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Soy-Free Love Potion

Remember middle school, when “going out” with someone meant his dad would drive him to meet you—and your mom—at the movies?

Today I was thinking back to middle school, the time when girls discover that whole “boys have cooties” thing is a lie. My mind wandered through first crushes to first kisses to first dates.

oat parfait

oatmeal parfait

After my run, I extended the love-on-the-brain theme into breakfast: with a Lavender love potion parfait. The cream is my Healthy Whipped Cream blended with blueberries; lavender refers only to the color, not the taste.

purple pudding

Soy Free Lavender Cream

(Makes 1 1/2 cups: one Katie-sized serving!)

  • sweetener of choice
  • 1/16th tsp salt
  • handful blueberries
  • scant 2 1/2 tbsp water (20g)
  • 3 drops coconut extract, optional but recommended
  • 1/2 serving agar base (recipe linked below)

Instructions: First, make up the agar base. When it’s cooled, put 1/2 of it in a blender (or Magic Bullet) with all the other ingredients and blend away.  Whip very well. I like to put it in the freezer for a few minutes prior to eating, so it’s super-cold.

See original cream post for Nutrition Information.

lavendar cream

For the parfait, I simply layered cooked oatmeal, cacao nibs, and the cream.

vegan parfait

vegan breakfast parfait

Question of the Day:
Do you remember your first kiss?

I am sorry to say, mine was not “Hollywood movie” romantic. Actually it was mortifying! I was in 7th grade, at a friend’s birthday party.

A bunch of us were sitting in her backyard, including my boyfriend at the time. Suddenly, everyone starts chanting, “Kiss kiss kiss!” Because so few of my friends were in relationships at such a young age, they decided that others’ relationships were their business; it was like Gossip Girl. Ugh. Anyway, the guy leans in, and I get all nervous. I scream, “Don’t kiss me, I have taco breath!” :-?Mortifying with a capital M. (But in the end, he kissed me anyway lol.)

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Published on February 9, 2011

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  1. Nicole says

    Your pictures are looking so beautiful! 🙂 This looks delicious… I know what i’m gonna do with all the agar I have at home 😉

    My first kiss… I was set up with this boy by my cousin when I was about 15 and I thought it was more like set up to just go talk or something but… well, apparently I was mistaken… I don’t “regret” it exactly but I got nothing from it, really (I wasn’t attracted ot him or anything!) so itw as kind of anticlimactic.

  2. [email protected] says

    hahaha im sorry! your story is too cute and hilarious! I can just imagine little Katie with a frightened look on her face~ Errr let’s just say that mine was against my will and blechhhhh! And doggone it I always thought that I was going to have it on my wedding day! But I AM proud to say that it didn’t happen till waaayyyyy later in life. 😛 Maybe this is TMI???

  3. Camille says

    Oh dear… my first kiss was with a boy I met on vacation in Hawaii. He was the start of my thing for older guys. I want to say that I was about to go in to my Sophomore year of High School and he was about to start his Freshman year of college. Oh man, good times?

  4. Sarah (Flavoropolis) says

    Blueberries are clearly the best berry, so this sounds great. I’ve never seen cooked oatmeal in a parfait – very interesting!
    And I don’t even want to talk or think about my first kiss haha. I prefer to leave embarrassing teenage memories buried deep in the back of my mind. I love how you think you’re so smart and awesome as a teen and are positive that you will never think otherwise and that the adults you know are just idiots. And then a few years pass, and you look back and can’t believe what a fool you were! Well ok, at least this is what happened to me.

  5. Leanne says


    FINALLY a soy-free, dairy free yogurt/cream alternative woop! (my body likes neither!)

    Read your blog everyday Katie and love love love your recipes, thank you so much!


  6. Tiph says

    Wow! I just stumbled on your site via Pinterest for your cookie dough dip… and have very much enjoyed looking through your other recipes! I must say, this one in particular, looks amazing! (and I *love* the color! – my fav!) Thank you so much for the time & energy you’ve put into this site! It’s awesome! 🙂

    P.S- (re:first kiss) – Mine & DH’s first kisses were with eachother… we were 19 & 20. It just hit midnight on New Years Eve/Day… and we were standing at the end of a lovely country lane watching fireworks. It was very special. Our next one saying goodbye two days later. After that – though we knew were meant to be together, and had no regrets over the first two instances – we decided it would be more special to wait. So our next kiss was shared at the alter, on our wedding day… 16 mos later. <3

  7. Cristay says

    This looks so incredibly good! My first kiss was a horrible experience! I was coaxed into it and the guy was terrible! My 2nd kiss was much better haha.

  8. internal stomach bliss says

    so I made this for my after run breakfast this morning, with strawberries and topped with chocolate banana butter and chocolate chips….OH MY Katie this was delicious. Thanks for this recipe, it was also my first time with agar agar and I love it just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  9. savanna says

    Hi Katie :3 Im new to your website but i just want to say everything looks fantastic amd i am so excited to try them some day when my fear of food isnt so very bad.
    but i had my first kiss about 6 months ago (and i turn 16 in less than two weeks lol). it was actually very sweet but kind of a long story aNd i dont wanna be boring ^.^ long story short, i was newly out of the hospital for anorexia and self harm; he came to talk to me to see how i was doing, we talked and he asked me out. we walked and sat under this giant tree and it was getting dark and i had to go home. he asked for one more thing and when i turned to look at him he was leaning in o.o” my heart was racing a million miles a second! And he noticed, lol.

  10. amber says

    I actually do NOT remember my first kiss or who it was with, but i remember my husband’s first kiss. It was a few days before we got married. He was 28 years old. I think its so sweet to think about.

  11. Kaylee says

    My first kiss was by my future husband . . . I was so nervous when he leaned in to kiss me I shoved a candy bar in my mouth . . . Very embarrassing . . . It ended up being a fun experience though 🙂

  12. Alice says

    I did never really kiss a boy because I am single since birth (except for a faux-relationship with a cute gay boy in 6th grade, but that doesn’t count), but maybe I will seduce some cute guy with your love potion 😉
    Thinking about boys as an activity while running seems also nice and I will try it today 🙂 I am always really shy around boys so I don’t have any male friends 🙁 you seem to be very good with other people, do you have any tips?

  13. Becca says

    Mine happened when I was 17, and had just begun dating this guy who was a few years older. I’d never really thought about exactly how kissing was done as I was a real-life late-blooming bookworm, but figured it couldn’t be too complex in the moment. However, I underestimated. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie, when all of a sudden it was like I was being attacked by his face! ( I’ll spare you the details) It hit me that he was trying to make-out, so I did what any freaked-out bookworm would do… I tensed up every muscle in my face and jumped back- only I accidentally spit in his! oops.

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