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Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Ace of Cakes

Pool Party!

For my boyfriend’s little sister’s birthday, I cooked up a batch of vanilla cupcakes (courtesy of Vegan Cupcakes take over the World), and decorated them with a summer theme. I was running out of time, so I used Pillsbury vanilla frosting.

Pillsbury Frosting?!

Surprise! Many of the Pillsbury frostings–even the cream cheese and milk chocolate varieties–are vegan! (They do contain partially-hydrogenated oils, but hey, no one eats cupcakes to be healthy.)

On the day of the party, the boy and I supervised (along with his mom) as the birthday girl and her friends ate up all the cupcakes, then went swimming right afterward. Didn’t their mothers ever tell them not to swim on a full stomach?!

The watermelon was the first to go…

…followed by the sunshine.

And then the rest of the lineup.

My boyfriend was sad; he had his eye on the frog cupcake, and he felt sure that none of his sister’s prissy little friends would want such an ugly, “manly” cupcake. But alas, the greedy girls ate every last bit of every last cupcake– even the fly!

As for the icing: I used an icing tip for a few of the cupcakes (such as the ice cream, below). But for others–including the frog, above–I used the following method:

Whipped Cream Trick

This works for frosting, but it also works for foods such as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or even pumpkin pie mousse!

Just put the frosting, mousse, or whatever else in a plastic bag. Then cut a small hole in the corner and squeeze out.  Sweet potato whipped cream, anyone? 🙂

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled cupcakes:

I know it sounds ridiculous, but lately I’ve been thinking how much fun it would be to open up a Cupcakery– or at least a catering business– because I just enjoy cupcake-decorating so much.

I can hear my mom and dad now: “We spent all that much money on her education and this is her life’s aspiration?!”

Published on June 4, 2008

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  1. lighterportions says

    I love every single one of your cupcakes! I love how you decorated each one differently, they are all completely adorable. You should definitely consider opening your own catering business, I think that would be a ton of fun and I think you have a ton of potential to get an awesome business running!

  2. Kati says

    SO adorable! I can’t believe the Pillsbury frostings are vegan – I’m sure most people buying them don’t even realize…but then they wonder what vegans can possibly eat, right?

    You definitely have the creativity to do some serious cupcakery – and hey, once you graduate from school, you can do what you want. 😉

  3. flvegan says

    Your cupcakes look AMAZING–but really, I didn’t expect anything less! 😉

    Opening up a vegan cupcake shop would be soooo cute! Like Babycakes in NYC, only in TX!

  4. Ruby Red Vegan says

    Yes, yes, open a cupcakery! Your cupcakes knock other cupcakes dead, so you would definitely made some cash from that! Then once you become a millionaire with the help of your cupcakes, you can appease your parents by getting a “real” job. 🙂

    I like the ice cream cone one a lot — is that mint chocolate chip, by chance?! These particular cupcakes all had the perfect “attitude” to show up at a little girl’s summer birthday party!

  5. Jenn says

    I am speechless (well, not really, I always have something to say)! WOW! These cupcakes are gorgeously decorated and look so tasty! I’m especially partial to the watermelon one, I can see why it was the first to go!

    I think you should definitely consider the business – you obviously have a talent! And with your success you could pay back your parents for the money they spend on that education ;o)

  6. shellyfish says

    Dear or dear, these are just oozing cuteness! How did you do it? These are super cute, and you’re right, cupcakes are, really, not health food!

  7. Kimberly says

    A vegan cupcakery is a great idea – there is such a growing market for it these days! For example, Sticky Fingers, the vegan bakery in DC, is HUGELY popular (with veggies and omnis alike.) And since you are clearly a natural leader, you could be very successful running a small business! Being the boss is a pretty sweet set-up – my aunt owns a bakery/frozen custard shoppe on the Jersey Shore, and gets to set her own schedule, only works half the year, hand-picks all employees, etc.

    AND – you could offer vegan ice-cream and frappe delights in the summer. Give Cold Stone a run for their money 🙂

    P.S. Whenever I make an elaborate meal for my family, my dad shakes his head and says good-naturedly, “Watch, all that money for a degree from NYU and Kimmy ends up deciding to become a chef… well, I guess stranger things have happened” 😉

  8. loveofoats says

    i love the watermelon one 🙂

    i am a firm believer that you should follow your passions, so i think you’d definitely be incredibly successful… i’d definitely be a customer!!!!

  9. poopiebitch says

    DO IT! That would be so cool!

    I’m just in awe at the patience you must have had, coloring all those different shades of icing!

  10. magpie says

    These are absolutely adorable! Your boyfriend’s sister is very lucky to have you 🙂

    You should definitely consider having a cupcake shop; there aren’t enough vegan options being sold out there!

  11. Kate says

    Those cupcakes are great, and the watermelon would have been my first pick too!

    Having an undergraduate degree is a stepping point for many other careers. My career is completely unrelated to my undergrad (psychology/communications) and I have a Master’s in Business…take like 2 business classes and you’re in!!

    Follow your dreams!!!

  12. Lizzy says

    can i agree with everyone else and say AWESOME MUCH!?
    i LOVE the watermelon. and the frog&fly cupcake rocks! too bad your boyfriend didn’t get it.
    i wouldn’t dare to eat one of your creations. i would most likely cut the cupcake top off right where the liner ends and keep it. a) because that way i could still enjoy your decoration and b) i think i would puke from that amount of icing
    but HOLLA, i’m impressed! i’m sure the kids loved them =)

    ha ha, i had to laugh out loud when i read the last sentence.. that’s what i thought my parents would say back when i still dreamt of being a maitres chocolatier at lindt (actually, i still do hehe)


  13. herbstsonne says

    Ha, if I had a dollar for every time my parents said that…

    Your cupcakes are gorgeous! I like the froggy best!

  14. Kelly T says

    k, so i was just going to tell you that you should seel your cupcakes, and then you mentioned it at the bottom, so, yeah, you should. Those are so cute. You should start out small and get your parents and friends parents to spread the word. id order them, they are so cute!

  15. Katie says

    There’s nothing wrong with selling adorable, delicious cupcakes for a living! I’d love it if there was one near my city.

  16. Vegan On Stage says

    katie… as cute and silly as those cupcakes are.. you are extremely talented. They look beautiful!!! did you make the little topping characters or did you buy them???

    I’m sure your boyfriends little sister LOVES you…!!!

  17. Cakespy says

    The ice cream one kind of makes me want to faint with happiness. It’s so cute!!!! I love them all of course though!

  18. Traci Anne says

    How did you make the decorations? It kinda looks like fondant, except the ones that are standing! And you should ABSOLUTELY open a cupcakery. In Dallas. So I can go all the time. Just saying.

  19. fruity says

    These are amazing!! I would love to learn this skill. Let’s see, I’ll strike a deal with you: you teach me cake decorating and I’ll teach you photography! I’ll even throw in a few chocolate bars! 😉

  20. Bianca says

    You totally need to open a cupcake shop! You’re amazing at this! The frog’s my fave too btw!

    I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to open a vegan bakery one day…I think it’s a worthy goal. I say, go for it. You’re great at this and I think you’d be very successful at it.

    And awesome to know about the vegan milk chocolate and cream cheese frostings. I’ve never even bothered to read the ingredients on those flavors because I assumed they wouldn’t be vegan.

  21. Adagio Breezes says

    My goodness, you and I are in the EXACT SAME BOAT. Except with me, it’s cookies that are tempting me away from my expensive education. I haven’t told mom yet, she’ll kill me. Let’s open our own vegan bakery! It will work better with two crazy people.

  22. Vaala says

    You are SO talented with the decorating…they are gorgeous. I love how creative and different each cupcake is.It’s cheering up my day!

  23. CeciLiA says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP THE TEASE! you got me drooling here and I just ate my breakfast! (oatbran is so good!) I can’t decide on which one I like best so can I please have ALL of them!! DO open up a cupcakery! There’s no better way to spread your passion for veganism through cupcakes!!

  24. The Vegan Snorkeler says

    Oh my goodness…those are the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen! The flip-flops are adorable! The girls must have LOVED them!!! Did you make all of those decorations with marzipan? Cupcake decorating is so fun. You are definitely talented!

  25. Jennifer says

    Those cupcakes are so cute Katie! You really should open a shop, you have too good of a gift to waste!

  26. Ricki says

    These are JUST the MOST adorable things I’ve ever seen! You are truly talented, Katie, and would be fabulous at a cupcakery (can I come work for you??). And how scary that Pillsbury labels something as “cream cheese” when it contains neither cream nor cheese!!

  27. Becca says

    They are all so cute! Haha, I think my parents are thinking the same thing as I try to get into the CIA!
    And I had no idea the Pillsbury frostings were vegan…now if they can just make them without the evil trans fats!

  28. Gemma says

    Wow, fabulous looking cupcakes you have there, I would’ve personally devour them all myself!

    Just a personal question, can I please ask what is your BMI? My BMI is very low, I’m a healthy eater, but just refusing to put on weight. I tried bulk-eating once (not to mention how sick I felt after) and gained 2kg but the weight just dropped off after 2 days!

    The fact that I’m so underweight despite being pretty healthy with my diet, my period is irregular – do you experience that at all?

    Sorry for the odd question, you can choose not to reply if you don’t want to. Hope you have a great day!

  29. Amy says

    hi! i just discovered your blog a little while ago, and i really love reading it! it sounds strange, but it’s fun to read these blogs and feel like part of a little community of vegans/vegetarians…anyways, i just read your entry about opening up a cupcakery. it looks like you have such a creative streak! if you ever opened a business, i’d buy them, for sure.

  30. Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole) says

    Absolutely ADORABLE!!! You did a wonderful job, I bet your boyfriend’s little sister’s birthday was out of this world awesome!

    Each one is so creative and well executed, you obviously have a lot of talent!

  31. Erin says

    It’s not ridiculous to think about starting a business to do what you love to do! Even if it never comes to fruition, at least you can dream. Because seriously, those cupcakes are amazing. So cute.

  32. Vegan_Noodle says

    YOu are definitely the ace of vegan cupcakes Katie!! I need to coem up to Dallas and get some fondant tips from you. Seriously!

    Oh, and I think that would be awesome if you opened up your own bakery! Would you be willing to do it in Houston? I am thinking about something like that in the next few years, so email me if you wanna chat about it. THe Texas laws kinda suck regarding food grade kitchens, so it makes it tough to do it out of your own place. Anyways, I’m babbling.

    Your bf’s sister and her friends must LOVE you!

  33. Billy says

    I’m glad to see you’re still at it with the cupcakes. It feels like I’ve been away from the vegan blogosphere for quite a while. I’m now a married man. 🙂

    I really want some of those cupcakes!

  34. Jen says

    Holy MOLY! These are insanely gorgeous!!! I can’t believe how unique each one is. I tried to pick a favorite, and I CAN’T!!! They’re all so darn cute.

    If you opened a bakery, I would totally plan a trip to wherever it was… These just take the cake.

  35. jd says

    Honestly, these have to be the awesome-est cupcakes ever!

    Oh, & I will totally help keep your cupcakery in business – even if it means that I have to sacrifice my svelte figure. (Yea right, “svelte!”)

    You are opening one up, right?!

  36. Astra Libris says

    Your cupcakes are gorgeous!! You should definitely open a bakery / catering business! You’re such a talented chef and baking artist, you would bring so much joy to your culinary customers!

  37. vegan addict says

    the watermelon, the flip flops, and the flower cupcakes are my favorites!
    if you open a cupcakery, really, what better place than my apartment? you can have free rent.

  38. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Kimberly— Ah, Sticky Fingers… I love that place! See, we need one of those here in Texas! (Although I guess the market isn’t vegan-friendly enough… YET.)
    I’d LOVE to give Cold Stone a run for their money… or put them out of business hehe. But then, of course, my sister would hate me, because she loves that place!

    Gemma— While my BMI would fall under the “underweight” category if it were plotted on one of those charts, I don’t restrict my eating, and I do get a period. So that’s why I say I’m just skinny because of genetics (that and the fact that my grandma is a BEANPOLE lol!).
    But if your periods are irregular, PLEASE get to a doctor ASAP! It may seem nice and convenient now that you don’t have to deal with a period, but not getting one is a signal that something is DANGEROUSLY wrong in your body (and simply going on the pill to regulate your periods is not a way of fixing the underlying problem, so if your doctor suggests that, I’d say, “Find another doctor!”).

    You say you eat a lot, but maybe you aren’t taking in as many calories as you think… can you send me a sample of what you eat in a day? I’m not a nutritionist, but I am very good with all that scientific stuff as far as it relates to nutrition, so maybe I can help :o).

  39. Caitlin says

    Wow, those are so cute!! I’ve thought about opening a vegan cupcakery but while I love making cupcakes, I’m not good at decorating…wanna team up with me? 😉 Did you use marzipan for the decorations? You must have sooo much patience!

  40. Jackie says

    They are magnificent, what talent!!!

    Seeing cupcakes are sooo IN with all the celebrities you could probably start a cupcake line and make a fortune in Hollywood LOL

  41. Bonnie says

    Please open up that cupcakery in my village? I will come by every day. On second thought, that would cause me to eat way too many cupcakes… Oh well. Those are so pretty! I love the one with the watermelon, it’s lovely, and the flip flops and the frog and the bee and oh, they’re all so much fun.

  42. Becca says

    I have a question about your frosting…well, I was wondering what the recipe is you use and if it needs to be refrigerated. I’m doing a cake decorating class at Michael’s and I;m looking for a decent frosting recipe. thanks!

  43. Vivacious Vegan says

    I love love love them! They are so awesome. I don’t know what I would have eaten first. Just curious how long it took you to make them all.

  44. Rural Vegan says

    I can’t tell you how stinking cute those all are! You really should open that Cupcakery – no one could resist these!

  45. russ says

    A vegan cupcakery is an intriguing idea, especially with those decorating skills!! Although I’m not sure how much money there is in it as an actual shop where people go in and buy and eat, as most of your target audience (vegans) probably would shy away from unhealthy looking food! (Didn’t you say that you don’t even eat your own icing?)

    But for when someone wants a party, and they need catering – that’s where these babies would shine. And all you need to do that is advertising and some free time 🙂

  46. russ says

    hehe I’ve just come back from holiday, and got a lot of catching up to do!! Its funny, I had almost exactly the same thoughts when I was away, starting up my own food place on foreign land, as its always been the dream! I even wrote down some sums to see how many people you would have to feed a day..! I’ll write about my adventures at some point 😉

  47. Angela says

    haha well I’m the gal who got her master’s in psychology and is opening up a bakery! LOL. Follow yor heart!

    PS- How did you make the edible figurines??

  48. Eric Jaffa says

    Most people have jobs where they rarely apply what they learned in college.

    If you want to run a cupcake business, then do it.

  49. trajayjay says

    Yes, the frosting may be vegan, but I really don’t think that excuses the trans crap. Katie, I think you’re better off topping your cupcakes with your own frosting recipes.

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