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The Pumpkin Farm

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Browsing through my recipes, one can see that I love pumpkin!

From Pumpkin Pie Mousse to Pumpkin Pie Stir Fries, it’s safe to say this girl harbors a healthy appreciation for all things winter squash (and I know I’m not the only one!!).


Oh yes, my blog is definitely chock-full of Pumpkin Recipes.

So I was quite excited for my friends’ and my annual trip down to the local Pumpkin Farm. Can you imagine a more heavenly place for a pumpkin lover?



Look at all these pumpkins! I could do so much with you:


Three cheers for pumpkins. What’s your favorite type of pumpkin?  And what’s your favorite thing to do with it?  My favorite is kabocha squash.

Useless trivia: Kabocha is a Japanese word, and it simply means pumpkin.  In the 1500s, the Portuguese introduced pumpkin, which they called Cambodia, to Japanese sailors.  The Japanese heard the word as kabocha, and thus Kabocha Squash came to be.

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  1. jcd says:

    I love roasted acorn squash – simply cut in half, drizzled with a little oil, salt, and pepper, coverred wigh coil, and baked. Mmmm… so simple but so yummy.

    Next up would be butternut squash – cubed and roasted with a little maple syrup.

    Who am I kidding, I love all winter squash. Pumpkin and I are best buddies. I’m making pumpkin pie tonight!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love butternut squash the best! I am going to browse through all of your pumpkin recipes now. :)

  3. I love to eat my stir=fries with chopsticks too. Recently when we remodeled the kitch and ‘lost’ the forks, I became more skilled with the choppies as that was all I could find! :-)

    Wonder if kabocha could make good fries?

  4. Abby says:

    Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch as well, Katie!! My fav is butternut roasted. YUM.

    Great idea with the pumpkin stir fry.. it looks really good. Anything with kale, in my book, is the best :) :)

  5. *Andrea* says:

    aw what a cutie you are at the pumpkin patch :) i haven’t had a chance to go this year yet ahhh. i adore all your pumpkin recipes!

    interesting trivia! i had nooo idea. i still haven’t tried kabocha but once i get off my school’s meal plan and go home for winter break i am on a mission to cook it

  6. Jessica says:

    Right now, I think the sweet dumpling is my fav but I absolutely love butternut too. It’s so hard to choose!! I tried “golden nugget” squash over the weekend and wasn’t too impressed.

  7. Janna says:

    So jealous!

    I also love kabocha. It is so delicious.

    But I am a big pumpkin fan as well.

    Pumpkin pie, pumpkin oats, pumpkin scones… pumkin brownies!

    Winter squash = awesome.

  8. Emily says:

    Looks like the pumpkin farm was a lot of fun! You look so cute!!

    You know I’m a huge pumpkin fan, too, Katie! I’m thinking your pumpkin stir-fry looks like a good dinner option. :-)

  9. Shelby says:

    Aw, I love the pictures girl! I’ve never actually been to a pumpkin patch! *gasp*

    I do love me some pumpkin though!

  10. I think plain old pumpkin might be my favorite pumpkin! But then again, I don’t have that much experience with other types. Ahhh but pumpkin….bake with it, cook with it, eat it in big spoonfuls….speaking of pumpkin spoonfuls I have to make that pumpkin pie in a bowl!

  11. Love the P Patch pics, we did that last weekend w/ Skylar and she loved it. You look sooo awesome! But here it was 102 F last weekend and your outfit woulda make me melt. I can’t wait til I can dress more fall-like here….still a month off I think.

    Fave types of ways to eat sqaush and pumpkin…basic roasting with pepper, agave, cinnamon or pump pie spice. The simpler the better sometimes.

    Special Dark and using half Amazing Grass and half cocoa powder post from yesterday….does the A.G. leave any funkyness to the recipe if you sub in half and half for that w/ cocoa powder? Whenver you get time my love just LMK :)

  12. Christina says:

    My favorite kind of pumpkin is just the normal kind. You can eat it, carve it, or paint it – it’s so versatile!

  13. Cool, thanks for the explanation of “kabocha”‘s origin. I only made that connection when I was teaching English in Japan. I was using Japanese-made flashcards and was totally confused when I saw this round green thing on the “pumpkin” flashcard, but rolled with it since the kids seemed to understand. Only years later do I understand too!

  14. Pumpkin pancakes are my newest obsesión :)

    Your pump pics are too freaking cute

  15. Mama Pea says:

    AND…another name for the kabocha is a SWEET MAMA! Love it!

  16. Love your new man… HAHA. He is one lucky scarecrow. I love pumpkin and winter squash season. So many to choose from…. my favs are acorn and butternut squash. I like roasting them in oven with cinna, nutmeg, cloves, coriander, and cardamon, and coconut oil. Though like making ‘raw’ rice out of them as well.

  17. Christine says:

    I love pumpkin and all other winter squashes, spaghetti and acorn are my favorites currently. I’m thinking of making another trip to our local pumpkin patch before the season is over for the cheap squash. Great post.

  18. Jenny says:

    girl you are raking the dudes in ;)! you little chocolate covered heartthrob! yay pumpkins… my favorite autumnal treat! especially in oats… oh goodness, ’tis delightful.

    thanks for some more pumpkin ideas — I just ran out of my last can of libby’s.. gotta stock up!

    happy day honeybear! xo

  19. Eliza says:

    ahh love the photos you are too cute! :) and love pumpkin picking…we were planning on going soon! there are lots of orchards here in NY. such fun! and pumpkin = love! love it too much.


  20. Vegyogini says:

    I love squash and, even though it’s been in the mid-80s and 90s here in LA, I’ve been roasting and eating squash like crazy!

    You’re a lucky CCV to have amazing friends w/ whom to enjoy the pumpkin patch. Looks like you had a blast!

  21. glidingcalm says:

    haha you are so cute, CCK!

  22. hannah says:

    This is related to a previous post– I just discovered the Candle Cafe cookbook includes the recipe for their ginger-miso stir fry. I just made it and it was delicious! Thought you might be interested, because I remember you like that dish.

  23. Jenna says:

    You are so incredibly tiny! Can I put you in my pocket and take you home? And then you can cook for me too!

    You’re so adorable CCV :)

  24. I just experimented with putting an egg in my squash and it was great! Not vegan of course, but it’s fun to think of things to fill those little indents with. :)

  25. Never thought of pumkin in my stirfry! Cool!

  26. Alison says:

    Yummy pumpkin recipes!

    Your scarecrow man is definitely tall – always a bonus.

  27. Melinda says:

    Thanks for the fact on the Portugese and the pumpkins, and how Japan got in the mix.

  28. Jenny R. says:

    they’re also called buttercup squashes right? I keep callin them my baby buttercups. Sometimes on the grocery bill it shows up as kabocha though. Living double lives I tell you..crazy squashes.

  29. Marina says:

    I love pumpkins, any kind! (actually, I pretty much eat only butternut, don’t have other ones very much)
    I like to do sweet stuff with it, like oatmeals, pancakes, just blended with some nut butter…yummy.

  30. Sünne says:

    Kabochas are the best!!! I had some in my garden for the first time this year and didn’t even know they were called like this. To me they simply were “green hookaidos”. Unfortunately, I’ve eaten all of them already and they aren’t sold in stores in Germany.

    Oh, I don’t know whether I’ve entered the giveaway correctly. I forgot to add my e-mail-adress in the first post but added it in the “Hug a carb” one.

  31. Ricki says:

    Hooray for pumpkin! :)

  32. lola says:

    As a spanish-speaker, i always wondered the difference between pumpkin and squashes, since in spanish there’s only one word for ALL types of pumpkins: calabaza!
    Over here, we eat it boiled with a kind of raw sugar called piloncillo, and after they are done and a thick caramel is formed, we serve it with cold milk! This is the way we eat sweet potatoes (camote) as well!
    The “flor de calabaza” which means pumpkin flower, is eaten in tacos! 😛

  33. Your favorite is my favorite, and I like to cut it up and roast it. Best food ever…well, besides almond butter. ]

    Mr. Scarecrow is hot, but he’s not nearly as sexy as Jay. :)

  34. Naomi says:

    you are so cute in that pumpkin patch!!!

    hmm I do love speghetti squash, throw some cinnamon and syrup on top and it is just delicious! then again the same goes for pumpkin or butternut!! mY mom made a great butternut squash soup yesterday that was yum!

    pumpkin stir-fry…Awesome!!

  35. Maria says:

    Hehe, I didn’t know that kabocha came from Cambodia. I knew it was squash though since I took Japanese in high school. We had to practice the phrase “Is this a fruit or a vegetable”, so I know my produce in Japanese 😉

    Looks like you had a blast at that pumpkin farm! I wanna gooo!

  36. Diann says:

    Great factoid about the kabocha. It’s my favorite pumpkin too.

  37. Clay says:

    I went crazy with your recipes and came up with a “better than rice pudding/pumpkin pudding” the other day. O-M-G, i could not love a human baby more than I loved this breakfast. Then you holler back with all these other ideas doe pumpkin?! Thank goodness i just picked up a lot of freach squash at the store today.

    Also, i got a papaya today (never had one before), Since your genius knows no limit… hast thou any ideas for this guy?

  38. BroccoliHut says:

    LOL Love the shot of you lounging among the pumpkins! My kind of chaise lounge:)

  39. Pumpkin Stir Fry……two of my faves in one dish! Thanks for the recipe!

  40. Devan Newman says:

    oh PUMPKIN! how I love thee
    not as much as I love YOU ,though katie!

    Oooh. I am a poet
    didnt no it.

    writing about pumpkin
    my favorite.. hm, im still a’thunkin’

    kobocha, for real
    makes a dang tastey meal.

  41. hmm kabocha is on my dinner menu!
    katie i changed my blog over to wordpress. if you post the hug a carb photo please link it to my new blog. that would be great :)

  42. CaSaundra says:

    Ooo what a fun tribute post to pumpkins!!!

    My fav is currently mini pumpkins–I can’t get enough of them–stuffing them, steaming them, etc. I will be very sad when they’re gone! :-(