Buttery Pecan Pie Biscuits

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pecan biscuits

I know you just saw a biscuit post on Thursday.

But I wanted to post this pecan-pie version before Thanksgiving, as these biscuits would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! And they’d be even more perfect for “Thanksgiving leftovers” sandwiches the next day.

pecan biscuits


Buttery Pecan Pie Biscuits

(makes 8-12)

  • 1 and 3/4c spelt flour (or white, or Arrowhead Mills gf mix)
  • 1/2 cup toasted pecans
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar (or coconut sugar)
  • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 plus 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3 T coconut or canola oil
  • 2/3 cup nondairy milk (Almond or soymilk is fine. Don’t use ricemilk.)
  • 1 T white vinegar or lemon juice

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Pulse pecans in the food processor, then add other dry ingredients and pulse until smooth. Meanwhile, mix the vinegar and milk in a little bowl. Let sit for at least 5 minutes. Transfer the dry ingredients to a big bowl and add milk mixture and oil. Mix just until it comes together. Transfer dough to a tray, and knead a few times until it’s not sticky. (Sprinkle with more flour if needed.) Press dough into a rectangle 1/2-inch thick, and cut into squares or rounds. You can bake them on the same tray. Bake 14-15 minutes.

These biscuits taste like something between a biscuit and a scone. They’re good topped with a little vegan butter (and maybe some agave or molasses), or coconut butter, or perhaps even pumpkin butter.

Nutritional info per biscuit:

  • 150 calories
  • 5g fat
  • 3g fiber
  • 0g cholesterol

Speaking of pecan pie…

Yesterday afternoon, with the pecans still out on the counter from that morning, I decided to quickly experiment with a pie recipe.

burnt pie

Oh yes, this is a photo to submit to Foodgawker.com.

I can just imagine what they’d say in their rejection letter: Harsh lighting and/or overexposed overcooked.

No, I am not really going to submit it to foodgawker! I’m also obviously not going to be posting the recipe. (Word of advice: don’t sub agave for corn syrup, one-for-one, in a pecan pie.)

Question of the Day:

Have you ever burned anything in the kitchen?

Or had a cooking disaster? Oh, I’ve had so many kitchen mishaps: I’ve blown up oatmeal in the microwave, forgotten wheatberries on the stove while I took a shower, exploded a marshmallow while making s’mores, chopped up my Vita-Mix tamper (twice!), and once I set the microwave on fire by trying to heat a Luna Bar still in the wrapper.


Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I tried to make a lowfat pumpkin gingersnap cookies this past weekend and they were a major fail. I’m thinking they might be made into cake pops… :)

  2. Haha I always burn things in the kitchen! In college my roommates would make fun of me for always burning my popcorn or toast! and then eating it anyway…

  3. Meki says:

    cookie disaster YES. I have never perfected cookies. I am horribly horrible at making them. my biscotti nearly burned our oven. and then there was the time about hard boiled eggs that I forgot them and all the water’s gone.

  4. You cannot imagine! I’m managed to burn practically everything in my hands, including my hands! I’ve burned rice, oats, cakes, bread, cookies… I’ll try not to burn your biscuits when I make them :-)

  5. Oh yum, this looks really delicious!
    I think anyone who has ever tried something new or different has burned a dish once or twice. It’s the nature of learning. :) I’ve luckily been able to salvage any problems with a cookie disaster, but I’ve had times when they don’t turn out the way I was hoping!

  6. I put a birthday plate in the microwave and it lit on fire.. Who knew that the shiny stuff on those plates was metallic??

  7. A couple months ago I was making oatmeal to take into work for breakfast. It was not even 6am and I poured in the oats and set to simmer and went to get dressed… when all of a sudden the building alarm went off. (I live in an apartment complex). I guess some of the dry oats fell onto the burner and began to smoke BIGTIME. My whole kitchen was filled with smoke. It was freezing out but I dashed around half-dressed whipping open all the windows and the porch door and then frantically swatting at the alarm with my towel to make it go off.

    No one was very impressed with me… and I was scared to make oatmeal again for a while after that! Eek

  8. Mm, these look delicious!

    I loved your Almond Joy biscuits so will definitely be trying these :)

    Is it bad that I think those burnt pecans look yummy? I love the burnt taste off some things

  9. Amanda says:

    I also chopped up my Vita-Mix tamper…the first time I used it. My husband just looked at me and said “Well, what did you think would happen?” after I jammed it in there to blend a bunch of ice cubes. Lesson learned on that one!

  10. Needless to say…your burned pecans still look delicious…and I’m assuming that is a chocolate pie crust (or you really did burn the heck out of that experimental pie!) Hahaaa! Personally, I’m more likely to undercook something rather than burning it, however, I’ve overcooked sweet potato fries/chips on more than one occasion. But I prefer them to be a bit crispy. At least, that’s the excuse I like to use.

    1. Haha yeah it’s a chocolate crust. It just makes the pecans look even worse!

  11. Hahahaha on your FoodGawker rejection comment. I soooo know what you mean!

    1. Can you tell I’m very familiar with that rejection note? I get that one a LOT!

      1. yep- me toooo! I only have three pics published so far… I think that is their way of telling me I need a few photography lessons!! My rejection comment is always the exposure issue too (well i like my pictures even if they don’t). Oh well, it all serves to make me more determined! 😉

  12. There’s no such thing as too many bisquite recipes! 😉

  13. PBnJ Fam says:

    Can’t wait to make these biscuits for my fam when I go home to visit for Thanksgiving!!! Aaaand…yes I have had so many Kitchen mishaps I can’t count them anymore!! I think one that unfortunately had an audience was last year: I decided to host Christmas for the first time EVER in my first home I have owned (which was brand new)… I went ALL out and (sorry I know you’re vegan)… I decided to do a marvelous Ribeye Roast (my first time EVER doing a roast)… I followed the recipe WORD for WORD! It set off my fire alarm 4 times (and I had no idea how to turn them off)! It took 3.5 hours longer than the recipe said!! So, by 8 pm we were all exhausted and starving!! but… At least it turned out! It was a 9 pound roast and not a bite left! (there were only 7 of us!) I kind of get grossed out to think we all ate over a pound of meat each that night – but I think I earned it! :0)

  14. Lisa says:

    cooking disaster. i followed a recipe for blondies and they came out HORRID. Gooey, undercooked, and tasted like vanilla extract. BLEHHHH.
    Im done experimenting- I only get recipes off sites/books I know will work!

  15. tweal says:

    Oh wow, those look good! I could eat a few right now…and probably a few more later too :) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  16. That is a funny picture. I was making this amazing green salad dressing that is full of herbs and somehow I manged to drop the container as I was unscrewing the magic bullet blades. I was completely coated in dressing and it got all over the counters, floors and even made it on the ceiling!

  17. Worst cooking disaster ever for me….I was cooking some home made marinara and dropped the pot on the kitchen floor and it made such a mess, not just on the floor! I was cleaning up walls and ceiling too!

  18. Kelli says:

    Can I use regular dairy milk in place of non-dairy for your recipes or does it affect the taste/ consistency?

    1. Yes, you can… unless a recipe specifically calls for canned coconut milk. If it says nondairy milk of choice, you can use whatever you have on hand :).

  19. Simple, yet they sound amazing! I’m loving these biscuits!!

  20. I burnt cookies last night – I think they taste pretty darn good because just the bottoms are a little crsipy but I made them to bring to a meeting tonight and I don’t think everyone else would appreciate the charred bottoms. Oh well, guess I gotta eat them all now 😉

  21. Yeah I have burned cookies before, I was busy tending to the kids and forgot about them and they totally burned. The buttery pecan pie biscuits look amazing, will have to try making them maybe next week, Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  22. Moni'sMeals says:

    I burn things ohhhh about once a month for sure. :)

    So these look and sound amazing….Pecan Pie Biscuits! Yummmmm.

  23. Sarah says:

    As my mother would put it- buy cream, sugar, and chocolate chips for pie. Leave ingredients out on counter. Put teenage daughter in kitchen with ingredients… ALONE. Leave sheet pan from yesterday’s cookies in oven. Allow daughter to preheat oven while pouring what is left of ingredients into pan. Forget to tell her there is a sheet pan in the oven. THIS my friends, is a recipe for disaster. And probably the only recipe that you will never try again. I may or may not be that daughter. But let me just say, that mixture was pretty darn good- even if it never made it into the oven. Oh and since i’m home schooled, i counted this as a mini chemistry experiment. Not that my grades in chemistry have improved much….
    p.s.- i chopped up the vitamix thingy at least 5 times and counting. Have i told you how much my mother love me? :)

    1. 5 times? LOL that makes me feel better about my two :).

  24. Hazel says:

    I am excited to try this recipe! I looooooooooove biscuits, but I was looking for a way to use up some pecans. My grandparents have a couple pecan trees and they did really well this year so I’ve got pecans comin outta my ears! This sounds delicious – can’t wait to make it… so much so, I might go make em right now :)

    On a slightly related note, I will be attempting a vegan pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Hoping it turns out good or else I might be sending you my pics so you feel better!

  25. Mellie says:

    The biscuits look amazing!
    I can’t even name all my cooking disasters. The worst and most famous was when I made banana bread and left out the bananas. And once I tried to make almond butter in a really cheap blender. I blended and blended but the nuts never turned to butter-and the blender blew up. :/

  26. Diandra says:

    Sounds as if you like having fun in the kitchen. ^^

    I once literally burned water while sitting next to the stove reading a book. (Yes, I mean literally. There was a thick layer of whitish-yellowish powder left in the pot, and nothing else. I’m the girl who burnt water.) My older sister once caused a beef shoulder to catch fire, and the BF once caused a red-glowing pot to explode by throwing water at it.

  27. Amber K says:

    Oh my gosh, so many disasters! Burning things, breaking things, dropping things. I’m actually surprised that I am ever able to actually do anything right in the kitchen, lol.

  28. I was toasting marshmallows on top of smore brownies ever so slightly when they erupted in flames. I hate burned marshmallows in the first place, but there was no salvaging the brownies, so sad! (And scary!).

  29. So excited for day-after leftover sandwiches! Kitchen disasters? Countless. More recently they’ve been “that just tasted okay, not great” which I guess is better than a disaster? Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  30. Dalai Lina says:

    How about the batch of bacon wrapped dates I forgot about that burned AND stunk up my house right before the party. Nice.

  31. I always have minor kitchen mishaps – I’m a messy cooker, I spill things, drop things, the blender gies crazy. Cooking is always an adventure!
    Those biscuits look so good!

  32. I’ve burnt a pecan pie before! Hahah these bisuits look great! Cant wait to try :)

  33. Kit-Kat says:

    YES! Mega toast burns are the norm. Fire allarms go off from the smoke and everything!

  34. kaity says:

    lol ive always messed up pecan pies, til i finally found a recipe n chnged it up bc i just dnt wanna use cornsyrup so i used barley malt, diff taste but so good with some tahini to kinda blend some of that malts strong flavor n maple syrup ofcoarse n it was awesome n not soupy!

  35. Oh well! Haha! We all have kitchen flops! At least the biscuits were a success!

  36. bahahahaha I love the blurb at the end 😛 I put a protein bar with the wrapper still on it in the microwave about 5 years ago (before I was vegan), and the microwave started sparking and the wrapper ripped to shreds 😛 dumb moment of mine. I’ve also tried putting veggies into the food processor ‘just to see what happens’ when I have no idea what to make for dinner and ended up with gross gloop that I would be way to embarrassed to post photos of. I know I’ve had more (dangerous) mishaps, but I can’t think of them at the moment, lol.

  37. Girl Ive set off more smoke detectors than you wanna know about! That..Oh I am just going to fold the laundry, check my email ‘real quickly’, answer the phone and bam, before you know it, Ive torched and charred something in the oven. And the smell…that lingers…eww. Not pleasant!

    Sorry about your char session :(

  38. I burn stuff all the time! Especially when im trying to be ‘creative’.

  39. Alexa says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a healthy/lowfat pecan pie recipe, and on one I saw that they used maple syrup instead of corn syrup. Maybe you could try that in your next attempt? :) happy thanksgiving btw! Love your blog!:D

    1. I think I need something thick… I’m thinking maybe brown rice syrup? Don’t know if I’m brave enough to attempt it again lol ;).

  40. catalinamaya says:

    Wow, these look superb! But I just realized, now that I think about it, that my family never has had biscuits on Thanksgiving – methinks it’s time to break that tradition with this lovely recipe! :)

    As for my cooking disasters: last year as a High School Freshman in Culinary I Class, I mistook sugar for salt (an honest mistake, I swear!) in a sugar cookie recipe, and the reactions of the class – teacher included – as they spat the cookies out were priceless! 😀

    I also put spaghetti in cold water (whoops), couldn’t figure out how to use a cookie press (it ended up breaking as the teacher angrily tried to firgure it out herself!), put chocolate milk in my tea, and burnt oats.

    1. catalinamaya says:

      * mistook salt for sugar

  41. Oh Chocolate Covered Katie – it’s soo nice to know you aren’t perfect in the kitchen…though it’s easy to think that. =) We appreciate knowing you have your ‘flubs’ too. Thanks again and again for sharing all of your wonderful experiments for the rest of us. Enjoy a blessed and wonderful Thanks-LIVING! =)

    1. Oh goodness, I have so many!!

      If they’re only semi-flubs, though, I still eat them ;). I just don’t serve them to others. As if I needed an excuse to keep all the chocolate to myself…

  42. Aja says:

    Mm, yummy biscuits. I burn cookies all the time because for some reason it is hotter on the outsides of the oven than in the middle.

  43. Michaela says:

    haha, I remember when you posted that wheatberry picture 😀
    that pie doesn´t loook appealing at all, but maybe you will give it another try??
    I have only burnt things so far, but nothing too terrible, just some onions in the pot and once some roasted veggies. But that is it :)

    1. I *think* I am going to try again… if I have time! :)

  44. cindy says:

    yum! great for thanksgiving :)
    ooh are there any cornbread recipes coming our way? :)

    1. I was just thinking I need to try to make one!

  45. Albizia says:

    The close-up picture looks amazing! Perfect focus on the perfect breakfast!

    I have never really burned anything if we don’t count the accidental occurrence of black edges which I pedantically scrape off after I take what I’m baking out of the oven. A cook with arsonphobia is a really funny sight. I never taste anything while cooking and stay as far from the stove as I can. Cooking on a gas stove is my nightmare. I freak out every 5 minutes. So, in short, the chance to burn my food is close to zero.

  46. Ruby says:

    Buttery without any butter in the recipe? I will have to try these out- they look great!

    And in response to your question, once I exploded a sweet potato in the microwave. I didn’t even know that could happen!

  47. Kathy says:

    Ooh, I’ve burned lots in the kitchen. Glad I’m not the only one!
    I tried the homemade-popcorn bags with brown paper bags. I think I put it in the microwave too long or something because while I was upstairs straightening my hair, the bag must’ve caught fire. When I got downstairs, it smelled like smoke the only thing left were the ashes of the bag and some slightly-burnt popcorn. That incident left me scarred. Now, I have a bottle of popcorn kernels and stack of brown paper bags.

  48. Ha ha! I burn things pretty much every day. It’s usually broccoli though so it smells really great. LOL. :) I’m trying to catch up on all your posts and my list of things I want to make jst keeps getting longer…… I’m overwhelmed. :)
    PS- Random compliment, but your website is so nice to look at- clean, calming, etc. :)

  49. magy says:

    Response to question of a day: potatoes, rice and fish. The last was disaster because I made fish “on the steam”.
    Great site, great recipies!

  50. LizAshlee says:

    Ooh, that poor pecan pie…you win some, you lose some… :) You typically WIN with all of your awesome recipes!

  51. Steph says:

    Ive heard that gold syrup, which is a British syrup, makes a great sub for corn syrup. You can find it at Central Market and probably whole foods or any place that has international groceries.

  52. Steph says:

    Ive heard that golden syrup, which is a British syrup, makes a great sub for corn syrup. You can find it at Central Market and probably whole foods or any place that has international groceries.

  53. Q says:

    I’ve found some lovely Pecan Pie recipes that use brown rice syrup instead. Would that work?

    1. I *almost* tried brown rice syrup the second time… but I know brown rice syrup is hard to find, so I shy away from using it because a lot of readers wouldn’t be able to make the recipe. I just completely made up a new recipe… and it worked!! :)

  54. Jacqueline says:

    I left a fork in the lasagna and then tried to heat it up in the microwave…yeah, bad idea. Although, before the explosion it looked like little lightening bolts! lol

  55. Emma says:

    Hey….uh, I think you might need a pie shield for that pecan pie crust or something….

    Hahaha, I usually err on the side of UNDERcooking instead of overcooking, so my foods usually come out pretty goopy unless I keep checking them every minute or so. I’ve seen recipes for pecan pies that use all maple syrup instead of corn syrup that look pretty tasty, and I do like my aunt’s pecan pie, but I don’t do the crust thing and usually just eat the filling out so haven’t ever really tried baking one myself. What did you use for the custard-y egg-y base? If you say tofu I will cry :)

    1. Emma says:

      Oh, and my old college roommate once tried baking foil-wrapped potatoes in the microwave. She knew that baked potatoes came wrapped in aluminum foil, and she knew that you could “bake” them in the microwave….we hated each other so I didn’t say anything when she put them in, but a few seconds later when sparks started flying everywhere and she started screaming, I totally lost it.

    2. Sorry, it was tofu :(. Don’t cry! Maybe you could use brown rice syrup? That’s sticky.
      A really good recipe is in the cookbook How it all Vegan. It has corn syrup, but maybe try brown rice syrup? DON’T try agave ;).

  56. L says:

    I was making dinner one night for my family and decided to serve it (I don’t remember what I was making!) over barley…. My mom buys grains in bulk so I grabbed what *looked* like the barley and put it on to boil… After much time a very little softening of the grain I finally drained it because everyone was getting hungry and put it on the table, not thinking that it looked *quite right* haha. I quickly discovered upon closer inspection that I had boiled whole grain wheat berries (that we grind our flour from!)! It was a very… chewy…dinner haha.

  57. BaylorBear says:

    LOVE how amazing this recipe sounds. if you ever have a chance, could you figure out the measurements to make a single-serving biscuit?

    1. Ooh sure! I can try!! It’s now on my list :).

  58. Kathleen says:

    Anything with pecans is my kind of food! 😀

  59. vogelstar says:

    it reminds me of the first dinner that my guy made for me. i just remember a lot of running around, the sound of dishes smashing about, a plate of undressed salad greens placed in front of me, and then the smell of smoke. i looked inside his toaster oven to find his crostinis burning up in flames. but the meal was actually pretty good after all of that. now i love cooking with him. and i don’t keep a toaster oven in the house.

  60. Autumn says:

    Could you replace the oil with banana? I don’t think we have any oil in the apt and these are calling my name :(

  61. Kristine says:

    Any other nut swaps you’ve tried for these biscuits?

    1. My “almond joy biscuits” are a similar base, but that’s the only other one I’ve tried so far!

  62. Carolyn says:

    Literally yesterday my oatmeal bombed over the bottom of the microwave.
    I had to scrape it back into my bowl… XD

  63. SF says:

    Hi there, Katie. I noticed you don’t always put the carb count on all your recipes. Could you do so if possible? i have to watch my carbs-I am pre-diabetic. Thanks so much.

    1. All recipes as of January 2012 have full info :)

  64. Emma says:

    I think the worst kitchen accident would have to be baking with my at the time three year old little brother. We were making spice cookies for a Christmas party and he wanted to “help” by pouring the ingredients in the bowl, So I measured the stuff and he poured, we had just put in the sugar when I turned around to pre-heat the oven and when I came back he had poured and then mixed in the entire bag of sugar without me noticing so I baked them (still not knowing about the sugar) then when they came out of the oven and we tasted one, well I think you can guess the rest!

  65. ROOMA says:

    Hmm don’t find mention of Xantham gum on this for the GF version, I assume about the average ratio for something like this 1/4tsp to 1/2 cup flour? or was this intentionally left off?

    1. ROOMA says:

      Really need to stop getting on here first thing in the morning, I see now it was arrowhead mills mix that contains it already

      1. ROOMA says:

        Ok gave in and went with it, used king arthur gluten free all purpose baking flour, with 1 3/4tsp xantham gum, used the brown sugar for sweetener and the coconut oil. Had to roast the pecans since mine were raw, kitchen smelled great after that. After 20mins of fighting with my food processor and the dry mix sticking to the sides I finally got it mixed smooth. Then formed them into 9 biscuits and baked for 14mins. They came out great, I personally used some of the extra roasted pecans chopped and mixed them in with some homemade strawberry jam and put it in mine (thinking pear or raspberry pear jam would have been better). -_- Thinking I should go back to just stalking the recipes without commenting.

  66. Erika says:

    I love, love, love these. Have made them numerous times, with gluten free flour, and they turn out great. My whole family eats them right up. Thank you for such a great biscuit recipe that turns out well with GF flour!!

  67. Jessica says:

    Wow! I just made these and I am in love!!!

  68. Pia says:

    Wow these sound gorgeous! Can you tell me what the protein, carbs and sugars are per biscuit? Many thanks!

  69. Rachel Page says:

    I made it for my hudband. Boy was it good! And I don’t even like pecan pie!