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Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats

These creamy overnight oats are one breakfast that’s definitely worth waking up for!

Combine all ingredients in a jar + refrigerate overnight. The next morning, you get a delicious and healthy breakfast! @choccoveredkt

Your instant breakfast awaits!

In this overnight oats recipe, you basically just throw a bunch of ingredients into a jar the night before, and breakfast magically appears on the table in the morning.

If you normally find yourself with no time in the morning or no motivation to make an elaborate breakfast, the “overnight oats” method could be perfect for you.


Overnight Oatmeal

Over five years ago, I first published something called the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick, and it spread through the internet like lightning.

Overnight oats are similar to voluminous oats in that you make them up the night before. But this time it’s even easier:

There is no cooking required whatsoever!

overnight oats recipe

Combine ingredients + refrigerate overnight = a delicious and healthy breakfast the next morning that keeps you full for hours: @choccoveredkt


Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats

Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats

Total Time: 5m
Yield: 1 serving
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  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt - such as Wholesoy
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice
  • optional, 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • optional chocolate chips or cacao nibs
  • sweetener of choice or melted banana, as desired


In a small mason jar or lidded container, stir together all dry ingredients. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. Cover the container and let sit overnight. The next day, stir the overnight oats and enjoy. Depending on your yogurt and milk of choice, you may or may not wish to add any sugar or sweetener.

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Published on January 18, 2015

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  1. Sarah Sherwood says

    Excellent idea. It will definitely cut down on the time it takes to make my porridge. On the book note I live in th UK and received my book on Friday. Absolutely brilliant. I was in the supermarket by 8pm buying the ingredients for my weekend baking.

  2. Katie M says

    Where did you buy that spoon? It’s gorgeous! I’ve been looking for some more artistic-looking spoons for breakfast, but I haven’t been able to find any.

    Thanks for the lovely, simple recipe. I make overnight oats almost every morning during the summer, so it’s nice to have some variations to choose from.

  3. Penny says

    Katie, please can you clarify `melted banana’, at the end of the ingredients list? Did you mean mashed banana, or is this some magic food trick that I’m ignorant of?!

  4. Linda @ TheFitty says

    You have the most perfect oats, did you know that? So nice and round and soft, unlike the crumbles that I find at the supermarket.

  5. Ellie says

    All of your recipes sound so delicious and I’m dying to try your oatmeal ones. Unfortunately, I have a sensitivity to oats and am unable to eat them. Is there another grain you recommend as a substitution , granted some tweaking may be needed? Thank you!

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      You can always experiment with spelt flakes or quinoa flakes or something. Be sure to report back if you do!

  6. Emma says

    Sounds awesome, Katie- thank you so much! I even have some vanilla almond yogurt in the fridge… I rarely buy it, so this may be a sign =)

    Congrats on your book signing! You’re doing amazing. Isn’t it crazy to be able to say “Over five years ago, I first published…”? Time is weird. Thank you for this recipe =)

    PS- spoon totally caught my eye, too!

  7. avirup says

    Wow. The pictures look amazing. I had to visit your blog as the pictures were so beautiful, I guess the taste will be more deliecious. 🙂

  8. Andrea says

    I’ve been making a variety of this every evening for the next day. I’ll have to try the cocoa nibs. I’m obsessed with the chia seed texture! I’ve been using 1/3 cup of oats which yields plenty once it plumps up for my breakie.

  9. Lou says

    I’ve been addicted to your blog for two years now, and I just received your book from the US to France!! Can’t wait to try all the recipes!

  10. Kathryn says

    Mmm I love this!! I will be giving this a try for sure. I just bought a bunch of carob chips and I think they’ll go really well in this. (I’m trying to keep carob around the house more instead of chocolate, because even though it’s really tasty and I like it a lot, I have an easier time with eating small portions of it than I do with chocolate.) I’ll let you know how it comes out with those.

    xx Kathryn

  11. Lisa @bitesforbabies says

    I think I’ve made just about every overnight oat recipe in the book, lol!!! My kids (and I) love them! I make mine with chocolate chips VERY often but usually don’t give them to my kids. Their oats are always fruit based…but sometimes they do get something a little more decadent, like peanut butter!

  12. terri says

    First time I’ve made overnight oats, and I’m hooked – Delicious! I added black cherry concentrate – tasted like a desert! Love getting those probiotics with my oatmeal.

  13. Alayna says

    Oh my goodness this sounds delicious!! Gonna make that right now actually. And wow, that spoon. Would you mind telling me where you bought it? I’ve searched everywhere online and can’t find anything quite as beautiful

  14. Linda Wilson says

    This recipe is a true winner, Katie! It is so delicious and rich and filling and has complex elements that satisfy. This truly takes the cake! Thanks for such a simple recipe that fills you up and makes you want to eat breakfast!

  15. Kristen says

    I LOVE this recipe!!!! I have made it for breakfast the past 3 days and I absolutely adore it!!! I followed the recipe exactly and used vanilla almond milk as my milk of choice. I did not add any optional sweetener. I thought it didn’t need it and tasted amazing without it. Thank you so much Katie!!! You are so talented!!! ☺

  16. Farah says

    Love these oats! Have used yogurt with water or sometimes just almond milk & both times are fab! I use between 1/4-1/3 C oats.
    To the person asking about steel cut oats- I recently did this as I saw it on Pinterest…I UNpinned it today! Haha.
    After 48 hours in the fridge the steel cut oats were very chewy. I still ate them because I’m out of town & packed it, plus I’m cheap & don’t want to waste the ingredients 😉
    I won’t be doing steel cut overnight oats again.

  17. Christina says

    I felt compelled to write my opinion of this oatmeal. First of all, it was AMAZING!! But, what kind of vanilla yogurt did you use? I can’t have soy, so I use regular dairy yogurt. I made the oatmeal with fat-free Fage Greek yogurt, then added stevia and pure vanilla extract to make it like vanilla yogurt, but I found that the end product was still too bitter – although good… I feel like it should have been a little more “cookie-like” with less of a bite to it. This is the FIRST TIME I have ever made one of your recipes. I just started looking at your blog and I am truly impressed! You are an inspiration and a god send because I have been on a diet and going stir crazy with all the “healthy” foods. Thank you for your recipe!

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      If you can’t have soy and don’t want dairy, there is also So Delicious coconutmilk yogurt if you’d prefer.

  18. Elizabeta says

    This looks absolutely delicious!
    But I do need some help with the recipe though..
    Could you please tell me measurements in grams so I can kitchen scale them ^^?
    Because I don’t have cup measurements and whenever I try to measure those with something other than a cup it doesn’t go well..
    I really appreciate your help <3
    And keep up the amazing work, you have the best recipes ever =))

  19. shleepy says

    I’ve tried overnight oats in the past, and they always came out slimy in the morning. Is there a way to prevent that?

  20. Ruth York says

    Today, April 11,2015, I watched The Kitchen. They did a section on “secret Ingredient”. Katie Lee had a chocolate cake covered with chocolate gnache. It was sugar free and dairy free. I have searched and searched for it and can not find it. The secret ingredient was quinoa. Please help.

  21. Michelle says

    I made these last night and am currently enjoying them. I used plain yogurt and added vanilla protein powder. Soooooo good! And on such a hot morning a perfect treat!

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