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Giant Chia Seeds! (giveaway)

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Big Chia Mess!

The first time I bought chia seeds, I was on vacation. To bring the seeds home, I packed them in a plastic bag in my suitcase. Big mistake. When I arrived back in Texas, the bag had spilled open and there were chia seeds everywhere. And then, when I tried to clean up, they started sprouting in my bathroom sink!

It was really funny. For months, I’d still find a chia sprout every now and then—on my floor, in my sink, even in my bra.

Today, I’m going to be spreading the chia love again… although this time I’ll hopefully be more careful!

chia seeds

Chia Giveaway

Health Warrior Company is giving out giant bags of their chia seeds. And this time, there will be seven winners.

(US only) Just leave a comment on the Never-ending Oatmeal post, telling me what you’ll do with the chia seeds if you win.


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