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Forget love. I’d rather fall in chocolate

For those of you who don’t own a Vita-mix: Do not despair! You can still make this chocolatey recipe. It might not have the same ice-cream consistency, but I’m sure it’ll be just as delicious!


Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream

Makes two HUGE servings (or four 1/2-cup servings)


  • 8 grams (about 1 and 1/2 T) Hershey’s Special Dark (For most recipes, I use regular cocoa powder, as it has more antioxidants. But the Special Dark tastes much better in this recipe.)
  • 4 grams (about 1 T) Amazing Grass Super Chocolate powder (Or skip this and just add more  of the Special Dark cocoa)
  • 1/3 cup non-dairy milk (I use 70 grams almond milk. If you don’t have a Vitamix, you may need to add more liquid for the mixture to blend.)
  • 2-6 ice cubes (I use 6)
  • 1 bag frozen strawberries (about 250 grams)
  • If you have a bigger sweet tooth than my non-existent one, feel free to add sweetener

.Throw everything in the Vita-Mix or blender, and blend away!


Optional Ideas:

  1. Either before or after blending, throw in some chocolate chips
  2. Sprinkle coconut shavings on top of the finished creation. 
  3. Use chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder
  4. For an even more decadent ice cream, use melted chocolate chips in place of the cocoa powder.

The gorgeous Vita-Mix ice cream creation, after spending a few seconds in my Vita-Mix.

Behold the creaminess!

Chocolate-Covered Song of the Day

Beautiful Day (U2) It was cold and windy in the morning (20 degrees), so I decided to wait until the afternoon to run. By then, it was 63 and sunny—the perfect weather, both for running and for listening to the above song. And no, the 40-degree weather change is not an anomaly in Dallas. Some days, it starts out at 20 and goes up to the 80s! You never know how to dress!

Published on January 13, 2009

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  1. *Andrea* says

    ok i am buying a magic bullet next week when i get my paycheck 😉 your tofu scrambles always look so delicious. do you just use plain tofu and cut it up?

    i love the title of the post too.. All you need is CHOCOLATE (forget love haha jk)

  2. Marianne says

    Do I even need to say that it looks amazing? I’m sure I could recreate that in my magic bullet to some extent. And with coconut milk, it would be spectacular! Thanks 😀

  3. Vegyogini says

    Allison of Vita-Mix told me that I will not be getting a Vita-Mix, so I’m definitely happy I can make your yummy chocolate treat without it! It looks SO GOOD!

    BTW, we went from 37 degrees around 7 a.m. to 70 degrees around 7 a.m. within about a week’s time. You guys aren’t the only ones having erratic weather these days, but 20 to 80 within one day is quite a leap!

  4. Jessie says

    Yum yum yum! I love Indian food and tofu scramble, so putting the two of them together must be awesome! The “ice cream” looks great too. Gotta love the Vitamix!

  5. Mrs. LC says

    Oh wow, your ice cream looks sooo amazing!! Does it get all weird/ separate funky when it starts to melt? I want to try it but I’m afraid my wimpy blender may not be able to take it and it’d end up more like a milkshake…if my blender even survived.

    And I love U2. 🙂

  6. Lauren says

    Yum!! You have my sweet tooth going now! 🙂

    Your tofu scramble looks so tasty! I am making one later on this week.. I haven’t had it in a while. I like having it for dinner! Changes it up a bit!

  7. Veg-a-Nut says

    I am still jealous! Your vitamix is such a wonderful thing! Yum to everthing!!!! I wish teh vitamix santa would come to my house. :o)

  8. babycakes says

    scrumtious!!! I received a Vitamix 5200 for Christmas and am totally in LOVE. Thanks to you, I have many new recipes to try 🙂

    I was wondering what kind of bread you use for your toast?

  9. Chris says

    Chocolate strawberry ice cream that’s also healthy? Ok, that seals it – you’re a recipe goddess AND I need to get myself a Vitamix asap…or maybe I can just convert it to work with my weaker little blender!

  10. sweetandfit says

    yet again another amazing ice-cream recipe, it looks amazing and the best part is that its healthy! I dont have a vitamix or a magic bullet…i have this little thing – the brand name is Oster or something. oneday i will have enough money to invest in the vitamix. Thanks so much for your healing thoughts!

  11. laci says

    Wow you can be so creative with the most simple, convenient lower fat/calorie alternitive ingretients! Great emergency recipe Katie! I can’t wait too try it, and for breakfast sounds fabulous! When I read you went running I pictured you’re cute petite body covered in “chocolate covered” clothes and a huge grin, dreaming of imaginary places to pass! =) Do you run alone in a park or on some field? Thanks!
    P.S. The breakfast looks REALLY good! =)

  12. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says

    That is some healthy ice-cream for sure! I’d eat it for b’fast, lunch, dinner, and maybe a snack. 🙂 Guess I can since I own a Vita-Mix. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for more recipes.

  13. Vaala says

    Oh god, that ice cream looks like heaven! I will now race off the the supermarket and get me some strawberries to freeze so I will stop drooling! It’s so hot here right now so it would be perfect!

  14. VeganCowGirl says

    Yes to ice cream for breakie! i am trying it tomorrow…tried something inspired by you last night and it was divine! Thanks for bringing the smoothie life back into focus!

  15. acookinthemaking says

    that looks…SO.GOOD.

    ps-so jealous of your weather. it’s supposed to be 7 degrees in boston on friday…

  16. TavoLini says

    The chocolate ice cream looks excellent and I am completely enthralled with the indian tofu scramble! Excellent breakfast 😉

  17. Vegan_Noodle says

    You are so making me want a Vitamix! I’m not sure where I”d put it though.. my kitchen is full to the brim with gadgets!

    I really need to follow your example and get out and run. The cold weather these past few days has just made me want to cuddle up in a blanket and read…

    And don’t worry.. I don’t think anyone could ever take the fondant queen crown from you!! I still have tons to learn…

  18. Amanda says

    yay! I was just thinking about how to make a chocolate vegan ice cream and here you are doing, just that! Looks delicious!

  19. Mihl says

    I would prefer the second breakfast over the ice cream. But not because I didn’t like it, just because there’s ice and snow all around my house. I’ll be back next summer to make this delicious stuff. 😀

  20. Little Girl's Mom says

    I love my Vita-mix, too. It gets used every single day! And Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder is, by far the best.

    I figured out how to make my oatmeal in it–yummy oatmeal in like 2 minutes–30 seconds in the vita-mix and 90 in the mike. (I put my recipe on my blog today since I have been eating it so often lately.)

  21. vegannurse says

    Ice cream for breakfast, Katie?? I like the way you think, my friend.

    That chocolate ice cream looks amazing.. so good, in fact, it’s intriguing me (and I’m not even a chocolate fan!). Maybe I’ll try your recipe out sometime… or maybe I’ll sub carob powder and see how that works out, too.

    Thanks for the recipe and hope you’re having a good week!

  22. My Life, My Style says

    Hey CCV, I love your blog and I make sure to read it every day. But I’ve been away for a while. Did you ever post more pictures of your adorable cousins? That picture of the one little boy with the pink doughnut was just the most precious thing I’d ever seen!

  23. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Patrick—But if I fell in, then I could swim around in the chocolate!

    Andrea—Yay! You are going to LOVE the Magic Bullet! I think I use that thing like 5 times a day! As for the tofu, I usually cut it only a few times, because it breaks up anyways in the pan. But lately I’ve been cutting it into big chunks, then freezing it (then thawing before using it) because it gives it a different texture.

    Laci—Usually I run around the streets close to where I live. There is a park nearby, so sometimes I will run to the park, run around the park, then run home. But usually, I just run around residential streets. My favorite running path was in Monaco, though—running through the streets of Monaco was just priceless!

    Babycakes—I like plain whole wheat bread, not the sprouted kind. Lately, though, I’ve been on a huge English Muffin kick!

    Everyone else who asked questions– I’ll be visiting your blogs with answers soon :o)

  24. River says

    Chocolate makes the world go ’round! Oh yes, this will be one of my snacks tomorrow. I will have to use my stubborn Magic Bullet instead.

  25. Mona says


    sorry about the caps…i am just very excited 🙂

    I used half of the amount of strawberries you used (partly because I just have a magic bullet…) but it came out looking like ice cream. I also used chocolate almond milk which added a super nice chocolate flavor! Thanks for the recipe!

  26. Max says

    I just made this with raspberries and topped it with raw chocolate sauce! YUM. How did you get it so chocolaty with only 1 2/3 teaspoons cocoa powder?

  27. katie henderson says

    When I read the ingredients on hersheys special dark I found dairy products. I cannot use it because I have an allergy… was this a freak bar of chocolate, or did they perhaps change their recipe?

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