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Soy-Free Love Potion

Remember middle school, when “going out” with someone meant his dad would drive him to meet you—and your mom—at the movies?

Today I was thinking back to middle school, the time when girls discover that whole “boys have cooties” thing is a lie. My mind wandered through first crushes to first kisses to first dates.

oat parfait

oatmeal parfait

After my run, I extended the love-on-the-brain theme into breakfast: with a Lavender love potion parfait. The cream is my Healthy Whipped Cream blended with blueberries; lavender refers only to the color, not the taste.

purple pudding

Soy Free Lavender Cream

(Makes 1 1/2 cups: one Katie-sized serving!)

  • sweetener of choice
  • 1/16th tsp salt
  • handful blueberries
  • scant 2 1/2 tbsp water (20g)
  • 3 drops coconut extract, optional but recommended
  • 1/2 serving agar base (recipe linked below)

Instructions: First, make up the agar base. When it’s cooled, put 1/2 of it in a blender (or Magic Bullet) with all the other ingredients and blend away.  Whip very well. I like to put it in the freezer for a few minutes prior to eating, so it’s super-cold.

See original cream post for Nutrition Information.

lavendar cream

For the parfait, I simply layered cooked oatmeal, cacao nibs, and the cream.

vegan parfait

vegan breakfast parfait

Question of the Day:
Do you remember your first kiss?

I am sorry to say, mine was not “Hollywood movie” romantic. Actually it was mortifying! I was in 7th grade, at a friend’s birthday party.

A bunch of us were sitting in her backyard, including my boyfriend at the time. Suddenly, everyone starts chanting, “Kiss kiss kiss!” Because so few of my friends were in relationships at such a young age, they decided that others’ relationships were their business; it was like Gossip Girl. Ugh. Anyway, the guy leans in, and I get all nervous. I scream, “Don’t kiss me, I have taco breath!” :-?Mortifying with a capital M. (But in the end, he kissed me anyway lol.)

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Published on February 9, 2011

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  1. ellis says

    Eek, my first kiss! I wish I could repress that memory. Or eternal-sunshine it. Or whatever. I was 17 and a late bloomer, sitting next to a boy in a park after we had gone to a movie, and all of a sudden he was KISSING me. I had NO idea how we went from just sitting there to making out. And it was pretty bad, as make-out sessions go.

  2. Holly @ Couch Potato Athlete says

    What a pretty parfait! And I love love love the flowers next to it too 🙂

    I was 23 when I got my first kiss. Yes I am not kidding. It was from my husband on our first date. I was always so awkward about men (still am!) and avoided kissing, dating, dancing, anything. I was practically a nun.

    • Mary says

      I’m still waiting for my first kiss, and I’m in my twenties! But I’m glad I didn’t waste the experience on some loser. I’m waiting for the right guy, like you seem to have done! 🙂

    • Rachel W says

      me too im so awkward and picky about guys i am 22 and havent had a boyfriend yet because im waiting for someone super special 🙂 ..comforting to know u guys are with me on this! my friends can be so pressuring.. oh katie that parfait looks SCRUMPTIOUS! i must make that soon. xxxooo

  3. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    Girl this brought back so many middle school memories! Haha I remember the days of having to meet up with them and their parents, so much more chivalrous:)

    Yay I love bloobs and your agar pudding, blueberries are next on the list!

  4. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) says

    Ugh, I do…slobbery and gross! I have been sick (getting over it) for 2 weeks now. My husband and I don’t kiss when we are sick (I feel so guilty spreading germs)…I miss kissing him. This was a cute post and dang that parfait looks good!

  5. Molly says

    Hi Katie,

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, but I have never written anything on it (or anyone else’s for that matter). I feel a little weird because I don’t even know you, but I wanted to say that I think you sound like one of the kindest, smartest, and liveliest persons I have never met! I am also in college, but I really admire your positive attitude and natural vigor for life and animals. This sounds silly, but I have a lot of trouble making friends, and I truly wish I knew you in person! Thank you for being you!


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh Molly, wow. I don’t even know what to say. I can’t believe how sweet your comment is! Truly, oh my gosh thank you!!! I think this is one of the kindest comments I’ve ever received. Sending mucho love (and chocolate hugs) your way :).

    • Sabine @ thefruitpursuit says

      can I just say I agree with this :p? I especially admire your positive outlook! (I read your post about the D word and no-one expects you to be overly happy 100% of the time, don’t worry!, but it’s just hpw you come across).

        • Sabine @ thefruitpursuit says

          Haha I know right I don’t know how it’s possible with an iPhone for the life of me. and thank you, I don’t think I get the description ‘nice’ all that often, although I am a nice girl, I am just too straight forward and opinionated to come across as one often 😉

  6. Gloria says

    I don’t remember my first kiss… but I remember kissing my 4th grade boyfriend a few times! We would always play hide and seek in the woods with our friends and he made sure we hid together 😉 I was 9!!! ahhhh! My kids are never leaving the house!! Hahaha

  7. Jennifer JCD says

    At least the lavendar sundae is dreamy enough to overcome such morifying memories.

    My first kiss was with my now-husband. We were walking in the park on a snowy February morning and sat down on a picnic table by the (frozen) lake. It was so sweet.

  8. Heather says

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had the reputation of being pretty feisty in Jr. High/Middle School…so any potential kisses were thwarted by the fear of receiving a punch from me. I actually had a couple of guys admit this to me years later. Hilarious!

  9. Albizia says

    What a pretty dessert! Really nice for your significant other on Valentines day. Unfortunately, I’ve been single for way too long.

    My first real kiss was when I was 18 and it was very romantic if we don’t count the fact that I made sure to let the poor guy know it was my first kiss (i.e. I was laaame!). It was a sunny summer day in the park. We sat on a bench beside the sea and he just kissed me very gently. He didn’t deserve a dork like me 😀 .

  10. Ashley (The Vegetable Life) says

    Oh my gosh…. I had not thought about this in a long time! My first kiss was the summer going into 5th grade (or maybe 6th?) and my “boyfriend” at the time and I were at a friends house over the summer and they dared us to kiss so we did on their porch… but I just barely touched his lips I was so nervous… he replied “what the heck” so I nervously tried again…. mortifying!

    • elsie says

      AHH…your story kind of made me giggle, & his [mean] response of ‘what the heck.’ i can just imagine a 5th grade boy saying something like that. 🙂

  11. Jenny says

    Oh my gosh… What a lovely colour! Truly does look like lavender. Don’t doubt that it tasted as amazing as it looks!

    I was wondering – have you ever tried making the agar base with just water rather than milk? Does it just turn out like a clear Jell-o like creation? And being allergic to coconut… do you think I could add vanilla and get a similar taste? Or is the coconut flavour that you add with the extract quite unique?

    Anyway… looks FABulous! Very nice photography in this post as well. 🙂 Pretty colours~

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I haven’t, but you can definitely do it with water! The only thing you CAN’T do it with is a citrus juice, like orange. The acid interacts with the agar.
      Haha I use imitation coconut extract (sacrilege, I know), so I don’t even know if it has coconut in it! But of course you can use a different extract. Try peppermint, vanilla, or even almond or maple!

  12. Lauren @ WWoB says

    Thinking about crushes/boys DOES make working out flyyy by! Especially when you are at the gym and that one particular one is about 15 feet away…………………..
    My first kiss was summer after 7th grade. We were on a cruise ship and had been hanging out all week. It all culminated in my first kiss, where he leaned in, hovered, and took the plunge.
    And missed my lips.

  13. Jen S. says

    Oh, that looks so scrumptious! Someday I’ll be able to eat oats again, and when I can, this is the first thing on my list!

    My first kiss? Ick. The person, that is. I thought he was awesome but he turned out to be slime. The kiss itself was okay. So much better kissing someone I love with every cell in my body! =)

  14. Caitlin (EatFeats) says

    Oh I like whipped cream like substances.

    And I LOVE reading all these first kiss stories. My first kiss was with my high school boyfriend, Adam. We were freshmen who attended the same school and swam together, so we had ALL of the same friends and spent ALL our time together. EVERYONE knew about and/or helped him plan the kiss. He decided to do it at a school dance, and it was so cute because all my friends were coming up to me and telling me the advice they had given him. After the last slow song, he held my hands, leaned in, and kissed me quickly on the lips. Aw. It was so magical!

  15. bitt says

    A question about the recipe, is it meant to have lavendar? If so where does that come in? I’ve been scared to add lavender to any of my food but getting up the nerve.

    My first kiss was far from memorable and I don’t even remember his name. Oh well, the first kiss with my now husband was memorable that’s the one that matters to me.

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