnivores. What do you normally do? Just do a little shopping when you’re there?

    Thanks in advance!

  21. Lizzy says

    Ohhh wow that cake looks fantastic! That’s so super sweet of you and they obviously really enjoyed the cake 😉

    Ha ha, loved the not-very-vegan-of-me comment =p My sister and I used to hate each other until I was 16 or 17 I think (she’s 2 years older). But looking back on it I giggle at all our fights now, typical hair pulling, scratching and whatnot. Once I had to go to the hospital because she threw a saddle at me while we were playing horses and the metal stirrp hit my head and I was left with a laceration. Kids…. he he!

    Congrats on your grades, btw =)

  22. Jennifer says

    That is so sweet of you to bake your sis a cake. I wish I had a sis to bake me a vegan cake!! And it’s gorgeous. You are so talented AND sweet Katie, you amaze me!

  23. Erin says

    Such a cute cake! And decorated so nicely, it was sweet of you to make it. Hopefully you got some leftovers!

  24. Betsy says

    cutest cake ever!!!

    my younger sister bit me (and it bleed) when she was 2. I’m still mad at her for that one…

  25. Bianca says

    How freakin’ cute?! I’m really interested in learning to use fondant. Steph from Poopie Bitch took me to cake club meeting last week, and now I’m really psyched about learning.

  26. ChocolateCoveredVegan says


    I am ALL for reciprocity if it means someone will cook ME a vegan cake for once! So how do I go about adopting you?

  27. poopiebitch says

    Congratulations on all A’s! That is awesome.

    And the cake?! What a sweet thing for you to do for your sister! I’m sure she loved her welcome home cake!

    I know what you mean about being too close in age. My next sister is one and a half years older than me, and my oldest sister is one year older than her – so all three of us were born in two and a half years! I’m actually not very close to my next sister, but my oldest sister and I are great friends! Weird, because we were enemies when we were kids (never bit each other though!).

  28. Rach-ums says

    My sister was the “biter”, but now we are besties too. 🙂 Your cake is precious!! How do you make fondant? Or is it something you can buy? I’m a fondant virgin lol

  29. Liz² says

    Aww! You’re the best sister ever! Admittedly I used to thwack my little sister, too, but now we’re really (really) close, so these things must be forgiveable. Especially when you make such a beautiful cake! I’m totally in awe of your decorating prowess, btw.

  30. Vegan_Noodle says

    Wow, Katie!! What a cake! You are gonna have to give me lessons on making characters with fondant!!

    I have had a similar relationship with my older sis. Enjoy spending time together this summer!

  31. Sophie says

    if only I could hire you to make me cakes… I never have time and patience to make vegan cakes but I miiiiisss cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Vivacious Vegan says

    You are always so creative with your decorations. I’m surprised the restraint your family had. I would have mowed through half that cake just by myself. I love strawberry cakes!

  33. Eric Jaffa says

    RE “As preteens and young teens, our relationship wasn’t much better. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re so close in age.”

    I think it’s easier for siblings who are close in age to be friends.

    People’s non-relative friends in-the-real-world tend to be close to their ages.

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