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Twas the night before Easter

For Easter this year, my aunt and three cousins came to visit from Boston. My cousins are the sweetest kids you’d ever want to meet, and they’re so open-minded and adventurous. They were really excited—no, exhilarated!—for the chance to try all the vegan foods with which I bombarded them.

These kids (twin boys, age 8, and a girl, age 12) are soooo adorable! All three kept saying, “I want to be a vegan, too,” “Vegan food is so GOOD,” and “I don’t want to eat animals anymore because I like them and don’t want them to be in pain.”

I had a terrific time with my little cousins and took oodles of pictures (they’re such hams for the camera… errr, tofu hams, that is). I hope you’re all prepared for tons of photos over the next week or so!

I’ll start off with Easter-Eve pics. The night before Easter, my aunt set up all sorts of egg-dyeing stuff at the kitchen table. Meanwhile, I was busy decorating sugar cookies on the kitchen counter. Inevitably, the kids quickly tired of dyeing eggs and wandered over to the sugar cookies. Turns out, they’re quite the little artists. (Oh yeah, and they all agreed that my vegan sugar cookies are the best cookies they’ve ever tasted!)

Above, the cookies I decorated. Below, everyones’ creations together.

My cousin Abby– artist-in-training.

Even my mom got into the cookie-decorating spirit!

I’m going out now– it’s such a nice day AGAIN (yay!). But when I get back, I will visit your blogs!!!

Published on March 26, 2008

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  1. carrie says

    Your cookies are so adorable, I especially love the baby chick (the second one down).

    My family loved the vegan food I fixed for them as well….isn’t it a great feeling!!

  2. Bianca says

    Those look awesome! I love that your whole family got involved and forgot about the Easter eggs. Honestly, what sane person (vegan or not) would choose eggs over cute sugar cookies?!

  3. vegan addict says

    oh my goodness! that lil’ chick cookie is too cute! and the bunny cake, and all the other treats…what brand of sugar sprinkles do you use? i had considered “india tree” brand, but when i emailed their customer service, the woman who responded told me they used refined sugar in all their sprinkles. thanks for any suggestions you may have!

  4. Romina says

    That’s SO cute that they would want to be vegans! Who wouldn’t want to with all those delicious cookies you made, hehe. =)

  5. Rural Vegan says

    Ooo, the baby chick cookie! Good for you turning your family on to veganism! It shouldn’t be hard to convince anyone with those adorable cookies!

  6. Ricki says

    It must have felt great to have such a positive impact on your cousins! And those cookies are absolutely adorable. 🙂

  7. Paulina says

    You’re so lucky to have such open-minded cousins. When I go visit my cousins in Mexico, all I hear is “I could never be a vegan!” and “Are you seriously gonna eat that way for the rest of your life?” Fortunately I have sweeter cousins on my dad’s side (age 5 and 3) that were thrilled to help me make some vegan snickerdoodles this past Christmas!

  8. aTxVegn says

    I love the cookie with chick in the egg. They are all so cute. The cookies were the perfect to way to promote veganism on your little cousins.

  9. kindkitchen says

    Your cousins (actually your entire fam, for that matter) are so lucky to have you as their role model! The cookies are super cute and DO look like the best sugar cookies ever:]

  10. freepersonaltrainer says

    I love the baby chick too! Its been so long since I’ve had a cookie decorating party, i usually do it for christmas. Maybe I’ll throw a cinco de mayo party? I’ll make little corona cookies.

  11. Ruby Red Vegan says

    How cool is that – you are an amazing influence on your little cousins! Unfortunately most of the people I encounter have an attitude about veganism like the one Paulina described… Your sugar cookies would certainly be one to change that!

    And I wish I could try the best cookies ever. Your family is spoiled!!!

  12. missblueberry says

    Looks like your vegan goodness brought smiles and yummy tummies to your whole family.
    Happy Easter!!!

  13. Jennifer says

    That sounds like so much fun! I bet you guys had a blast and those cookies are adorable (and look awful tasty). 🙂

  14. Vegan_Noodle says

    Love the cookies Katie, they are adorable. You are the ultimate cookie decorater! And very cool that you are helping to influence your cousins. Can’t wait to see the rest of the easter fun you have in store for us!

  15. Dale and Alyssa Frost says

    Do you get your tubes of icing just at a regular grocery store, or do you go to a specialty store? They look like they work great and are convenient (I have been mixing my own colors and it’s pretty messy!)

    Oh! and about how much do they cost?

    Super cute cookies!

  16. Binx says

    what a great idea! i grew up decorating easter eggs and my sisters and i always loved finding them easter morning. decorating cookies is a great alternative– even more fun!

  17. Sophie says

    You are sooo good at making veganism fun and exciting! What a talented girl, I wish I shared your enthusiasm for baking cakes!! Maybe when I have a bigger kitchen?? 😀 xxx

  18. Lizzy says

    Aww, reading this totally brightened my day. You’re gonna veganize these kids, I know it 😉

    And the cookies are too cute. I never have the nerve to decorate them, but then again I prefer cookies plain anyway.

  19. swati says

    veggie food is the best.
    Also stevia is the best thing to use for sweetening as it is 100% natural low calorie sweetener and has no side effects at all.

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