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Double double boil and trouble… Something yummy this way comes

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(Gotta love Shakespeare)

Considering it’s almost Thanksgiving, I figured I’d better get my chocolate-covered butt in gear and post pictures of the cupcakes I made for Halloween. ‘Cause no one wants to see a picture of this guy come December 25th:

Sure, he’s cute and all. But he’d feel just a *tad* out of place amidst all the Frostys and Rudolphs.

(Irony of all ironies, an ex-boyfriend ate this cupcake!)

I brought these cupcakes to a wild party.

Sadly, some of the partygoers weren’t exactly lucid enough to appreciate my hard work. *Le sigh* Serves me right for taking cupcakes to a college party. Still, the cupcakes were without a doubt the most popular guests: there definitely weren’t enough to go around, and people ended up cutting them into 4ths!  (*Note: as usual, the cupcakes were vegan and 100% edible, right down to the glitter.)

The line-up:

Batting first for the Halloweenies, we have Scary Black Cat. One of my favorites… until the person who chose to eat it was another ex-boyfriend!

Personally, I think he should’ve chosen this one instead: (Just kidding; there’s no animosity between us. Thankfully, I’m still friends with most of my exes.)

Batting second: Frog&Hat. This cupcake was devoured by a giant pumpkin!

Next, we have Ghoulish Ghostie, looking quite pale. He could definitely benefit from a trip to Planet Tan.

Batting clean-up was Pluto (my all-time fave Mickey-Mouse character).
Below, another “bat”ter:

And the rest of the players:

Coach CCK was very proud of her team’s performance.
cck halloween

Team photo:
Vegan Halloween Cupcakes

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. megan says:

    oh my goodness gracious- those are adorable! too cute to eat, although i am sure they taste delicious! you are quite the baker 🙂 you are so talented…you should open a vegan bakery! Have a great night!

  2. Teenage Veg Head says:

    i love the pluto one!!!
    the icing looks perfect on all of the cupcakes.

  3. Bethany says:

    those cupcakes are amazing! I love the decorations. very cool.

  4. says:

    these are totally amazing!

    i know you’re probably sick of hearing it but you MUST open up a bakery and all of us readers will be the first in line to buy your yummy treats!

  5. GroundedFitness says:

    how cute! you are so talented. you should definately persue this- Id order some from you!

    Kelly Turner

  6. aTxVegn says:

    All of those are just too cute! I bet they were appreciated more than you realize. College students are always hungry!

  7. vegannurse says:

    Those cupcakes look GREAT!! I wish I coulda been there. I would’ve been all over the ghost one! haha..

    Your so talented and so sweet to bring a batch a vegan cupcakes to a party.

  8. Lily Girl says:

    Those are some scarily good looking cupcakes!

  9. Vegan_Noodle says:

    Those are the perfect Halloween cupcakes. I think your team hit a home run!

  10. Ali says:

    They are so cute!! Great job! 😀

  11. eatingbender says:

    Wow, these are all so cute! I have to say that I am loving the Pluto cupcake the most. But all of them showcase your superior cupcake skills!! Way to go, Cupcake Queen!

  12. brooke says:

    you are the cupcake queen! katie, these cupcakes belong in a bakery! you should think about pursuing it 🙂

    p.s what frosting recipe do you use!? it always looks perfect!

  13. Pearl says:

    you are gorgeous! and those cupcakes are so adorable!

  14. Becca says:

    Thanks for the prayers:] And teh cupcakes are adorable – as usualy, hehe. You have such talent in the kitchen!

  15. Virginia says:

    awwww so cute! i would hate to eat them…but only for a second because they do look yummy!

  16. imadedinner says:


  17. Mihl says:

    These are adorable, esp. the cupcake with the Frankenstein monster and the bat!

  18. MizFit says:

    no words, Girlie.
    you are beyond talented.

  19. Alice (in Veganland) says:

    Your cupcakes look so sweet! (hehehe)

  20. miss v says:

    these are so stinkin’ adorable! are you going to make cousin-cupcakes for thanksgiving?!

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