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A Post About Boobs… And Chocolate!

I give, to you, the 32C cups.

The 3 stands for “3 steps” and the 2C stands for “chocolate and coconut.” What’d you think I meant? 😉

Yes, the title might be a stretch, but when I thought of cups and then remembered it was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had to tie the two together with these homemade peanut butter cups or coconut butter cups.

vegan peanut butter cup

“I do remember that I was in seat 32C because that’s my bra size.”

No matter your situation, there’s an app a Friends quote for that.


32C Chocolate Cups

(or Coconut Reeses)

  • cupcake or mini liners
  • nut butter of choice (peanut, cashew, coconut… or even pureed banana!)
  • your favorite chocolate
  • sweetener (if you use unsweetened chocolate)

Melt your chocolate, or make up a batch of Healthy Chocolate Sauce if you want raw nut butter cups. If you’re using unsweetened chocolate, add some liquid sweetener unless you like the bitter taste of 100% chocolate. Scoop about a tablespoon of the melted chocolate into each cupcake liner, then stick the liners in the freezer for about ten minutes (to harden a little), then scoop about a tablespoon of the nut butter on top of the chocolate. Top with about another tablespoon of melted chocolate, and stick back in the fridge or freezer til hard.

Click for a Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

homemade reeses

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is it taboo to make the question of the day about boobs? Why should it be? After all, they’re a part of your body just like any other. Also, learn how to do breast self-exams, even if you’re not old enough to need a mammogram yet. The self-exams are free and painless and might just help you catch something early, which could save your life. So, the question of the day:

Big or small, do you love and respect your breasts? And have you always?

Honestly, I was a little self-conscious of mine when I first went through puberty. This stemmed from the fact that I started developing in sixth grade. I can remember one of my friends telling me I shouldn’t wear a certain bikini top because “your boobs are too big.” I wear a size 30D (Edit: now a 30DD… Gain weight! Your boobs will grow haha), which really just means there’s a big difference between my chest size and my bust size. In comparison to my completely-flat-chested friend, however, I might as well have been Heidi Montag. I went home and cried to my mom, who told me: “Wait a few years. I promise the girls will stop teasing and will become jealous… or they’ll grow even bigger than you.” As usual, Mom was right. Ironically enough, the teasing girl ended up with such a big chest that—last I heard—she was contemplating a reduction due to back pain. If that’s not a textbook coincidence, I don’t know what is.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one to feel apprehension about her changing body. Kids can be so cruel; in middle school, some “mean girls” made a button for one of their victims, dubbing her the president of the ibtc. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. And countless girls stuffed their bras. One poor thing went so far as to use water balloons. (Yes, the inevitable did occur.)

Haven’t you ever heard the saying? “Man cannot live by chocolate alone. But woman can!” Now, if you’re a guy reading this, or if you’re just too weirded out by the fact that I’ve devoted these blog paragraphs to the subject of boobs, please feel free to ignore the question of the day and instead leave a comment about the Chocolate Cups, themselves. I’m always happy to get comments about chocolate!

Published on October 6, 2010

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  1. Jennifer - jcd says

    I love your humour! Those 32C cups look delicious. (That sounds so odd, but hey.) We make all sorts of chocolate cups at home, bt never this combination. We’ll definitely be giving it a try. Mmmm…

    I have almost always loved my chest and am happy to be small. I’m only 30A (28A for strapless), which means I went bra shopping whislt on holiday in Denmark. Why? Because anything smaller than 32A is nearly nonexistent at home. Most brands here don’t make 30 bands at all, yet alone 28. (Although, Victoria’s Secret just opened here, I’ll have to check their sizes.) Running bras work 90% of the time anyway. Haha. I love my wee breasts, and my husband does too, so that’s all that matters. Probably too much info there, sorry.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Don’t get your hopes up at VS. My sister (a 32C) even has a hard time finding her size there. 30s? Forget it! And yeah lol, I would probably do well in a 28, because I have the band on the smallest of the 30s. But 30s are hard enough to find! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a 28. It’s weird, because I know a LOT of girls who are smaller sizes that the regular stores don’t carry. In fact, 32C seems to be one of the most popular sizes among my friends, yet for years and years even places like Victoria’s Secret didn’t carry it.

      • Jennifer - jcd says

        In other words, I can save myself a 30 minute drive to the craziest busiest mall and avoid VS altogether. Sounds good to me. I really didn’t want to go there. Their website isn’t very accurate either. Thanks for the advice.

        It was fun filling in my customs document. What did you buy overseas: Bras. Lots and lots of bras. They probably don’t hear that too often.

  2. Eric Jaffa says

    Lots of men have back pain.

    One of the problems with a woman getting breast reduction for back pain is that she may continue to have back pain either way.

  3. Caitlin says

    I am a 32-C cup! 🙂 🙂

    But ugh, people always are telling me “you can’t e a 32 c. Your boobs aren’t that big.” Ugh people, don’t you think I know my own size? They don’t understand that a 32c is not that big. Like you said, it’s just a difference in bust to chest size (the two measurements you’re supposed to take to figure out your size).

    So a 30-D is the same cup size as a 32-C or a 34-B or a 36-A. Um ok, not sure why I just gave everyone that lesson. Ignore me. I’m off to see about this recipe now!

  4. Angela says

    Haha I was so confused by the recipe title! But it all makes sense now.

    I’m pretty much average size, 34B, and I’m perfectly content. There was a period in high school when I thought the bigger the better and then a period during my eating disorder were I though breasts were disgusting. I like to think that my attitude towards my chest now is similar to my attitude overall – happy, healthy and finally at ease.

  5. Leslie says

    I just came back from the recipe page. (By the way, I love how you’ve made a separate page with photos of the process. I’m a visual learner, so that helps tremendously.)
    These look so easy and delicious! I’m making them TODAY!

  6. abby says

    omg katie, your photography is really getting stellar! or maybe it’s just that those chocolate cups would look good on a neon yellow background taken with a $5 camera ;). in any case, i want to eat that coconut butter cup right off my screen! i’ll have to make these for sure!!! love you and your crazy recipe titles. they always make me laugh :).

  7. couchpotatoathlete says

    Great post Katie. I’m average I suppose: 34B — but what is average? I have no idea. I’m happy with them I suppose — I never gave them much thought to be honest!

    I remember when I was younger I would wear 2-3 sports bras at a time, not that I needed to, but I was embarrassed to even have boobs — so many of my friends didn’t develop when I did, or they were much smaller than me. Finally I realized that lots of people have boobs — that I wasn’t strange for having them and I shouldn’t be embarrassed by them!

  8. Albizia says

    I am somewhere between A and B cup (maybe closer to A right now…) but I don’t mind it. Do you know what I love about small boobs? I can just “forget” my bra in the wardrobe when I don’t feel like wearing it and 😀 . Nobody has ever noticed the difference.

    The 32C cups… Well, they look heavenly. I like a lot of recipes on your blog but this one goes directly to my all-time favorites. Very simple and delicious -> I must make some.

  9. Melissa says

    I went from a 38C to a 34/32 barely A when I lost my 50+ lbs this last year.
    I miss my boobs! *sob* But yeah, I look proportionate with the smaller girls. Still… I miss having cleavage! I mean, honestly, body. Leave the belly flub and take the boobs? That’s just cruel!

  10. Yin says

    I’ve never paid much attention to boobs, and even when my (guy) friends make fun of me or question if I want to enlarge them, I give an honest reply. Their comments don’t affect me because they’re my boobs and if it makes me happy, who cares what others think.

  11. Christina says

    Katie, I LOVED this post!! You are too funny!

    And though I love and respect my boobies, I must admit that I get mad at them whenever I see the really cute bras at department stores (you know, plaid and polka dot and whatnot) that only come in cup sizes A, B, and C. It drives me SOOOO nuts that they don’t sell them in D-cups! I mean, am I being punished for naturally having boobs that are bigger than a C-cup? Why should I always have to go to Victoria’s Secret and pay $70 for a *really* cute bra?? Not fair!

    Clearly, men are calling the shots here 😛 (Seriously though, if anyone who reads this has some pull with Hanes or Bali or Playtex or whatever…manufacture cute D-cup bras!!! Those of us who wear them will buy them, I promise!!)

    All that aside…I spent last week in DC with a friend (a guy) who LOVES chocolate – dark chocolate! I knew beforehand and took a bar of 72% Lindt – I should have gotten the 86% as well because the bar I took practically vanished. One night he even said, “I’m like a girl when it comes to chocolate, I have to have loads around,” and then he pulled out an entire box (the kind you ship stuff in!) of Godiva chocolate and rummaged through deciding which to eat.

    I will admit that I was super happy (and a bit smitten, perhaps…?) that he understands the I-need-chocolate thing. But don’t worry, I was NOT so smitten that I showed him my boobies. 😉

  12. VEGirl says

    Abby is right, those are stellar photos (no flash! ;))! I don’t really know what size I am… LOL I only have one bra because I thinks it’s so embarrassing to shop for them! I was pretty happy with my boobs then I started to restrict eating for a long time (because I wasn’t very happy with the rest of my body). They shrunk and I just remember that one day, a bra that used to fit snugly was really loose. Ugh. BUT now that I’m eating well again, it seems like everything is moving along 🙂

    Hope that wasn’t TMI. Let me know if it was a:\

  13. Janna ~ Just Flourishing says

    Loved this post 🙂 And those 32C cups looks SO YUMMY!

    Dude, I wear a 30 DD! I know how you feel. I can NEVER find a bra! Not that I’m complaining about the actual size, I’m quite happy with them 😉 but I wish I could find a bra in my size! I only own 2 bras and one isn’t even the right size!

  14. a blogging friend says

    Katie, one of the reasons I love your blog and read it regularly (besides the healthy recipes, of course!) is that I admire your ability to be so outspoken and brave. For example, this post. I love this post, but I would never have had the courage to publish something like it, on my own blog, especially if I had the amount of readers you have. By the way, I was just wondering, do you know how many people read your blog every day? You don’t have to answer. I was just curious! I was also wondering if you ever feel nervous or scared to put yourself out there like you do? To give you some background, I’m a huge wimp when it comes to publicly airing my views on something. Class presentations are the bane of my existence!

  15. Meagan says

    So I just went into my kitchen to make these. I put some chocolate in a bowl and stuck it in the microwave for 2 minutes. About 1 minute into the process my microwave started smoking and I opened the door to find a big bowl of charcoals! Clearly I have no baking experience…. =)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh no Meagan! That happened to me the first time I tried to melt chocolate. (It was for my first-ever batch of Fudge Babies, actually!) You have to be very careful with melting chocolate. Melt for like 30 seconds, then stir and melt 10 seconds, stir, melt 10 more seconds, stir… it’s very temperamental!
      Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone!

      • Meagan says

        I went back and re-tried and they worked out perfectly the 2nd time. I used almond butter and they were delicious!

  16. mckella says

    I used to wish for bigger boobs, but now I love them the way they are because they stay out of my way, and I can get away with camisoles if I’m too lazy to wear a bra. I do regular self-exams though, because my grandma died of breast cancer, so that probably puts me at higher risk. If I ever did get cancer though, I’m getting one of those “of course they’re fake; the real ones tried to kill me!” shirts because they’re awesome.

  17. Kelly says

    Yum yum yum! Those look so delicious. 🙂

    Ah, boobs. I was SO self-conscious of mine in junior high; I wouldn’t wear anything remotely form-fitting for the longest time. I remember feeling so mortified when my mom took me bra shopping and, upon seeing me in the prospective bra, exclaimed that I was much bigger than she’d thought because I hid them all the time! I’m much fonder of them these days, though! I wear a 32C now, but I keep meaning to try a 30C (maybe D?) because I think 32 might still be a little big. But those sizes don’t seem readily available! Do you mind sharing where you shop?

    (My younger self would be SO shocked and embarrassed that I just wrote this on teH inTeRneTzzz!)

  18. melissa@ the delicate place says

    LOL! this post cracked me up, i love making homemade cups. esp with mint extract and coconut butta (york patty anyone?)

  19. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    Katie you are hilarious! And those “32C Cups” look great! I made something like that a few months ago when you posted your pms chocolate recipe! Except I used peanut butter and cashew butter for the middle….But I think that Melissa’s idea above sounds great! I love mint and chocolate 😉

    Thankfully, though, I was never really around really mean girls (or guys). I did see people get into that kind of mean stuff, but I was fine. I think I was so naive and oblivious at times, though!

  20. Lyza says

    LOL. Just when I think I am conquering sweets, you create another recipe 😀 Don’t stop though lol!!

    This looks too awesome not to share with basically everyone I know. I love sharing vegan recipes!!! Makes me feel so smart 😀 It helps the world and it’s fun!!

    And omg, 32c. That has to be the cleverest thing ever 🙂

  21. Cindy says

    Katie, you are the cutest thing EVER.
    Love how you tied chocolate and breast cancer awareness together!
    Genius lady!

    so yeah. who hasn’t lived thru that uncomfortable moment of realizing you are being noticed for not your stunning personality!

    I was a runt of a kid, skinny and flat chested, till 16 and then BAM. overnight I had a body (AND MEAN BROTHERS) and it took me YEARS…YEARS I say to one, forgive the universe for taking away my atlethic and boyish build….and two learn to appreciate my girlier figure.

    I was immediately a girl and had no idea what that meant or how to handle it.

    so I am not the one that flaunts them…I spent years hiding them. haha
    sad really.

    but now I am somewhere in the middle.

    NOW if I can only deal with my hips! Hahaha

    and don’t get me started on boobs during pregnancy. they had a life of their own!

    I’m off to check out your 32c cups…meaning…yeah you know..the CHOCOLATE!


  22. Alyson says

    I think that, with my 32-34A boobs, I feel pretty confident. I mean, sure, I’m not “busting” out (ahahah get it, “bust”ing?) but I mean it’s not uncomfortable. I don’t think I could imagine myself with bigger boobs and looking good. I’m proportional, what can I say? (; I totes repect my size, as well as the beauty of the breast. (: It’s a wonderful aspect of natural beauty, is it not? Yay Breast Cancer Awareness! I feel the need to make some special treat for this, as well as make these 32C cups. Party time! (: Yummmmmm.
    Much love!

      • indiechic927 says

        Ahahhaa Katie! That’s an awesome idea. That would be wonderful though. (: I love theme parties as well!
        🙂 They are sooo much fun because you can get crazy with them and that just makes them that much more awesome!

  23. alwalk3 says

    Boobs! Always a huge topic for discussion :p I’m 5’10 and wear a 32A…I used to hate having small boobs! Now I feel like they’re just one of many aspects of who I am; I am a runner, a vegan, a health nut, a caring girlfriend, a dreamer, a writer, and a student! It wouldn’t seem right for me to feel bad about something so beyond my control and so insignificant in the grand scheme of things! It would be like me being mad about having green eyes! We are all different and I think it’s so beautiful 🙂 Anywho…lol..these look so delicious and I LOVE that your recipes are healthy and indulgent at the same time! I remember a while back the great microwave debate was going on and wondered if you’d come to any definite conclusions about microwaving food? I’m considering abandoning my microwave in favor of different ways of cooking things. What do you think?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      LOL I am not the best person to ask; I’m lousy with computers. I figured out how to do mine… but I did it through my wordpress dashboard, so if you don’t have a wordpress blog, I don’t know how to help :(.

  24. caronae says

    Oh boobs…some days I love mine and other days they are the bane of my existence. I started college at a 34B. Three years later I’m at a 34D or 34DD. I have gained some weight, but that’s not really the issue. The issue is that my boobs are RABID. Seriously, no matter what I do they won’t stop growing. I was happy at a C, then at a small D. and they Just. Keep. Going. My hormones are pretty out of whack right now, which probably explains some of it. I am going to a reproductive endocrinologist soon in hopes that things will get sorted out.

    I’m a long distance runner too since it’s pretty annoying (and sometimes painful) to have boobs like mine. And sometimes they draw too much attention from men. My boyfriend seems to be fine with them though, lol. He isn’t the one with them on his chest though! Ha!

    Sorry. This has turned into a boob rant. I really do love them, I just hate them as well. Make sense?

  25. Laura says

    One of my favourite posts from you EVER!! (which sounds quite worrying..but no, really i’m just very entertained!!)….i used to hate my boobs!! even though they were small, i always thought they were too big, but ironically, now that they have grown, i like them!! how strange.
    plus…errrrrrrrrrrrrr YUM!!!!!!! (to the pbcups….not your boobies….) xxx

  26. Lauren @ 40Apples says

    Yay for boobs! Why not 🙂
    I am the proud owner of a very flat chest. While there I times I feel like maybe this is something I should be unhappy about (considering that so many other ppl want the big guns), I just can’t help but feel lucky…. When it comes to working out and doing yoga, it seems like boobs would just be ridiculous to deal with. I cannot imagine the difficulty of it when running!! And for that reason, I gotta respect you Katie, and the other runners out there with real chests, who make it work.

    Oh and ps, the chocolate looks amazing 🙂

  27. Laura says

    From my very early teens, I absolutely hated my breasts. They developed too quickly and I was a E to F cup by sixteen. They were the part of my body that I was most self-conscious about, and when I say “loathing”, it’s kind of understatement. And yes, it’s difficult to look back and remember hating a part of my own body that much, but when I think about the back, shoulder and neck pain, the awful and expensive bras, the impossibility of wearing dresses or strappy tops, the fact that I was physically unable to sleep on my stomach, and the fact that I had to hold them up in the shower (seriously, I think people who have very large breast implants need to hear the facts of having a large chest first), I’m pretty sure that – despite having a much better body image that has come from surviving an eating disorder and just being 25, which I think is often when you start to become a bit more accepting of yourself – I would sadly still feel that way were they still big. I started thinking about a breast reduction at about age 18, and I had it done, with no regrets, at age 22. It’s been the only major surgery of my life thus far, and it was a big deal, but I’m so much happier with my B cup that it’s unbelievable. I know no longer even think about my breasts, whereas before they were inevitably a crappy part of my day. I now would completely advocate plastic surgery in cases where the area of concern is having a much physical and psychological effect. If you can change something that’s making you unhappy, why wouldn’t you? 🙂

    To be honest, I now have no emotional attachment to my boobs at all, as weird as that sounds! My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and we’ve since found out that she and the majority of my family carry the BRCA2 gene, which gives you about a 85% chance of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. I’ll be tested for it eventually, and if I do have it, I’m fairly sure that I’ll be following in her footsteps and having a mastectomy. I absolutely agree with regular self-checking; you just can’t be too careful and it can happen at any age.

    Wow. Lots about boobs, lol.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I totally agree with you. I think plastic surgery can be a great thing. One of my sister’s best friends got a reduction (and–like I mentioned–my own friend was/is thinking about it). My sister’s friend is a very short girl, but she’s skinny too, and her breasts were just way too big for her to live comfortably with them. Like you, she says she has no regrets.

  28. Vegyogini says

    I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I emailed you to keep it between us! Thank you for writing this awesome post to build awareness. xoxo

  29. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    I’m part of the itty-bitty titty committee! And I’m proud of it. I wear a 32AA … yep, that’s the size worn by most pre-pubescent girls. And I wouldn’t want boobs at all! Mine never jiggle. I can sleep on my tummy with no problems, and I can wear XS shirts. The only catch with tiny boobs is that you can never gain tummy weight because then you’ll look preggo. Eeek!

    • RaeRae says

      Haha, I know what you mean.
      Mine are about the smallest I can find at the store. Tiny boobs make for a less hourglass-like appearance, I guess. 😛

  30. Little Bookworm says

    Those chocolate cups look amazing. Love that PMS recipe, I used it to make cherry chocolate today. 🙂

  31. Ilana says

    First of all, I love the title, love the recipe too.

    Second of all, boobs. Oh, boobs. I started developing when I was EIGHT and *everyone* made fun of me all throughout elementary school. It really messed up my sense of self esteem and body image – girls were mean to me, boys treated me differently, even adults acted strangely towards me (I once had a TEACHER pick on me for it). By the time I was 16 I wore a 34D and I’m 5’2 and weighed 110 lbs at the time so my boobs were kind of my whole body. I hated and loved them at the same time. Then in high school and college I got all kinds of attention from guys for it and that also messed with my head. I’m working on those issues still, but now I definitely love my boobs (even though they have shrunk a bit since blowing up like BALLOONS in my youth).

    Great post!

  32. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    haha LOVE the title! And the cups, too of course! 🙂

    I’m going to sound vain saying this but I love my boobs. They’re not huge or anything, but I’m glad they’re not. For the most part I love them because they’re back. When I was thin, I hated them..and well, they weren’t really there. But now they’re part of my curves 🙂

  33. zoe says

    ugh, girl, i feel you on the big chest thing! i don’t mind it as much now but i started developing around age nine and was the first one of my friends to wear a bra and was subsequently “weird”. such a bummer how mean girls can be. sometimes shirts fit funny because they’ll fit in the chest but no where else. go figure! bra shopping can be a pain. but really, i’m much more comfortable with my tatas now 🙂

  34. kelli says

    hahahaha love this! I am proud of non-existent boobies. Though strength training makes me appear like i have some 🙂 Its great you are making people aware of breast cancer. My mom had breast cancer so its awesome!

  35. Shelby says

    For the longest time I hated my boobs! They didn’t even fit into an A-cup! I would cry, whine, and get angry, just because I couldn’t find any bra that fit. I always wanted bigger boobs and it seemed I was the flattest girl at my school! Then, I gained some weight (post-recovery and at the end of my senior year) and now I fit into a A-cup perfectly, if not a B. I was so excited because I got to pick out new shirts that I could never wear before and I could show them off if I wanted to (which I didn’t, b/c I’m classy!). But then I would go to sleep or lounge around and they would just be in my way! Sure they’re still considered small, but I wish they were smaller now! Ridiculous right?!

    P.S. Can’t wait to make those yummy 32C cups 😉

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hahaha my next door neighbor always said she wanted a boob job. Then she moved to England and gained 20 pounds. Last time I saw her, she was BUSTY! She said, “Gosh if I only knew I could get boobs just from gaining weight I would’ve done it a long time ago!”

  36. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I’ll give a different perspective to this question than what most of your readers will probably say…

    “Big or small, do you love and respect your breasts? “–
    Yes, very much so. They nourished my CHILD for 3 years. I am a lactation educator and am passionate about nursing and making sure every mother/baby dyad gets off to the best possible start with all the help they need to ensure nursing is a success. Nursing our babies gives them the best possible start to life with everything from increased immunities to less chances for ear infections to reducing the likelihood as women we’ll get breast cancer.

    Nursing our children to a biological normative age, i.e. years not months, which is what is “common” in our current society, albeit not biologically “normal” but that’s a whole other conversation 🙂 is why I love my breasts. They GREW my child. Just my breasts and milk GREW a human. That’s powerful 🙂

  37. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    and you know im a homemade PB cup lover…been making them for a long time and posting about them for a year 🙂

  38. BroccoliHut says

    Great topic! I think it’s a little sad that breasts are still such a taboo topic.
    I was totally self-conscious of my breasts when I first developed. I started puberty early, around 4th grade and was teased by the boys in my class. As a result, I wore a sports bra 24-7 until about 8th grade, in hopes of smashing them down to obscurity.
    Now, I wish the opposite–I wish my boobs had kept growing! Still, I am proud of my modest endowment and relish the fact that I can run and jump without boob/back problems:)

  39. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says

    I can totally relate to you on bra size! I wear a 32D-DD, and it’s only once in a bright blue freaking moon I can find a 32D stuffed (no pun intended) at the back of a rack (seriously, no puns intended!) in Victoria’s Secret. And yeah, I can get them on the internet, but I HATE buying things (especially bras, come on) with out trying them on first for fit and comfort. ::Sigh::

    It took me some time as well to “come to terms” with being so boobarific. (I still remember the first time, in middle school, when I got called “the one with the huge knockers”…) I used to be sure I’d want a reduction someday. But you know what? I grew into them, figuratively if not literally. Nowadays, I realize it’s nice to never worry about top-bottom balance (since I ended up with big hips and a sizable butt as well), and know that they look good in low-cut shirts. I sometimes joke that I have cleavage even when wearing a turtleneck…but really, there are worse things, don’t you think?

    Who knew I had so much to say about boobs? Well, wow, there ya go! 😛 You can stuff come PB cups in my bra any day! Wait, er, um… =X

  40. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear says

    Boobs are fun! I love mine have always loved them! I admit being a BIT jealous to a friend who had bigger ones when we were teenagers but I have now, at the mature age of almost 27, gotten over it 😉 I love shopping for bra and I could not be with a guy who did not love my boobs like I do 😀

  41. Mary says

    Thankfully (??) I was the kind of kid that was so oblivious and socially awkward that no one really bothered me. I didn’t have many friends, but also not many enemies. I have never felt negatively about my boobs though. They are smallish… (small Bs)… but I have a small band size too (30-32). Once I almost got down to a 28, but I think my ribs are just not gonna get quuuite down to that. Just a small 30 at skinniest! Plus, it’s hard to even find 30, let alone 28, so I guess it’s better this way, haha!

    My partners have always said “Yeah, they’re great! Small and cute… and you have an ass so let’s focus on that!” Once you realize that anyone who will develop feelings for you will love your body no matter what it’s like… your boobs will always be big/round/perky enough for you! (And I’m not speaking from wisdom of age, either… I’m a college student.)

    And just a funny note about my feelings toward boobs… I’m a lesbian… so breasts are great! Double the fun with that! 😛 (Kidding! Kinda..) Just by chance, I tend to be with women who are big-chested… but flat-assed.. so together we make one well-endowed woman! Size of breasts isn’t important to me in choosing a partner though. I’ve been with one lady who had already had a breast reduction at age 20 due to back pain and loss of feeling in fingers from her bra straps (110 lb and G-cup breasts, down to C-cup), and then another girl who probably needs a reduction as well. I feel for the other side of the spectrum! I used to have to open candy wrappers and such for her because she PROBABLY also has reduced dexterity in her fingers from the bra straps.

    Even though I am perfectly happy with my cup size and all that, if it was painless/easy/not a big deal to have your breast size augmented, I would like a large-ish C cup ideally, but I don’t want bags of stuff in my chest or surgery to do it. Like if I could just say “I want a big C cup” and it would happen, I would do it, but if it’s not a natural thing… nahhh. I would just want it so my bust would match my (nicely shaped) big ass!

  42. Kiersten says

    I have had a rocky relationship with my chest over the years. I have very small, barely-there boobs. Over the years it has made me very self-conscious and feel “unwomanly.” Some of that may have just been my negative body image and low self-esteem talking. I have learned to respect my boobs now and accept them. I won’t lie, I’d love for them to be a little more…there, but I can’t do anything about it. As far as breast health goes, I am all for it and take every precaution. I worked in the office of a breast specialist (specializing in cancer and things like that) for years. After seeing what the patients there went through I will always be careful.

  43. Christin L. says

    I can certainly relate on a seemingly large bra size when it really isn’t. I have what I would consider normal sized breasts for my height, even a bit small when compared to my hips/butt. For the longest time I was SQUEEZING into a 38B because I thought they were “so small.” Well, I went and got professionally fitted to find I was a 38DD! (Now a 38D since losing 25 pounds.) I can’t recommend a professional fitting enough, especially considering the statistics of how many women aren’t wearing the correct bra size! If you can get over having your boobs out in front of a trained professional, the professional fitting can be a life changing event! They look so much better now with shirts on, sitting where they are supposed to and not bulging out of the cups! lol 😀

  44. Justine says

    Ha! This post made my day! You are too cute and clever, Katie.
    I was trying to figure out which nutbutter you used- is it coconut? Maybe that was a silly question……
    Boobs are such interesting things, no? I am a 32C and while I am small enough to go bra-less most of the time, I don’t have much trouble finding bras. I love my size and consider mine petite, at least for my frame, but my boyfriend insists that they are ‘huge’. Men and boobs: can’t live with/out the strange things, can we?

    Happy Thursday, Katie. 🙂

  45. Gina G says

    such a cute post Katie!

    im a 32-34 A, i would love a little somethin somethin more, but im not worried about it, it don’t bother me in the least! my old guy friend used to play this one song to me that was called “itty bitty tittes” it cracked me up haha

  46. Jess says

    I am in a 34 E cup, which while it sounds big, isn’t ridiculously ginormous, but they’re still big enough to be a contributing factor in my back problems. I like others got boobs big pretty young. I think I was about 10. I remember being teased about it until high school, though I wouldn’t say it had a horrible effect on my psyche. I always liked my boobs, and I absolutely love my boobs now, even though with a tiny waist, it can be frustrating to find shirts that fit properly. I am curvy, so the big boobs fit my body 🙂

  47. Caitlin says

    I’m very late, but I have to chime in! I LOVE boobs. I was always flat-chested, tall, and rail-thin as a child and teen–once a (five years) older girl on my swim team commented that she “went to Victoria’s Secret and saw these fake boobie inserts and thought of” me. She was flat chested, too, and told me that I would never have boobs and that it would be awesome.

    Then I turned 17. Um hello delayed puberty. I suddenly has these huge hips and a big ol’booty and some serious breasts (though I was a competitive swimmer so my boobs were only big compared to other swimmers’ aka I had boobs at all). Loved the boobs, hated the rest. It was incredibly jarring to, within the span of MONTHS, go from being tall and thin and muscular to being tall and average sized and womanly.

    As is logical, I dealt with this by eventually projecting all my insecurities onto my body and developing an eating disorder. Now that I am recovered, my breasts are among my proudest accomplishments. They’re not just fun and beautiful, they are a battle scar. They SHOW that I am finally in a healthier place, and that I am finally a woman. I even got a tattoo right on/next to my left breast to signify the importance of a healthy body to a healthy life.

    In summation: Boobs are the best and I hope that every woman can appreciate her breasts, no matter their size, as a sign of her womanhood, her health, and her life.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh you might be late, but I am so so glad you took the time to reply! Your story sounds exactly like one of my friend’s! She was actually made fun of for how flat-chested she was, and she always said she wanted to be curvy… but come high school, she developed over just a summer, and I guess she couldn’t handle the comments that people made (and of course, rude people would make comments :(). She developed bulimia. Last I heard, though, she was in recovery and working hard :).
      Loved your summation; it’s so true!!

  48. fightingwithfood says

    Wonderful post and so appropriate for the month! There are many days that I dislike my 32A chest – in fact, that would be most days. They dropped from a 34C after I lost weight.

    I intend to resort to surgical enhancement in the future (even though I know it is often frowned upon). I’m with Martha Lillian – I feel out of proportion. I spent 22 years dancing and developed larger legs (hello, muscle!), hips and a strong, large derriere! I feel like upping to a C-cup would balance me out.

    What a clever recipe title! I haven’t yet tried concocting any raw desserts, but this may have to break that streak.

  49. Larissa N says

    These are so yummy looking I had to try them and I made them with 60% chocolate chips and almond butter! Cannot go wrong! (also entry for Artisan Butter Giveaway! Woo hoo!)

  50. Rachel Ramey says

    Okay, so where *do* you get your bras? I wear a 28/30 D/DD. And I hate bra shopping because that’s such a hard size to find. (Why, oh, why do the “experts” lament that most women are wearing bras with too-small cups and too-big bands and then not make smaller bands with bigger cups?!)

  51. Kaycee says

    I just made these with 85% Ghirardelli Chocolate and JIF peanut butter and it’s so delicious! Such a great, healthier alternative to Reese’s =]

  52. Melanie says

    Found my way to this blog entry. I can’t wait to try these as well. I’m so glad you posted this although I just recently started reading. I was diagnosed with BC last December at the age of 26. Although, I found the lump in Oct. It pays to do self exams! I just went through 8 months of surgery, chemo, and radiation. Now I’m onto hormone pills for 5 years. I’m trying to change my diet little by little and was so excited when I came across your blog b/c I have a huge sweet tooth. I now get excited when I see something in the store you use in your recipes. I’m like a kid at Christmas. Thanks again for calling attention to a very important topic! I’ll let you know how mine turn out. =)

    Oh, and I’m a 32-34D. I’m so glad I read your comments b/c I need some good wireless bras and needed help finding some. I used to be embarrassed growing up when mine were so big but I have a much greater appreciation for them now!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh wow, thank YOU for such an honest and sweet comment. I think people do NOT talk enough about a woman’s need to be proactive and take care of herself… I mean, they don’t even talk to you about BC in high school or college, because the thinking is that it’s an older woman’s disease. SO not true. I have a friend who had it at 23. She’s completely cured now, but seriously they should at least be teaching young girls to do self-exams.
      I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to you!

  53. Gabby says

    I just happenened upon this post after seeing your Chocolate-Covered Everything post and kept reading about the breast cancer awareness part, and I wear the exact same size and have so much trouble finding bras that fit! Please tell me where you find them!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m not sure about everywhere else, but the Nordstroms and Dillards in Dallas have a great selection of smaller sizes… I think I’ve even seen 30Es before!
      Another alternative, if you really can’t find them anywhere, is to buy online. Good luck!! 🙂

  54. Emily says

    Well, I assumed these were 32C Cups because they are frozen — but that would be 32F wouldn’t it 🙂 Thanks for posting — I love your blog and am looking forward to making it my bible when my partner and I go gluten-free and vegan next month! Whoa! Happy holidays from Oregon 🙂

  55. sarah says

    I love this post (ok…and most of your posts). Because of you, I’ve started eating oatmeal (baked, blended, etc.), “ice cream”, dark chocolate, and low-sugar desserts all the time! Anyway, I wear a 30F, so I feel your pain! I tend to buy bras from Freya or Fantasie, as they usually have weird sizes like that…BUT, their sports bras are a little odd looking. Do you have any suggestions for good sports bras? I do like this one (, but I had to size down to a 30DD to make it tight enough, and it’s a bit pricey. Would love to hear if you have any other suggestions! Cheers 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I have a super-hard time finding good sports bras too! I usually buy Champion, but I have to buy mediums, which mean they have a bit of extra room at the bottom. But they’re the best I’ve come up with. I tried Nike and Adidas, but they were either too small up top or too big under the bust area (depending on what size I tried). I’ll definitely check out your link!

      • Sarah says

        This may be late, but I love the North Face bounce be gone line. Great for running, keeps everything strapped in :))

  56. isabel Barganier says

    OMGGGGG!!!! Katie these are sooooo DELICIOUS! I saw them and knew i had to try them and they turned out amazing! they were super easy to make, thanks sooooo much for this awesome recipe!!!

  57. Anonymous says

    In terms of women respecting their breasts, what does wearing revealing clothing have to do with it? You can respect yourself and still wear revealing clothing. This isn’t the conservative 50s anymore, women have a choice to celebrate their bodies as they see fit (ideally without judgment).

    There’s also nothing wrong with a woman choosing to show her breasts to whoever she wants, they are part of her own body to do with as she pleases. The body isn’t an object to cover up or associate with monetary value such as being compared to a farm (or the cow, or the milk, whatever). Yes, respecting yourself is important but how that is enacted varies person to person. I’d say addressing the body like an object, treating a woman’s chest like a commodity is what’s really disrespectful here. Should we still be subjected to such sexist and patriarchal judgment like this in the year 2012?

  58. KMargaritaT says

    Just read parts of this, if the Rangers game wasn’t on in the background, I would read it entirely!!!! I love booby conversations! Have them almost daily as I wardrobe pregnant ladies for a living!!!! I’m a 38K and shrinking, thank goodnes!!!! Bra shopping is my biggest pain! I’m brand new to your blog here and so far, you are totally inspiring me to want to create, create, create!!! I can’t decide what to choose first, but this Booby treats might just win!!!

  59. Amber Michelle Davis says

    So I happened to stumble across your blog by accident a few weeks ago and have been addicted ever since! And now that I am seeing all of your friend’s quotes I am officially in love! Thanks for all the yummy treats!

  60. LaNita says

    Man! This is one of the flyest things…yes FLYEST 🙂 things I have ever been a part of! I love reading other comments just to know that I am not the only one who is really tripping out that you make these amazing recipes and then we can make them sooo easily and they turn out!!

    These make me so happy! Being a new mom of 2 young children…these make me happy! It is so exciting to know that I am going to be able give my kids so many fun, delicious, easy to make yummy deserts that won’t leave them from missing so many of the experiences that I had as a child of a mom that wasn’t so conscious. The PMS chocolate is sooo good and with 3 ingredients, amazing! The cups were great! Not Reese but so much better! Rich, more like dark chocolate but even better. Just really thankful for your mind and all of your ideas! I will be making some of these recipes for years!!

    Continued thanks mama!!

  61. Avie Layne says

    I made these for my dad using 90% cacao and natural almond butter to stay within his low sodium, low cholesterol and carb count diet. He loved them!

  62. Bob says

    I’m a guy and a big supporter of Breast Cancer Research and the Breast Cancer Site (Click daily to help support free mammograms), So, I’m not weirded out by your blog.
    .Also, The Chocolate issue, That is an unfair stereo type. I am a firm believer that On the 8th Day God made Chocolate, and I have been told that I eat enough Chocolate in a week to kill at least 3 Diabetics, Sometimes that could be done in one day as my favorite indulgence is “Death By CHOCOLATE” binges. Like big thick fudgy chocolaty Brownies Smothered in a Chocolate Ice Cream such as CHOCOLATE MooseTracks with CHOCOLATE Whipped Cream and topped with a CHOCOLATE Covered Cherry. Or “Reeses Chocolate Mousse Cake” in place of the Brownie. CHOCOLATE Candy, ahh Dont get me started LOL. One day I was in the Candy Aisle at the grocery store when a group of girls came in, apparently one of them was having sad issues with her BF, and they were debating what Chocolates to get, after a conversation about CHOCOLATE, I suggested Lindt Truffles and Dove Bar Mini’s, They thanked me and with a giggle asked “Are you sure your not a woman in a mans body”

  63. Monica says

    I was so jealous of my best friend in middle school because she had boobs and I didn’t. My mom took me bra shopping in 5th or 6th grade, but we got training bras. I don’t remember shopping much for bras after that (mostly because it was EMBARRASSING!!) until college. Suddenly in 9th grade, I had boobs. No joke, I think I went from flat chested to a C cup overnight. They didn’t stop growing. I bought bras, but basically just tried them on and picked what I thought fit. Then in college my mom decided that during a weekend visit, she needed to take me to VS. That was the first and last time I bought a bra in the store. I got measured and was a 38 DD! I had no idea when they got that large. I bought the only style they had, in the only colors they had (neutral), that actually went up to that size. I went back 6 months later when both the bras had a broken wire and they no longer carried the ONLY BRA in my size. I was furious. Thankfully I found out that Cacique (sold in Lane Bryant) carries larger sizes. The next time I got fitted, I had gone up a cup size. I’m currently at a 40/42 DDD… and have a hard time finding bras that fit properly. I’m afraid to get measured again because last time they told me I was a DD, but none of the DD bras fit. If I get measured again and find out that I need to move up to F, I’ll cry, literally. We need some women to do “boob research” to create bras that actually fit a variety of women because we all have different shaped breasts.

    While the cup is just the difference between two measurements, you can only do cheater sizes up or down one size, if you’re lucky.

  64. Kimberly says

    I was happily reading vegan chocolate recipes when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a discussion about boob size. I couldn’t help commenting since I saw a discussion about breast reduction. I am very short and small boned, and used to have very large breasts. I was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t run well, because there wasn’t a bra that could tame my girls. I couldn’t even clap very well. My hands had to be either weirdly up high or down low. I evenutally had a breast reduction and looked tons better, really liked having that issue off my plate. But then, along came my sweet, beautiful babies. I breast fed all of them, but not completely and it was very difficult. Your breasts serve a purpose and surgery is NOT worth it to give up the chance to give your children the best. If you are at all interested in breastfeeding your children, you should not get implants or a reduction until you are older.

  65. Trajayjay says

    I am a male, but I don’t really mind reading about boobs and vag. I sometimes get a quick laugh at it. Eh, my sister talks about her period a lot, and she’ll share if she’s menstruating or not. And I ask my mom about birth and period, especially because she got some special women surgery, a hysterectomy (is that what it’s called, ah, they carved out her uterus basically.)

  66. Niki says

    These are wonderful along with every one of your recipes!
    And I feel your pain girl, I’m a 30 C, and the 30 is SO hard to find! I think we must have freakishly tiny rib cages…

  67. Bianca says

    These look so delicious and easy to make! I’ve got a small batch chilling in the freezer (pun unintended). For my next try, I’m thinking dark chocolate with your chocolate-banana-peanut-butter! 😉 Well, that is certainly a mouthful.

  68. Allison says

    I tempered the chocolate (first time) & it hardened within 30 seconds in the fridge. I also added some coconut oil to the peanutbutter to help it firm up. I am so happy with the results. Thank you!

  69. lily says

    This may be a silly question, but why is the nut butter white? I see in the directions and photos that the middle layer is nut butter, but wouldn’t thay make it brown? What brand of nut butter is this? And if we wanted to use coconut, how wpuld we put it in the recipe? So confused!

  70. Gracie says

    These look so yummy ?
    I’m 13 and still almost as flat chested as my brother?
    I went shopping with my friend last week at bonds and I said I needed to buy a bra and she just stared at me and started laughing. It’s hard cos I go swimming with my mates a lot and I’m the only one wearing a one piece cos I can’t fit in a bikini without having to worry about accidentally flashing everyone watching?

  71. aiman says

    One of the saddest things observed in pregnant women is that they intend to bottle feed their kid as
    they have been warned about the shapelessness of their breast. Every women knows the importance of breastfeeding but somehow refrains from doing so,to avoid shapeless boobs after breastfeeding.

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