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It’s all Greek Yogurt to Me

As my mom was sitting there, yesterday morning, eating her breakfast of Fage with blueberries and granola, I wondered… I’ve never actually eaten Greek yogurt, and sometimes I’m kinda curious as to what it tastes like. For a second, I contemplated taking a tiny bite today, just to see. It’s not like any animal would have been harmed from one tiny taste of something that was being consumed anyway.

But then, I felt a little grossed out, remembering the reasons I don’t eat dairy in the first place.

I decided that even if I did decide to take a tiny spoonful, my opinion of the stuff would already be biased towards the negative. So there was really no point. (I’ll publish a “deeper” post about vegans and non-vegan cravings soon.) Instead, I decided to make my own vegan Greek yogurt. And I am going to ask: Anyone want to tell me what Greek yogurt tastes like?


Not sure if, when unsweetened, my “whipped cream in a bowl” would fit the bill for vegan Greek yogurt.

It’s a bit hard to recreate something when you don’t know what you’re going for! But this tastes so good, I don’t care if it replicates the real thing or not.


Snack yesterday: the cream, with frozen blueberries and a PMS Chocolate :).

Question of the Day:

Have you ever had Greek yogurt? Or a good vegan substitute? What’s your favorite use for the stuff? Also: Is there a food (or maybe a blogger’s recipe) that everyone else seems to be eating, which you’ve yet to try?

Not sure if, when unsweetened, my “whipped cream in a bowl would fit the bill for vegan Greek yogurt.

Published on July 15, 2010

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  1. lizlivingvegan says

    Greek yogurt doesn’t taste like regular yogurt… it’s much more “tangy” instead of sweet. Back when I ate dairy, I had to put a little stevia in it, or else it was too tart for me! It’s also a little thicker than regular yogurt… I hope that helps! I would LOVE to find some vegan greek-like yogurt!

  2. A Teenage Gourmet says

    I have had greek yogurt! I’m a big fan, but my mother is a HUGE fan. She’s addicted and eats is every morning for breakfast. It tastes like a very thick, creamy, rich, custardy, protein-y, smooth, and slightly whipped (Fage) treat! It’s very filling as well. Some brands aren’t as thick as Fage, like Chobain and Okios. I like to put coco powder into mine for a chocolate-covered delight. 😛

  3. Marilou @ Mostly Healthy says

    Greek yogurt just started to appear in supermarket here in Quebec, but at almost 5$ the tiny container, my wallet doesn’t want me to try it just yet 🙂

    So yeah, there’s that … and also Banana Soft-serve. Everywhere I look, people are dying for it, so it’s definitely on my to-try list 😉

  4. Katharina says

    Yes, I LOVE Greek yogurt. It has this great thick consistency, yet it’s not overwhelming. It has a fluffiness to it.. like it’s been whipped. Definitely tangy as well. I haven’t had any good vegan substitute because usually the textures of the vegan yogurts I’ve tried are goopy like regular yogurt. I like to use it for a variety of things. Mainly with granola.. simply with honey… fresh fruits.. to make some muesli or overnight oats. Actually, it tastes really good with a baked sweet potato + cinnamon + maple syrup.

    I feel like there are so many things out there in blogland that I have yet to try. Like your fudge babies!!! Oh my goodness where have I been?


    p.s. I wish I could meet-up with you in New York! How long are you there for? I’m in Florida now, and I feel so far away lol

  5. Mj says

    greek yogurt is amazing~ staple in my diet 😛 as for a vegan version I believe Mama Pea made a version of it a while back – with strained soy yogurt!

  6. Anonymous says

    I loveee Greek yogurt because I know it’s really good for protein. It’s really thick like a cheesecake texture..well Fage is anyway, and quite tart so I prefer to mix it with a sweetener and fruit. Yum yum 🙂 I don’t know a vegan sub though that’s similar…

  7. Jessica (PB & Jess) says

    I’ve never had Greek yogurt but I have strained soy and coconut milk yogurt overnight to make it extra thick. I opt for the “plain” variety since many of the flavored ones are super sweet. You can use the strained stuff like sour cream, or mix in fresh fruit or whatever you like! 🙂

    I keep seeing people blog about Nuttzo (nut butter) and I really want to try it. Only problem is the shipping price, hmm…

  8. *Andrea* says

    i used to eat greek yogurt a ton. first saw it on blogs actually too! definitely is plain and thick and a bit sour maybe. i love adding dried or fresh fruit and nuts to it. lately i have been cutting back on dairy though because it can upset my stomach and leave me a bit lethargic or dependent on tums 😉

    i’ve been wanting to try vegan overnight oats! and the raw chocolate cake from the yes, i wante cake blog

  9. bridetobefit says

    I eat Greek yogurt almost daily, it’s sort of bitter tasting (almost sour cream-like), but I usually add some stevia and blueberries to sweeten it up! One thing I really want to try is making kale chips! They always look so yummy!

  10. todayslady says

    I have had greek yogurt before and to me some of them are way too tangy and then some dont really have a taste at all…… its just really thick. I think I’d rather have whipped cream in a bowl 🙂

  11. Katie says

    I like Greek yogurt because of how much protein it has in it! I think it tastes a lot more like sour cream sometimes than yogurt but I have started to buy plain yogurt instead of flavored kinds because they tend to have so much sugar and I am trying to reduce my sugar intake.

    After traveling for almost 3 weeks straight and staying in various homes of relatives and friends, I am ready to get back to healthy eating! It’s nice to be off from teaching during the summer because I enjoy taking the time to workout more and eat better!


  12. Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA says

    The first time I ever tried Greek yogurt I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever because it just tasted like yogurt gone BAD. Later I developed a taste for it if I put berries in it. It’s like other people have described – thick, tangy. I bet you could make some vegan yogurt, put in a little lemon juice, and strain it. Also Wildwood vegan yogurt brand is a lot thicker than the other ones I’ve tried.

    But really, you’re not missing out on a lot and I am very happy to never, ever eat it again. I bet your whipped cream in a bowl was tastier, anyway.

  13. Marina says

    I never had greek yogurt, but I would love to try it.
    I eat a thick yogurt, I consider it to be greek-alike 😀
    It’s so go with cold banana and pb!

  14. Erika says

    On so many blogs I see people eating Overnight Oats or Green Monsters. They look pretty good but I haven’t gotten the chance to make them yet…Hopefully soon! 🙂

    I guess this doesn’t help you since you’re vegan and all, but you could probably concoct a vegan version! 🙂

  15. Lauren @ WWoB says

    Oh Katie, I wish I could magically force Greek yogurt to be vegan just for you. I eat it at least 7 times a week. Plain tastes like a slightly sour and bitter creamyness. Its thick and not runny at all. Vanilla is barely sweet with a hint of vanilla. The only issue I can see with you recreating it is that its best nutritional feature is that 1 cup has anywhere from 18 to 25 grams of protein. And milk protein is very high quality. Perhaps you could blend tofu with a few drops of vanilla and lemon juice with a bit of hemp protein? Or some good tasting protein that isnt overtly flavored…

  16. michellemusesraw says

    Greek yogurt is extremely creamy and rich – even the 0% fat kind – due to the manufacturing process. It’s made by straining out much of the watery whey protein, leaving a more ‘concentrated’ product that has a much more indulgent mouthfeel. Can you tell I used to work for a yogurt company? 🙂

    When I do eat it, I like it with honey and walnuts.

    I’ve been wanting to try fresh coconut, but I’m totally intimidated by the hacking/cutting/chopping involved.

  17. Emily says

    Greek yogurt is amazing! I am officially addictted. The plain is kind of like coffee in the sense that eating it unsweetened does take some getting used to but now I love the tangyness mixed with berries,cereal, or granola. I like to put frozen blueberries in it and mix it all up and it starts to freeze up a little and is delicious. Now I am hungry hehehe.

  18. Efi says

    I m really happy to be in the title of your post 😉

    In Greece we call it just yogurt, actually. I heard this term last year for the first time and I found it so funny, Greek yogurt, hahaha

  19. says

    can i tell you the truth? tasted like mothballs to me at first. i liek it now lol cuz it fills me up.. but when i first had it i really didnt like it. have u ever smelt someones clothes and it spelt weird.. and if u know what i mean by mothballs im talking about those ‘moth ball’ packets that people put in their closets to keep moths away.. but they leave the clothes so stinky. haha.. yea thats my best interpretation!

    id rather have ur version!!!

  20. Christina says

    My mom loves greek yogurt, but I could do without it. It’s much more bitter than regular (unflavoured) yogurt…I actually think it tastes like sour cream.

    So…if you remember what sour cream tastes like, you’ll know what greek yogurt tastes like, and (someone else already said this) it’s also the consistency of sour cream.

  21. Molly says

    I love greek yogurt! I usually buy 0% plain and these are some of the different mix-ins:
    -frozen berries
    -peanut/almond butter
    -cocoa powder

    Or I will add it to a smoothie for extra protein and thickness.

    Some foods (or ingredients I should say) that I read about (but can’t find in my town) are:
    -chia seeds
    -xantham gum
    -textured vegetable protein
    -COCONUT BUTTER (this is #1 on my want-to-try list)

    By the way, I admire your love for animals and refraining from consuming animal products.
    I am a vegetarian but don’t think I could ever become completely vegan. Kudos to you 🙂

  22. mapledreams says

    I’m not actually sure if i’ve ever had greek yoghurt…wait, no, i know i have! i just can’t remember what it tastes like!

    ps- what an incredibly useful and insightful comment this was?!

  23. Mandiee says

    Greek yogurt was actually what I had to practically live on when I was in Greece last summer. Honestly, it was a vegetarian disaster food-wise there and it was my only option! While I didn’t fully realize it at the time, greek yogurt caused many a stomach ache, acne, and overall lack of energy. I soon started to realize this, though, and came to a point where I knew I could give it up (I’d been wanting to go vegan, but I liked Greek yogurt and fro-yo too much). It’s basically just thick, creamy stuff (goodness, what a description!) Banana soft serve is raw, vegan, and no animals are harmed in the making. I like!

    Have a lovely day!

    P.S. Alternatively, you could just strain plain coconut milk yogurt (it’s thicker than most non-dairy yogurts) and there you go. Essentially, Greek yogurt is just strained, concentrated normal yogurt.

  24. Ilana says

    greek yogurt is good if youre into tangy things *which i am* – but not worth the dairy, yo! i like to make banana soft serve and add some lemon juice, and it tastes pretty comparable. every now and then i consider, well what if i just have a bite of that cheesecake, or whatver, but then i remember all the reasons i don’t eat dairy and it always deters me!

    blogger food i haven’t tried? kabocha. EVERYONE is eating it, i never have!

  25. Little Bookworm says

    First, I thought I’d let you know that this post did turn on the RSS feed. 🙂 And your post from yesterday appeared earlier today.

    I love Greek yoghurt! Favourite uses are in overnight oats and as a snack by itself with fruit (I made chocolate yoghurt yesterday!) Your whipped cream in a bowl looks great too! 🙂

  26. healthyhelper says

    i am obsessed with greek yogurt especially Siggis! it is icelandic yogurt (or skyr) sweetened with fruit and a teensy bit of agave. i love it though. they have flavors like orange ginger, acai, wild blueberry, pomegranate pasion fruit, grapefruit, and vanilla (with real vanilla bean specks in it). it is amazing thick…much thicker than any other greek yogurt. if you ever do consider trying a greek yogurt i highly suggest these…..they are and best out there and their flavors are bomb!!!
    blogger food i havent had yet? kobocha, kombucha, and millet…..but i really want to try all three! are they worth going out and buying? let me know!!!

  27. Justine says

    1) Greek yogurt is slightly less tangy but much thicker.
    2) I usually use it as a condiment rather than just eating it as a meal.
    3) I am DYING to try Heather’s butternut/banana puddings. Ive a can of bnut puree waiting in the cupboard. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fantastic day!

  28. Quix says

    I like greek yogurt every once in a while because of the protein content, though I am not horribly fond of the taste plain. The sweetened kind with some cereal/raw oats in it, I love it (though at that point it’s almost a high protein desert).

  29. Michal says

    I was curious about the taste of greek yogurt too, i mean what makes it so special. Funny i actually HATED yogurt before i became vegan and now i totally dig it. Especially the vanilla kind mmmm 🙂

  30. Caroline says

    What a short, yet intriguing post! I think you are the last person I would have expected to have non vegan curiousities because you seem so happy and you know about all of the delicious foods available to vegans. The vegans I know that are unhappy subsist on diets of apples, peanut butter, and texturized vegetable protein–how do they live without Jocalats?…that’s what I want to know! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Dianne says

    I’ve never had Greek Yogurt either! It got popular after I stopped eating a lot of yogurt, although before I went vegan. I think people like it because it’s thicker than regular yogurt, like if you strained your whipped cream ;-P

  32. Gloria says

    We need a vegan Greek yogurt! I used to love how thick and delicious it was.

    I really want to try nutzo, but I’ve banned myself from anymore online ordering sprees! I was getting out of control 😉

  33. Danielle says

    Ok so I’ve had Greek yogurt AND every non-dairy substitute out there. Greek yogurt tastes like yogurt but has the texture of sour cream. Sort of like if you made a tangy tofu pudding or if you’ve ever tried the Wildwood Unsweetened Soy Yogurt (my fav!)

  34. bananasforbananas says

    The food I want to try is bread from the Great Harvest Bread Co. Everyone is always eating Great Harvest Bread in blogland and I’m so jealous. Their bread just looks so wholesome and it’s covered in seeds and grains, it always makes me hungry!

  35. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Yo, I’ve had the same thought!! I always hear people talk about how awesome Greek yogurt is, and I’m sad that I never tried it so I wouldn’t even know how to recreate it. Someone should really start selling vegan Greek Yogurt (are you reading this, Whole Soy & Co.?).

  36. Stefanie says

    Greek yogurt was the hardest for me to give up as far as dairy products go. It is tangy and thick. I used to mix it with fruit as a snack. I have seen soy greek yogurt instructions on the web. You just strain the soy yogurt through cheese cloth over night and are left with a thick yogurt. I’m not a big soy fan and have never tried it.

  37. Katie says

    I didn’t know great harvest bread co was popular. there is one in my town in pennsylvania and the local farmer’s market sells it too. they have brownie bread! it is awesome!
    as for greek yogurt, i love it. so much that the plain old stonyfield farm yogurt doesn’t do it for me anymore (with the exception of chocolate underground). as for vegan yogurt, it all tastes disgusting to me- same with the cheese. i am a vegetaraian but not vegan as of yet.. maybe someday if they come up with a delcious greek vegan yogurt they might be able to sway me..

  38. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    When I used to eat dairy, I would eat fage as a treat. It is EXTREMELY rich, and kind of sour. At first I didn’t like it, but after a while I grew to love it! I liked just eating it plain, but my dad uses it as sour cream on tacos. I wish there was a vegan greek yogurt recipe! Get on it Katie! 🙂

    But a blog food i’ve never had before is kale 🙁 I want to try it so badly!!! But I just keep forgetting!

  39. cookeatburn says

    I actually really don’t like greek yogurt – it’s one of those things that I struggled with wanting to like (because of the high protein count + popularity in health blogs) and suddenly I thought “what the heck am I doing? If I don’t even like this stuff, why am I trying to force myself to eat it (especially when it’s so expensive)?”. Nipped that problem right there ;).

  40. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I was going to tell you that Greek yogurt tastes a lot like cottage cheese but then realized you probably don’t know what cottage cheese tastes like either..hmmm. I’ve never had soy yogurt before, but if you have and if it tastes anything like regular yogurt, imagine that 20 times tarter/sour. Like yogurt mixed with lemon but without the lemony taste. Ok, I’m stopping..this is even confusing me…

      • Angela says

        LOL. can’t help myself here. Greek yogurt tastes NOTHING like cottage cheese, in my opinion, of course. My kids do not like cottage cheese at all, but eat greek yogurt almost daily. I think you would like Greek yogurt because of the richness. It is very satisfying. Unfortunately, I cannot foresee a vegan version because I haven’t ever seen regular yogurt copied well, the vegan versions just don’t have the right texture and that is really the key to Greek yogurt.

  41. Breaking Free says

    Katie, Greek Yogurt is absolutely AMAZING!!! It is the one single culprit for why I can’t go vegan from vegetarian. It is very thick in texture, but still creamy at the same time and tastes like a more milder version of sour cream–not quite as overpowering but still decadent and rich. I really hope you are able to find a vegan Greek-ish yogurt. It is truly amazing stuff!

  42. Anonymous says

    Like another responder, I also ate a lot of Greek yogurt when I lived in Greece, but my experience was extremely positive. But some of the “Greek Yogurt” I have tasted in the U.S. doesn’t taste a thing like what I had in Greece. I loved the stuff I had in Greece (the sheep’s milk stuff.)

  43. shesarunner says

    I have tried Greek yogurt once. Let me preface this by saying that I have been lactose intolerant since the day I was born (I think…or for as long as I can remember anyway) so I have spent my life not eating any dairy even before I became vegan. The few times that I have sampled dairy, I have gotten so sick that I was immobile for days. Anyway, I tried Greek yogurt because my mom and sister were obsessing over it and everyone else in the world was too…and I was curious as to what all the fuss was about. I tried it. It was creamy, tangy, very thick…it was pretty good, but nothing I couldn’t live without. That was my original thought. A few minutes later, my face turned grey and I felt intense pain….and the next few hours were not pretty. So I have an aversion to Greek yogurt now…and an aversion to all dairy for that matter.
    I don’t know of any vegan substitutes for Greek yogurt, but your whipped cream in a bowl looks good!

  44. says

    I too have tried the infamous greek yogurt many, many times. And I must say – it is fine. Not wonderful. Not life changing. Just yogurt. In my opinion, it tastes like paste on its own – but if you mix in stuff – it is great. But here is the thing – when you have things like bananas, PB and chcolate – you shouldn’t need to mix anything in:) xoxoxo

  45. Danielle says

    Greek yogurt was one of my favorite snacks last year (pre-vegan days). I disagree that it is more tart than regular dairy yogurt (though it was definitely better with honey). I don’t see why soy yogurt couldn’t be strained to have a similar, thick texture. But does anyone really eat soy yogurt on its own? In my opinion, it requires a lot of sweetening to be palatable. I liked adding sweetened soy yogurt to my muesli, but I save the unsweetened stuff for recipes. I like your creative ideas for yogurt substitutes!

  46. Amy says

    Yes, I have had Greek yogurt and I liked it until I found out I was not lactose intolerant, but allergic to dairy, so I could no longer eat yogurt. I totally understand wanting to eat something for a split second and then remembering that it is completely not worth it!

    It would be cool if there was a vegan substitute to greek yogurt.

    I remember I liked my greek yogurt with fruit and a little cinnamon — simple, I know, but always delicious

    I would love to try Artisana Cacao Bliss butter. It looks divine.

    There are soo many bloggers’ recipes that I want to try! I am going to buy a food processor this weekend… hopefully… I am ready to start experimenting now that my summer school course is done 🙂

  47. BroccoliHut says

    Greek yogurt pretty much tastes the same as regular yogurt, but it just has a great thick, creamy texture. I like to use it for smoothies and parfaits.

  48. Mushrooms says

    I make my own greek yogurt by straining regular yogurt- it’s super creamy and you can pair it up with anything, but my favourite combination is probably mixing it with half a microwaved banana, refrigerate it for a few hours, and then dipping apples in it- it’s like a completely banana version of peanut butter 😀

  49. livingfreeforever says

    I used to eat greek yogurt and loved it! Then I realized that dairy is NOT my friend. I crave yogurt so now I eat soy yogurt. I know, lots of contraversy over soy, but hey, I gotta eat something that I like 🙂

  50. theemptynutjar says

    I recently read a book that included lots of thougths on the “taking food too seriously” level (to put it loosely). The guy was a strict raw, vegan follower. He attended a resort one time where a famous guru gave a seminar about spirituality, life, love, passion, etc. Afterward, the highly respected guru was to sit and have dinner with the group. The group had all these pure and perfect foods (raw, vegan , etc) set out, as though it was some heavenly last supper. The guru said thank-you, but requested they all go to a carnival first (where the old man rode bumper cars, etc), then on their way back, he suggested they stop in mcdonalds…and afterwards he treated them all to ice cream.
    A lot of the group were shocked at his actions, how he could not eat the pure, good foods, and instead was eating animals or “junk”, etc..the guru simply explained that life and character and true integrity is about more than what u eat or what you follow, etc…its your character, your love, your respect. You don’t have to perfect or all-righteous about any such cause.
    On another note, Caitlin (HTP) recenlty talked about something similar …you can choose what is “ethical ” to you…go back to that post of hers (it is interesting).

    That said, I am not vegan at all…so I don’t know really the passions that lie behind your actions. But I know your heart and soul, your kindness and integrity , etc…lie more on your spirit and choices to be happy and to live life…than whether you eat some yogurt.

    I hope this doesn’t sound snarky. Not meant to be at all. Just giving some food for thought. Hope it doesn’t sound too silly, ha.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Not snarky at all! In fact, I agree with so much in your comment. People were probably shocked to hear that I’d even *think* about taking a taste of Greek yogurt as a vegan, but honestly if you think about it, who would it hurt? The whole reason to be a vegan is to practice compassion and show that the lifestyle is FUN and do-able, NOT to show oneself as a self-righteous person who beats herself (and everyone else) up for one tiny taste of dairy.
      Thanks for some great insight!

  51. Gloria says

    Katie, if you ever buy pistachio butter you have to tell us how it is! I love pistachios.. vegan pistachio ice cream just like they make in the chinese restaurants? oh yes, i’ve done it! I use the recipe from The Vegan Scoop. I always stare at the pecan and macadamia butters too.. why are they so expensive?! 🙁

  52. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Love Greek yogurt, but I have to stay away from all the whey and casein as it does not like me. I cheat every so often b/c I just really miss it. I’ve seen other vegan recipes for it that usually incorporate adding lemon to achieve that “tangy” taste, but nothing will ever satisfy me like the real thing. However, at the moment, I’d really rather have your PMS chocolate bar! 😉

  53. Erin says

    AHH I hate greek yogurt plain!! I only use it in recipes where I cannot taste it!. I would describe the taste as runny sour cream. One thing that I seeon almost every food blog that I have ever read is tons of recipes involving oatmeal in some form, and honestly I am just not an oatmeal fan..gasp! I don’t dislike it, just doesn’t really apeal to me. HOWEVER I do like oatmeal cookie dough- just not the baked cookie..weird I know!

  54. Serena says

    I love Greek yogurt so much. It’s one of the things I really miss about being vegan. I used to eat it on a daily (or twice, thrice daily) basis!

  55. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas says

    This is gross, but I always thought Greek yogurt tasted like how your mouth tastes after you throw up. That said, it grew on me and I ate it sweetened with honey during my pregnancy for calcium and protein.

    I’m moving away from dairy now, so I haven’t had it in a while, but I do think about it when I see it in the store. I equate it to moving up from wine coolers (the sugary kid yogurts) to a nice, dry red (Greek yogurt.)

  56. emily says

    i love greek yogurt (really dislike sour cream, however)– but i add an ungodly amount of stevia, so maybe that’s why. 😉 it’s quite nice watered down a little & drizzled over fresh berries.

    i was just browsing another blog & found this recipe for vegan & raw coconut “greek yogurt.” pretty labor-intensive, & i’m not sure if someone else has already mentioned it, but i just thought i’d pass it along.

      • emily says

        i’d definitely make it for you, if shipping wouldn’t be so complicated! i’ve enjoyed cooking since i was little, although haven’t done it as much the past few years until recently.

        in exchange, i wouldn’t mind going out to a yummy vegan restaurant with some company…. 😉 it doesn’t exactly appeal to friends around here, haha.

  57. Meg says

    Actually I just made this and added lemon juice! It reminds me A LOT of yogurt. I bet if I strained it, it really would taste like Greek yogurt!

  58. Emily says

    Greek yogurt is not TANGIER. These people are ridiculous. Normal yogurt is much more sour, and greek yogurt is only mildly tangy. However, normal yogurt is typically ridiculous sweetened, and greek yogurt’s tang is so mild that if’s often eaten unsweetened. Greek yogurt is also much thicker and creamier, and more filling.

    If you strain soy yogurt, you get greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is just yogurt curds strained for an extended period of time.

    Whatever, I hate one dimensional sweet, so I love unsweetened plain yogurt. Greek yogurt just doesn’t cut it in taste. 🙁

  59. Haley says

    basically to make Greek yogurt from regular yogurt you just drain the liquid out with a cheese cloth and plain it tastes like sour cream.

  60. Alexa says

    I used to love Greek yogurt but then I had to quit dairy products because of health issues… But I totally would recommend you to try Kite Hill’s vanilla unsweetened almond milk Greek yogurt!! It is absolutely delicious!!! It has the consistency but a much better flavor than dairy Greek yogurt. You should really try it out!

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