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Here is what happened on Saturday…

Such a creative post title.


blissful bites

The most exciting part of Saturday’s vegan bake sale wasn’t the food.

It was getting to finally meet my friend, Christy, in person. (She’s the author of the fabulous vegan cookbook, Blissful Bites, and 23 of her recipes are also in the new Skinny B*tch cookbook… so basically, I felt like I met a celebrity :).) I was also lucky enough to meet Jade, the incredible girl who organized the entire bake sale!

Christy and I talked for so long that I almost forgot to scope out the vegan baked goods.

Almost, but not quite.

dallas vegan

See my huge smile?

Since it was a good cause, and since I’m lousy at making decisions, I went crazy and bought lots of baked goods. Let’s see if I can remember them all… Rocky road cake ball, sweet potato empanada, mini doughnut, cinnamon-sugar doughnut, blueberry muffin, lemon coffeecake muffin, chocolate-pb cookie, banana bread, cinnamon roll, and ginger-spice cookie:

vegan desserts

My friend Amy invited a few girls over after work, so I brought the box along and we had fun tasting everything. Some of the treats were delicious; others were just ok. The ginger-spice cookie was absolutely awesome… and I don’t normally even like spice cookies!

I do have a recipe for Raw Gingerbread Men.

But I want to try making soft cookies like the one above (it’s hiding under the muffin and the empanada). If the baker of that cookie happens to be reading this post, please accept my thanks for money well spent.

vegan bake sale

Above, gorgeous cakes from Spiral Diner, and a cute little shopper!

Question of the Day:

Have you met any of your online friends in person?

If you want to laugh, be sure to check out this very old post.

It’s a post of my first-ever blogger meetup! 🙂

Published on May 1, 2012

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  1. AikoVenus says

    The bake sale looks great – and you two look fantastic! ^^ I’ve made lots of online/blogger friends but I haven’t been able to meet them just yet, I know that it will be soon enough though!

    • Jessica says

      Me too! I feel like I have more online friends than friends in the real world, simply becasue all my real world friends have moved away after college but I can keep track of my online frieds. But I haven’t met any of my online friends in real life.

  2. Samantha D says

    That looks epically delicious! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
    Also, I don’t know if its just me, but your emails are a day late, like today I got the email about the cosmic chocolate peppermint patties and not this one? Is that on purpose?

      • Jules says

        Do you have separate e-mails for posts and personal? I tried to e-mail asking advice on veganism/vegetarianism and I never got a reply 🙁 I was hoping maybe I just e-mailed you to the wrong place? My e-mail was sent as me replying to one of the e-mails about a post. I know you’re super duper busy with e-mails and blogging so i completely understand…I was just wondering because you seem like such an amazing person and I would love to talk to you and ask your advice because you’re like my Vegan Idol!

  3. Samantha says

    Your bake sale had a really cute set up! I love that it was more outdoors market-style. Those cakes are like an art project!

    How fun you got to meet another known vegan baker! I have yet to meet any of my online friends but I definitely would love to. I agree that I might be a little nervous or it might be intimidating but there are some great people in the world and I love that the online world brings in people I may have never crossed.

    PS. I did laugh about the old post. Even in the Seattle area for the longest time I really didn’t know any other vegans.

  4. Candice says

    This looks like so much fun! I would’ve been all over that cinnamon roll!

    As a side note, your hair is just gorgeous. It always looks so full and vibrant. Maybe because of your healthy diet?
    Do you have any recommendations for a girl who seriously hates her dry hair???

  5. char eats greens says

    I would KILL to go to a vegan bake sale. I want some of those cakes in the last picture so badly. That’s my only problem with vegan desserts…you most definitely would never find them anywhere unless it’s at Whole Foods or at a vegan-specific sale haha. Come to me, cake!!

    • Lisa C says

      I remember she posted in a comment it was the United Farm Workers of America.

      I think different vegan bake sales were allowed to pick different charities. For example, the one I attended gave the proceeds to the Humane Society.

  6. Lisa C says

    It looks like you had such a great time. I’m only surprised there’s not more chocolate in that box of yours ;).

  7. PeaSoupa says

    Never met anyone from the blogging community – would love to though! Looks like a really fun day and those baked goods look incredible. I would’ve totally gorged myself.

  8. Janae says

    I usually met online friends first online, then in person second. But recently, I’ve gone to a few blogger meet-ups where I’ll meet them in person & then online. It’s always fun to meet the “real” person behind the picture & tweets/blog posts.

    (Of course most of my online friends I’ve never met, but wish to someday!)

  9. Leslie says

    The littlest shopper is so cute :).

    As are you two girls, and the food looks great! Wish I could’ve been there. I would have bought one of everything. No one ever makes me baked goods!

  10. Sarahishealthy says

    Yay, I love when you post pictures of yourself! I swear I mean that in the least creepiest way possible!!! It’s just nice to see the blogger behind the recipes sometimes, and you are so beautiful that you do veganism and healthy living proud. So post more photos ;).

    I completely forgot to hit up my own local vegan bake sale this year (or even to check out when it was). Next year for sure!

  11. Katie says

    My family got there super early. I wish we could have seen you! Oh and my little brother was the one who made the cinnamon rolls =p

  12. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Omigosh all of those treats look so delicious!! What a fun event and how cool that you got to meet someone that you admire! I’ve only met a few blog-online friends (though I’d love to meet more!!) and it’s been such a fun, crazy experience. Essentially you are strangers but really you know so much about each others lives! It’s awesome!

  13. Sara Dane says

    My sister was super stoked to meet her fav blogger, Joy the Baker. I didn’t read blogs at the time so I though she was crazy…but now I get it. Yall are celebrities!

  14. Jessica says

    You look beautiful, and I’m envious of that box of vegan treats! Makes me sad that I didn’t look up to see if there was a vegan bake sale here, although there probably wasn’t since I live in a small town!

  15. Kit-Kat says

    YUM! That soft cookie looks so good. You should totally make a BIG soft double chocolate chunk cookie based off of the Erin Baker Breakfast cookies!!!

    I love bake sales, but I’ve never been to a vegan one before.

  16. krystal@coffeecardiogoddess says

    Wow all of the treats look amazing! That looks like it was a great event. I haven’t met a blogger friend in person, yet.

  17. kaila @ healthyhelper says

    All those baked goods sound incredible! I love ginger snaps so I am sure I would have loved that spice cookie! The cakes are gorgeous too! Love the summery colors!

  18. natalie @ southern fit foodie says

    How awesome! Those baked goods are making me drool over here…

    This past weekend, I got to meet up with Kristen (from in Nashville. We hit it off and are already planning another Nashville getaway this summer!

  19. Patty @ says

    AHHHH….I’m moving to TX in 18 days!!!! I can’t believe it~ I’M SOOO EXCITED! Even though I’m not moving to Dallas (Austin…WOOOO!!!!), seeing your pics made me get up and do a lil’ dance! haha^^

    AND.. for the first time in my life, I’m going to NYC (leaving next Monday)!! I’ve definitely been referencing your blog for ideas on what to do/where to eat!!!

    AND…random question… do you like kombucha? I’m just curious. I love it, and as soon as I’m settled in my new place, I plan to brew up a kombucha storm!!!

  20. Amy says

    That looks sooo good! I wish I could have made it 🙁 but school is currently trying extremely hard to kill me lol! I will have to come to the next one!

    Glad you had such a good time. I have to agree with Lisa though, I would have expected much more chocolate in that box of yours! 😛

  21. michelle says

    Katie those look great. I met and still friends that I met online when we were all pregnant 15 years ago..and all our babies were due in june….. im in California and if I go to NY there’s a mom there I can hang out with. Same with Texas…. I love it…..

    Hmm also I met my husband online 11 years ago…does that count?

  22. Jules says

    Hi Katie! I have an idea for something that could be totally awesome and connect you with all your fans! You could have your own YouTube channel and post videos of you making your INCREDIBLE AND DELICIOUS CREATIONS! People could watch you vegan bake/create while seeing your awesome personality in real life instead of only being able to read it!

  23. Melissa (Better Fit) says

    Looks like it was a really fun event!

    I love the photo with the little girl at the table with all the delectable treats! So cute.

  24. Miss b says

    How cool.
    I am going to do a vegan bake sale this weekend.
    So I came to find some gréât recipes I know I Will.
    Any suggestions or ideas???

  25. Katherine says

    Oh my! That bake sale looks absolutely scrumptious! I am so jealous of the vegan cakes that rose! I cannot figure out how to make mine do the same. Trying to have a vegan bake sale soon!

  26. Sarah says

    I’m so jealous, why am I stuck here on the other side of the world? It looks so yummy and fun!
    I have a question though, do you have any tips for runners starting out? I’m getting a bit more serious about it, but I’m still feeling pretty noobish.

  27. Albizia says

    Oh, the baked goods! They look scrumptious! And for the good cause I would gladly stuff myself with them 🙂

    People we meet online can turn into friends forever. Most of my closest friends were at one point just some sort of pen friends.

  28. Liz says

    Are you going to post any of the recipes from the bake sale? (or email them to me 🙂 ) Those cakes, for example don’t look healthy, but they look amazing! We did a successful bake sale here in Sarasota, FL, but i would love to see more of what you all did. Pricing, recipes, location, education/outreach, etc. Yay for National Vegan Bake sale week!

  29. The Better Baker says

    Great post! Many delicious looking items for sale there! I have met a local blogger – our paths crossed after we were already blogging – and I just bought a ticket to fly to the Midwest this summer to spend a few days with another blogger. My blogging friends are much like family – I think we really do get to know each other via the internet, and it’s awesome! when you get to meet someone special face to face. Thanks for sharing this post and all the awesome dishes you make.

  30. Justine Duppong @ Life With Cheeseburgers says

    I’ve connected with over 100 people in recovery from eating disorders in the process of writing my book. I’m hoping to meet several of them once it’s finally published (soon)!

  31. Mallory says

    That bake sale makes me really happy… especially the sign that says “Dallas Vegan” especially because I am moving to Dallas in a month!!! 🙂

  32. Natasha says

    I have met SEVERAL online friends, actually. 3 of them I’ve known for over 10 years…and 1 of those I will more than likely be moving in w/ in a few months. I run a general discussion forum and I’ve met, hmmm, at least 5 of our members in person (and, again, I roomed w/ 1 of those members for a while).

  33. Erin says

    I’ve never made friends online that I met in person, but I did get to meet some bloggers/bands I like that I found out about online! Have you ever heard of wizard rock? It’s basically indie music written about Harry Potter. It sounds silly, but a lot of the stuff is actually really good 🙂 I haven’t listened to it in quite awhile though. My first wizard rock concert was back in middle school, and I’m graduating from high school next month!

    And these vegan treats look AMAZING. I wish we had a meet-up like this in my area!

  34. Megan @ Megan's Munchies says

    I have met a few at Blog events and they are always as amazing as I imagined them to be! I still want to do a blogger meet up here in Dallas to meet all our local blogging friends!

  35. Josh SM says

    Two of my favorite food bloggers in the same photo!

    Christy’s Raw Chocolate Mousse recipe changed my life and got me passionate about making raw desserts… I made a delicious Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake w/ Cacao Fudge Frosting the other night… rambling, rambling…

    You’re amazing, btw. I LOVE your blog.

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