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Running in the Rain

The smashing sequel to Singing in the Rain.

Murphy’s Law:
If you are out running, and a rainstorm hits, it will hit when you are far away from home.

Sad to say, Murphy doesn’t like me much. I checked the weather forecast very carefully, and it clearly stated “scattered showers beginning at 10AM.”

running in the rain

Beginning at 10AM, my foot! It was perfectly clear when I left at 7, with only a 10% chance of precipitation listed for 8. But at around 7:45, all hell floods broke loose.

Mimi's and Sanctuary 002

When I finally arrived back home, my mom was there to greet me.

But what did she have in her hands?

A. a soft, dry towel?
B. a warm cup of tea?
Nope, it was a camera, to capture my ridiculous, soaking-wet style. Thanks a lot, mom!

Her words: “I figured you’d want to post a photo for all your blog friends to see.”
How well she knows me! (And, as it turns out, she did have a towel for me too. What a nice mommy.)

Question of the Day:
Have you ever gotten caught in a rainstorm? Or, have you ever been a victim of Murphy’s Law?

For some reason, it seems to rain a lot when I go to the grocery store and have many bags to carry out to the car! As for running in the rain, I kinda had fun yesterday. It cooled me off. At first, the rain was getting in my eyes, which was uncomfortable. But I figured out how to turn my head so it wasn’t a problem anymore. I felt pretty hardcore… until my dad told me he used to play soccer in thunderstorms all the time.

And if you think I look silly when soaking wet, you should see these guys! 🙂

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Published on July 14, 2010

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  1. britchickruns says

    WOW that looks wet!!
    I once did 10miles in the torrential rain, with long jogging trousers that dragged on the floor…quite possibly the worst experience of my life!

  2. Marilou @ Mostly Healthy says

    Thunderstorms are a great way to improve your sprints hehehe!

    I was almost caught in a tornado this week, out running. Ok, maybe not a tornado… but strong wind.

    Your mom and I need to be best friends. Now 🙂

  3. Katie says

    I LOVE running in the rain!! I posted some pictures VERY similar to these last week after I got stuck in a monster rain storm. I think it’s so fun, and I feel hardcore out there running as the raindrops pelt me in the face. Haha…enjoy your rain!

  4. Jessica says

    Haha I love this post! Is it mean of me to be laughing at your miserable situation? 😉
    Well, it looks like you enjoyed it though :).

  5. sarah b says

    My most favorite time to run is in the rain!! There is something so relaxing about the raindrops running down your face–almost masking the sweat running down your face! hehe. YOU GO GIRL! 🙂

  6. elk says

    I’ve been reading for a while, and I have to say I’m really enjoying reading more now that you’re putting more of you on your blog (not that I didn’t before…but you know what I mean ;)).
    Those pictures are great. Nothing like a bit o’ rain!
    Hmm, Murphy’s law…though I think we call it Sod’s Law over here. Generally if it’ll go wrong, it will for me. Though speaking of rain, I have pretty long hair and it used to be that whenever I washed it it would rain (sort of like raining on the day you wash your car), and I also went through a phase when I was about 18, working in a cafe, when it would be guaranteed that I’d drop a plate or glass and break it between 4pm – 4.15pm…very odd. That went on for a few weeks….
    Have a fantastic holiday!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thanks for the support! It’s a little nerve-wracking for someone who can be shy to open up so much (especially when I know that my family and even a few ex-boyfriends know about the blog!). So I really appreciate your kind words :).

  7. Becca says

    LOL! Bless you, Katie – how typical that it would rain! Last time I ran in a rainstorm, I got a terrible cold 🙁 I think I must be one of those sickly people.

    I was so excited when I moved into a flat (appartment) on the top floor of this very swish block in the centre of Birmingham. Unfortunately, whenever I’d done a big food shop, the lift (elevator) would break, so I’d have to carry all those bags up six flights of stairs. Fun!

  8. C (Slide into Hippiedom) says

    My Murphy’s law of running is more around my dog than the weather. If my dog is going to act up or take a poop, it will be while I’m in front of the only person coming out of the house in the entire area. It’s also never someone rushing off to work, it’s the woman who’s just meandering around her car, watching my dog poop in her yard.

    If I trip, it will occur when someone is watching. Same goes for almost anything embarrassing that might occur while running with my dog. One time it was a bee flying at my face, which caused me to spaz out completely, flailing around. Of course that’s when a guy was standing in his garage, watching me act like a crazy person.


  9. Amy says

    Do you have any suggestions of other high-quality food processors that are not as costly as the amazing Vitamix?

  10. Michelle Gooch says

    Oh…the lovely rain. :o) I went on a motorcyle trip with my husband and some other friends a couple of years ago, and we got caught in a down pour on the interstate….all I could do was laugh at the time. The rain was so cold and stung like crazy on our faces. But looking back, it was so much fun!

  11. Molly says

    I have been caught in the rain many times while running in attempt to “beat the clouds” 😛
    Just this past week I was on a 6.5 mile loop and had to turn around when I saw cloud-to-ground lightning right in front of me! The rain finally let up so I got the full mileage in but I was totally soaked and my makeup probably looked like the Joker from Batman. Just another reason to do morning runs with a fresh face!

  12. Michal says

    Ive been caught out running in the rain too.. only I was wearing a white tank since there was no sight on rain on the morning news. Lets just say I ran really really fast to get home! 🙂

  13. A Teenage Gourmet says

    Haha, that’s adorable! I’ve been caught in the rain while walking my pup. Nobody knew that I was gone, so nobody came to save me. 🙁 Haha. I’m not familliar with Murphy’s Law —-> Google. <3

  14. Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen says

    This looks like SO much fun!!!!!!!!! If I didnt hate running I’d join you!!! 😛

  15. Kim says

    Oh yeah, got caught in a thunderstorm riding my bike back from the repair shop! If there’s one thing to be grateful for when wearing spandex, it doesn’t feel any different soaking wet;)

  16. Mushrooms says

    Hey, that’s not fair! I love rain but I almost never get caught in it!
    Oh well … At least you got a shower 😀

  17. Meg says

    I love running in the rain too! Especially in the summer- it’s been so hot lately that I look forward to rain!

  18. erinsloves says

    Ahh I would have died! I am such a baby with rain I hate getting wet! I used to work at a vet and would hate to have to walk the dogs in the rain, I would wear a huge over-sized raincoat with the hood zipped all the way up even in like 100 degree weather! Your a ballsy girl!

  19. Little Bookworm says

    Looks like a lot of rain – not fun. Just thought I would let you know this post does not seem to be showing up on your rss feed? Hope you have a great day!

  20. Jessica (PB & Jess) says

    I love running in the rain, even when it pours. I’m usually all sweaty and gross anyway, lol. It rained buckets when I ran my first half-marathon and since that day I actually seek out rainy runs! 🙂

  21. Justine says

    When Maman and I were on vacation, it started pouring absolute buckets when we stepped off of the metro. We were only a few blocks from the hotel, but naturally we left the umbrella in our room. It made for a fun afternoon though. 🙂

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