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How to have a Chocolate St. Patrick’s Day!

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This is going to be one green post.

I think green foods are my favorite: Kale, broccoli, zucchini…

And mint-chocolate chip!!


Healthy Shamrock Shakes

Have you ever tried a McDonalds’ shamrock shake? I actually haven’t, but I make this shake at least once a month. It is so incredibly delicious… and so vibrantly green!

st patricks cupcake

Mint-Chocolate Cupcakes

If Baskin & Robbins made their famous mint-chocolate-chip ice cream into a cupcake, I imagine it would taste something like this. Bonus points for adding chocolate chips to the batter.

st patricks day foos

Irish Soda Baked Oatmeal

This cookie-like oatmeal would make a perfect St. Patrick’s Day breakfast!

st pat

My Oatmeal Recipes

If you click on the above link, you’ll find a list of all my oatmeal recipes. Oatmeal is a staple in Ireland… you’ve gotta eat oatmeal on St. Patrick’s Day!

st patricks desserts

Spinach Ice Cream

Yes, spinach. Don’t be scared! Just like with green smoothies, you cannot taste the spinach in this. It’s a great way to get kids begging for vegetables!

st patricks

Peppermint Cream Parfait

Looks like Jello pudding, but it’s much healthier! And don’t forget the gooey chocolate frosting…


Mint-Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream

A healthy alternative to the stuff you’d find at a fancy-schmancy ice cream parlor.

st p

Key Lime Pie Mini Parfaits

Just in case you were wondering where Leprechauns go for the winter, here is your answer: They go to Florida! They sit on the beach and eat key lime pie.


Avocado-Free Guacamole

Try bringing this deliciously green dip to your St. Patrick’s Day party. I call it “Aspari-Dip” since I don’t think it tastes like avocado. But when I served it to a bunch of friends, they told me it was better than guacamole!

Question of the Day:

Are you going to eat anything green on St. Patrick’s Day?

Are you Irish? And do you make sure to wear green? I’m sure I’ll eat something green without even trying, since so many foods–especially veggies–are green. And I always wear green on St. Patrick’s Day… being pinched hurts! As for being Irish, my grandfather was a full-blooded Irishman, but I’ve never actually been to his homeland. I’d love to go someday.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. I have some Irish in me … so I’ll probably sport a green t shirt or something! Wouldn’t want to get pinched 😉 and there’s no doubt I’ll eat something green on Saturday as well – I sneak spinach into almost every meal!

    1. Breakfast too? I bet you could make a pretty good savory spinach oatmeal!

  2. Tara Deal says:

    These recipes all look delicious!! I have been brainstorming as to which tasty green treat I will make….

  3. Jade C says:

    These all look great, Katie!!

    Um, I don’t wish to alarm you but your “Home” button has disappeared..

    1. Yes, I know :( :(

      A few minutes ago, EVERYthing disappeared! I got most of it back… but have no clue how to get the home button back!!

      1. Ooh wait, I’m smarter than I give myself credit for ;). It’s back!

        1. Still don’t know why it’s off-centered!
          Oh to understand technology… :-?.

  4. Love me some green foods! I’m thinking a green smoothie is in order :)

  5. I LOVE St. Patty’s Day!! I’m half irish so i celebrate hard :)

  6. Perfect post! This is going to be my go-to post for weekend baking!!!~! :) So excited to make the goodness!

  7. Michaela says:

    LOVE this post. You listed all of my fav peppermint recipes :)
    I will def celebrate, though I won´t be in Ireland this year.
    You should go visit Ireland, if you have the chance. It is my most loved country in the world- stunningly beautiful and the people are unbelievably friendly.

  8. I’m fairly irish but don’t have too many st pattys day plans as of now except enjoying a few hard ciders with friends!

  9. I always eat green veggies, so I’m sure I’ll eat something green on St. Patty’s!

  10. Samantha says:

    How funny, we have pretty much the exact same green foods – although avocado is also in my list which I know isn’t one of your favorites right now. :)

    Right now I have a frozen block of your peanut butter hot chocolate ice cream – not the least bit St. Patrick’s Day…but I still have time for other creations.

    Have a great day.

  11. green foods are my favorite too: kale chips, mint chocolate chip ice cream, GREEN monster smoothies…! love all of your st patty’s day green options Katie. Especially that chocolate grasshopper pie. holy cow! yum.

  12. Yum YUM! I am loving all of these 😀

  13. Lena says:

    St. Patrick’s Day is actually my birthday! I was always quite proud of that despite having no Irish heritage. Heh. But these recipes all look amazing. I really want to try the mint fudge pie, but I can’t find mint extract in any of the supermarkets I’ve looked in! Crazy. :( I don’t know why, it seems common enough to me…

    1. Are you looking for peppermint extract? Make sure it’s peppermint, not mint.

  14. I am Irish and I live in Dublin, Ireland :)

    I love how people from the US and all over the world get excited for St. Patrick’s Day, it makes me feel very special :)

    Although, just a word of warning to all of you, us Irish can’t stand when others refer to the holiday as “St. Patty’s Day” ! Patty is a girl’s name! There’s actually a website dedicated to this cause but I’m not sure if I am allowed link it here?
    Basically : Paddy, Patrick, Pat are fine
    Patty is NOT!

    Oh and another thing, we call oatmeal “Porridge” :) I think it’s yummy but not many of my friends would eat it! They’d much rather a big Irish Fry Up!

    Love Holly

  15. Suzie says:

    This is perfect, I am going to a St. Patty’s Day potluck and wasn’t sure what to bring… but now I think I will prong the chocolate mint cupcakes : )

    I am not Irish by no means, but I sure do love oats! And definitely be wearing green, like you I hate being pinched…

  16. vogelstar says:

    one of our next trips will be a walking tour of Ireland, with a stop off in Dublin for some drinks and live music. Hopefully you make it there someday too

    1. Ohh that’s where I live :) You’ll love it, Dublin is full of culture and life :)

      1. I’m jealous of you both, Ireland is beautiful! And I second another commenter that the people are very friendly.

        Green is one of my favorite colors and I have a little Irish somewhere in my heritage, so I always wear green and try to tip a pint.

      2. vogelstar says:

        maybe I’ll look you up when I’m there :)

  17. Amber K says:

    I have no Irish in my heritage that I know of, but I do love green foods! I don’t actually own anything green, so I won’t be wearing it. I remember being younger and always claiming there was green on my underwear, lol.

  18. Janae says:

    Isn’t everyone a bit Irish? I mean, if you’re white, American, chances are you probably have some Irish in ya. That’s why St. Patty’s day is such an important holiday, right? Here’s to green milkshakes, cabbage, and soda bread!

  19. Ciara says:

    I agree with a comment a few above – there have even been newspaper articles about this ‘patty’ nonsense. We say Paddy, as in short for Patrick. So It’s Paddy’s day, St.Patricks, Patricks, or at a push St.pats. (Pa is also short for Patrick though). But there is no PATTY.

    1. Amen to that, we need to stop the spread of “Patty”! It makes me cringe

  20. We’re having a class celebration, so if I don’t make one of Katie’s dishes I may just subject them to something cottage cheesey-turned green!

  21. Steph says:

    Just my daily veggies will be green. I wish I had the fancy ingredients to make your yummy treats though! They look mouthwatering… I am wearing green. Not on purpose either!

  22. Mmmm who knew green food good look so good :)

  23. Omg I’m so excited about all of these! I don’t usually get that into St. Patricks day but celebrating with healthy/delicious desserts sounds like the perfect celebration to me! I’ve never had a Shamrock shake either but your version sounds fabulous!! Can’t wait to make it!

  24. Danielle says:

    Our church is having a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser to raise money for the local outpatient mental-health clinic. I’m on the food committee (I volunteered to ensure the availability of vegetarian options).

    I brought the Ultimate Fudge Pie to our Pi Day party last night. Everyone was raving about it and asked me “So how *do* you make a pie with tofu?!?” Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Aw so so excited they all liked it!!

  25. Just discovered your site via Pinterest, and I LOVE this post! I’m German but my fiance is Irish so I will definitely be wearing green on St. Patty’s day.

  26. Jenica says:


    I just recently discovered your blog and I absoloutely LOVE IT! A friend of mine showed it to me after she suggested I go dairy-free (I am now and I feel amazing!). Soon after I realized many of my favorite desserts were no-no’s! And just to calrify… I am a girl with a sweet tooth that can’t be satisfied! 😉

    So thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such amazing desserts that are lovely alternatives for DF, GF, and vegan people! You are amazing! :)

    But I do have a question, do you have a green soothie recipe? I’ve tried Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie recipe (as a healthy alternative for breakfast) and I thought it was absoloutly terrible! I don’t remember the recipe exactly but I know it was mostly spinach, celery, and kale and maybe a banana and I just did not like it at all. So is there a way to make a smoothie more fruit based but still retain all the nutritional value that a true green smoothie is supposed to have? What are your thoughts or suggestions?

    I think what freaked me out with my first green smoothie was that it was so “green” tasting, and I’m not a big veggie girl which is why I trick myself into eating them. Is that how all green smoothies are?

    Thank you so much again! I’m sorry this is such a long post! Any comments are appreciated and welcome! I’d love to hear evveryone’s thoughts on this! :)

    1. Try the first link of this post! It’s especially good (and not green tasting at all!) if you use canned coconut milk for some (or all) of the milk called for :).

  27. So many delicious recipes here!

  28. Annabel says:

    Best St. Patrick’s Day food list EVER!

  29. LOL, I think I have to give the spinach ice cream a try. I have never heard of such a dessert and it sounds so interesting! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try it!!

  30. Ashton says:

    Is there anything that I could substitute for the banana in the Shamrock Shake? I can’t stand bananas and the flavor permeates everything! But I love Mcdonald’s Shamrock shake and mint oreo mcflurry and wish that I had a vegan version that I could have all year round.

  31. Jess says:

    Can’t wait to try all those recipes!
    I just recently found out that i’m Irish! I’ve been researching my ancestry and learned that a lot of my paternal ancestors come from Tipperary or Dublin. So cool.
    I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by participating in a 5K run – ‘Chase the Leprechaun 5K.’ Guess who is the leprechaun!? Me! So, i will be the one dressed in green being chased by a crowd of people! Perfect!

    1. LOL that sounds like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to do one of those themed runs… I don’t think I’d want your job, though. I’m too slow… everyone would catch me too fast!

  32. Katie Smith says:

    I have been slowly transitioning to a vegan lifestyle the past several months and just stumbled upon your blog…and spent the last several hours bookmarking almost every recipe, wow! I definitely had my doubts about being able to still indulge in dessert…real dessert, without compromising health, but no more! I am so excited to find someone as passionate about her sweet tooth as I am, and so glad to find some desserts that can be both delicious AND healthy, thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to get in the kitchen!!

    1. Aw so glad my site can help! I completely know where you’re coming from… When I first heard of veganism I thought vegans couldn’t even eat chocolate!

  33. Allison says:

    hi Katie!!

    I made the cupcakes with the banana frosting and some chocolate chips – HOLY MAN they are delish!!! :) thank you so so much for your recipes – i made the raw pb cookie dough yesterday (i added chocolate chips.. hehe) and have a can of coconut milk turning in to cool whip as we speak 😉 maybe some pancakes…. anywho – i love your blog and your recipes :) i’m such a huge fan!


    1. Aww thank you so much! I’m so happy you like the recipes… it always makes me so happy when someone tries one of my recipes! :)

  34. Moni'sMeals says:

    now we are talking! Perfect post… I have had enough of this mint talk all around…and want this rich, luscious, heavenily chocolate recipes! ahhhh.Much better!


    Thanks for such creative post.

  35. Alaina says:

    I’m just a teeny bit Irish. I don’t usually eat anything green, but i do try to wear something green. This whole weekend will be celebrating because of St. Patrick’s Day and the day after is my birthday!

    I would love to make the homemade Shamrock Shake. I used to get those at McD’s when I was in college.

  36. Albizia says:

    I never celebrate St. Patrick’s day and I don’t even have anything greener than khaki in my closet 😀 . But odds are I will eat something green anyway because I need my vegetables.

  37. Green overnight oats for me on St. Patricks, along with green tea perhaps! I’ll have to try that Shamrock Shake, looks delish!

  38. you just know how to make me really long for some of these!

  39. Great green recipes! That fudge pie the most beautiful pie I’ve ever seen! The green is so vibrant and looks delicious with that rich chocolate. I’ve made my own shamrock shakes, they are yummy!! I might need to make a few of these for St. Patty’s! :) Thanks for all the green ideas!

  40. Wow, all of these look so yummy, I will have to try at least one! I’m a St. Patty’s Day Baby, so I always wear green & since I’m now vegan, I will have to try one of your green desserts!

  41. yay thanks for all the ideas! how will i choose? :)

  42. BroccoliHut says:

    I usually try to drink a green smoothie in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but maybe I’ll focus on dessert this year…

  43. Faith says:

    I’m Irish AND Scotish, so every St. Patrick’s Day I make sure I wear green AND orange. It works out lucky for me that I went to the University of Miami for my bachelors-I have plenty of green and orange shirts!

  44. tara says:

    HI, I need to gain weight but am not exercising. Struggling with binging at night and making myself sick. I’d love to chat to ask how the heck to gain healthfully when not exercising. I don’t have any appetite at all and I’m ruining my digestion by binging so much. I’m not vegan, but I don’t think it could hurt for me to explore simple ideas. I need to really make simple meals and snacks but I’m fixated on protein (since I’m not exercising but wanting to gain)…but is it so wrong to not do that? You can email me if you have any suggestions. I’m frustrated.

    1. Hi Tara,
      If at all possible, can you see a nutritionist? I’m not qualified to analyze anyone’s diet, so it would be irresponsible of me to try and tell you if something you’re doing was wrong or right.

  45. I can’t wait to try some of these! We’ll definitely be making a few green things this year. It wouldn’t be St. Patty’s Day without it!

  46. Happy St Pattie’s Day! I haven’t thought over it yet, but I will probably eat something green today because I eat green pretty much every day.

  47. Michelle says:

    My favorite green vegetable is artichoke but I sneak kale into everything. Smoothies key lime pie…

  48. Kathryn says:

    I would mix the greens with my protein shake in the mornings, chocolate goodness all mixed together

  49. linda says:

    cucumbers with the skin

  50. NicoleG says:

    I’m 100% Irish 😀 these recipes look amazing by the way! :)