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It's snowing in Dallas?!

HUGE flakes, too, not just little powdery stuff that doesn’t stick.

This isn’t my post for the day; I have a recipe post scheduled to go up in a few hours… but I just *had* to share my shock with someone. 

Well, I guess it is December,so I shouldn’t be too surprised.  But still!

It usually snows here a few times a year, but I haven’t even heard about it snowing in colder places like Boston yet this year. 


How’s the weather where you all are?

Come back in a few hours for Banana Hammocks (although maybe I should offer up a recipe for hot cocoa instead).

Published on December 2, 2009

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  1. Katie says

    WOW It’s only raining here in KC? I am headed to Dallas in 2 weeks and moving there in May pretty excited. Hoping to find some fun people to run with and good trails down there.

  2. tiffanie says

    Sigh…it’s 85 flippin’ degrees here! My shorts need a rest. My sweater is getting jealous (notice how I said singular sweater…no need for multiple ones when you live in THIS climate!!!) 🙂

    Hope you get to throw some snowballs at someone! HAVE FUN!

  3. *Andrea* says

    wowww it’s like 50 in boston! but it did flurry in october one night randomly.. enjoy the wintry wonderland 😉

  4. Scott in Ohio says

    Somehow I missed the memo that you are in the Dallas area.

    Although I live in Ohio now, I’m a graduate of Plano East Senior High (PESH).

    Do you live in Big D or a suburb?

    I don’t recall much snow from the years when my family lived there, but I sure remember the ice storms!

    Stay warm!

  5. The voracious Vegan says

    Snow in Texas! Didn’t it snow on the beach in Corpus Christi several years back? Texas weather will never cease to amaze me…..

    The weather here is starting to get REALLY chilly, it is in the 70s/80s in the daytime and into the 50s/60s at night!

    This is as cold as I like it to get, but unfortunately it WILL get a bit colder before we are done with winter. Time to bundle up!

  6. JCD says

    Ooooh, snow in Texas – I would love to be there to see it! Did you get enough to make a fudge baby sized snowman?

    Today’s weather in Canada (well, my part anyway) is cold but not too bad: -13C/8F. Yesterday it was windy and damp which made it feel really cold. I have hung up my outdoor running shoes for the year… running on ice hurts my knees.

  7. Lori says

    Is any of the snow staying on the ground? We moved from Canada to Austin 4 and a half years ago. I don’t miss that snow one bit! But it has been pretty cold here (42 this morning) and we got a lot of rain yesterday.

  8. Marie says

    Oh wow! That’s crazy. I’ve only been once to Dallas in the winter, and then it was like 70 degrees! Here in Paris it’s cold and rainy, the tiny sprinkly kind of rain that’s not really enough for an umbrella, but enough to make you all soggy by the time you get where you’re going. I would love to get snow.

  9. Kayla says

    I live in Dallas, too! What a fun surprise it was to wake up to snow falling all over the place!!!! (Not that fun walking in it…)

  10. Trail says

    I know, it’s so crazy! I live in Dallas too, and driving into work this morning I was trying to remember if I’ve ever had to drive through such big snowflakes before. Certainly never at the beginning of December!

  11. Gaby says

    It’s cold!!! It’s in the 40’s here but may even snow by friday. Snow can be fun but I do not like being cold AT ALL!! And what’s worse is that my apartment is pretty much all window on one side because I have a big balcony and last week the sliding door got stuck and now it’s crooked and there’s a big gape at the top letting lots of cold air in 🙁

    And in reference to your last post, I love the name banana hammock! haha, I’ve also seen every episode of friends 50 times over and quote it/ compare it to daily life all the time, but usually just receive confused looks when I do.

  12. Sandrine says

    Hello !
    I’va just discovered your blog, thanks to I love your fun way to write and share a craving for chocolate :). So for sure I’m gonna come back to your blog.
    And by the way, the first thing I thought when seeing your banner picture was : What a pretty girl !
    Go on enjoying every bite of life.
    (and sorry if I made some langage mistakes)

  13. Quix says

    We’re about to get your snow tonight here in Austin. You could have kept it! Really! If I never had to see snow again it would be too soon… 🙂

    Oh well, at the very least it gives me an excuse to get cozy with a fleece blanket and light the fireplace and complain a lot!

  14. Scott Witte says

    Are you still an active Chocolate Blogger. We are in Dallas and would like to talk to you about publishing your blogs. Please email me if you are interested.

    Scott Witte

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