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Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries…

The secret to crispy baked sweet potato fries? Soak them in water for an hour… it really works! – @choccoveredkt… Full recipe:

No Oscar-themed dessert today.

My friend who usually hosts the Oscars party was working this year, no one else ever got around to organizing anything, and S was busy as well… so my big night included Emily (my roommate), me, and the Oscars Maggie Smith.

We clicked back a few times, but decided Downton Abbey was much more compelling than the Oscars. I will look at all the dresses in People magazine! And a quick glance at twitter this morning told me all I needed to know about who won what.

To compliment our entertainment, we grilled some portobello mushroom burgers with all the fixings. And nothing goes better with burgers than homemade crispy sweet potato fries!

sweet potato

sweet potato fries

You can spend four times the price and get a tiny bag of Alexia frozen sweet potato fries with a bunch of unnecessary added ingredients like dextrin, xantham gum, and tapioca starch…

Or, in less time than it takes to watch the Oscars pre-show, you can save money by preparing a recipe for healthy and crispy sweet potato fries at home– no special equipment needed!

(Did you watch the Oscars? What dresses did you like best? And what exactly happened in the opening monologue? I missed that part, but people have been telling me it was quite bizarre and not at all politically correct. As for dresses, Jennifer Aniston’s striking red dress was my favorite of the few I saw. I’m partial to bold-colored dresses that stand out in a crowd of black and silver.)

sweet potatoes

healthy fries

The secret to crispy baked sweet potato fries? Soak them in water for an hour… it really works! – @choccoveredkt… Full recipe:


Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Total Time: 25m
Print This Recipe [mrp_rating_result show_count="false" show_rich_snippets="false"]


  • 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled
  • oil spray, or 1-2 tbsp olive or coconut oil
  • 2 tsp curry powder (or cinnamon, for sweet fries)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder (omit for sweet fries)
  • 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)


How to make crispy sweet potato fries: Preheat oven to 400F and grease a baking sheet. Cut the potatoes into fry shapes (thick or thin), then soak them in water for around 45 minutes. This is the important step to make them crispy! Drain, and pat dry. Toss the fries with the oil or oil spray in a large bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Spread the fries on the baking sheet. Bake 25-30 minutes, turning halfway through. For even crispier fries, feel free to leave them in longer or broil for the last 1-2 minutes.  A reader also left the advice to cook them on parchment paper, which will absorb some of the moisture.

*View Crispy Sweet Potato Fries Nutrition Facts*

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Published on February 25, 2013

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  1. Olivia@ OmNom Love says

    I love sweet potato fries, but have never been able to make them perfectly. They’re either too limp or nearly burnt. :\ I will definitely have to try this recipe!
    I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. Instead I watched The Fellowship of the Ring. Much more interesting in my opinion. 😉
    P.S. I would love that portabella burger recipe!

  2. Hannah says

    I love sweet potato fries!! 🙂 And yes, please, that portabella burger recipe sounds delicious!! We’d love for you to share!! 😉

  3. Sophie says

    Hi Katie,
    Do you take requests for posts at all? I know this is a recipe blog, but would you consider doing a theme post on “healthy eating”? You frequently use the word “healthy” on your blog, and as reader I think it would be really useful to get an idea of what your idea of “healthy” is. My impression just from seeing your recipes is that it’s about having a low calorie and vegan diet, but since there are so many conflicting views around about what constitutes “healthy eating” it would be great to hear a little more about the philosophy behind your recipes! Anyway, just a thought. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Sophie,

      I don’t actually think “low-calorie” and “healthy” go together (and definitely “vegan” doesn’t necessarily translate to being healthy). Many healthy foods happen to be low-calorie because they’re free of sugars and unhealthy fats, but some of my favorite healthy foods are quite high in calories. For me, “healthy” is more about whole grains, foods naturally high in vitamins, unprocessed foods (ingredients found in nature, as opposed to foods created in a lab), antioxidants… and good taste. I think that last one is very important; spiritual and mental health will suffer if you’re not eating foods that make you feel good.

      I can definitely add it to a list of potential post topics. Thanks for the request!

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    This recipe looks great. I’ve been looking for a good sweet potato fry recipe so I’ll have to give this a try.

    I didn’t watch the Oscars but I do check to see what people are wearing the next morning. No one really blew me away this year but I did think Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous. Not sure I was crazy about Reese Witherspoon’s dress but I loved the color!! I agree, thumbs up for anything different from the blacks, golds, silvers, and creams!

  5. Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies says

    I didnt even realize the Oscars were on last night until I was watching a re-run of the soup making fun of it in advance… oops!

    These sweet potato fries look sososo tasty and easy to make! I always get tricked into going out to eat to get some fries (I hate frozen ones), but not any more 🙂

  6. kris says

    thanks for this recipe. definitely send portabello burger recipe. trying to come up with new recipes. my family LOVES portabello fajitas.

  7. Justin says

    would love to make these tomorrow! tonight we are having vegan and gf pizza! also that burger recipe sounds great too. on your recent post, i would love to see more international desserts tarts? mmmm 🙂 thanks katie

  8. Katie says

    I feel like every time I make sweet potatoes fries similar to your recipe, they always just end up mushy. If I bake them longer, they burn, but they’re always mushy on the inside. Any tips?

  9. honeywhatscooking says

    looks so good, love sweet potato fries. i agree, i loved jennifer aniston in red, it was nice to see her wear red after so long. jen lawrence was the winner of the night. reese looked pretty in blue. 🙂

  10. m says

    Thanks for the recipe! Every time I try making oven fries, they end up mushy. Hopefully I’ll have crispy fries using your recipe!
    I thought Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful!

  11. Lisa says

    Yum! These look seriously perfectly crisp and delicious!
    I like the addition of curry powder. When I make kabocha or sweet potato, I usually always add cinnamon, but I think it would be nice to change it up with curry powder instead.
    Ah, the Oscars I loved so many dresses hated some others. Jenn Aniston always looks amazing!

  12. Andie says

    Hi Katie! These look so good! This is very random, but I want to spread the news because it’s extremely amazing: I don’t know if you’ve heard of the 26 Random Acts of Kindness movement, but basically, people across the U.S. are doing 26 individual random acts of kindness to honor the 26 shooting victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I just learned about it today and am so touched, so I want to spread the message and I will start today! The movement has a twitter, #26acts (or something similar to that.) Sorry if this is spam, but since a lot of people read your blog I thought it would be a good way to get people involved!

  13. michelle says

    Love sweet potato fries…

    I go to a moms only oscar party….very fun….tried this pimm liquor that was very yummy
    I saw the finale of downton last that show

  14. Trajayjay says

    Katy Perry’s dress kind of freaked me out. It had like a glory hole for her boob crack. All I could focus on were her tah-tahs staring out the window.

    • Kelli Nicole says

      You’re expecting Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and Ted, to not put on a show full of dry borderline-inappropriate humor? That is a big expectation, to say the least. Seth MacFarlance, albeit not my favorite comedian, just did his job. That article link is WELL overplaying all the little bitty details that happened to embarrass women and totally ignored all the jokes said about men. Which there were too many to name. I thought the Oscars were hilarious, the best nominations were picked, and the fashion was absolutely gorgeous!

  15. 0246 says

    Yum! I don’t ever peel sweet potatoes though — scrub them well and cut ’em up, the skin is full of nutrients and fiber (and um, I’m lazy 😉

  16. Carrie says

    Love the new logo!
    And I am completely in love with sweet potato fries! My husband and I will never go back to the regular kind! Though I seem to have a hard time getting them crispy without burning many of them!

  17. Bahja says

    I really love this new layout….really really love it!:D
    remind me of an ice cream sundae with the right amount of chocolate on top!

    I think a lot of the dresses felt like repeats,so I loved the eccentric ones like Helene Bonham Carter,Zooey Deschanel,and Diane Kruger. the way,thanks for the fries post my little sister loves them:D (me too!me too!)

  18. Shelley says

    Sweet potato fries…yum! I’ve tried soaking the potatoes in very cold water for 30 minutes before baking to make them extra crispy. You just have to dry them really well before you coat them in oil. Looking forward to the portobello recipe!

  19. Shauna says

    This is so strange, just put some sweet potato fries in the oven (after debating whether to make chunks or skinny fries) and then checked this out! Great minds think alike? I used chilli powder on mine:)

  20. Cam says

    Hey Katie! Quick question– do you have any tips for getting your potato slices cut so evenly to make fries? Mine always end up misshapen and different sizes/thicknesses!!

  21. Marie says

    We eat a Weston A Price/Maker’s Diet and was just wondering today how to make french fries fast and easy! These look amazing! And the vitamin A and zinc in sweet potatos helps combat acne, and with coconut oil, there is no harm not foul, just goodness! THANKS a million! Making these in the next day.

  22. Casey M. says

    I’ve made these before, but with 2 tsp. smoked paprika and 1 tsp. cayenne pepper for spicy sweet potato fries! Amazing and delicious!! (If you like spicy, of course… which I do… because they are definitely spicy!)

  23. Grace says

    OMG! Sweet potato fries! Eeeek!! I’m in heaven!! I absolutely ADORE sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries are even better! I haven’t made sweet potato fries in a while, but I will definitely try your recipe ASAP! They look SUPER crunchy and uber yummy!

    I actually didn’t watch the Oscars.. :/ Was there anything good that I missed that I should look up on YouTube?

    And please, please, please post your portabella burger recipe… That sounds delish! 🙂

    -Grace 🙂

    P.S. Have you ever thought of making a healthy cookie butter recipe? Or a healthy chili and/or healthy red velvet cupcake/cake recipe?

    Just wondering, thanks!!!! 🙂

  24. Linnie says

    Funny that you posted this and mentioned the Oscars. I did in fact watch the Oscars, I did make my own sweet potatoe fries and I did all of the chopping pre-show!! I also added cinnamon. 🙂

  25. Allison @ Life's a Bowl says

    I thought all of the Jennifer’s looked fabulous! Loved the color of Jennifer Aniston’s dress, the cut of Jennifer Garner’s dress, and Jennifer Lawrence looked radiant!

  26. Andrea says

    These look so goodddddd.
    How come whenever I try to make these baked fries things they never turn out to be crispy :(. Either they burn or they are limp. I’ve tried with zucchinis, potatos and carrots.

  27. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says

    I love making sweet potato fries and wedges! Mine don’t normally look this good but they taste good, I love to add curry and garlic powder to sweet potatoes.

  28. Andrea says

    Mmm, love sweet potato fries! I’ve made them a couple times but I am pretty terrible at cutting sweet potatoes. I tend to get my husband to cut them into smaller chunks and I take over from there, haha.
    P.S. I, too, would love that portabella burger recipe!

  29. Rachel @ skullandcrosstales says

    You make these look so easy! Whenever i make sweet potato chips they are either too soft or burnt! To be honest though i never bother to turn them, so maybe that is the trick! I’ll give it a go!

    While i’m not a big fan of mushrooms, I have been eating veggie burgers/patties like crazy lately – i’d love to see a recipe for lentil or chickpea or quinoa burgers!

  30. Jessica says

    I just bought some sweet potatoes that have been begging to be made into fries…perfect timing with this post! 🙂 Oh and that portabella burger recipe would be great!! I would def love for that to be a post sometime soon!

  31. Catscant says

    Any ideas about how to make ahead and freeze? I have to admit those bags of Alexia’s come in mighty handy when I have to work late…
    What stage of the recipe would be best to throw them in my own bag to have for later?

  32. Jacquelyn says

    I want to make these for lunch! Can’t do curry or cinnamon due to restrictions, would just garlic and a bit of salt have enough flavor?

  33. marcy says

    parchment paper makes sweet potato fries (and everything else) incredible! you can use just a spritz of oil and they come out perfectly browned and crispy without any sticking. before i used parchment paper i was scraping sweet potato mush off the bottom of my pans after using plenty of oil.

    its also great for making breaded chicken, roll the chicken in bread crumbs and toss on a parchment lined cookie sheet with a spritz of olive oil and it comes out perfectly browned without any sticking. parchment also makes perfect pizza crust too and makes it REALLY easy to cook up some cubed tofu without using any oil at all. its amazing stuff!

  34. Cynthia says

    My kids love sweet potato fries. I bake mine at 425 for 25 minutes. They don’t get crispy. Thanks for the broiler tip. I will try that. I make a dip of plain yogurt with some mayo and pressed garlic and salt. It’s yummy. I put olive oil, chinese five spice, salt and a little cayenne pepper over the fries before baking. They are very addictive! But a healthy one.

  35. Sarah Cummins says

    I recently heard that we can get inflammation from using olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil at high heats. Have you heard about this? And what is considered high heat? I had been cooking with coconut oil for nearly everything including stir fry and more because I thought it was safe at high heat. Something to do with how it breaks down?

  36. Melissa says

    Yes please, post the portabello burger recipe! 😀

    The Oscars are my yearly guilty pleasure. I really liked a lot of the dresses. I didn’t see any that I absolutely hated. And the opening monologue…I think some of the jokes (and throughout the evening) went a bit too far.

  37. Lori says

    The fries look great! I will definitely make these, as the Alexia ones are pretty pricy. Please, please, please post your recipe for the Portobella burgers, & any other Portobella recipes you would be willing to share. I used to try to make them, but they never came out as good as the ones from the restaurants. Somehow, the consistency just wasn’t right! Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes!

  38. Julie says

    Don’t know what I do wrong but after 25 minutes mine are mush. Just turned up the heat a bit . . We will see if I burn them. Smell good anyway!

  39. Cindy says

    Just tried these. Did 380 for 30 min – cooked through but definitely limp. *sigh* Even did the broiler for 1 min per tray – burned the ends of them, but still limp overall. Should I just try longer and skip the broiler? We did use parchment paper on both trays and rotated trays at 15 min, and stirred them around. Help!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m sorry they didn’t get crispy :(. Mine are always crispy… sometimes too much! Maybe it is a climate thing, as I live in a pretty dry area. Can you try letting them sit out awhile? Or try storing them in a glass container (not plastic) and see if they are crispy the next day? If you try one of these things, be sure to report back!

      • Cindy says

        Do you mean to leave them out after they’re done cooking? And store in the fridge in a glass container?

  40. Perfect Fries says

    Some say that sweet potato fries and maple syrup go well together. Thanks for sharing this recipe for the fries.

  41. Amy says

    The nutrition facts state that there is only 0.1g of fat; however, if 1-2tbsp of olive or coconut oil are used, then there are approximately 3.5g of fat per serving (1/4 of the entire recipe). This would increase the total calories to about 120.

    Just thought I would share, in case any one is counting fat and/or calories.

    Great recipe by the way! I just made them the “savory” instead of “sweet” way and they turned out awesome!! I added a little bit of fresh ground pepper and sodium-free salt. Yum!

  42. sue runge says

    I tried the “crispy” sweet potato fries tonight and they were not crispy at all. I added 30 minutes (5 minutes at a time) to the baking time. I broiled them on the bottom rack for 15 minutes ( 5 minutes at a time) and I even tried some in a frying pan on the stove and they are still not crispy. I finally took the ones out of the oven when they started to shrivel up but were still not crispy. I live in Colorado, (very dry) so I am not sure how you got these fries to be crispy. They do taste good but soggy was not what I was craving. Any suggestions?

  43. Chris says

    Made these on my Pampered Chef Stoneware Bar Pan they came out super crisp! The stoneware really helps absorb excess moisture….I highly recommend baking these on stoneware! The recipe is perfect! Quite Delicious!

  44. Elais says

    Sounds yummy! You wrote that soaking them in water is the really important part but you didn’t say for how long. :-/

  45. Erin @ The Emerging Foodie says

    I was just thinking of making some sweet potato fries for my new blog! Glad I saw this. 🙂 Great tip! I can never get mine crispy so I’ll definitely try this.

  46. Angry says

    Why did you post a recipe for soggy fries? Thanks for ruining my batch of two sweet potatoes. I’ll go to McDonald’s where I know I’ll get hot food cooked correctly.

    • Hana says

      Sad that you have to blame someone else when you were the one who messed up the recipe. 🙁
      And Mcdonalds fries are not crispy. They are greasy. Enjoy!

  47. sarah says

    I tried these last night and they did come out crispy but I had a problem with them sticking to my cookie sheet 🙁 I tossed them in coconut oil before hand and when I went to turn them over after 10 minutes they were all sticking to the sheet. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to stop this.

  48. YUM! says

    These fries ROCK! I was skeptical because I’d tried another baked sweet potato fry recipe before and those came out soft, but these fries were perfect and crispy and crunchy without being burnt. Thank you for a great recipe and blog!

  49. Leslie says

    So I am sitting here eating these sweet potato fries right now and I HAD to leave you a comment about them. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you because these are addictive and I don’t know how I will stop making them! I added a little bit of cinnamon to mine, and they taste like Thanksgiving!

  50. Laura says

    I am training for a fitness competition and sweet potatoes are a staple in my training diet, so I googled to find ways to use them. I made a batch of these last night, and let’s just say it won’t be the last!

    • Jerralynn says

      I’ve made this recipe 5 times now. The first ones were very crispy, the second ones weren’t, and all the other times were crispy again. I didn’t do anything differently the second time, so maybe its just a bad sweet potato sometimes?

      • Masson says

        Shoot! I’ll give it a try once again this week with your portobello mushroom burger recipe 🙂

        Thanks for the reply

  51. Rachel says

    These were awesome!!! Loved the curry and garlic!! I also used coconut oil! I did broil them a bit longer than suggested b/c we like them crunchy!! And thanks so much for the soaking in water tip!! Perfect fries for sure!!!!

  52. cc says

    Just made a half batch with one large sweet potato (left the peel on), 1 T homemade coconut butter, and a sprinkling of salt. Baked on parchment paper for 40 minutes (started checking at 25), flipped each fry over and baked for another 5.

    Never really got crispy but they’re very tasty. Not sure if it’s me, my potatoes, or the coconut butter.

    (Side note, I melted the coconut butter by leaving it on top of my dryer while it was running. Worked like a charm.)

  53. Rachel says

    I’m so excited to make this recipe tonight. The only thing is, there’s a recipe on this page, but then when I hit “Print This Recipe” I get a different set of directions! One says 400F, the other says 380F. One says to soak the sweet potato sticks, and one doesn’t have this instruction.


  54. Deborah says

    Thanks for the recipe. Just cut the potatoes and about to soak for 45 minutes. Thanks for that tip! I like garlic LOTS of garlic so I’m going to add chopped/minced garlic to the coconut oil rub. Hey, did I miss something or did you watch Downton Abbey re-runs?

  55. Makayla says

    I made these last night and OMG, I could of eaten half a pound of these!! (not that I did or anything…..) 😉 Used my favorite coconut oil. Easy, quick, yummy, and healthy!

  56. Jenny says

    First time eating sweet potato – at least the orange yam type. I usually eat the purple Okinawan sweet potato. I think I didn’t soak mine long enough; it came out soggy, but the flavor was good. Since yams are on sale for Thanksgiving, I think I’ll buy more and try again. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  57. Sylvia Dewy says

    I love sweet potatoes and I always love this crispy baked fries made of sweet potatoes. Recently I made an healthy Indian Pudding made of sweet Potatoes.

    I hope you will like the recipe its called – Sweet potato Halwa. You can find the recipe on my blog so when you have time please check the recipe out there. 🙂

  58. Carmella says

    so i made these and they were very yummy….one problem i had was when using coconut (melted to liquid) and tossed with the presoaked & drained spuds, it solidified before i could incorporate the dry ingredients. So, my suggestion would be, if using coconut oil, to mix the spices (dry ingredients) into the melted coconut oil and then toss with the potatoes. I always use parchment paper when ever I bake ANYTHING, A best kept secret alot of people don’t know about!

  59. Sarah M. says

    Perfect! These were just what I was looking for.
    I find myself returning to this site again & again.
    You’re the best CC Katie!

  60. Emelia says

    Hi Katie,

    Planning on making these tonight! Just wondering if you know why soaking them makes the fries crispier? It would seem the potatoes would gain extra water from soaking in it via osmosis but there could be other factors at play…

    Thank you!

    p.s. I love your blog 🙂

  61. Betty says

    I’ve read that olive oil should not be heated; it should be used on salads or drizzled on food after cooking; also, nutritionist say heating olive destroys the flavor and the health benefit; however, many-many recipes still instruct to fry and cook with olive oil, when another oil would be healthier.

  62. Marco says

    This sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t get mine crispy. Now I know the trick is the soaking in water. Thank you!

  63. Christina says

    I made these for my boyfriend and I for dinner last night and we both loved them! Thanks for a great recipe and an even greater blog!

  64. Kika says

    These look delicious!!! I was wondering if you would make a big batch for a week and take it for lunch as a side. The only thing im worried is if I would have to eat them cold because the microwave will make them soggy.

  65. Kim says

    I’d be interested in a really good portobello mushroom burger recipe. It seems all the mushrooms I get ahold of are kind of musty smelling. After a whiff of them, I’m generally against eating them. Does the smell mean they are too old? Maybe you could talk about how to pick a good one too.

  66. Debbie P. says

    THANK you for posting these as I personally hate sweet potatoes; however, have liked the spicy sweet potato fries Alexia makes and I like sweet potatoes in my lentil soup… In my attempt to incorporate “just” sweet potatoes into my diet, I tried this recipe and loved the taste! I had pulled your original recipe in my Plan To Eat and didn’t know about the soaking trick. I hope that helps next time as they weren’t crispy. I look forward to trying that next! Now I am elated to say I can eat sweet potatoes and like them – they have to be seasoned, but they are super healthy with the healthy seasonings!!!

  67. Anne says

    I have been making these for my family for almost a year now. We love them! In fact, my three year old son asks for them regularly and prefers them over the store bought ones. My family doesn’t love curry, so I use paprika and cayenne along with the garlic. The soaking in water really does the trick. Thanks so much for sharing your secret!

  68. Mary says

    Why do you have sweet potatoe burgers and french fries every now and then on a “healthy DESERT blog” ??– seems strange. Though the recipes seem very good, isnt it a desert blog? If you are leaning towards salty now, maybe consider changing to “CCK and a pinch of salt!” Very serious. Sorry, it just looks wierd to have all these fab desert recipes and every now and then a main meal burger or salty side dish awkwardly stuck in there not true to your blogs title.

  69. Shania says

    I didn’t even use the oil and they still came out so crispy and perfect. Crispy sweet potato fries that also happen to be fat free?!? You are my hero. Thank you a million times over for this recipe!!!

  70. Janessa says

    Fantastic recipe! I am eating my crispy sweet potato fries right now. They are okay for breakfast, right??? 😉 😉

  71. Jennifer says

    These sweet potato fries were fantastic! 🙂 Before I made them, my sweet potato fries would always end up undercooked or burnt to a crisp (ugh…). I will definitely be making them again.

  72. Leigh says

    I like to order these out because they are better than just plain white fries. Now that I have made these, I think I will skip ordering potatoes at all and just enjoy these at home. They are so good.

  73. Aliana says

    These were really good. Sweet potato is hard to crisp and mine were not as crisp as I wanted but they weren’t soggy either.
    After draining the cut fries from the water, I left them out to air dry for an hour. Then I spiced and oiled and placed them on parchment paper (and pan) as suggested. That definitely made a difference. Without the parchment paper, I doubt they would crisp up. I also broiled for the last 2-3 minutes, just to give the ends a little more crisp.
    Again, they were good but not as crispy as other potatoes would be but that’s just the luck of the draw. Unless you deep fry… 😉

  74. Pam says

    To lessen your carb intake, you can substitute butternut squash for the sweet potatoes and it tastes just as delicious. Also, you can sprinkle Old Bay seasoning on the for a little extra spice.

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