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Obsession: Faux-Yo

I still have no idea how I was so lucky that the Vita-mix company gave me one of their amazing machines completely free of charge. Until the package actually showed up at my house I didn’t fully believe it was true. Thank you, Vita-mix! Since I already owned a Vita-mix, I gave my sister the new one as a Christmas present. Does that qualify me for Sister of the Year?

Perhaps she’ll finally stop bringing it up that I used to bite her

Our First Meeting

Close your eyes and picture yourself in New York City. Imagine it’s a sticky, sweltering day. You’ve been walking for hours under the hot, relentless summer sun, and your parched throat is screaming for something cool and refreshing. (Work those imaginations, people! I know it’s a stretch… unless you happen to live in Florida.) Then, out of the corner of one eye, you spot it– an oasis in the desert. “Luscious Fruit Ice Cream, All-Natural and Vegan” proclaims the street sign, and your suddenly-sprightly feet can’t take you fast enough.

The above is a true story that took place three summers ago. My mom and I had been walking for over two hours in the humid NYC sun, and we were beat. Then, sandwiched between a Wendy’s and a CVS, we spotted Bonobo’s, with its enticing street sign. Bonobo’s is a raw vegetarian fast-food cafe (yes, they do exist!), specializing in food made from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. On the day of our visit, we opted for their amazing all-fruit ice cream (I chose blueberry, and my mom picked strawberry). This refreshing treat was the perfect pick-me-up to remedy a day spent in the heat. After savoring my sweet indulgence, I was intrigued as to how it was made. So I ambled up to the counter and engaged the waitress in conversation. “How do you make ice cream with fruit as the only ingredient?” my curious mind asked. And thus was I introduced to the Vita-mix for the first time. Ever since that first encounter, I knew someday I had to have a Vita-mix! And when that “someday” came, I was eager to make Bonoboish ice cream of my own.

That’s how “Faux-Yo” was created.


I’m not going to write down a “recipe” because it’s so basic that pretty much anyone could come up with it (and many of you probably have!).  But the idea is: throw a bunch of frozen fruit in the Vita with a tiny bit of milk of choice (a few tablespoons oughta do the trick; often, I don’t use any at all) and blend away. Berries, mangoes, bananas… anything goes! Banana all-fruit ice cream is especially amazing if you add a few chocolate chips!! And, if you really want that swirly fro-yo consistency, try squirting the ice cream out of a plastic bag with a small hole cut in the side! 🙂.

Is it a smoothie? An ice cream? A waffle-topper, oatmeal mix-in, fruit dip?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! It’s the do-it-all dip! The only things it isn’t is full of unhealthy fats and sugar.
Above, blueberry-banana (ingredients: blueberries and bananas)
Below, raspberry-peach (ingredients: raspberries and peaches)
Below: Vita-mixing (like my new word?) in bulk. I freeze the extra cups, then thaw for about 15-20 minutes before I want to consume them (or microwave for a few seconds, if I’m in a hurry).
The Vita-mix is so powerful that you don’t even need to add any extra liquid to the blender, so it yields a thick-n-creamy result, not one that is watered down from too much liquid or ice. All you have to do is throw in the ingredients, blend for about 10 seconds, and the almost-too-good-to-be-true blender will provide you with a delicious ice cream! Chocolate chips, raisins, banana, peanut butter, berries, veggies… all this and more can go into the Vita-mix. The possibilities are endless.
Above, I’m experimenting with strawberry-peach ice cream. I love nothing better than morphing into a Mad Scientist in the kitchen, and the Vita-mix provides me with ample opportunity to do so.

Published on January 12, 2009

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  1. Amira says

    I wanna vita-mix!!
    I actually tried something similar this morning in my normal food processor with banana and mango but i had to add orange juice to make it work so it wasn’t as thick as i wooda liked
    All your combinations look incredible (specially the strawberry ice-cream one-YUM)
    And the idea of blending peanut butter with chocolate as an ice-creamy treat is making me positively giddy!
    Can’t wait for the chocolate vita-mix post- yeah!
    Have a fantastic day lovely!

  2. blueskyworld says

    OMG! those ice cream looks delicious!
    i wish i could try vitamix!!! =]

    hi, i’m a “new” blogger!
    nice to meet you and i hope we could become friends 😉

  3. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says

    I love my Vita-Mix, but the ice-cream I make never freezes well. I need to try your just fruit version and freeze in little cups. Brilliant!

  4. Cody says

    Raspberry-peach for me too, please!

    …now I want a VitaMix. And I haven’t even broken in the SmartStick immersion blender I got for Christmas yet.

  5. Mrs. LC says

    Wow, soo lucky on the Vita Mix! I think I’d be beside myself if I owned one! And your fruit ice cream creations sound awesome!

    You look gorgeous and so happy in that picture of you! 🙂

  6. shelby says

    All this teasing with the vitamix!!! Argg, I will just have to beg and plead for my mom to get one! I love love love the idea for ice cream. Plus with only one or two ingredients…could it get an healthier?!

  7. eatingbender says

    You’re so cute! I love how you told the Vita-Mix story. I have been waiting for this week and I can’t wait to read all about your adventures together :o) Thanks for the tip on freezing the ice cream for later!

  8. Megan says

    im pretty sure YUM is all i can say.

    i want to mix that in every single thing i eat. and i mean EVERY single thing. mmm 🙂

  9. laci says

    Wow I can’t believe it, 100% fruit ice cream! And I thought I created an amazing concoction with frozen fruit,soymilk, vanilla and the optional hint of sweetener! You go Katie! =) (I’m dying for the next chocolate post!)

  10. Marianne says

    Raspberry-peach is one of my favourite combinations! If only I too had a magical Vitamix machine to make the true stuff. Looks awesome!

  11. herbstsonne says

    Arrgh! Between you and Hannah and Jess all posting about your Vita-Mixes, I am so jealous!! XD I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  12. *Andrea* says

    i need a vitamix! i actually just saw an infomercial for the ‘magic bullet’ and thought i saw you mention it once on your blog. it looked so cool! anyways your icecream smoothies always look deeeelish! great fruity combos.. i’m excited for the next chocolate post 🙂

  13. River says

    Giving your sister the Vitamix should definitely make up for biting her!

    Our Magic Bullet is terrible at making frozen fruit ice cream, and it needs a lot of liquids so it never yields a thick-n-creamy result.

    You look so happy with your Vitamix, you two were meant to be. The Vitamix people should hire you as their spokesperson! 🙂

  14. sweetandfit says

    i LOVE the do-it-all dip…. i could see myself using it on waffles, in oatmeal, throwing in some yogurt, or just by itself even!

  15. Ruby Red Vegan says

    AHHH!!! I would have so much more to blog about if I had a Vitamix, too! I am loving your energetic, fun posts, Katie! They are a blast to read. And dontcha know it, now I am craving all-fruit ice cream like mad.

    Oh Vitamix Gods, can I have one of these awesome blenders, too? I can kind of make banana ice cream with my food processor if I puree frozen banana with nut butter, a smidge of maple syrup, and a pinch of salt. ‘Tis quite yummy!

  16. Brooke says

    yum! i will pretend that i am using a vitamix when really i am using my magic bullet! thanks for the inspiration katie! 😀

  17. TavoLini says

    CHOCOLATE vitamix?! I’m so excited 🙂 This looks great–like a dense smoothie. I had never thought of making it ahead of time and freezing them–very smart!

  18. Lauren says

    I want a vitamix so badly!!! Ahh!! My cuisinart blender just isn’t cuting it. Epecially since I make a smoothie everyday! 🙂

    You look gorgeous in fuscia! great color for you! (me too, I think it’s the brunette thing..yay us!) He he!

  19. Erin of Care to Eat says

    You’re such a precious little woman! I love your creations. I really want a Vita-Mix but I think I need some new denim and handbags first. And some ankle boots…

  20. foodfashionfun says

    YUMMY! That looks like some incredible ice cream * jealous*
    And yes, I”ll sign up. I went on their site and looked.. what is it?

  21. Ricki says

    OOOh I am so envious I can hardly type!! (Not really, but maybe THAT will get those VitaMix people’s attention!!). Fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous. Love the idea to pre-freeze!

  22. kirsten says

    Ahh I love Bonabo’s ! My boyfriend used to work right by there so I would meet him in the city sometimes and we would go there for dinner. I’ve never tried their ice cream but it sounds amazing.

  23. Kiki says

    I want a vitamix too! I’ve tried to make ice cream like that with a banana and a splash of milk and it works pretty well. Can’t wait for the chocolate post!

  24. Kiersten says

    That’s really cool that you got a Vitamix for free. I’ll have to get one some day and see what everyone has been talking about.

    I’ll admit, your Vitamix creations in this post look a bit more appetizing than the green pudding (sorry).

  25. Vita-VEGAN-Vegamin says

    You lucky thing (or your lucky sis, as the case may be)! I sooooo want a vitamix, just can’t talk the hubby into spending that kind of $$$ on a blender (even if it is the Cadillac of all blenders).

    Your ice cream looks awesome!

  26. tofufreak says

    i’ve been trying to convince my mom for the longest time to get me a vitamix! oh, the pains of life without a vita mix 🙁 haha. i love all of your creations!

  27. Fitnessista says

    vitamix week!!! AHHHH i'm so excited!
    thank you in advance for the glorious recipes you're going to share with me 😀
    you look so cute and happy with your vitamix!
    have a wonderful night <3

  28. aTxVegn says

    You are a master with the vitamix! I don’t think I would purchase one, but I certainly would accept one as a gift.

  29. Joanna says

    katie, first off, how did you get a free vitamix?!?!!?! that just doesn’t happen in real life!!

    and second, i just made a fruit concoction like yours a few days ago. i had no clue what to call it so i called it fruit soup. i like do-it-all dip so much better. it sounds more refined haha

  30. Alice (in Veganland) says

    I keep researching how to buy one from Germany with no success! that thing sounds just too amazing to pass up!

  31. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Ooh definitely get the Magic Bullet!!!! Buying one was one of the best decisions I ever made—I wavered back and forth because I already had he Vitamix. But the MB is soooo simple to use because you can make up single servings and—the best part—it goes in the DISHWASHER!!!

    Ha! It’s bigger than me! ;o)

  32. Sagan says

    Yep, sister of the year for sure! Where did you get your shirt? I’ve got one from Jacob that looks almost exactly like it hehe.

    Vitamix looks amazing.

  33. Sanja says

    I love the vibrant colors of your ice creams…

    And it makes me want to have a Vitamix too, so it was a good call of the Vitamix people to send you one. 😉

  34. loops77 says

    You can make the ice cream more solid by freezing your almond milk/cream/milk/soymilk/ as ice cubes and putting it in instead of using the liquid.

  35. dewtakeflight says

    I’m going to NYC next weekend for my sisters film opening at the New York International Chicano Film Festival and I’m going to go try Bonobos! So glad I came across this post..hopefully it doesn’t make me want a Vitamix too badly, they’re too expensive when you don’t get them free 🙂

  36. Luv2CUSmile says

    Oh you are a great sister to give your sis a Vitamix! My dream to get one! I love looking at your yummy creations, I would much rather be testing them for ya! LOL If ya need a tester of ingredients, HOLLA!
    LOl There is a Home show in our state in February that will have a Vitamix demo going on and if I can’t make it to that one (about 3 hours away) I am definitely going to the one in April! It is on my Birthday!!! Wheeeee- What a better excuse to get a Vitamix!! Thx for sharing! Love the eye-candy!

  37. Tanya says

    Wow, I soooo want a VitaMix. Maybe one day we’ll be able to afford one. WHY are they so expensive??? Perhaps in the meantime I’ll splurge for a Magic Bullet then….we’ll see!


  38. Angel says

    For anyone who would love to try this and has a champion juiced (others may work as well) but no vitamix, use your juicer. I’ve never tried it with the vitamix but I’ve often made the frozen fruit ice cream in my juicer. For a creamier taste, any kind of milk (rice, coconut, nut milk, or even cow if your not vegan) can be added at the end, little by little through the food feed part and it helps clean the machine a bit. I hope that helps. Vitamixes are wonderful but not in everyone’s budget so here’s an alternative way to make this healthy deliciousness!

  39. Megan says

    Oh my gosh this has been my favorite new obsession this summer! So glad I found your posts on it. Frozen banana + Frozen mango + tsp of honey + sprinkles = amazing Texas summer treat!!!! 🙂 Definitely takes away my craving to visit Yogurtville all the time. 😉 Thanks.

  40. annie says

    Katie, help me to love my Vitamix blender as much as you (and everyone else) seems to love theirs! I got it in March and I have to say that more often than not I come away frustrated when I try to use it.

    It is another 100F degree day in Dallas today, so I set out to make some faux-yo with frozen bananas and mangos. It didn’t work out so great–I had to add about half a cup of almond milk to make it blend. What happens is that the mixture seems to “re-freeze” somewhat around the blades, so that the blades move within this “shell” of frozen fruit but the top of the mixture doesn’t get pulled down into the blades. I have to stop it every couple of seconds to mix it by hand, or add liquid. The same thing happens when I try to make smoothies, margaritas, or anything involving ice or frozen fruit. Have you had this problem? How do I join the land of happy Vitamix customers?!?!?


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