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Did you know I have a dark side?

Come to the dark side

We have the chocolate!

Unlike last week’s Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes (best pancakes ever!), many of my current loves are very dark. Perhaps I’m just trying to counter this oppressive Texas heat. Currently…


Currently eating: dark Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting.

Straight from the jar. Like it is my job. Anyone want to pay me to eat chocolate peanut butter frosting for a living? No? No takers?

Ah well, you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Currently, I am in love with Michael Corleone from The Godfather.

Can one be in love with a movie character? Is that even possible? He is a merciless mobster who kills people, and common sense tells me that I should be scared of him. But common sense is apparently out to lunch.


I also discovered that if you blend the Chocolate-Raspberry Sauce with your ice cream, instead of pouring it on top, your finished creation will taste even more chocolatey!

Do you like bad boys? Wearing black? Horror films?

I hardly own any black clothes, am usually not attracted to bad boys, and I enjoy horror flicks about as much as vampires enjoy garlic. However, I do like black cats.

And dark chocolate.

Published on July 17, 2011

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  1. Jenny says

    I’m not a big fan of bad boys either, I guess, haha. XD I don’t think we’d have much in common… or anything at all, really.

    I love black cats though! And black horses! And black and white are staples in my closet, so yep I wear black… but I rarely wear ALL black. Then I do tend to look a little too… dark and depressing. I can’t pull off the all-black look, although I know some people definitely can! Oh and of course – dark chocolate is the best. For. Sure.

  2. Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles says

    Ooooo, the only dark side I have is when it comes to chocolate and coffee….
    I get >terrified< when I see the previews to horror movies; I hate going to a PG-13 movie because there is bound to be a preview that will ruin me for WEEKS!!! For real.
    Black cloths. Yes!

  3. Green Groats says

    Haha! You’re pretty funny. I usually don’t like bad boys. I do like wearing black. And, I do like horror films until I end up closing my eyes and eventually doing something else.

  4. Albizia says

    I am definitely on the dark side. There was a period in my life when absolutely everything in my wardrobe was black and when I buy shoes or bags black is still the only acceptable color for me 🙂 . As for bad guys – I love boys who think they are bad but deep inside are as soft as silk. And I don’t mind horror films but most of them are more boring than scary.

  5. Jessy says

    When I was little, I used to love watching horror movies, but not anymore. It’s probably been years since I saw a horror movie. However, I have a lot of black clothes and I must admit that I do have a weak spot for bad boys, especially in the movies/shows!

  6. katie @KatieDid says

    I love the darkest chocolate I can get my hands on but generally not ‘bad’ boys, I’m into the sweet kind ones lol. I guess I like my chocolate not how I like my boys.

  7. Lindsey @ Why Just Eat says

    I used to love horror movies but something changed when I got pregnant with my daughter and I haven’t liked them since. Strange! I do love other dark things, though – like dark chocolate. And dark coffee. Yum 🙂

    (I should be eating frosting for breakfast)

  8. Katy Huie says

    I like to believe that it is fully possible to be in love with a movie/television character. Also book characters. I’ve definitely been in love with a few characters from books in my day. Isn’t that what makes Jane Austen so popular, and what makes series like Twilight work?

  9. Katie says

    I’m ovsessed with mobster movies…I don’t know what it is. Ray Liotta’s character in Goodfellas is a heart thob. Despite the fact that he deals drugs and kills people throughout the entire movie. I’m with ya. 😉

  10. Ragnhild says

    Im so there on the dark side with you! I need my dark dark chocolate <3
    And yea, it is possible to be in love with a movie character! Hello, I was in LOVE with Mufasa from The lion king :O And the Beast from Beauty and the Beast! And Jack from Titanic. And Clark Kent :O Oh no, there is so many!

    Nowdays I love bad boys! Too bad for me, couse they really are bad 😛 And I hate horror movies!

  11. Aja says

    Don’t care for any of those, but I do love chocolate.
    My boyfriend and his family and I came up with Cacaoism last week. The religion of chocolate.

  12. Jenny$1983 says

    Characters from films are the best loves of your life! I’m with Ragnhild too: the cartoon animal ones have my heart (I had the hugest crush on the foxy Disney Robin Hood for years, but also wanted to be him and ran around dressed up like him having improvized my own outfit 😀 )

    Hm, I’ve always thought I’m not into bad boys, but I’m kind of with one now according to some definitions … I’m confused! 😀 I don’t wear black often, but I *adore* horror films! I even managed to write about them for my dissertation, focussing on the genesis of slasher/gore films and their cultural value as catharsis for a nation going through upheaval – I always tried to work stuff I love in my personal life into my uni-work as I’m too lazy to write about something I’m not interested in, heheh 🙂

    My cat is mostly black with white paws and a little off-centre moustache and bib, and as for my chocolate? The darker the better! Great post, thank you 🙂

  13. Amanda says

    Lately I’ve been wanting to embrace my dark side! I’m such a happy-go lucky all American, sometimes I feel lame! I have a friend who is in a metal band and wears black and leather all the time and has beautiful black hair and eye makeup and sometimes I wish I could be like that! But I don’t think it would fit my personality very well lol

  14. Megan says

    I actually love black clothes! Whenever I go to buy a nice shirt, I tend to gravitate toward black tops. I just think they always look classy. As for black boys…some of them are pretty hot! I cannot watch horror films. I have a vivid imagination and I will be scared for weeks to come 🙁 I do love dark chocolate SO much and am obsessed with Maranatha dark chocolate almond butter! I used it like chocolate syrup on my banana pancakes this morning! And I hear you about the heat…I am just north of you in Denton and it is killer!

  15. Kimberly Chapman says

    I got over my bad boy fetish in my 20s when I realized that nerds desperately want to please. >:D

    One of these days I’m going to have a zillion dollars and I’ll buy billboards all over the world to tell young women to ditch the bad boys and get themselves a nice nerdboy, who may require some initial training but that just means you get to teach them RIGHT.

    And they’ll bring you chocolate if you ask for it. WIN WIN.

  16. Aine @ Something to Chew Over says

    Ha I don’t care for any of those! But I do love dark chocolate – just made dark chocolate brownies 🙂

  17. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    When I was in high school I went through a phase where I dyed my hair either black or some crazy color (blue, pink, purple) and I wore all black with my big black boots. Then one day I decided to not do that anymore!

    I’m not a big fan of the bad boy, I’m more into Geeks 🙂

  18. Jen says

    I love bad boys, wearing black, AND horror films. But not so much horrors as thrillers. I’m not really into gore, but I love a creepy mystery! Right now…I just want some ice cream.

  19. Jess says

    Well, I like “bad” girls. Bad boys have been so popularized and commonplace that they lost most of their appeal. Some are still beguiling, but I’d pick a girl over a guy any day, lol. I used to want to own a lot more black clothes, but those are mostly formal clothing; i prefer color a lot more now. Black animals are fine with me too, and some horror films creep me out too much to watch, but i appreciate most good thrills. Other ones are just mind screws that take months for me to truly grasp.

  20. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes says

    haha nice to see you have a dark side! I love dark chocolate and have alot of black clothing, but I dont know about horror movies :/ I am abit of a whimp in that area!

  21. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    I finally have more coconut butter on my hands, so I see myself consuming peanut butter fudge in the near future 😉

    I hardly wear any dark clothes either (though I do have some that I love 🙂 ). And me and horror films aren’t exactly best buddies. They don’t scare me because I know they’re fake, but I would much rather be enjoying a happy, animal movie or adventure movies (me and adventure movies ARE best buddies 😉 ).

    Have a wonderful rest of the day, Katie! 😀

    <3 <3

  22. kathryn says

    Dark chocolate is soooo good. I actually bought a ghiradelli 100% bar… and ate it. All of it. My brother looked on in horror.

    In 6th grade I actually “dated” (meaning held hands with haha) a juvie. But he was really sweet. Wrote me a love letter and the whole shebang. Black clothes are good when I’m feeling lazy, since black goes with everything :p
    And horror movies. Love ’em. The newer ones are disappointingly not frightening though 😐

  23. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    I don’t go for the BAD boys, but I go for the boys that forsure have a naughty side. Something I can’t grasp. OMG I AM CRAVING CHOCOLATE SO BAD

  24. Emily says

    Bad boys? No.
    Wearing black? Definite wardrobe staple, it’s a classy shade!
    Horror films? Ugh, no.
    Dark chocolate? Hands down YES!

  25. Rebecca says

    When it comes to movies I sometimes go for the bad boys, though in reality I’d be a mile away from them.

  26. Ann Claire says

    I own like almost no black clothes either and bad boys and horror films are really my thing. But, I do love dark chocolate and black coffee!

  27. Elise says

    Bad boys? No, never really gone in for that, I actually stopped seeing someone once when I heard his reputation (maybe I judged!).

    Black Clothes? Other than work, no. Like lots of people I did the whole gothy/grungy stage from about 13 to 18. Now I purposefully choose brighter colours, but I still love dark blue clothes.

    Horror films? No, No and No! I cannot stand them, I literally cannot sleep for a week after horror. I think my imagination is too overactive. I’ll have dreams, get convinced someone is stalking me and have to sleep with the light on. Not a good look!

    Elise x

  28. Mellie says

    I wear black, but not in a goth way. And I’m not crazy about dark chocolate, unless it has other flavors to cut it; I prefer milk or semisweet. And I definitely don’t watch horror films.

  29. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Ok…not a big fan of all that evil stuff…but I like my chocolate dark. Like super dark. Like 100% dark so that there is no added sugar and it is BITTER! Yum.

  30. Ellen says

    Dark chocolate is the best! I also like my coffee black. I am not into bad boys or horror but I was a total goth in high school and still wear tons of black-when you are pale as mr te best thing is to accentuate it:)
    Lastly, you should totally get paid to eat chocolate. We all should;)

  31. ~Jessica~ says

    I like everything dark: most of the clothes I own are black, I too adore black cats, I listen to metal and even the chocolate I like has to be 99% cocoa 😉 It’s just a shame I was born with blonde hair! Trying to dye it black when I was 16 was a big mistake, given my blonde eyebrows…and the roots coming through after about two weeks looked interesting 😛

    Oh, and I also have a thing for ‘bad boys,’ such as Christian Bale in American Psycho and on a decidedly more uncool level Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter books and films.


  32. Melissa @ Vegan CacaoBee says

    Love dark chocolate…and in the past (and against my better judgment) i must admit bad boys held a certain appeal. I also love a good pair of comfy wide leg black yoga pants and basic black tees. Horror films, however, are another story. I can’t even make it through the previews on TV without having nightmares for weeks.

  33. Oc Ziegler says

    I have a black cat! She is like 18 years old and I swear she is like magic and immortal, which is a good thing cause she is my baby 🙂
    My BF kinda has a rap as a bad boy and I think women are naturally drawn to that in a guy. I like horror movies sometimes, but I almost never wear black. My hair is so dark that it just blends right in! On dark thing I do love though is dark chocolate 🙂 especailly the spicy kind with chilli pepper or sea salt. Yummmm.

  34. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Do you like bad boys? = No! I want men who are nice, kind, loving, caring. There are enough a$$holes out there that I never did and never would seek one out. Even while TRYING to find the nice ones, I ended up with quite a few duds in my day. And never have babies with a bad boy. You need a kind loving man who will be an amazing father.. bad boys need not apply!

    Horror films? = no!!! I hate them and get horrific nightmares from my vivid imagination for….weeks!

  35. blossjoss says

    I do enjoy bad boys, dark chocolate, black eyeliner/mascara, and black clothing basics.

    Your first picture..*drool* recently I’ve been eating Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter by the spoonful for dessert. best.thing.ever.

  36. Tara says

    I love black clothes, but i’m not a big fan of horror movies and bad boys. I do love dark chocolate and burnt toast. and black tea! Me and the dark side aren’t best friends, but we get along 🙂

  37. Eric Jaffa says

    RE “Anyone want to pay me to eat chocolate peanut butter frosting for a living?”

    Your job is Food Blogger. You wrote about eating frosting.

    You’re already being paid indirectly to eat frosting.

  38. Errign says

    I don’t think I like bad boys, but I like the idea of them! I have quite a few black shirts, but only one part of black capris, besides yoga pants/capris. I should probably count those though, since I practically live in them…I like horror movies if I’m not home alone, because then they are the worst!

  39. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    Not much a fan of black clothes (I’m more into bright), nor bad boys (thought the boyfriend does ride a motorcycle…), but I do love horror movies! And dark chocolate. I’m addicted!

  40. Marianne says

    Bad boy? Meh. Wearing black? Sure. Horror movies? They are okay. But some might say I listen to some angry, dark music, that’s for sure 🙂

    Oh, and obviously dark chocolate is a giant thumbs up.

  41. saskia says

    it’s confession-time!

    i thought about your questions and came to realize that I mostly prefer to “walk on the dark side”..;)
    well, starting off with chocolate, i always choose the almost black one over the light kinds.
    i hardly own andy NOT dark clothes and even my macbook is black.
    oh, and my boyfriend, we went to highschool together and became a couple when we graduated, pretty much used to be the “bad” or “dark” guy..but i guess he somehow brightened, maybe because i kinda manage to make him smile, haha;)
    or, to say it with some lyrics of my band, “Oh, I Taste The Queen” :
    “..embrace the dark” 😉

    wish you a nice day,

  42. Kim says

    Well…I suppose the answer to all 3 questions would have to be, “a little bit”! Usually just long enough to remember why I prefer nice boys, bright colours and kids movies 😉

    And I have a black cat! Even her vet says that coat colour influences cat personality and that black kitties tend to be calmer. She told me this after my cat fell asleep in the exam room =^,^=

  43. Alyssa says

    I love black cats! Or any color cat, really. And dogs, horses, pigs, goats, etc. I had all black clothes when I lived in New York (and was a drama major, natch.) I KNOW I should stay away from horror films, and usually do, but every once in a while I’ll give in and watch.
    And it’s ALWAYS a baaaaad (ooh, I like sheep, too) idea!
    “The Ring” scared me for months.

    But I’ll eat some dark chocolate any day, and I frequently fall in love with fictional characters.

  44. LizAshlee says

    Chocolate peanut butter frosting….YUMMY! 🙂

    Love wearing black…not so much a big fan of horror films…balance:)

    Have a great day

  45. Jess from Midwest Vegan says

    Lol. I’d say I’d mingle in the dark side. I used to be super goth back when I was a teenager (chains, piercings, and pink hair), but I’ve mellowed out a bit since I’m graduating college and have to be more “professional”. For the most part, I wear only black (and jeans) but some grey has crept in in my old age (lol!). I really like fashion so I try to go for the Harper’s Bazaar kind-of look, you know, just in my choice of color.

    I’m not attracted to bad boys, as I have an awesome good one. 🙂

    And I love horror films, BUT they have to be good ones (I despise gore). I mostly like classics or B-movies or stuff-that’s-supposed-to-be-scary-but-is-actually-funny. Or has a really good plot but not much blood (basically nothing that’s come out in the last ten years!).

    I don’t like cats, but I LOVE dark chocolate and I LOVE my coffee black. 🙂

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