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Please Help!!

I hadn’t originally planned to post today.

But I received an email from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, which sparked me to action. This sanctuary is an amazing organization: it’s given over 2,000 formerly-abused animals a second chance at finding love. Obviously, places like this cannot exist without donations. And right now, if the Catskill Animal Sanctuary raises $1.5 million, it will receive a matching grant!

So if you donate now, your donation will automatically be doubled!! Please help them to reach their goal. I can personally attest to the worthiness of this group, as I’ve seen first-hand how lovingly they care for animals in need.

Click here: Please help them! :)


catskillbabe catskillcasey

catskillgoats ducks

And Happy New Year’s Eve! Please stay safe, especially if you’re driving tonight.

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  1. Happy new year, Katie! Thanks for all the great 2010 posts. Can’t wait for 2011! 😉

  2. I’m not sure if I can donate living in England, but I’m checking out their website right now! Looks like a great cause- hope I can! :)

  3. Meg says:

    Checking out that website 😀 What a great cause!


  4. Awww, those animals are so cute! Sounds like a great cause.
    Happy New Year! 😀

  5. wonderful, thanks for sharing!

    wishing you a happy healthy and safe new years eve!

  6. Animals are just the cutest :) Sounds like a great cause to be a part of, good for you!
    Happy new years <3

  7. How long does the donation doubling last? I can’t donate right now, but I could manage a little bit on my next paycheck! Happy new year, Katie! xoxo

    1. Hey girlie, you are so so sweet to want to help!! I think the donation match ends tonight, but they can ALWAYS use extra donations. And it’s such a good cause. (I’m always worried about donating $ to a cause I don’t know, so I like KNOWING for sure my money is going straight to the animals, ’cause I’ve seen it first-hand :).)

      1. Well I will definitely try to send some money their way when I get paid. Organizations that help animals are my favorite to donate to! :)

  8. Camille says:

    This is such a wonderful cause. Thank you so much for bringing it to everyone’s attention! Happy New Year, Katie!
    P.S. I have The Hangover coming in the mail via Netflix and it should be here tomorrow. I will be able to send it off on Monday!

  9. Renée says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll donate when I get paid tonight!

  10. Your so sweet to want to help the animals. I’m not sure if I can donate or not, but if not, I’ll try to help some other way! :)
    Happy New Year!

  11. Namaste Gurl says:

    You’re so sweet miss Katie– too sweet, in fact :-) Love what your doing for the Animal Sanctuary and will definitely try to help out if I can!!

  12. What a great cause. That you for telling us aout it, Katie. :) You have such a great heart! Happy New Year!

  13. Aww, Katie, what a sweet post and wonderful cause. Thanks for posting and trying to help out!

    Many blessings to you and your family in 2011!

  14. Gloria says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I’m happy I was able to donate, but I’m bummed I didn’t know sooner – my employer definitely would have matched my donation! Hopefully I’ll be on their email list now. I sent the website to all of my friends and family. I’m praying they get the $1.5 million by tonight. Have a wonderful New Year, Katie!

  15. Claire says:

    What a great cause!
    Happy New Year Katie! All the best for 2011.

  16. Brandie says:

    ACK! This went to my spam :( Wth huh? I love this sanctuary! I want to OWN one someday :) I wish I had lots and lots of money to donate :) Good job darlin… proud of you for bein a part of their rescue :) Happy New Years!!!

    1. Hmmm, yeah spam hates me! They’re always sending my emails/comments to spam :(

  17. bitt says:

    Katie, thank you for your compassion towards animals and for being their voice. So appreciated. I am tapped out right now (after donating to a few animal organizations already) but I will spread the word.

    happy new year!

  18. the 2nd photo is my favorite. oh i love these animals and i hope they continue to thrive and be able to live the life they were meant to live <3

    thank you for being a natural born humanitarian. the world needs more LEADERS like you :)