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The Chocolate Cake-Batter Milkshake

Recently, I met a new friend, named Erika. This girl did not believe healthy food can taste delicious.

She hadn’t yet heard of the CC Diet philosophy.

Naturally, I felt it was my duty to introduce her. But for Erika’s grave situation, a plain cake-batter shake just wouldn’t suffice. I needed to bring out the chocolate.

Chocolate Cake-Batter Shake

(It’s healthy and sugar-free!)

  • 1 frozen, large banana, as ripe as possible
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tbsp coconut butter
  • 1/2 to 2/3 cup milk of choice (I used 200g almond milk) (For an extremely rich, “ice cream”-like shake, try coconut milk. Also, use more or less, depending on desired thickness.)
  • 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder (or protein powder)
  • For a more cake-like flavor, you can add a very scant 1/8 tsp butter extract. But I opted to leave this out of the recipe, as butter extract isn’t exactly raw! (It is, however, vegan. I emailed Wilton.) Or maybe even use a little melted vegan butter?
  • Optional: handfuls of sprinkles

Blend everything together in your Vita-Mix or blender. Add some sprinkles, pre-blending, and throw some more on top! If, like me, you prefer smoothies in a bowl, just reduce the milk.

Or add a little xantham/guar gum, like with the Mint-Chocolate Milkshake.


If you want to un-rawify it, throw in some of the mix for Healthy Chocolate Cake.

(Well, technically you’ve already un-rawified it with the sprinkles. But you can easily choose to leave them out if you want a 100%-raw shake.)

chocolate cake batter shake

Erika loved the milkshake!
So of course, I invited her over tomorrow, for…

mint ice cream

Spinach Ice Cream

Just kidding! I won’t push my luck. She might not be ready for that yet.

Know someone who hates healthy food?
Have you ever tried to prove to him/her that it can taste good?

How did it go? I’ve had a lot of success getting people on board with the whole “healthy is naughty” thing. Fudge Baby recipes work especially well, like the Raw Thin Mint Brownies.

But sometimes (especially with guys) a person is subconsciously biased against the food before even tasting it. (This is why I often won’t tell someone a food is healthy until after he/she admits to liking it!)

Published on March 24, 2011

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  1. Stefanie says

    It is funny how people think healthy food has to taste bad. Fruit is healthy but it tastes good. When I first started to bake vegan for my family, I could not tell them it was vegan until after it was all gone. They thought it was healthy and not worth indulging in. Now they do not care if it is vegan because it is good. I think I have to try this cake batter recipe. 🙂

  2. krickit6 says

    Katie, I like the chocolatey-ness of this milkshake (duh! 🙂 ) especially because of the color. I have taken to adding spinach to ALL of my shakes and smoothies because I love your idea of getting a healthy dose of the greens without realizing it. The unfortunate part is that all of my milkshakes look kind of gross with the random assortment of ingredients. If I make this one, though, the green spinach probably won’t affect its delicious-looking appeal, right? 🙂 Thank you, again, for yet ANOTHER tasty treat that I cannot wait to try! 🙂

  3. Freya says

    BUTTER extract is a thing? Wow, never knew that!
    My sister hates healthy food, my stepdad hates healthy food <- he once refused to eat a meal (full of legumes) cos it was 'too vegan' and ate some All-Bran instead….

  4. Emily says

    Favorite post ever! Making this today! Considering how much I love the plain Cake Batter milkshake of yours, I KNOW I’ll love this too!

  5. Lindsey in CO says

    I’m struggling with this issue with my husband right now! It is so hard to watch him eat unhealthy, knowing what it is doing to him. I’m about ready to break out the big guilt guns: if he doesn’t change the way that he eats, he’s not going to be around to walk our daughter down the aisle. Or sit in rocking chairs with me on the front porch complaining that the neighbor’s kids play their music too loud. Or remind me to put my teeth in before we leave the house. I’m thinking maybe I can guilt him in to at least trying to eat healthy….

  6. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    WAHOO! id be VERY upset if Erika didnt like it– she would then be what i like to call ‘CRAY CRAY!’ (crazy- but a cooler way of saying it)
    my parents definitely dnt like all the food i make BUT the other night when i made that vegan meal for them- they RAVED about it!! it felt SO DANG GOOD
    my brother on the other hand, will never be persuaded.. he doesnt even like FRUIT OR VEG!!!!!!

  7. Ari @ ThE DiVa DiSh says

    The first thing I saw wasthe picture.YUUUMM! You take such beautiful pictures and looks amazing! My in laws side of the family don’t understand how I eat. They tend to make jokes about it and cringe when I offer them food. They don’t want to even try it 🙂 oh well…I’m happy with my food and that’s all that matters!

  8. Jennifer JCD says

    Ooooh, the cake batter milkshake looks so FUN!!

    As for healthy is tasty, I simply ‘forget’ to tell them it’s healthy until they’ve finished their first serving and are asking for seconds. Haha. The trick works on my husband too. Mr. I don’t like things I haven’t tried before. Now he loves broccoli, black beans, all-fruit ice cream, and more. Once they realise just how irresistably yummy something is I don’t think they’ll care much about what it’s made of. 🙂

  9. Sam says

    Have you ever tried making your own nut butter? It’s super easy! Just get some raw macademia nuts, soak or roast them, them puree them in a food processor or your magic bullet! This works for all kinds of nuts/seeds.

      • Sam says

        Absolutely! It definitely saves you money, plus you can totally customize them: adding cocoa powder for chocolate-nut butter… Adding coconut for coconut-nut butter… The possibilities are really endless (and delicious!)

  10. Veronica says

    Chocolate cake batter?! Great variation!! Sorry I never compliment you in your pics, I always assume you know you’re hot and then I also get distracted by your food porn-LOL! Hopefully you’re well assured by now about how pretty you are, but I’ll add my input as well. You’re hot stuff, chica! I envy girls like you who are so willowy thin, with thick gorgeous hair and a pretty face. Yup, some girls get it all, and you’re one of them. 🙂 I know what you mean about guys being biased to food before trying it, my hubby is that way sometimes. And it helps to trick him too. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Awwww Veronica, thank you!!! But seriously, I do NOT have it all. I feel like some people have it all together… heck, my mom was married and in her own house by the time she was my age! I’m not ready to be a grownup lol!

  11. Molly says

    I’m going to make the fudge babies for my boyfriend this weekend. And as you mentioned, like many boys he is unnaturally biased against anything that sounds remotely healthy, so of course, mums the word…wish me luck 🙂

      • Molly says

        So I decided to make only half the fudge baby recipe…BIG mistake. after one bite I was hooked and now only a mere 4 little babies remain. Needless to say I will be making more. Is it wrong to have a small part of me hope my boyfriend doesn’t like them so that there will be more for me? haha.
        One question for you though…I noticed you use coconut oil in a lot of your recipes…can I substitute olive oil for that? Or is the coconut oil essential? I must admit I’m kind of a coconut oil virgin but I’d be willing to give it a shot if I could find it.

  12. Alaina Rose @ Sweetness Of Life says

    YUM! That looks so good. I’ve encountered tons of people in life who think they don’t like healthy food. But all I have to do is bust out some of my tricks and show them that healthy food can (and SHOULD!) taste good. It’s a wonderful feeling when you turn someone on to healthy foods!

  13. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Yum! I know the regular cake batter milkshake is amazing, so I’m sure this is even better. 🙂 My boyfriend actually hates most healthy food. But I’m sure that will change when he starts developing health problems from the way he eats….

  14. Debra says

    These look so good! My inlaws freaked out when we went vegan. They didn’t want anything to do with us for over a year. When they finally come over and ate a meal I had made they loved it and talked about it for a long while.
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  15. A.Cook says

    My omnivore fiance is not a fan of the healthy (his favorite foods are chicken parm and buffalo wings…uck) and, back before we were dating, he actually had expressed to me his opinion that “nothing vegan is tasty.” The first thing I ever made for him, however, was an Oreo cake (using the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World cookies n’ cream cupcake recipe) which caused him eat (pun intended) his words! While I wouldn’t say he was “converted,” it definitely helped. Now, he’ll try anything vegan that I make or order when we’re out, and while not everything in my diet is something he’d want for his own meal, he’s definitely come around to eating healthier and more veg-friendly.

  16. Mara says

    This looks very yummy!!! I will be making it this weekend for sure, with the addition of coconut butter (mmmmmm) because my coconut oil is not virgin (it’s been a little naughty, hehe).

    Of course, in order for this shake to be completely raw, cacao powder is needed instead of cocoa powder, cause the latter is roasted. But it’s too pricey, so I’m going with the cocoa version – still healthy, though!

  17. Lauren says

    I always wait until after a friend says they love it to tell them it’s vegan or has healthy ingredients in it! Or I don’t tell them at all.

    • Kate says

      My dad hates healthy food.But I fooled him with your cookie dough dip AND your avocado ice cream! It.’s so fun to trick people into healthy desserts..

  18. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    HA! I always wait to tell people it is healthy until they say they like it. Just about everyone I’ve met has been pretty darn biased. Especially my little brother! I have to wait until after he is finished with the food to tell him. Once I made the mistake of telling him halfway through….he liked it at first, but once I told him…all of a sudden he didn’t like it 😛

  19. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I have plenty of family members who don’t like healthy foods — they think you have to eat lettuce and “rabbit food” to be healthy. When we have them over for dinner (or if we go over there) — we bring something healthy to share. I can’t change them, but I can try to lead by good example.

  20. says

    Love it, Katie! Can’t wait to try it! I also can’t wait to see the chocolate cake batter pizzert 😉 How about some cake batter pancakes….yummm

  21. faith @ lovelyascharged says

    You know what I love about your milkshake recipes? They don’t call for a ton of weird ingredients tha nobody ever has on hand. I think for all but one of them I’ve had everything in my pantry!

  22. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    I can’t believe that’s sugar-free! It looks so decadent, and pretty! 🙂

    My husband doesn’t openly admit that he hates healthy foods, but actions speak louder than words, ya know? 😉

  23. Jess says

    looks great; i’d make one tonight but… i don’t have any frozen banana on me lol
    most people i know don’t eat very healthily, but if you mean specifically vegetables, i’d say, anyone under the age of 30 i meet is not likely to chow down on veggies.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Aw thank you! LOL I dunno where I get ideas… they just sorta build on themselves. For example, a commenter mentioned the cake batter shake, so that wasn’t my idea. But then, I went with the idea, thinking of cake batter pizza, fudge babies, oatmeal, etc… 🙂
      Also, pay attention to flavors at the grocery store, ice cream parlors, etc!

  24. Namaste Gurl says

    Oh, I know PLENTY of people who dislike and are scared of vegan food. However, when I make them sweet potatoes with nut butter, or cashew ginger tofu, they totally go against their prior beliefs 🙂 Works every time!

  25. Lot-O-Choc says

    Oh yum this looks so tasty & delicious! I’ve had many an experience trying to get people onto healthy food..they just don’t seem to take to it! I get the occasional good result..but not often!

  26. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey says

    For some reason, the Husband refuses to eat hummus. He won’t even give it a try! Although when I swap out his cheese on his sandwiches for hummus, he always likes it. Weird?!

  27. McKella says

    I got my husband to try green smoothies. Only with spinach though because it’s really mild. I haven’t been able to sneak in anything else without getting the thumbs-down. We’ll have to try spinach ice-cream next…

  28. Meghan @ StruggleMuffins says

    I haven’t ventured into smoothie territory just yet as we’re still getting SNOW in Boston but I will be soon and will definitely be making your yumazing-looking smoothies. Question – where does one find butter extract? I’ve never seen it in a store (maybe haven’t been looking in the right place?)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      *Some* stores carry McCormick brand with the vanilla, almond, and mint extracts. But you can also buy Wilton brand, which is usually in the cake-decorating section of a craft store like Michaels or JoAnn or Hobby Lobby or even Wal Mart!

  29. Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day says

    Frozen bananas and coconut anything are amazing! It’s so wonderful to teach people that healthy food can be so delicious!

  30. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Proving that healthy food tastes great? Yes, that would be my partnership and marriage with Scott the past 12 years…going from bar food, fast food, quick food that was processed to real food, fresh food, mostly plant based food that’s prepared simply and deliciously and has helped him lose 50 pounds and get off blood pressure medication! Yes, real food works. And it tastes great 🙂

  31. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    Love that milkshake!! 😀

    I just read your last post! Your sister’s hair reminds me of mine! After 30 minutes of drying it on high, it’s still wet!! (And it’s fairly short too) I love my hair being thick, but it can be SO annoying sometimes. I switched over to all-natural, vegan shampoo a about six months ago; I’m definitely going to try and find that coconut shampoo! The coconut part would have sold me too 🙂 I love how you mentioned not to “over-process” your hair. I don’t wash my hair everyday either (and everyone still says that it smells and looks really good!), and the only time I died it was when I was like seven and dyed it black and green for Halloween (but it was one of those kinds that washes out right away with water). And I definitely noticed a change in my hair when I started eating healthier with lots of healthy fats – my hair is much shinier and my hair and nails grow like weeds! (Seriously, I will cut my nails and a week later, they will be back to the same looooong length!)

    All right, I’m done babbling. Sorry for the long comment…. Just one more thing – I think your hair is gorgeous!! 🙂


  32. Jen says

    I do that when I make vegan baked goods. I don’t tell people they’re vegan until after they gush about how amazing they taste. For some reason, so many people just assume that vegan goodies are going to be dry and flavorless. Wrong!

    I think my brother is one of those people who are biased against certain foods without even giving them a try. He simply “doesn’t like vegetables.” I think “vegetables” is far too broad of a food group to dislike the entire bunch! Green beans are as far as he’ll venture. Haha! Time to make him some spinach ice cream, right?!

  33. Lisa says

    amazing photo. looks so DELICIOUS!
    I need to get xanthan/guar gum. What store do you buy it at/ what section? I hear its at Whole Foods but I never see it! Or nutritional Yeast! Im missing out here! haha

  34. Jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless says

    yes! all of my friends! lol, they’re always makin fun of me for reading every label.
    and you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  35. Alexa @ Simple Eats says

    You’re so adorable, Katie! I couldn’t get my friends to believe that spinach tasted great in smoothies (mostly because they thought you COULD taste it!) I’m so glad some of them changed their minds and tried it. Now they love it!

  36. Karen says

    I agree with you that it’s especially boys that are hard to convince that healthy can taste good. Just today, I tried overnight oats for the first time, had my boyfriend taste them, and his response was that he’d rather just have cooked oats. But they taste the same to me!! And the raw soaked oats are (probably) healthier! haha

  37. Tara says

    You should make your own macadamia nut butter! I love it. I usually do a half macadamia, half cashew blend. It’s definitely one of my favorite nut butters ever. Though, that probably would change if I ever got to try coconut butter, but I’m waiting to try a sample or something before I hand over $15 at whole foods.

  38. Heather @ kissmybroccoli says

    I’m always surprising my co-workers with special healthy “treats” that I bring to work…like the chocolate banana avocado muffins that everyone inhaled! And I recently tricked my picky-eating little sis into trying tempeh for the first time…hidden inside the taco salad she couldn’t quit raving about! She was so surprised when I told her what was in it after our meal!

  39. Megan, blogger says

    It’s definitely the best of both worlds– a dessert that really is healthy for you, but still tastes like a treat! Even better, I know friends with diet restrictions (vegan, sugar-free), and this smoothie seems like the perfect thing! When I was reading this, I was struck that there was no cooking necessary, which means I can make it in a dorm room. Now that’s my kind of food 🙂

  40. BroccoliHut says

    My sister (ironically a nurse) still continues to subsist on Kraft mac and cheese and jelly beans. I’ve tried multiple interventions but as of yet I am still unsuccessful.

  41. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    I didn’t think it was possible to create another amazing milkshake recipe BUT……you did it! Can’t wait to try this one out as well…so far they have all been fabulous!

  42. shannonmarie says

    You’re right about that. I’ve learned over the years not to tell someone that a particular food is healthy and/or vegan before I get them to eat it. Some people are so scared of those words.

  43. Sam @ the neurotic yogini says

    I agree w/ Shannonmarie. People always think my food is yummy and THEN i’ll say it’s vegetarian/vegan and they’ll be like “oh i thought it tastes kind of funny…”

    WHATEVER. they liked it before. lol. I’ve learned to just keep my mouth closed and not let them know they are eating healthy treats..

    I plan on making some fudge babies for my sister’s party this weekend! I will be SILENT as to the fact that they are good for them… 😉

  44. Maya says

    Help Help! I bought my first jar of Coconut Butter but seem to be consuming it straight outta the jar and my desk and fear that it will neither make it home nor into a recipe.

  45. Christin@purplebirdblog says

    I am constantly proving to my boyfriend that not everything healthy has to taste like sticks and twigs! 🙂

  46. Katie says

    does anyone have any suggestions for banana substitutes? I can’t stand bananas and I miss out on SO many awesome recipes. Anyone else in the same boat?!?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Katie!
      My sister hates hates hates bananas too, and so when she makes any of my milkshake recipes, she uses a VERY unripe banana (which gets rid of the banana taste) and adds a little sweetener to make up for the un-ripeness.
      But you can also try mango or even pineapple! If you do try one of these, let me know whatcha think :).

  47. Kate says

    I’ve never tried mango or pineapple so I don’t know if I like those! I’ll have to try them soon! Also, how do I know which bananas are very unripe? Do they still have the typical banana smell??

    I went for a 7.5 mile run this morning and while having my breakfast I found your blog (via Peanut Butter Fingers) and made myself some funfetti cookie dough balls that were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and TOTALLY hit the spot! I was looking for a little something extra besides my bagel thin (half with pb, half with an egg over easy) and these were perfect. Keep the great recipes coming!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      If they’re very unripe, they’ll be greenish. The greener, the better!

      On the flip side, the browner they are, the riper. And the riper they are, the more they taste like banana.
      And I’m so excited you made the funfetti balls!!! 🙂 🙂

  48. Alicia says

    Hahahaha… when I started eating healthier, my husband didn’t object, UNTIL he saw the tofu in the fridge. “I’m NEVER eating Tofu” he declared. “Oh really?” I said thinking “We’ll just see about that.” I found a recipe for a chocolate mousse using silken tofu, made it, served it, he ate it…. so I asked “How was the chocolate pudding?” He said “It was pretty good.” I started laughing… He said “what?” I gleefully chuckled and said “guess what??? YOU JUST ATE TOFU!!!” He doesn’t say he never will eat anything again…. he never knows what I’ll trick him into eating. LOL

  49. Mircat says

    WOW. I have to admit–I was SO skeptical about this actually turning out to taste like cake batter. Still, the ingredients looked yummy and healthy, so I gave it a try. WOW…you’re right-it tastes EXACTLY like cake batter…it’s almost uncanny!. Thanks for an awesome idea. 🙂

  50. Anonymous says

    We tried the chocolate cake-batter milkshake and though it was just awful. I even tried to doctor it up but we ended up just pouring it down the drain. So disappointing! Haven’t tried any of the other recipes yet. They sure do look good in the pictures though.

      • Anonymous says

        I made it exactly as you described. At the initial taste test we couldn’t drink it. Also, the consistency was like water. I then tried the butter extract, extra coconut butter and even had to add extra cocoa and agave nectar to get it to taste like chocolate and to give it sweetness because we felt it was neither chocolate-y nor sweet with the original ingredients. Also, I had to use xanthan gum to get it thicker than water. I used a super ripe frozen banana since I always have a large bag in the freezer for smoothies but it just didn’t cut it for sweetness. So, I didn’t go wrong anywhere since I followed the recipe exactly. I am a very seasoned, experienced cook with a lot of years under my belt. LOL No offense to you as you seem like a very nice girl and your recipes really do look so good. Plus, so many people seem to love them so I was shocked it was so bad to us. 🙁 Oh well, I might try again with something else. I do enjoy reading your blog though!

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          I really don’t see how you could’ve made it exactly as the recipe states, because it’s just way too thick to ever be considered the consistency of water! In any case, you are definitely entitled to your opinion… I just hope that if you try something else, it turns out better for you :).

  51. Anonymous says

    I can assure you I made it exactly according to your directions. There is no reason for me to lie about that or about the consistency. It is not my opinion that it was watery; it was fact for us. LOL Anyway, I just thought my post might be useful if anyone else out there tried it and had similar results but didn’t want to post because of all the positive feedback you receive. Not everyone takes criticism well but thanks for at least not deleting my posts. 🙂

    • Les says

      It sounds like anonymous used a bad nondairy milk. That’s probably the problem. I know for me personally, I can’t stand the “So Delicious” coconut milk, because I think it tastes watery. But I just made this shake, and it was anything BUT watery. It was so thick and dreamy. Loved it, Katie! I love how I can drink a chocolate shake for breakfast and still be healthy ;).

  52. Sara says

    This was AWESOME!!!
    Seriosuly, will you marry me? I have been drinking your regular (vanilla) cake batter shakes for a few months now, but only just yesterday did I discover you had done a chocolate version! Needless to say, I got on it right away. It was so so so so good. Don’t think I’ll even be drinking the vanilla ones anymore, even though I’d been drinking them every day for the entire month of August. But now I have a new favorite ;).
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  53. KellyO says

    Oh my goodness. I just made this and it made my morning. :o) I used dark cocoa powder and it seriously tasted like I was drinking brownie batter. Um yeah. Dig it.

    Your blog is my new favorite btdubs. Thank you so much for creating so many healthy and ridiculously delicious vegan recipes. You rock.

  54. Sabrina says

    Thanks for this recipe! Super yummy to say the least! I am not vegan but my 2 year old son has severe food allergies to wheat, nuts, eggs, milk, and soy( that we know of). Vegan recipes help me to feed him good and healthy things and I love being able to eat with him and share the same food! Thanks again!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Aww that makes me so happy! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have so many allergies… I’m only happy that we (as a society) are getting better about offering allergy-free foods and are becoming more aware of the fact that so many people have allergies and still deserve to enjoy good food!

  55. Sarah says

    Thank you thank you for checking with Wilton on the butter flavor! I have always loved adding this stuff to my baked goods, but it sat lonely on my shelf when I went vegan. But now I dig it out again with smiles:) Love your blog.

  56. libbie says

    I think I am making a trip to the health store tomorrow for some coconut butter! YUM! I am trying to take off some baby weight okay….4 kids worth 🙂 I am going to enjoy your blog! Glad I found ya! 🙂

  57. Lydia says

    I was so excited to try this, but it unfortunately didn’t live up to my expectations! It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t taste like cake batter to me. I followed the recipe and even gave it 2 big spoonfuls of my (precious) coconut butter, thinking that’s whats going to make it taste cake batter-y. It mostly tasted like a banana smoothie with a hint of chocolate. Oh well, I added spinach to it to make it a little healthier, and the taste was good, just not what I hoped for. Next time, I’ll just make an extra big batch of coconut banana butter. YUM.

    • Sarah says

      I just made this too, and it was DELICIOUS!!! My new favorite shake. I love it!!!

      Tastes like birthday cake in a glass. How do you come up with these awesome recipes??? 🙂

  58. Autumn says

    I think my life has been forever changed by this recipe…can’t say I had any doubts, since every recipe I have tried has been amazing..but this one tops all. It is absolutely fantastic 🙂 Especially for a batter/dough loving chocoholic like myself. 🙂

  59. Bethany says

    Oh. My. Goodness. Katie, I’m a new fan of yours and I just tried this. It is sooooooo good!! Thank you so much for what you do. I love eating healthy, but am very un-creative in my food making so usually my meals are pretty plain. NOW, because I found you, they are extremely delicious! 🙂

    I did add in some whey powder for protein and substituted coconut oil for the coconut butter, and it tastes incredible. Yum!

  60. Heather says

    I noticed in one of the other milkshake recipes you said that coconut oil could be subbed for the butter is that true for this one also? thanks

  61. Paige says

    I just got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and thus I have not strayed from a liquid diet both yesterday and today (and probably tomorrow). I just made this and it’s delicious! I actually added some soft tofu to it to give me some protein and it turned out great. It probably made it creamier, actually. I just added maybe another 1/4th cup of Almond milk to mine (bringing my milk total to 3/4 cup) and I now have the perfect thick and creamy chocolate-cake batter milkshake.

  62. SDue says

    This is my new favorite post-work out shake. SO good! I downed mine faster than I’d like to admit…

  63. Katie EA says

    I must have done something very wrong because mine did not turn out well at all.
    I liked the consistency but my try just tasted like banana and I was expecting chocolate so I was very disappointed. That being said this was my first try at making anything raw or vegan so I will be trying again!

  64. runnergirl129 says

    This is soooooo good!

    I made my own coconut butter with it, thanks to your post on coconut butter. I thought it was supposed to go in the fridge and it turned ROCK SOLID just 20 minutes after storing it in their. I researched and coconut butter is very temperamental but you can also microwave to make it liquid-y. It doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge, it can be stored outside. 🙂

  65. Anonymous says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake batter! I cannot wait to try this but is there anything that can be used to substitue the coconut oil? Thanks!

  66. Sabrina says

    Have you ever tried adding spinach to this one? I LOVE your shamrock shake and love the fact that it has spinach even more! I wanted to see if I could add spinach to this one without getting the spinach taste or if I would still be able to taste it due to the lack of the strong peppermint extract. Any thoughts?

  67. Anonymous says

    i ised this recipie as a base to make my chocate milkshake! i used 1 frozen banana, 1/3 cup milk, and 2 tbsp cocoa powder. it was delicious and tasted EXACTLY like a milkshake!!! mmmm milkshakes for breakfast

  68. Chocoholic says

    Yet another impeccable recipe. I configured the name just a touch when I added it to my binder of recipes to Coco Banana.

  69. Alyssa says

    I made this for breakfast this morning – minus the sprinkles & whipped cream. I added the 2 TBS of cocoa + I added 1/2 a scoop of Growing Naturals Brown Rice Chocolate Protein Powder. I also added 2 ice cubs and a handful of baby spinach. Dessert for breakfast! 🙂

    This afternoon I’m making Christmas cookies with a friend & on the top of my list is your recipe for Chocolate Lace Cookies. Can’t wait to try one!

  70. sauce says

    Was craving chocolate real bad (ttom) and I just made this with a few changes as I didn’t have ingredients…I used cacao coconut butter (Artisan), 5 macadamia nuts, with 1/4 cup water (to act like the nut milk in the recipe), 1 banana (not frozen as I needed it NOW), and a few drops of stevia…OMG! Delish! I can’t wait to try the recipe exactly as you suggested. I’m having this for breakfast tomorrow.

  71. sarah says

    Hey Katie,
    It isn’t really sugar-free since there contains sugar from the banana, right? Otherwise, it’s sugar free. That is what you mean, right?
    Can’t wait to make this!
    Also, I have made AT LEAST one of your chocolate desserts every single day for the last few weeks!! It has really helped me with weight loss since it is giving me healthier dessert alternatives (: I’m loving it!

  72. KES says

    This. Is. Delicious.

    I made it this morning for the second time. I was hooked the first when I realized how I could unashamedly eat a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. And when I realized that you can drink sprinkles through a straw! 🙂 It was so deliciously chocolatey that I almost didn’t crave chocolate the whole rest of the day. Almost.

    Anyhow, after not being able to choose to make this or your Starbuck Frapp this morning, I decided to throw in some instant coffee granules into this recipe. SO GLAD I did. It elevated the chocolate flavor to a whole ‘nother level, and it helped tone-down some of the banana flavor. YUM. This is quickly becoming a breakfast staple in my house. Thank you!!

  73. Lisa says

    <3 It's the second time I make this and this time I decided I decided to up the protein profile a little: subbed the milk for 150 g "fresh cheese"/quark(sorry, not vegan) and used a whole scoop (30 g) of my ON rocky road flavored whey. I also added about a tbsp of speculaas spice, pretty similar to your pumpkin spice ( Hmm, so thick and creamy!

  74. Jen says

    Just made this, yummy!! My 3 year old was requesting it because of the sprinkles 🙂 I don’t think she took a breath as she drank it down! May seem like a silly question but is there a trick to peeling frozen bananas or should I have peeled them before I froze them?

  75. Erika says

    Ironically, my name is also Erika and I am new to this whole thing as well 🙂 I just tried this shake though and it was divine!

  76. Jen says

    This was so amazing! I added a little bit of peanut butter because I needed a pb chocolate mix, and it was incredible. Thanks!!!

    • Jen says

      Really addictive too :O Just finished it and need more lol! Guess I have something to look forward to in the morning 😉

  77. Missy says

    Hi Katie,
    I love your blog! Just tried this recipe tonight. LOVE! Instead of the coconut butter I used 1/4 of an avocado and I topped it with coconut shreds and cacao nibs. So yummy! Thank you for the inspiration. It was fantastic since I was craving something chocolatey but it’s just me, so I wanted something fast and small. This was perfect! Chocolatey goodness without the guilt. 🙂

  78. Fionna says

    Why, yes I know someone who hates healthy food: Me! Or rather, “former me”? I used to shoo away everything that was proclaimed as healthy and preferred to eat whatever I labeled as”tasty”, it wasn’t necessarily the unhealthiest choice, but not really healthy either. When I graduated from school, I changed my lifestyle and eating habits and now I feel 100% heathier, happier and I noticed I have much more energy as well. No need to say, I’m all after healthy foods now =)

  79. Chelsea says

    So I have discovered that you can use this recipe to maje fudgesicles!!!! My life is complete! I have used this recipe exclusively to make my chocolate milkshakes at home, but didn’t have any frozen bananas on hand last time. Instead, I used an overripe room temperature banana and then poured the mixture into a popsicle mold and popped ’em in the freezer. Voila!! Fudgesicles….only better! And I don’t need to feel guilty about giving them to my toddler, either! 🙂

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