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A well-ROUNDed diet

What do you do when a pizza craving hits, but you don’t want to make a crust from scratch? Thanks to Romina, from Vegan Eating for One, I now know the answer– you use a tortilla! Italian meets Mexican for the perfect meal.

The guests at my tortilla-pizza fiesta included mushrooms, spinach, Hunts tomato sauce, basil, a little garlic powder, and nutritional yeast. Party on a plate! Joining the party– a crisp Gala apple, some Blue Diamond almonds, and a tall glass of water.

The lunch was quick, easy, and tasty, which is exactly how I like my meals to be.

Published on May 14, 2008

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  1. romina says

    Katie, you are so compassionate. I just wish more people were like you, then we wouldn’t have so much hate in the world. You could be worrying about what shoes to buy, but instead you worry about who to help. It’s inspiring! You are such a sweetheart!!

    I’m so elated that you enjoyed the tortilla pizza. I must try one with spinach because you’ve got me craving it!

  2. ChickPea says

    I know what you mean about being torn when deciding to which cause to devote yourself. It seems like there are so many people that need our help lately. I think the best policy is to take on one cause at a time, starting with the one closest to your heart. I wish you the best of luck with your bake sale!
    On a lighter note, your lunch looks tasty! I have been known to use the tortilla trick quite often when making pizza. I have a question: do you sprinkle the nutritional yeast on top, or do you mix it in with another ingredient? Just curious!

  3. loveofoats says

    haha you are too cute w/ your “joining the party”… can i join the party??? 😉

    i know what you mean about these disasters… it’s a sad thing to hear about all these tragedies… it really makes you wonder what is happening to the world… however any way you can help to any of the causes is just as valuable you know?

  4. Debbie says

    I think chickpea has it, you go with the one that tugs on your heart first, and then move on to the next when/if you can. And trust that others elsewhere are doing the same.

    Another option, is to support an international agency, like the Red Cross, which sends aid everywhere.

    But go with your heart, you won’t go wrong.

  5. Ricki says

    It really is hard to know where to focus help. I think you have to recognize that any little bit helps, even if you can’t contribute to every single cause. (I suppose you could rotate. . . or, as Debbie suggested, choose an agency that doles out the funds to many in need).

    And now, that pizza–looks great. 🙂

  6. Theresa says

    I think Debbie’s second suggestion is a good one, but instead of Red Cross I would support Medicins sans Frontiers (doctors without borders) for practical reasons: they already have people inside of Burma to dispense the aid, whereas other orgs are having trouble getting visas.

    But on a more general scale, I know what you mean. I personally try to think locally when the issues are so plentiful–which is hard to do when there is so much going on elsewhere. Or issues from elsewhere that never go away, since the big natural disasters are often ‘sexy’ issues that get a lot of donations (think the tsunami). Something like an animal shelter or the crisis in Sudan has constant needs that are often overlooked when people hear about these big issues, so it’s a matter of keeping me sane and spreading the love around.

    But that’s just me.

    Great looking pizza, by the way. Pita bread also makes a good lazy base.

  7. Jill says

    I struggle with that too, it’s just so over-whelming how many problems there are in the world. I think the fact you care and are doing something allows you to choose your option: help all a little, focus on one or two, whatever (as others have said) your heart tugs at.

  8. vegan addict says

    You have a powerfully loving heart! Deciding where to give your support is definitely difficult, especially when there are so many people/animals/organizations who need us. For me, I usually put efforts for species conservation first. But, when natural disasters occur, I donate to a local group in Portland called Mercy Corps. They are known for lending aid, support, and medical care all over the world. Having a bake sale is an awesome idea, Katie! You could always split the proceeds between the causes most important to you! I’d love to be a part of your bake sale, I wish I lived closer…Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

  9. Syn* says

    katie, I had the same exact thing the other day… sometimes ya just need some good ol pizza!

    Ive been hearing so much about the devistation thats been going on.. its so depressing and dificult when you feel like your little contributions wont help much… but EVERYTHING helps, and you should know that you are a very caring and selfless person to help at all!

  10. Becky says

    I know, and then you watch all these celebrities spend hundreds of dollars on a shirt when they are so many disabled, etc who need money for food!

    On a different topic, what type of tortilla did you use? Also, I have tried spinach pizza before but it gets so watery, any tips?

    Also, I love your mother’s day gift! I am not crafty at all, how did you glue the pictures? Thanks!

  11. shellyfish says

    Oh Katie, the dilemmas numerous… There are always, at any given moment, millions of people suffering and in need of compassion and the most basic of amenities- clean water, wholesome foods. This hs been the way of it for centuries, it’s not recent, but with the help of various media, sometimes we are more aware of certain things than others. What is even more horrible is that the media often focuses on one crisis often at the cost of another for political/financial reasons. I try to do a double- when I give, it tends to be to further-reaching bodies like Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders because they are already on the scene everywhere and can distribute. I also give/act locally as much as possible, because it is instant- I see the change, as do (hopefully) other community members, which in turn may inspire them to help. What has broken my heart since I was a child is this: you cannot teach compassion. Battling indifference is the most difficult thing of all- but bake sales, seemingly small drops in the bucket of dispair which is our little world, make a difference, because the person who just wanted a cookie & saw you there, was perhaps unaware of X problem.
    Fight the good fight, sistah, and keep fueling up with good stuff like that!

  12. Lizzy says

    You are too good to be true!
    But I know how you feel. Knowing you can’t possibly help every single one is so depressing, but then again you (and everybody here) is doing whatever lies in their power and that makes you an an incredible person!!

    And I loved the Tortilla pizza idea too! Looking at the yumm spinach I wish I had taken my leftovers to work with me.

  13. Emma says

    That pizza looks so tasty, a great combination of toppings! I REALLY want to try nutritional yeast but it seems to be really hard to find in health food shops near me! I cannot wait until I track some down and then I am gonig to eat it with everything (well maybe not with chocolate!)

  14. healthyceliac says

    I typed up a long comment last night that got deleted, but the gist of what I wanted to say is that it is a great feeling for me to know that there are people in this world who care as much as you do. I think that no matter what you decide to do, you should know that you are making a huge difference just by educating people and inspiring them to make a difference. Your bake sale idea got me thinking about what I can have the students I teach do to help. Last year, we all bought shirts from, and I know that we can think of something to help out now. And, it’s because of your idea that you shared that I’m trying to plan something now.
    By spreading the word, you are creating awareness. Sometimes I think that’s more valuable than any amount of money that you can raise.

  15. lighterportions says

    Aww that really is quite the dilemma, but good for you for doing what you are doing and providing help. There are always those who need help no matter what, so whatever you choose, you are helping to make someone’s life better and that’s all that matters in the end. You should be really proud of yourself for doing so!

  16. Happy Herbivore! says

    Hi lovie,

    It’s hard to pick! I agree but just speaking about the issues helps. It makes them known. People cannot keep being oblivious with their willful ignorance when we remind them day in and day out.

    I always work this way: who, if given the money, will find a solution now. For instance, I sent supplies to China because they need it now and if they get it NOW, they will use it NOW and NOW will be a better place for them. I’m sad about Dafur but no matter how much $ I send their way, sadly, right NOW, nothing is going to change.. and thats hard for me to accept and think about, but its how I decided where the little money I have to spare, goes.

  17. Alice (in Veganland) says

    One thing at a time, Katie… I think we all understand you very well. It’s hard to decide, but you can’t help everybody at the same time! You’re such a wonderful person…
    I still wonder why there’s not an international organization for such emergencies with a fat emergency fund to help those people…

    On to the food, I also find the idea of the tortilla-pizza one of the best ideas EVER.

  18. Bianca says

    Its definitely impossible to help everyone…and if you try, you’ll likely just end up burned out. I try and stick solely to animal rights causes because I feel like there are probably less people fighting for animals (and quite frankly, I like animals way better than I do people).

    But I also think you have a way bigger heart than me…which is wonderful. Sometimes I wish I cared more about people…

  19. Vaala says

    I wish I could help you on your dilemma but all I can say is to follow what your heart says is right. I tend to feel too overwhelmed when these issues and disasters happen but it is too much to try and help everyone. I would find the one that touches you the most and go with that. You have a beautiful heart 🙂

  20. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Ugh, I completely agree about the celebrities! I mean, yes there are many celebs who do great charity work… but then there are others who parade around with their $500 bags and $1000 shoes and all they do in their lives is go clubbing and steal each others’ boyfriends!

    Hmmm, my pizza didn’t get watery. But if it does for you, maybe you could try adding raw spinach to the pizza after you cook it; that way the spinach wouldn’t release any water. The tortilla I used was a whole wheat one by La Tortilla Factory. It was the first time I’d ever bought that brand, and they taste pretty good.

    Funny story about the glue—at first I tried to use spray-on adhesive… NOT a good idea, as the stuff got all over me! It was on my hands, on my face, in my HAIR! Oh it was just awful! So after that, I went with good ole Elmer’s Glue All. I’m sure there’s something that would’ve worked better, but, just like you, I’m not knowledgeable enough about artsy stuff to know what it would be. I just make things up as I go along!

  21. Danielle says

    i know exactly what you mean. it’s always so tough having to choose bc i feel like everyone deserves to be helped. just know that you are only one human being and that even little steps in a variety of causes can make a huge difference. best of luck, enjoy your bake sale!

  22. Rural Vegan says

    If even a quarter of the people in the world were as caring as you, every organization that needed volunteers would have plenty. As for how I decide, I attended a lecture once where the speaker said he chose by finding the group helping individuals who needed it the most. And he felt those who needed it most were the ones who had no voice and could absolutely not help themselves in any way. That’s still a fairly broad field, but I always lean towards those who cannot speak out, those who cannot mobilize, and those who are utterly dependent on us to be their voice.

  23. Vegan_Noodle says

    Tortilla pizzas!! I loved these as a kid. Must bring them back…

    Oh and you are so incredibly amazing for putting together a bakesale for the victims of Myanmar! I can’t believe these two tragedies occurred so close together. I feel so helpless sitting here at my desk. It’s very inspiring to see you getting out there and doing something about it!

  24. Cookiemouse says

    What a cool idea to use a tortilla to make pizza! So simple and obvious and it looks delicious. You could start a trend here. Your bakesale for Burma is wonderful!

  25. Cookiemouse says

    How to choose who to help? Perhaps one way would be to stick with one cause that one cares about, where you trust the organization that you support. For example one could support a children’s aid programme that responds to disasters as they happen. Or one could support a project directly in the good and bad times. When a lot happens at once it is hard to decide.

  26. Lisa J. says

    Your pizza looked awesome! I’m always a little wary of tortillas because of the “lard” factor, but vegan ones are out there obviously.

    Sometimes at the grocery store you can find balls of dough in the deli or bakery. Ask at the bakery counter, they can help!! I also have a simple pizza dough recipe that I make in my food processor believe it or not!!

    As for charities… We have the ones we give to on a regular basis. Other than that, it becomes too overwhelming to pick just one or to try to give to every single cause. When we used to belong to a church, we trusted in the knowledge they were giving to different charities each time.

  27. Green Eyes, Green Heart says

    Hey girl,

    Since your blog gets way more hits than my baby blog, I wanted to tell you about this website called It’s through the U.N. World Food Program, and all you do is play a vocabulary game, and for every answer you get right, they will donate 20 grains of rice to help end hunger.
    The grains really add up if you play for a while (and I’m a sucker for vocab games anyway!), plus it’s a great excuse to fool around on the computer! 😉

    Have a great day!

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