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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pizookie Pie!

A giant, gooey chocolate chip pumpkin pizookie.


Above, topped with Coconut Ice Cream.

So what the heck is a pizookie???

It’s something between a pie and a cookie. A soft, chocolatey, fudgy delicious deep dish chocolate chip cookie.

Sounds pretty fantastic, right?!

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Recipe from @choccoveredkt... I've made this recipe about 1000 times and no one ever believes it's healthy... One of the best desserts I've ever made:


My roommate, Emily, and I invited a bunch of friends over for a housewarming party Saturday night, and I wanted to christen the new oven in style.

So I figured it was a great time to test out an idea I’d been meaning to try for a few months.

Enter this pumpkin deep dish cookie pie–with lots of chocolate chips–reminiscent of the Pizookies they sell at the chain restaurant, BJ’s Brewhouse (if BJ’s made a pumpkin version, which they sadly don’t).

Have you ever heard of a pizookie? Apparently, the name is a combination of “pizza” and “cookie” and was first coined by BJ’s Brewhouse. Their website says BJ’s offers Red Velvet pizookies and Triple Chocolate ones.

Hmmmm… what flavor should I try next?

Recipe from @choccoveredkt... I've made this pumpkin pizookie recipe about 1000 times and no one ever believes it's healthy... One of the best desserts I've ever made:


To say this pumpkin pizookie was a huge success would be an understatement!

More than one person at the party said it was the best pie he or she had ever eaten, and I think every single crumb was gone just ten minutes after I served the pie.

Seriously, do not worry about serving the following recipe to a crowd of “non-healthy” eaters. They will devour this healthier chocolate chip pie like there is no tomorrow.

If you’re still unsure, read the over 1000 positive comments on this post.

Recipe from @choccoveredkt... I've made this recipe about 1000 times and no one ever believes it's healthy... One of the best desserts I've ever made:


You’ll find a similar number of positive comments and rave reviews if you look at my white bean blondie and Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip posts.

I know it seems weird, but these bean desserts are actually HUGE crowd pleasers.


Gooey Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pizookie Pie


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pizookie

(gluten free!)

Inspired by the Deep Dish Cookie Pie.

  • 2 cans white beans or garbanzos, drained and rinsed (500g total, once drained)
  • 1 cup quick oats
  • 1/4 cup pureed pumpkin (or butternut squash or sweet potato)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 and 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil or coconut oil, or 1/4 cup almond butter
  • 1 1/2 cup sugar, unrefined if desired (For a sugar-free version, use xylitol. I know some readers have successfully made my original pie with maple syrup, but I haven’t tried.)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips

Blend everything except the chips very well in a food processor. (A blender can sometimes work, but the taste and texture will be much better if you use a food processor.) Blend until it’s super-smooth. Mix in chips, and pour into a pan. (I used a 10-inch springform pan, but you can use a smaller pan if you want a really deep-dish pie.) Cook at 350F for 35 minutes. Let stand at least 10 minutes before removing from the pan.

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Published on October 24, 2011

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    • Amy says

      There’s a chain of restaurants called BJ’s that, I think, invented the pizookie. They might even have it trademarked, not sure!

  1. katie says

    Holy crap, this looks delish!!!!! LOVE! I realize more and more everyday that I have a exclamation point obsession, lol

    Happy Monday beautiful !

  2. Megan says

    This looks so fudgy and delicious!!! It looks like it would simply melt in my mouth…I love pumpkin and chocolate! Can you host parties at my house? My friends often eat at BJs and they ordered a pizookie once; they are huge! Your’s looks better 🙂 I think you should try the red velvet pizookie next! Or a peanut butter snicker doodle pizookie. Needless to say, you never cease to amaze me Katie!

  3. Dawn says

    Hi Katie! I don’t see the link for the sugar free version (or I could just be blind). This looks wonderful but I don’t have sugar at the house. If you could forward it to me that would be great!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Eek, sorry, I hadn’t meant to leave that part of the recipe in there! I do have an *idea* for a sugar-free version, but I’ve never tried it.
      Basically, it’s this: leave out the sugar, and add in 2 and 1/2 cups pitted dates (soaked in water for at least 8 hours).
      As I said, I’ve not tried it… but if you want to try it, I would be so interested to know if it works!

  4. Holly - InspirationBeauty says

    Hi Katie, this looks delicious! I love your original Deep Dish Cookie Pie so can’t wait to try this one!

    I live in Ireland and we unfortunately have no Stevia sweetener here, which is a pain because it means I have to use artificial sweeteners, which makes anything you bake taste bad. I did, however, see Xylitol, another natural sweetener, in some health shops near me. Have you tried this? And if so, does it work in baking?

    Thank you!

    • Vicki says

      I love xylitol and don’t care for Stevia. Xylitol works great for baking or anything for that matter. I always use less that the recipe calls for, but that’s just for my personal taste, you can use it as a sub for sugar in any recipe. It’s pricey, but so worth it. I have a severe corn allergy, so I have to use xylitol from a birch source, but if you don’t have corn issues that should not be a problem.

        • vicki says

          sometcompany’s sell “Brown Sugar” when it all it really is is a mixture of white sugar and mollasses, not pure brown sugar. So that may be an option. I bet pure maple syrup would even complement this recipe well. \

  5. Christelle says

    Pizookie….what an awesome concept! I’ve never heard of it, and this chocolate pumpkin one is right up my alley. It looks amazing Katie, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Sorry, I hadn’t meant to leave that part of the recipe in there! I do have an *idea* for a sugar-free version, but I’ve never tried it.
      Basically, it’s this: leave out the sugar, and add in 2 and 1/2 cups pitted dates (soaked in water for at least 8 hours).
      As I said, I’ve not tried it… but if you want to try it, I would be so interested to know if it works!

  6. Jennifer JCD says

    Mmm… what a perfect combination!! I have no doubt this was a huge success. I’m betting you’ll have another four thumbs up from us by the end of this week. 🙂

    We’ve been making Pizookies for years, although under a different name. Who wouldn’t want a super-ginormous cookie??

  7. Michaela says

    oooooooooooooooh my god, I didn´t think it could get any better!!! Clearly, I was wrong. Totally wrong.
    This would make an awesome cake for my birthday next week!!

  8. Kit-Kat says

    I’ve only seen your Pizzerts and creations with such cool names. I’ll have to try this out! Quick question: how much does one recipe make to serve?

  9. Holly says

    Katie! I think I am in love with you and your bean cooking ways. Don’t tell my husband!

    I love BJs Brewhouse and Pizookies! So excited to try this healthier version. They are good, but usually way too sweet. I will have to try this on my husband and in-laws since we are all pizookie fans.

  10. Jen H. says

    I have made about the exact same thing minus the oil and did not cook it. I just put it in the freezer and and then warmed a little before I ate some. I will have to try doing a baking version. Do you think it will work with out oil?

  11. Amy Latterner says

    could i make this with white beans?
    and i’d love to see a red velvet pizookie! ohh my lord that would be delicious..

    • Amy Latterner says

      also, how do you get your vanilla ice milk to look so white and delicious?! Mine always is like a beige color and it doesn’t look light and fluffy like yours does. 😛

      Thanks Katie!

  12. SheilaBmarie says

    ….I would make this Pizzookie NOW- like RiGHT now just because of the name! but i happen to be out of beans and chocolate chips at the moment!! AHH!! A day without chocolate chips….my life is not complete!

  13. Heather says

    That looks so delicious! I’ve been wanting to make something pumpkin flavored and this may have to be it. I’ve made the blondies also, and they turned out great. How many servings would you say you got out of your pumpkin pizzert? Thanks.

  14. Sarah says

    I christen this Awesomeness in a Pie Dish… sorta rhymes when you say it over and over, not that i did 🙂
    Now on a more serious note, i went back to read your Big News post, cuz i never read blogs on the weekend. Come Monday, i’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Well, i am really happy and excited for you! I hope that Batman likes the new roommate! One thing did weigh on my mind though. You see i was a little disappointed when saw some comments against George Bush and one of your replies that sounded against him too. Now this isn’t for political reasons. I mean i’m not mad that y’all are against him- i mean its a free country and you can put whatever you want. I’m a Tea Party teen, but I tried not to comment anything political. I guess my sadness came from the fact that I am a very politically active teen going to rallies and campaigning and what not. But at the end of the day your site and other blogs are my politics free haven. Sorta something disconnected from politics. When i saw some of the political comments, i couldn’t help but feel that politics had slightly crept into my haven as well. I hope no one finds this as a rude or offensive comment. that is not what i want it to be at all. I am still a huge follower of your blog and i love you and all your readers. Just my two cents thats all.
    Sorry for the long comment!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I try very hard to keep my political views out of my blog. In fact, I bet if you asked most of my readers, they wouldn’t know my political views! However, I won’t censor myself in the comment section. But you really don’t have to read others’ comments if they have the potential to upset you. I can’t ever guarantee someone else’s comment won’t upset another reader. I can ONLY guarantee that I won’t discuss politics (too much) in my actual posts.

  15. Char @ says

    this was suuuuuper tasty!! I only use 1/2 cup of brown sugar & 1/3 cup of chocolate chips, and even the people I know who are used to “normal” desserts enjoy it & think it’s sweet enough. It really doesn’t taste much different with the pumpkin puree, but it’s good to know it’s easy enough to modify. Also, I used 2 tbsp olive oil instead of 3 tbsp canola and it tasted just fine 🙂

  16. Katie @ Raisins&Apples says

    I’ve never made a pizookie, but I’ve heard of them before. And I am such a fan of beans in dessert, I greatly appreciate your gluten-free recipes 🙂

  17. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Seriously, Katie, you have got to stop doing this. It’s making me drool! Your pictures make it look so moist and scrumptious…ugh….I hate you-in a good way 😛

    Also, where’s the link to the sugar-free version? I would love to see it! Thanks 😀

  18. L. says

    This is one of those recipes that is so good it makes me have a disdain for food hogs, competitive, and angry!!! Best to stay away from it completely!!! Grosses me out when people get like 3 plates of something at a party that other people are wanting as well–how rude and disgusting!!!

  19. Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. says

    Okay now that I see chocolate AND pumpkin I am sold! Just found out my family is coming to California for the holidays so I hope this is something I can make for the gatherings! Love seeing the success of your recipes and how so many readers are loving your ideas! Congrats, Katie!

  20. Amy-Nutrition by Nature says

    Oh my goodness that looks delicious. Your pictures are awesome and really just make me want to eat that dessert right now!

  21. Amber K says

    I don’t think I had ever heard of the term until you said it! I am still leery of beans in desserts. Not so much that I think I’ll necessarily dislike the first taste, but more so about the after taste. I know a lot of people who can detect the bean flours in desserts (I sure can), so if I used actual beans….I don’t know! But I’m intrigued.

  22. Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries says

    Yum – I LOVE pizookies! They’re definitely one of my favorite desserts. We don’t have BJ’s here in Utah, but when I was in college in California, BJ’s was my favorite dinner restaurant. I can’t believe they have a Red Velvet pizookie now – that sounds amazing! Your pumpkin one looks great too!

  23. Natasha says

    I’m hyperventilating right now….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Yes – I’ve heard of a pizookie – but – you – as per u-su-al out do ya fine self sista!

    All of a sudden my Indian dinner will have to take a back seat!

  24. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    Bookmarked! This looks divine. I think I’m going to try it in muffin tins to make individual-sized desserts all for me!

  25. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Have you ever heard of a pizookie? = Yes! Gina talks about them and makes them quite a bit and I’ve had them in restaurants. Yours looks incredible. Now THAT is a gooey hot mess that I want in my life 🙂

  26. Annelle says

    Another amazing recipe!! I am a new follower here and I would like to take this time to thank you for making so many delish yet healthy treats! I have tried a few already and each day I find a new creation to try out! Thanks again.

  27. Brandae says

    Just made this tonight and it’s more than half eaten already (I have four boys and a hubby). Didn’t tell any of them how healthy it was for them, and they gobbled it up and asked for seconds. 🙂 Thanks, Katie! Great recipe.

  28. Tara says

    I’d like to add pumpkin spice to it for even more fall flavor! Then top it off with some banana soft serve for a skookie – which is what we call “pizookies” around here. You just barely bake cookie dough in a skillet, and immediately after taking it out of the oven top it with ice cream. It’s pretty much heaven.

  29. Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell says

    YES PLEASE PB&J PIZZOKIE. Perhaps a mint chocolate chip pizookie? Pb + C Pizookie?

    I just love to say pizookie 🙂

  30. Morgan says

    I baked this!

    And it is AMAZING. I used half the brown sugar and a smidge more pumpkin, and since my blender was having trouble, I added a few splashes of almond milk. I baked it for 38 min to compensate for extra liquid. I used 65% dark chocolate chips.

    It is just as moist and velvety and delicious as the pictures make it look–thanks for this excellent recipe!

  31. Kayleigh says

    & I just bought a can of organic pumpkin from Trader Joe’s today… now I know why! 😉
    Can’t wait to try this recipe! Looks AMAZING. Pizookie.. what a cute name!!

  32. Sara says

    Actually I made deepdish cookie pie for my family to try and my father actually said it was disgusting! He didn’t even know what was in it! And if you know what’s in it you can actually taste it…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Honestly, I find it hard to believe you followed the recipe if it turned out so badly. EVERYone to whom I’ve served that dip has loved it. And you can read the comments on the post to see that others have felt the same way. If you’re leaving this comment just to test me, to see if I delete negative comments, you’ll be happy to know I don’t.

      And if you’re leaving this comment to wonder what you might’ve done wrong for the recipe to end up so badly, can you please tell me exactly what specific ingredients you used and if you drained the beans? Then I can try and figure out why yours didn’t turn out as it should have :).

    • Melissa says

      Oh, I disagree.

      I’ve made this for many many many people. I even use only stevia and they all go nuts over it. I’d be happy taking this recipe to ANY party with any folks I can imagine. It’s that darn good.

      I’m on Team “You Messed Up the Recipe”.

  33. Jessica @ Jess Go Bananas says

    There is nothing better than a deep dish pizza cookie! I always love deep dish pizzas for their doughy insides, and of course, extra crust!

  34. Melissa says

    Haha. I went to make this last night… got all started and then realized this is how I ALWAYS make the cookie pie. LOL. I use pumpkin rather than applesauce and it works out the same amount as this guy. Mine isn’t super pumpkin-y, though, when I do it. So, since I wanted to make it taste more pumpkin pie-ish, I added pumpkin extract, pumpkin pie spice and maple extract. OMNOMNOM.

    I also made pumpkin frozen yogurt and we had a heckuva pumpkin-y delicious night.

  35. Trina says

    Katie, I can’t tell you how many times I have made your cookie pie. So you can bet your bottom dollar I’m trying this as soon as I get home! THANK YOU!

  36. Missy says

    I, first of all, wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog 🙂 I struggled with my weight in almost the EXACT same way you have so your blight is not only inspiring in the kitchen, but in real life as well. I have made so many of your recipes, it’s ridiculous! I just made this one today since I am obsessed with pumpkin and as usual… everyone loves it! I used a blender because we have a 2 cup food processor and it worked but it took awhile and some encouragement via a spoon haha! Thanks for another spectacular recipe 🙂

  37. Amy says

    I can hardly wait to make this! I have some white beans on the shelf (dry, so I’ll have to take some time to soak & then crock-pot them to get them ready) that are begging to be used for this “pizookie” recipe. This will be my weekend project – after my LONG run. Its so good to have things to look forward to – I might even try it with the dates. I’m thankful for your posts/website. I’m pretty impressed too.

    • Amy says

      Okay, so I made this over the weekend. I used a small sweet potato instead of pumpkin. I wished I had not used as much brown sugar, but I can reduce the sugar next time, because I will DEFINITELY be making this again. It also freezes very well. Wasn’t sure if the hubby would like it, but he does!! Wow, just reading over the comments and thinking maybe I should try adding some coconut to it next time too. Such great ideas here! Happy Tuesday 🙂

  38. Desi@ThePalatePeacemaker says

    Katie, this looks INCREDIBLE. I know I’m a broken-record here after all the many comments that have come before me, but I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to comment! I’ve been waiting to try the cookie pie as soon as I can reintroduce legumes again to my anti-candida diet. I think this is the first thing I will make when that day comes. Thank you! 🙂

  39. Katlyn says

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! this recipe is unbelievably good and I am definitely regretting making them with no one else home to help eat them! I do not really like baking with oil so i simply added more pumpkin, and used half the brown sugar with an extra 1/4 c maple syrup. I had the ice cream ready and waiting for when they came out of the oven! thank you for this, i will probably be making them every week =)

  40. Geetha says

    Just took this out of the oven– perfect for a snowy day 🙂 I ended up using about 1/2 cup of coconut crystals and some stevia to sweeten– yummy- love your posts!

  41. Alyson says

    Delish. I’ve tried the blondies, the deep dish cookie pie, and chocolate fudge pie and this one is my favorite.

    Next time I think I’ll try a 1/4 cup more pumpkin and I always add a few more chocolate chips than your recipes call for (is it possible that I love chocolate more than you?!)

    Thank you for sharing your creative concoctions!

  42. Lulu says

    Just made this last night for a potluck and every crumb was devoured. So good and not a soul guessed that it was made with beans =) Thanks so much another tasty alternative treat!

  43. Kara says

    Made this version and took it to work today. In-freakin-sanely delicious!! Everyone loved it, and I seriously need to make another now!

  44. Jenna says

    I made this last week for a Halloween party, and everyone loved it! I didn’t want to mess too much with the recipe, but I reduced slightly the amount of oil, and added a bit more pumpkin. I also used less sugar, since I figured most of us would be having our fill of sugary candy that weekend; I probably used just over 1 cup total. It was unbelievably moist, and I think it tasted like Cream of Wheat, which I love and which reminds me of childhood =). Nobody could guess the unusual main ingredient, and they were all surprisingly open to having just eaten a chickpea dessert. Thanks for the recipe!

  45. Lulu says

    Made this for a second time tonight using a deep dish and serving with coconut milk ice-cream. Delightful, I may not leave the house til it’s all gone! Thanks for your sunshine and treats katie!

  46. Jackie says

    Hi Katie!

    I would love to make this, but I had a question about using garbanzo bean flour in place of garbanzo beans… do you think this would work out just as well?

    PS I love all of your recipes! They are so tasty!

  47. Julia says

    SO HAPPY i found this blog! After losing 50 pounds, I’m working on maintaining my current weight while slowly phasing in foods that i had previously “forbidden.” This was absolutely delicious!!! I’m a big fan of the boatmeal, too. Thanks so much!

    (Also, b/c of previous comments, I tried it with just 1/2 cup of sugar… I didn’t miss the extra sugar what with all the chocolatey-chip goodness in every bite!)

  48. Pam Johnson says

    This is AWESOME!!!! I made this over the weekend. I used Splenda brown sugar which worked well. I still put in the chocolate chips. I highly recommend!!!

  49. Dana Jarrell says

    Looking for the calories or if anyone knows a site where I can figure out the calories and servings. I am so excited to try this. Your dip is amazing!

  50. Pam Johnson says

    Here is the breakdown, the way I made it with the Splenda brown sugar:
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 130 g
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 392
    Calories from Fat 107
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 11.9g18%
    Saturated Fat 4.3g22%
    Trans Fat 0.0g
    Cholesterol 4mg1%
    Sodium 422mg18%
    Total Carbohydrates 57.5g19%
    Dietary Fiber 3.3g13%
    Sugars 42.9g
    Protein 5.9g
    Vitamin A 16% • Vitamin C 1%
    Calcium 10% • Iron 8%

  51. Jessica says

    I made this over the weekend, and it is SO GOOD! I didn’t have a food processor (only a blender, which definitely didn’t work) so I ended up mashing the beans with my wooden spoon. Even though there were unmashed beans in mine, it was still DELICIOUS! Especially warm out of the oven with ice cream!

  52. María says

    I did it this morning and I LOVE it! I used a very wide pan so it was a bit dry, but with a bit of vanilla ice-cream was PERFECT! Thank you!

  53. LilVeganBunny says

    I am SO making this for Thanksgiving! Vegetarians, Vegans & Gluten Free girls will be present enjoying this pumpkin-y CHOCOLATEY goodness!

    Also, last weekend my friend and I were in upstate NY and were headed to a gathering with about 30 girls who all brought a little appetizer or dessert. We were rushing all day and completely forgot to make something!?! We had about 5 minutes and no blender but we made your cookie dough dip with cannelini beans (had no garbonzo)! It was mixed in a stand mixer too. Everyone LOVED it and the women couldn’t believe what was in it. 🙂 I set it on the table as to blend in with all the other desserts and everyone kept saying “mmm looks so good” or “I’m on a diet that looks sinful” haha.

    Also, my coerced my friend into baking your polka dot banana bread and everyone was obsessed. We all ate the loaf in a day! Even her non-vegan boyfriend was SOLD! YAY

    Obsessed with your blog! <3

  54. Ally's Oma says

    Katie, is there anything I could use besides the oats? Maybe leave them out? I’m allergic to them….any ideas? It sounds so good!

  55. Natasha says

    I have to assume that my problem w/ this dessert is a conversion problem. I couldn’t find the info on your “about me” page, but I’m guessing you’re not in the states??? 1 can of garbanzo beans is 15.5 oz (apparently 479 grams or something close to that) where I am…but that’s BEFORE draining. I have no clue what that equals out to AFTER draining and rinsing. Bottom line, 2 cans of garbanzo beans and a cup of quick oats mixed w/ everything else proved too thick for my ninja to handle and I actually burned up the motor. I had to move the mixture over to my blender and add milk and extra pureed pumpkin just to get it to blend. I’ve thrown it in the oven anyway to see what comes of it. Next time I’ll try it w/ just 1 can of garbanzo beans and see what happens.

    • Natasha says

      As a follow-up, it baked up just fine w/ the additions I had to make and it was absolutely delicious. I topped it w/ Splenda sweetened vanilla ice cream. Although I’m not a vegan, I am an avid South Beach Dieter and love your recipes!!!

  56. Courtney says

    This looks good! But do you use a certain kind of chocolate chips since chocolate chips have milk in them? Just curious because I am interested in making them for a friend who is allergic to dairy.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yup, I usually buy whatever’s available and vegan: I find Ghirardelli semi-sweet at regular grocery stores (in a gold bag). Or Whole Foods brand (green bag) or Enjoy Life brand or Whole Foods dark chocolate mini chunks or Sunspire vegan or sometimes I even break up flavored Endangered Species chocolate bars for flavored chocolate chips! 🙂

  57. Natasha says

    For the record, I only cook sugar-free desserts. I did so here by mixing Splenda w/ a little bit of sugar-free pancake syrup. 😉

  58. Haylee says

    Made this tonight, but used sugar substitute in place of the brown sugar and cacao nibs in place of the chocolate chips. It was amazing!! Thanks so much Katie.

  59. Becky says

    Oh. Em. Gee. This is the first healthy bake recipe i have ever tried, and all i can say is WOW!! When i was rinsing the cans of white kidney beans I was thinking no way is this going to turn out, those beans smell so bad! haha. But i went with it, and am i ever happy I have found your site!! I didnt have any sugar so i substituted about a 3/4 of a cup of agave syrup and it turned out splendid! It is the absolute perfect sweetness, you would never geuss that it is healthy. I am impressed! Thank you sooooo much :):):)

  60. Chrisia says

    Hi Katie! Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful recipes. What is on top of the “ice cream”? Any type of healthy chocolate syrup? I saw it on the frapuccino too. I’d love to know!

  61. Renee Loy says

    I made mine in a 10″ cast iron skillet and it came out perfect at 35 min baking. Any idea what the calorie/nutritional value is on this and how many slices you are suppose to cut it into? It might help me not eat the entire 10″ by myself! LOL

  62. Beth H says

    I know you give permission on your about page to link back to your recipes and use your photos with credit given, but just wanted you to know that I am doing that with today’s post on my new blog, I also want to say thank you. Your blog has been a big inspiration in helping me decide to go ahead and start my own blog. I hope you will visit it one day if you get time. I am not vegan, but am trying to eat healthy and I love gardening, so that is what my blog is about. My first recipe that I posted actually would work for a vegan! Thank you again for the inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  63. Katherine Ehinger says

    Okay so I just made this. It was okay! I mean I don’t know, I guess I’m one of THOSE people who don’t really like healthy desserts. I just felt like I could easily taste the beans. Maybe I made it wrong though? It didn’t taste very cooked, it was kinda like sweet hummus lol. Still good though, and probably amazing for those who are used to such desserts. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’ve served it to a ton of people who don’t like healthy desserts, and they still love it! Can you tell me more specifics about what you did, so I can try to figure out what might’ve gone wrong? What food processor? What sweetener and how much? Did you drain the beans well?

      • Katherine Ehinger says

        Hmm well I used a food processor, but it’s really old, so that could be it. I also used one can of white beans, and one can of chick peas. I put in a little less sugar, about a cup. Oh and I used vegetable oil instead of canola so that probably is it.

  64. Jessica says

    This was FANTASTIC!!! I made it with homemade chocolate chunks. Yummm! Your site has been a lifesaver for me Katie – I can’t eat gluten, dairy, eggs, or flour right now and like you I tend to like my goodies a lot less sweet than most people. Your recipes are so well written and flexible and always turn out exactly the way I like them! 🙂

    Quick question: I made my chickpeas from scratch since canned beans are often a sneaky hidden source of gluten. My room mate had a can of chickpeas in the pantry that said 540 ml on it, so by that standard, 2 cans = 4.5 cups of cooked chickpeas (2 cups of dry chickpeas made just over 4.5 cups of cooked chickpeas, so I have the perfect amount left over for my curry tomorrow). The pizookie turned out great when I used 4.5 cups but I was wondering, were the cans you used 540 ml as well?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      They were, but when using canned chickpeas there’s quite a lot of liquid that’ll be drained before using. So it ends up only weighing 500g total after I drain the two cans. But I’m glad it worked for you anyway! 🙂

  65. Amy says

    Hi Katie! I came across your website recently, and I just wanted to say a massive thank you, I’m a recovering anorexic, and struggle both in finding foods I trust – and even when I do, the weight just doesn’t seem to STAY PUT. Thank you thank you thank you for your healthy alternatives to all the foods I used to love. I haven’t actually tried any of the recipes yet (I’ve been logging on for about two weeks, and only yesterday finished a graduation project that occupied 20 hours of the 24 available in a day), but fully intend to asap. In the meantime though, your amusing posts alone make just reading your website a joy, and the photos in themselves are so appetizing they have served daily as an incentive to eat my very very late night suppers! Keep it up xxx

  66. Sydney Jeffery says

    Just made this…ahhhhmazingg!!!! I didn’t put in flour or sugar, instead I added vegan protein powder and a little agave and stevia. It turned out perfect! 🙂

  67. Sjondi says

    I know you receive soooooooo many comments, but I still wanted to say THANK YOU!!! for this recipe! I made it last night…after the children had gone to bed, lest they know the “secret ingredient” and turn their noses up at it. Well, it smelled great! In the a.m., I served it and only admitted to the oats, pumpkin and chocolate chips. THEY ALL ATE IT!!!!! Even my extremely picky 3 year old son asked for more!!! Next…the “crazy ingredient chocolate cake” We’ll all be singing “MOM is great…she made us the chocolate cake!” song 🙂 I love making healthy desserts and serving them for breakfast! Thanks again!!

  68. MollyG says

    Made this today, it is DELICIOUS! so moist I couldn’t believe it! I baked it for about 30 minutes and it came out perfect. Thank you Katie!

  69. Laura says

    Just have to add my rave review to all the others. I made this recipe this morning and ate a piece for lunch…and I’m thinking of having another for dessert! Probably not a good idea, since I also licked the bowl and the spatula clean after mixing. SO yummy…I would never guess these had beans or even oats in them.

  70. Josh says

    Just to let you know, instead of using brown sugar, I sub 1/4 c. of maple syrup and 1/2 c. of sucanat (unprocessed sugar). It turned out great!

  71. Ali says

    YUM! I used extra pumpkin, because I love pumpkin flavor. I probably used about 3/4 a cup. I also did 3/4C brown sugar, 3/4C splenda to try to cut down on the amount of sugar, and it’s wonderful. Thanks for all of your great recipes! My co-workers beg me to bring more of the “healthy treats” to work. Instead, I tell them about your blog and let them make it – or else I’d be baking allllllllll the time!

  72. Nina says

    I made this tonight and it was awesome. You can’t even taste the beans. We used 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup of stevia and a tablespoon of molasses. So good! Thanks so much!

  73. stephanie says

    Just RePinned this from your board and cant wait to try it! I made your chocolate chip pie into cupcakes for my sons 2nd birthday (tear) this weekend and they were a HUGE hit. Everyone loved them. Thanks for all of the amazing recipes and for being a great resource!

  74. angie says

    HELP! I soooo want to make this! My household is filled with all kids of different food allergies. We love many of your desserts, we just can rarely all eat the same one. Oats are one of the allergies. I REALLY want to make this but want everyone in my home to eat it. Any suggestions on a replacement for oats?? I’ve heard quinea, but for some reason that itimidates me and it just doesn’t seem like it would really do the trick. Thx!

  75. Skye says

    OMG, Katie! I made this tonight. First of all, I could have just eaten the batter by the spoonful. It smelled and tasted AMAZING. Then, as it was baking, my whole house was filled with the aroma of fall. Best of all, when we ate the finished product NOBODY could believe it was healthy and had BEANS in it as well as no flour/dairy and was low fat.

    ALL your recipes that I’ve tried have become staples in my house and this one will be no exception. You may be Chocolate-covered but inside you are just pure AWESOME! Thanks, Katie!!

  76. Justine says

    Hi Katie, I just made this for my family and it’s a big hit. I was wondering if it will keep on the counter or should it be kept in the frig. Thanks. Love, love love your recipes 🙂

  77. Sue says

    Why not use the blender? I don’t have a food processor & we live overseas & can’t buy one…I really want to try this!! This looks SO delicious!!

    • cck says

      Unfortunately, I didn’t have success when I used a blender, as the beans didn’t blend and it tatsted weird. But you can always try… maybe in batches?

  78. Meghan says

    I made this tonight. I was a little worried when I put it in the oven because I could easily taste the beans in the batter. But you couldn’t taste the beans when it was all baked. My husband had no idea. My 2 year old daughter gobbled it up and asked for more! I doubled the pumpkin but thought it still wasn’t that pumpkiny tasting. Next time I will just try the regular cookie version or maybe just use peanut butter instead of pumpkin. Oh, and it was really filling! Great recipe though, thanks!

  79. Abby says

    I made these last night and they were delicious! My hubby and very picky 3 year old were none the wiser. I even made a second batch for my husband to take to work! My first batch tasted great but was still gooey in the middle so for my second batch I used a 9×13 pan instead and they baked perfectly. I just cut them into bars. Also, my food processor is pretty small so I split the batter in half to get it smooth.

  80. KM Duff says

    Okay I made this last night and it is pretty good. Warm out of the oven, the cinnamon taste was too strong for me. And it wasn’t pumpkin-y enough. But it is yummy. Next day it is not too cinnamon-y anymore but it really isn’t very pumpkin-y still. So I want to increase the pumpkin, decrease the cinnamon some and add some pumpkin pie type spices.

    Do you think I need to change anything else in the batter if i am adding a lot more pumpkin? Thinking I’d like it to have 2 cups pumpkin.

  81. Michelle says

    I want to make this for thanksgiving. But with so much on my plate the week of the holiday I know I won’t have time. Can I make this ahead if time and freeze it, defrost & reheat for T-day? Thanks Love your site!

  82. Olivia says

    I made this today and it was so incredibly delicious. The raw dough was wonderful too. I used a blender because I don’t have a food processor, and although it took A LOT longer than it would have with a processor, the pizookie came out smooth and great-looking.

    I also only had the equivalent of 1 and a half cans of garbanzo beans, but the recipe still came out great. I also used oat bran because I don’t have normal quick oats.

    Topped it with some of your coconut ‘whipped cream’ and it tasted like perfection! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  83. Barb C says

    Made this pumpkin choc chip pizookie tonight pretty much exactly as written, and served it to 8- and 10-yr olds, who literally licked their plates clean. I made the voluminous ice cream (with light coconut milk) and served it with a drizzle of melted ‘enjoy life’ mini choc chips. Looked just like your beautiful photograph. I was just telling my husband that I have to watch how often I look at your site because I truly can’t stop wanting to make almost everything!!

  84. Paige says

    I made this for thanksgiving as the secret healthy option. I went up against an eggnog cheesecake (sinful) and everyone still raved about this option. Great recipe!!!

  85. Cece says

    Please come to my house and make me these delicious looking healthy recipes! 😀 I can’t buy ingredients to make this stuff, and even if I could, I can’t cook!

  86. Anna says

    I just wanted to throw out that I made this last night with butterscotch chips, pecans, some pp spice, and a dash of white pepper… It was AMAZING. I make the deep dish cookie pie all the time and this one might have knocked it out of the top seed. ♥ ♥ ♥ it.

  87. Kitty Bea says

    Yay, so happy to see this recipe calling for coconut sugar… I just bought it for the first time this week. =)
    And since I love your deep dish cookie cake recipe, I’m sure I’ll love this!

  88. Rachel says

    Question: some of your recipes specifically say NOT to use blender. I only have a vita mix No processor, what’s the difference and is there any other way to make it w/o the processor??
    LOVE Your website btw!!! Last thing I tried was actuall the lentil sloppy joes YUM!

  89. Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents says

    This was my first time making a bean-based dessert. It. Was. Awesome!!!! I couldn’t tell it was beans at all! 🙂
    My 3 year old is a huge fan! Thanks, Katie!
    Also, I used stevia (Sweet Leaf) instead of sugar and it turned out just fine.

  90. Tereza says

    For a lower sugar version I split the difference between the standard Deep Dish Cookie Pie recipe and the sugar-free version. So, for this Chocolate Pumpkin Pizookie this meant replacing half of the brown sugar with 1 cup of dates. I didn’t soak the dates, just threw them in the food processor with everything else. Delicious!!

  91. Analie says

    Wow, Katie. This recipe is possibly my favorite I’ve made so far from you. It was gone within 24 hours at my house and no one ever suspected the garbanzo beans. Awesome job!

  92. MegW says

    Hey Katie,
    I have seen in quite a few of your posts you use xylitol. What is that? Where do you get it? I have never heard it before reading your site.

  93. Laura says

    Your recipes look wonderful. Looking forward to trying some. I like when you include nutritional contents. Is it possible to find out the nutritional content of the pumpkin chocolate chip pizookie?? Thank you.

  94. Kelly L says

    Don’t be so surprised about beans in desserts, the Chinese have been serving up red bean cakes for a long time. Beans and chickpeas are not weird at all in desserts and make for some tasty treats! I am planning on making this tonight, I can’t wait to try it!

  95. mike says

    I was wondering if there was a replacement for the white beans or garbanzos. I am making this for my fiancée as a surprise but we both HATE beans…. But i HAVE to make this it looks too good

  96. Maggie says

    I love the second photo (posted again at the end) because that is EXACTLY what a pizookie looks like lol – it looks like what a pizookie sounds like! When I think “pizookie” that’s what I’m talkin’ about right there!

  97. Jennifer Ivey says

    I have this baking in the oven as I type! So excited! Love your recipes. They are always tasty and so easy 🙂

  98. Katie says

    This was amazing. I only had one can of garbanzo beans, so I halved the recipe…except I used the same amount if not more pumpkin and I added pumpkin pie spice. Baked in a small rectangular glass dish for about 23 minutes and it was delicious. My food processor is pretty terrible and I was too impatient to allow the dough to get really smooth, so these did have some texture from the oats. I wonder…if I used oat flour instead, would that completely change the outcome?

  99. Erin says

    I know this is an older post, but I am new to your site and I am sooooo excited about trying this!! I LOVE BJ’s Pizookies! (And anything pumpkin!) Have you tried out any other flavors? My absolute favorite is the oreo one…you should try that one next!!

  100. Amy says

    Just made this last night for the second time (made it around this time last year!) This time I used a 9 inch spring-form pan so it’s a but more deep dish and totally amazing!!!! I am a huge pumpkin fan so I used a wee bit more pumpkin in mine! Thanks for the recipe! It’s a staple for the fall season at my house now!!!!!

  101. Crystal says

    I just made this tonight- and used 1 cup of brown sugar (instead of 1.5 cups), and sprinkled unsweetened coconut on top. It was so good! Even with the lesser amount of sugar it was hard to stop eating…!
    I actually saved some of the ‘dough’ to snack on 🙂
    I will be checking out your other bean recipes. Thank you for sharing.

  102. Amy says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! This is my all time favorite of all of your recipes – and I am a big time fan of yours! I make this at least once a month and my boyfriend loves it too. Okay, going to go delve into some right now. 😀

  103. Fawn says

    I try to use stevia as a sweetener when I can. Do you think it would work in this if I used the cup-for-cup type of stevia? Or how much pure stevia powder would you use?

  104. Jill says

    Hi Katie
    I’m relatively new to your website & love it!!!
    Made this on the weekend for a gathering and everyone enjoyed it (my son ate 3 pieces!).
    The only trouble is when I made it the mixture was really thick & I could smell the mixer blade straining, perhaps I need a bigger one. I added some soy milk to loosen the mixture a little & cocoa instead of choc chips to make it dairy-free 🙂

  105. LH says

    Just made this and it’s great!
    Just in case anyone wanted to try maple syrup, what worked for me was to up the pumpkin puree to a generously filled half cup, and used one cup of maple syrup – the texture was really good.
    I did also add half a tsp of kal stevia which could be left out, and added a bit more vanilla, cinnamon and a couple of teaspoons of ground ginger and it turned out lovely 🙂

    • Carol says

      What about sugar free brown sugar?? I have it in my pantry…I see post from back in 2011, I know they didn’t have sugar free brown sugar then 😉

      • Carol says

        Ok, I made this today and it’s amazing!! I used sugar free brown sugar not as much as it called for reg brown sugar, prob a lil over a cup also added a TBSP of maple syrup as someone had mentioned in an earlier post..You would never know it’s made mostly of chick peas..Thank you Katie 😉 <3

  106. Topol says

    Delicious but we found it way too sweet. We calculated the added brown sugar amounts to 3 teaspoons per serving, and that does not count the sugar in the chips.

    Would cutting the added sugar from 1.5 cups to 1 cup affect the consistency of the “cookie”? Next time, I would substitute dried fruit for the chocolate chips.

  107. Michelle P says

    Katie, I absolutely adore your recipes! I really want to try this one. What would you suggest if I don’t have a springform pan?

  108. Sherry says

    I went straight to the kitchen after i read the recipe! i added 1/2 bag of Tollhouse chocolate and peanut butter chips as well as 1/4 cup of graham crumbs. Can’t wait for it to finish cooking!

  109. sarika says

    Katie, firstly thanks for being a Godsend/angel in disguise/countess in chocolate armour for us sweet toothed health conscious folk. Secondly, I wanted to find out (and I am sure many on this site have this question) how to convert this or other cake recipes into muffin recipes in terms of baking times etc. The thing is my partner likes his baked goods significantly sweeter than me and so I have ended up making something halfway which neither has ended up liking…muffins may be the way to go..what say?? thanksss in advance…

  110. Madison says

    Also, what did you use to grease the pan for this, anything? I didn’t see it stated in the directions above. Thanks 🙂

  111. Christine says

    Hi Katie- I wanted to make the pumpkin chocolate chip pizookie for my daughter on her birthday (which is tomorrow) and I was trying to find the serving size and nutrition information but was unable to locate it. Maybe I am missing the link, which is completely possible since I am technologically challenged. Anyway, could you please share the information because I really want to make and eat the whole thing (save a small piece for the birthday girl). Thank You so much- my daughter, Hannah, introduced me to your website and she loves, loves, loves your recipes!!! She is turning 17 tomorrow!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hey there! Sorry for the delayed response… I just saw your message now. I don’t actually have nutrition information for this recipe, as it was posted before I began including nutrition facts. Sorry I could not be more helpful or timely 🙁

      • Zuleyka Murillo says

        I’ve followed your blog for a long time and figured it was about time I ask you about an apple pie?
        I adore and make your recipes on a weekly basis! (:
        & was like so she has either forgotten about apple pie or hasn’t nailed a good recipe, but you are too insanely great to not be able to nail an apple pie?
        So glad you might start cooking up some ideas on an apple pie(: Because I’ve been eagerly waiting for like 2 years.

        Thank you very much for all your healthy desserts(:
        God Bless you!!!

      • JRYuhas says

        I also made the apple crumble today (used pears instead of apples since these are plentiful in my house right now). I’m not sure that I’m a big fan of any crumble but I would be willing to try an apple pie. Looking forward to seeing that recipe (and, of course, eating the pie itself).

  112. JRYuhas says

    Just tried the chocolate pumpkin pizookie and it was incredible !!!!
    My son said that it was even better than the chocolate chip deep dish cookie pie. He preferred the texture of the pumpkin and said that he would definitely eat more……Now, I just have to get more chocolate chips and I’ll make another one (first one didn’t make it all the way through to cool off).

  113. Kathy says

    Hi Katie! This looks so amazing!! What unrefined sugar did you choose to make this recipe ? And will brown rice syrup work too?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Coconut sugar or evaporated cane juice both work well! For brown rice syrup, you’d have to experiment, but be sure to report back if you do!

  114. Carrie says

    For sweetener I used 1/2 c of reduced calorie Sukrin gold brown sugar and 1/2c of monk fruit. And almond butter in place of oil. Came out amazing! Kids description, gooey!

  115. Molly says

    If I wanted to make it ahead of time for thanksgiving should I bake it and then refrigerate and then reheat? Or what do you recommend is the best way to have it done? I will be traveling in a car for 3 hours as well with it :/ thanks!

  116. Lauren says

    Hi Katie,
    I appreciate your blog very much. I’ve tried several of your recipes, and I’ve enjoyed each and everyone of them. Thank you for your efforts.
    This is or may be a weird question, but I was wondering if your “pies” could also be made in 8×8″ glass baking dishes? I’m sure I could google this, but I was wondering what your thoughts were specifically.
    Thank you in advance,

  117. Hannah says

    Hi! Quick question, i’d love to make this tomorrow! However, one can of chickpeas is closer to 500g. Did you mean 500g per can, or 500g total for the recipe?

  118. Sofi says

    This is the best recipe I’ve found for the last half a year! Substituted the sugar for a cup of honey and it turned out glorious! Even my mom, who hates the beans in baking absolutely loved it. You can never guess it has beans inside, if using a strong food processor😂
    You’re a genius, Katie❤️

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