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Pizzert Ice Cream Sundae

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It never got above 40 degrees yesterday, yet my mind kept telling me:

“Katie, you want ice cream.”
I do? But it’s cold and gray and I’m wearing fleece. Are you sure?

“You want ice cream.” Well, okay. If you say so.

mango ice cream

Y’know what goes well with ice cream? Breakfast Pizzerts!

So, at the urging of my insistent mind, I made one. And while the pizzert did its thing in the oven, Monsieur Vita-Mix ventured out from his hibernation slumber for some rigorous exercise: making ice cream! Or rather, mango faux-yo. Here’s how it played out:

Mucho Mango Faux-Yo
(makes 2 huge portions)

  • 2 yellow mangos (240g)
  • ice (I use 7 1/2-moon cubes)
  • scant 1/16th tsp salt
  • a little over 2 tbsp milk of choice

Blend all ingredients in the Vita-Mix. Remember to utilize the useful Vita-Mix Ice Cream Trick.

mango 2

I think the mango is my newest-favorite of the many “Faux-Yo” Flavors.

Although chocolate-strawberry will always have a place in my heart. Oh, and chocolate-cherry too. And blueberry. Indecisive? Me?

vegan mango ice cream

vegan birthday cake ice cream

Going back to September…

Although my birthday dessert-of-choice was Raw Key Lime Pie, there weren’t candles at the party. Therefore we sang later that night, at home, when I ate my nighttime snack of mango faux-yo.

Just imagine me yelling to my family, “Hurry up and sing before my ice cream melts!!” Luckily, it didn’t melt, and it tasted delicious. It’s still difficult for me to believe that I hated mangoes until I moved to The Philippines for a year in high school. Thank goodness that tropical country shook me out of my crazy ways.

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I usually eat foods that go along with the seasons (hot in cold months, cold in hot months). Yesterday, though, I randomly decided to have a smoothie while out running errands in the 10 degree Chicago weather. Not my brightest idea. But at least the smoothie was good!

  2. I don’t eat ice cream that often (although I really want to make you mango ice cream), but when I do, the weather has no play in it! If I want ice cream when it’s snowing and 10 below, I will shiver my way through it 🙂
    As far as oatmeal in the summer – most every morning (I’m surprised I don’t melt 😉 )!
    I’ve never tried a breakfast pizzert (still on my list!), but I think my favorite toppings would be peanut butter or coconut butter and chocolate chips (I looooove coconut butter and chocolate chips on toast!)

  3. Albizia says:

    Mmm… mangoes! I’m impressed. And hungry (as always after you post a dessert recipe).

    I eat both warm oatmeal and ice cream regardless of the season and the temperature. As a matter of fact, I celebrate the first snow every year with ice cream. I don’t know if it was a huge success but an ice-cream company in my country offered a “Christmas pie” ice cream this winter. It was with diced apple, clove and cinnamon syrup. Yum! 🙂

  4. you rock my world every single day. no joke
    the faux froyo is so happin’ over here tonight…
    fav pizzert toppings? oh gosh dont make me choose… i always seem to love almond buttter, a fudgie and apricot jam all over it!

    1. I really oughta try those fudgies. You make them sound so good!

  5. Camille says:

    I definitely eat ice cream in winter! There is no bad time of year to eat ice cream 🙂

  6. I’m definitely more of a hot in winter sort of gal. Oatmeal, stews etc. Breaking out the slow cooker more this year, loving it. I’ve never been much of an ice cream person really, since I became sensitive to dairy as a teen and it makes me so sick, I kinda got turned off from it. I stay away from sugar, so that eliminates the substitutues. I would maybe like to try a protein ice cream at some point. For now, I enjoy my Chocolate PB Protein Brownies in the evening….Mmmm, mmm

    1. Valerie says:

      I finally have gotten into using the slow cooker, and now I kick myself for not using it more in the past. That thing is amazing!

  7. Gen says:

    I eat oatmeal all year round!!! And ice cream too! Luckily for me, it doesn’t get cold here! =D
    That mango faux-you looks delicious!!!!!

  8. Kianni says:

    I have a smoothie for breakfast no matter the weather. I eat oatbran no matter the weather…of course I live in Los Angeles, so it’s not that bad, but even when I lived where in the mornings it could be 0 degrees Ferrenheit, I still had smoothies or frozen fruit for breakfast..I was just near the heater..or shivering..or both. lol.

    1. Valerie says:

      Agreed. You can’t give up the oatbran! I’d eat it cold before I’d stop eating oatbran in the summer :).

  9. I certainly eat ice cream in the winter and hot oats in the summer! Ice cream is an anytime food for me, though I usually have to warm up with a hot cup of tea afterwards.

  10. Valerie says:

    This looks delicious! Now I know exactly how to use that bag of frozen mango in my freezer :).

  11. Heather says:

    Haha! Awesome name! I love mangoes, but I absolutely HATE cutting them! I always feel like I’m wasting so much of it! Any tips?

    I eat oats year-round, but I actually crave ice cream/fro-yo more in the winter months! How weird am I?

    1. I don’t like cutting them either! There *is* such a thing as a mango cutter (for like $10), but I tried it and felt like it wasted too much of the mango, because it doesn’t cut right up to the skin. But it’s an option to look into.

  12. Okay now I really have to try your pizzert! 😛

    1. abby says:

      me too! i must try! maybe i’ll put chocolate chips in my batter :).

      1. Great idea! Chocolate Chips in the batter topped with PB and banana soft-serve and I’m in heaven. 😉

  13. Ooh, mango has to be delicious in ice cream!

  14. Maryann says:

    Eating ice cream in the winter and oatmeal in the summer are normal occurrances for me. My body apparently doesn’t know the seasons, because I crave them all year long!

  15. Leslie says:

    I crave oatmeal all year long. And if I ever make your mango ice cream, I bet I’d crave that all year long too!

  16. Lindsey says:

    Cold weather never stops me from eating ice cream 🙂 I’ll usually pick baking cookies over ice cream in the winter, but I will still eat it on occasion! I eat oatmeal during the summer too, but I just have to drink freezing cold water with it so I don’t overheat haha.

    1. Valerie says:

      We bake cookies… and THEN put the warm cookies over vegan ice cream. Hey, it warms the cold ice cream up a *little* bit ;).

      1. Lindsey says:

        I totally forgot about that! Ice cream on top of warm cookies is a-mazing! So is ice cream on top of cobbler…yum 🙂

  17. Mmm mango…love that recipe!! I had a pizzert again yesterday too! Only it was more like a breakfast cake because I used a sandwich tin! 🙂

    Hot oatmeal in summer? ALWAYS. I don’t usually eat ice-cream in the winter, but may have make an exception to that rule now! 😛

  18. Hannah says:

    I eat ice cream year round! I never get sick of it!

  19. Disturbed says:

    So Delicious Pomegranate Chip is my favorite thing in the world, and I will eat it no matter the temperature. I had it on Christmas day as a little treat-and it was snowing outside. I felt obligated to go sit on the deck in the snow and eat it. I was freezing, but it was good and then snow was too pretty to keep my inside.

    1. abby says:

      ahhhhhhh that’s my favorite favorite flavor! just discovered it and my mouth is so happy!!! glad someone else shares my love of it :).

  20. Stephanie says:

    Mango pizzert….GENIUS!

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