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I love my Easter dress!!

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A perfect Easter morning

When I stepped outside for an early-morning run, there was a bunny in our front yard. I’m so serious! I could not believe it!! This put a huge smile on my face for the entirety of my run… and pretty much for the entirety of my whole day.


Breakfast made me smile too: Raspberry-Truffle Oatmeal

One must eat chocolate on Easter, yes?

I ate my breakfast with the rest of my family. It’s always so nice to have everyone together again… just like when we were little. Now, the only times we’re all together, sadly, is during holidays and sometimes in the summer.

Their Easter breakfast was the most un-vegan creation you could ever dream up! It’s a pie known as “pizza rustica,” and the ingredients include: salami, pepperoni, ham, ricotta cheese, and eggs. I loathed the pie even as an omnivore and therefore have absolutely no plans to create a vegan version (if such a thing would even be possible!). In my book, chocolate beats salami any day!

After breakfast, I used a new nailpolish (Easter gift) to make my fingers festive:


However, I ran outta time and only drew chickies on the thumbs.

True, it’s no watermelon manicure.

Finally, after three years in a row of cold, we got a gorgeous Easter of 80 degrees. (Last year, I had to change into fleece pants!)


My mom says she’s going to continue to give us Easter baskets until we are 70 years old. Smile

Can one be “in love” with a dress? If so, I was in love with my Easter dress this year. It was fun and frilly, only $50, and–most importantly–my favorite color. Love.

What colors do you normally wear?
And are there any colors you will never wear?

I am a blue girl! If a shirt comes in different colors and one of them is blue, you can bet your jeans (blue jeans!) I’ll be buying that color. I also love wearing dark green and light purple; I wish companies would make more in these colors. As for a color I avoid at all costs? Yellow!! It’s a beautiful color, and if I looked like Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (or even like my lovely sister, above), I’d wear it all the time. But I don’t. And therefore, if I see a yellow shirt or dress, I run the other way. Fast.

For Easter, normally I wear pink.

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. That yellow dress in How To Lose A Guy is the best. I love your blue though!

  2. ellie says:

    your dress is beautiful! and YOU are so pretty!
    i think this is my first comment here, too. love your blog. 🙂

    and chocolate beats that pizza thang ANYDAY and everyday!
    who wants a savory breakfast? not me!

    i tend to wear earthy colors a lot… but then again.. i love bright colors too .. esp in the summer!

  4. Amanda says:

    Love your dress! Anything with a ruffle? Sign me up! Happy belated Easter!

  5. Mckella says:

    I also wear a lot of blue, and earthy tones. I’m trying to branch out more into the realm of pinks and yellows.

  6. Aimee says:

    I pretty much stick to black. Not because I’m depressed or anything, or a goth (although I did go through a big punk phase in high school). I just like the color and like that it matches anything. Plus, I’m just not a girly girl.

  7. Lisa C. says:

    Oh Katie, I bet you are too hard on yourself. I bet you DO too look good in yellow! 😉
    For me, I stay away from orange. I eat a lot of vitamin A foods, such as sweet potatoes, and so I’m orange enough as it is! 😕

  8. krickit6 says:

    Katie, LOVE your dress!! I originally wanted my wedding dress to have a ruffly skirt like your dress 🙂 I called it “the cupcake dress” because it reminded me of a happy, yummy cupcake 🙂 I wear lots and lots of pink, darker/brighter pink is my favorite. Your dress in blue is perfect, though, definitely awesome!

    1. Oooo I can’t imagine anything more awesome than walking down the aisle in a giant cupcake! Oh wait, EATing a giant cupcake would be better ;).

  9. OMG I LURVEEEEE your dress!! you look absolutely gorgeous!!
    I tend to wear alottt of grey… sounds so boring but whenever i buy clothes I’m always drawn to grey! I have alot of purple too though 😀
    I never wear orange.. it just does noooot look nice on me :/ i like coral though!

  10. sherri says:

    I plan to give my kids Easter baskets until they are 70 too!
    You look beautiful!

  11. My skin is orange from eating too much pumpkin, so anything orange is off limits in my closet!

  12. Your mom is so cute! You look lovely in your dress
    I like wearing purple and try to stay away from light colors because they don’t look very good on me

  13. You look gorgeous in your pretty Easter dress! I also love light blue (matches the eyes) and pink. I probably wear too much pink, but I like the pop of color that a bright pink gives me…prob because I’m so pale, er…fair. 🙂 I wore a pink Lilly Pulitzer dress for Easter yesterday, which I’ll post tomorrow. Still catching up with zee posts…and detoxing from a lil’ too much chocolate. 🙂

    1. Ahh, Lily Pulitzer stuff is SO super-cute! I never allow myself to go in that store, because I’d want to buy everything and it’s too expensive to do that!

      1. YES — it’s dangerous in the Lilly store! Dangerous for my wallet, that is!! I also have to limit my visits. Luckily there are no Lilly stores in San Francisco, so I tend to only go if I’m in Austin or SoCal. But that might change soon because I’m moving soon…more on that later! I see Lilly dresses in my future, LOL!

  14. Elle says:

    You and your sister look lovely in your Easter dresses. Aqua is my color too!

    The one color I would NEVER wear is orange. I love to eat it, and I love orange flowers, too, but never never to wear!

  15. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! and I LLOOOOVVVE the dress and it’s frills!! My mom still gives us easter baskets, and I am married AND have a baby haha 🙂 I am def not complaining though 🙂

  16. Eric Jaffa says:

    At the “zPizza” chain of pizzerias, the term “rustica” just refers to the shape of the bread.

    If the shape is rectangular, then the pizza is a “rustica,” regardless of the toppings.

    zPizza has a vegan-cheese option.

  17. Love your dress!!! So cute. I’ll bet you look good in yellow. Yellow is my favorite color. 🙂

  18. VeggieGirl says:

    I ADORE your dress!!!!!

  19. Your dress is ADORABLE!! Does your mom want to adopt me, too? I haven’t gotten a basket in awhile…

    1. Hmmm… lemme ask… She says yes ;). Sisters!!! That’d be so fun!

  20. You look fab in that dress, its so beautiful! I love the idea of Easter baskets – I may have to do that for my family next Easter!

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