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Pumpkin Baked French Toast

Hello Thanksgiving breakfast.

Pumpkin baked french toast- the perfect recipe for Thanksgiving breakfast!

Pumpkin French Toast: A made-from-scratch breakfast casserole with sweet cinnamon and creamy pumpkin in every delicious bite. It’s perfect for feeding a crowd, or for enjoying on a quiet and chilly autumn morning. Simply assemble the night before, and pop it into the oven in the morning for a delicious and comforting breakfast.

Pumpkin baked french toast- perfect for Thanksgiving breakfast.

If this were a Friends episode, it would be called: The one where she has way too much fun taking “pouring shot” photos.

Pumpkin baked french toast. T

Pumpkin French Toast

Pumpkin Baked French Toast

(Serves 4-6)

  • 3 1/2 cups cubed bread (I used Ezekiel, but other types are fine. French bread would be really good in this recipe, as would cinnamon-raisin. Depending on the type of bread, you might need more or less than 3.5 cups. You want enough to fill an 8×8 pan.) (175g)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or just add a little extra cinnamon)
  • sweetener of choice (If you want to top the casserole with syrup post-baking, use 3 nunaturals stevia packs or 3 tbsp sugar. If you’d prefer a sweeter breakfast casserole that needs no topping, increase the amount to 5-6 tbsp)
  • 1 1/4 cups milk of choice (300g) (Depending on your choice of bread, you might need to use less. This is a good amount for the Ezekiel bread.)
  • optional: 2 tbsp butter-type spread of choice (for a more buttery result) (30g)
  • 1 cup MoriNu silken-firm tofu, or 1 cup yogurt of choice (240g)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree (I used canned pumpkin) (120g)
  • optional: handful of raisins

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except bread, and stir very well. (If using the tofu, you should blend these ingredients. Otherwise, just stir by hand.) Grease an 8×8-in baking pan, and pour the cubed bread into the pan. Cover evenly with the wet mixture, then cover the entire dish with a lid or saran wrap and fridge overnight. The next morning, preheat oven to 400 F and cook about 30-35 minutes. Top with maple syrup or your favorite French toast topping (or eat plain, if you opt to use the extra dry sweetener pre-baking.)

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And for everyone who asked:

gossip girl costume

Can you guess which Gossip Girl character I was?

I didn’t include costume photos in my original post for a few reasons, the main one being it’s not a very elaborate costume. I didn’t think it was worth posting. I also don’t normally take my camera to parties, which was why the post was made up of recycled photos. In retrospect, I probably should’ve skipped posting on Thursday altogether. But one’s mind doesn’t always think straight on two hours of sleep. (Side note: I borrowed the Chanel bag from a friend, and it’s actually a knock-off from Canal Street in NYC. I’m thinking Serena would not approve. Other side note: I wanted to be Blair, but they said I was too blonde. Yet another side note: …I think I’ve written enough side notes. I’ll stop now.)

Link of the Day: Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Published on November 4, 2012

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  1. Lisa says

    we have already had our Thanksgiving in Canada….so I am thinking that this will be great as a “Happy Monday” breakfast tomorrow……

  2. Melissa @ My Whole Food Life says

    That looks really yummy! It’s funny you mention Canal St in NYC. I have been there a few times. It’s crazy. They had me point to a bag out of a catalog and then ran behind a closed door to get it. My favorite fall breakfast would be pumpkin anything. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Boot says

    It looks like a sort of bread pudding – and very yummy – though I’d never get away with having british bread pudding for breakfast. Any how I have half a pumpkin sat on the work surface may have to try this out!

  4. Lauren says

    Katie you look so pretty!! Thanks for sharing the picture. And this recipe looks so good. Did you use a whole wheat Ezekiel loaf?

  5. Lena says

    This looks really good! But I don’t have any pumpkin (it’s not sold as crazily over here, since we don’t celebrate Halloween – not to mention pumpkin puree can’t be found anywhere) but I might try substituting the pumpkin puree for applesauce/mashed banana and hope for the best. ..

  6. Diane says

    This looks very tasty! I am curious about your calorie estimate, though. You say 51 calories per serving, and that the recipe makes 4-6 servings. With 6 servings, leaving out the butter, using Ezekiel whole grain bread that’s listed as 80 calories per 34 gram slice, using light silken tofu, and using unsweetened soy milk, I calculate 133 calories per serving. Did you calculate your nutritional values based on different serving sizes? Or can you recommend the specific ingredients that will yield 51 calories per serving? Thanks!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Sorry about that! When I put the gram amounts of Ezekiel bread into caloriecount’s recipe calculator, it came up as 136 calories. That was a mistake- those online calculators are notorious for mistakes, and I should’ve caught that one. Info is fixed now! (Using Silk unsweet almondmilk.)

  7. The Life of Clare says

    You costume is great! I bet the would have looked awesome all together! This bake looks delicious! That’s one thing I loved about Hawaii, bread pudding for breakfast! Here, in Australia it’s always dessert!

  8. Elly says

    Hey so this probably sounds annoying but in response to what Erin said I tried to figure out the calories and got 180 calories per serving so yeahhh that’s weird, awesome recipe though, I am pretty psyched to try it 🙂

  9. i love tofu says

    My favorite fall breakfast is pumkin spice pancakes:)!!!!
    Your dress looks nice!
    And the french toast is to die for!!!

  10. Dana says

    I literally spend this morning looking for vegan french toast without any luck. Thank you so much I’m so excited to make this!

  11. sarah says

    I have a question about that brand of tofu. Where do I get it and where is it typically located in the grocery store? Can I purchase it at Bi-lo or Ingles? Or is it wholefoods exclusive?

  12. Sally - only gluten free baking says

    This looks so delicious I might have to try it with some of my gluten free bread. I would of guessed you would be Blair to be honest, but you looked great as Serena anyway. I struggle eating in the morning so its just yoghurt or eggs for me. Its also closing in on summer in Australia so it will be fruit salads season soon.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Unless I’ve specifically said I haven’t tried an option, I always have tried everything listed :). The yogurt works… just be sure to buy a brand you like. I think vanilla would work well, but I used plain Wholesoy when I tried it that way.

      • kristyn says

        i just put it together and popped it in the fridge to sit overnight. i used a combo of vanilla and coconut yogurt and since i ran out of vanilla extract i used coconut. i also used half canned coconut milk and half silk coconut milk for my milk…and cinnamon raisin ezekial bread. i’m hopeful! i’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

  13. bakery recipes says

    I would say a delicious breakfast for thanks giving day.. i will try it soon and will also thank you for sharing a nice recipe..

  14. Linds says

    This is really good for not many calories and a lot of protein. I just divided the recipe by four for only me and used Fage 0% instead of tofu. I baked for about 20 min in an 8×8. I do need to find a smaller dish because it ended up being kind of flat where I had to layer it up when I got it out of the dish. Good recipe; I will make it again for Thanksgiving weekend!

  15. Rebecca Boot says

    I made this this morning after doing the prep work last night, it’s so quick and easy – and very delicious.
    Mine was a little more soggy in the middle and bottom then I had expected so I would probably have cooked it slower for longer but that’s a texture thing not taste.

      • Alanna says

        I had the same problem this morning, and I think it was probably the bread. I got bread cubes from the bakery dept thinking they’d be perfect since they were already slightly stale, but even with 4 cups and 45 min. baking time only the very outside edges were cooked through. Maybe when using a less dense bread it’d help to put more cubes (5 C?) and spread it out in a 9×13″ pan to make a thinner layer? The batter flavor and the smell when baking were awesome, so I’m not ready to give up on this recipe yet!

        • Jessica says

          Mine was also very soggy. I used real pumpkin puree, greek yogurt, and milk. Next time I would cut the milk to just 1/3C. Alanna, I think spreading it out is a great idea to try as well!

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            Hi Jessica,
            What bread did you use? I really feel awful that some people are getting soggy results… I’ve made it 4 times (with Ezekiel) and haven’t had that problem. I can’t figure it out :(.

          • Jessica says

            Hi, Katie! I wonder if it has to do with the whole grain content (and I mean big chunks of wheat berries and/or nuts, not just whole wheat flour) of Ezekiel bread vs. breads made entirely with finely milled flour? I used a dense Panera bread, and probably 5C worth of bread cubes.

            Or maybe it’s the difference of the tofu vs. yogurt? Yogurt has a lot of water in it, especially the lower-fat ones (and I used 0% Greek).

            Love your blog and recipes! Keep them coming. 🙂

          • CJ at Food Stories says

            I’m one of those that experienced the soggy issue and did attempt the recipe a second time with the same results. The first recipe I used whole wheat bread that I made from scratch along with tofu. The second recipe, I used ezekiel bread and yogurt so I must be doing something wrong. Probably won’t be trying this recipe again 🙁

          • Another Jessica says

            It’s funny how different peoples’ tastes are different. We use the yogurt version, and it is softer, more like bread pudding, while still being able to cut it. But that is actually our favorite part of this recipe! It’s not dry and stale tasting like french toast can sometimes be.

  16. BGish says

    appreciate your talent & skills, Katie!
    the turkey goes in first thing in the a.m. could this be oven-baked the day before and re-heated in the microwave? any suggestions as to how [covered with a damp paper towel or not?] & how long to re-heat ?

  17. Power My Life says

    This looks amazing! We always strive to eat healthy, but that task becomes daunting as the holidays grow nearer (even if the weather in Texas doesn’t make it feel like the holidays are upon us!) Thanks for proving that you can enjoy delicious holiday food while eating healthy.

  18. Lia says

    That looks like a reallll treat! Doable, tasty, and decadent! My most missed food as a vegan is a good quality french toast. I’ve found vegan ones to be exceptionally soggy or dry. This baked one sounds fun!

  19. BeccaG says

    My little boys beg me every morning for french toast, but it’s just too much work before school most days! But this is perfect and I love that I can add the tofu for the extra protein…they will never know…especially when I cut it into “fingers” and give them a little maple syrup for dipping! Making it the night before is perfect! I’llhave 2 very happy boys in the morning!

  20. Meagan says

    We had this for breakfast this morning. It was so great to have something already prepared and hot to eat on a busy morning. My son, who barely eats anything!!, asked for seconds. Thank you for the recipe!!!

  21. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    I’ve already told my roommates I will make them this breakfast this weekend so I will be held to it, I’m sure! Sounds fab, I hope it works with the yogurt – sounds like an interesting mixture but as always, I will have faith in you as you have yet to let me down!

  22. Tiffany Nay says

    I am so making these this weekend. I have those giant cans of pumpkin, so if I use one can worth for a recipe I end up with this random amount left over in my fridge. Now I know, THIS is what it is for 🙂 I can’t wait!

  23. Laura says

    I made this for breakfast today. The flavor was very good, but it was a little dry. 🙁 Maybe I just over cooked it. Either way it was still delicious! 😉

  24. Anonymous says

    I tried making this and it didn’t turn out anything like the picture. Not sure what I did wrong but I followed the direction exactly. It had spot where it was more like bread pudding. Any suggestions?

    • cck says

      Hi anonymous,

      Can you give me more specifics as to what you did? What bread, what tofu, did you preheat the oven, etc. It’s very hard to know what might’ve gone wrong when I wasn’t there to see how you made it.

  25. CJ at Food Stories says

    So interesting to read through the comments and see all the different reactions to the recipe. I made it exactly as described in the recipe and it was very wet and mushy. I spread the mixture out even thinner and re-baked but to no avail. It never really recovered and was just a soggy mess.

    • Sarah says

      That’s weird! What bread did you use? Ours was not soggy at all, it was perfect, so maybe it’s the type of bread you used?

        • cck says

          Can you give me more specifics as to what you did? Did you use the mori-nu silken-firm tofu? Did you preheat the oven? What sweetener, etc. It’s very hard to know what might’ve gone wrong when I wasn’t there to see how you made it.

          • CJ at Food Stories says

            I did use the MoriNu silken-firm tofu. I did preheat the oven & I used Whey Low as the sugar substitute. This is a sugar sub that I’ve used for years and it works very well. The taste was definitely there but the texture was way off so I may try this again using ezekiel bread. By the way, how did you measure one cup of tofu?

          • cck says

            It definitely should cook all the way through :-?.

            Maybe, depending on your bread or the climate of where you live, you need to leave it in longer or up the temperature? That’s the only thing I can think of, since mine wasn’t the slightest bit soggy. Sorry for the trouble 🙁

  26. Karen says

    Katie, this was fantastic!


    My kids now think I am mom of the year ;). Thanks for making me look good in their eyes and getting veggies into them before it’s even lunchtime! You are a magician!
    Between the three kids, they ate it all up and I barely even got any. But it’s ok because I have more bread and am already planning to make more in a few minutes for tomorrow’s breakfast.

  27. Alex Katzen says

    This looks delicious! I made your cookie dough bites the other week and they were really good! I actually didn’t have oatmeal on hand so I used steel cut oats, which I would definitely not advise. The dessert still turned out well but next time I’ll definitely use the softer oats to produce a better consistency. Thanks!

  28. Jaime says

    Made it for breakfast today, and it turned out really well! I felt like I was eating a fancy brunch at a diner, and my boyfriend said the recipe’s a keeper.
    THAT is a huge compliment, trust me! 😉

  29. Rebecca Wright says

    I was wondering, could you replace the tofu or yogurt with more pumpkin? Just curious 🙂 Cannot wait to try this either way! (and I LOVE your favorite fall breakfast also…course I love anything pumpkin) I just finished having flax pumpkin pudding stuff I made up and then pumpkin rice hot cereal today!

  30. Jessie says

    I left a comment on your most recent post, but I wanted to leave one here as well in case you don’t see that one. I wanted to thank you because your blog has been a blessing to me and my diabetic husband. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that I can serve him food that he actually looks forward to eating again. His life has been made ten times better by the discovery of your blog, and it’s made my life better in turn.
    Thank you for all that you do. It helps people in ways you would never imagine.

    Also, we have had this recipe for breakfast the last four days in a row!

  31. Renee says

    This came out terrific.
    I used cinnamon raisin bread from a local bake shop, and it was absolutely deeeeevine :). Made the house smell really good, too. I’m planning on making it again to impress my mother in law on Thanksgiving morning.

    Wish me luck!

  32. Laura says

    I finally got around to making this recipe for breakfast this morning, and it did not disappoint at all. It was the perfect breakfast for a cold morning here, and we all had two helpings, finishing it off in no time. Too bad, that means no leftovers for tomorrow! 😉

    My husband even loved it, and when I told him it had tofu he just shook his head in amazement. A few years ago, he wouldn’t even go near tofu, but your chocolate bar pie changed that, and now he says “I’ll eat tofu. But ONLY if it’s a Chocolate Covered Katie recipe!”
    🙂 🙂

  33. Aneliese (the veggie whisperer) says

    Hey Katie, I can’t wait for your book to come out! I know your busy, and I don’t mean to rush you, but when will the book come out? By Christmas? Valentines Day? Or will it be some time in late 2013? I know it will be awesome! Good luck!

  34. Michelle Arnesen says

    Made this today and it was a big hit! I would recommend dried cranberries instead of raisins to continue with the autumn theme.

    One problem, though. Twice in the last 2 days I’ve gotten a pop-up window using Chrome on my iPhone to view your page. Something about “” and I’m the 1000th person from my town to click there and I can be entered into some drawing. Don’t know if this is legit or not, but it smells of malware. I can’t get it to go away, even after restarting the phone. Going to try to uninstall and reinstall Chrome and see if that helps. If this is from an advertiser of yours, please get them to remove it!

  35. Kerry @ Healthy Happy Cooking says

    I just tried this recipe 🙂 I used yogurt, homemade bread, and flax milk, but my mixture didn’t solidify when baking. I think I may have used too little bread, as the bread didn’t completely cover the pan with no gaps. It still tasted delicious though! My prepared uncooked dish had solidified in the fridge, so I think if I put the leftovers in the fridge it will reach a somewhat solid state.

    I’m definitely making this again for Thanksgiving breakfast!

  36. Em says

    This. Was. So. Good.
    I have made it FOUR times since you posted. Yes, four. Obsessed much?

    Thank you for all the amazing recipes!!!

    • Jennifer Nestor says

      I have you beat! I have made this recipe a whopping EIGHT times since it was first posted.

      Granted, I have a very large family and we go through two entire pans per breakfast, so maybe I am disqualified ;).

  37. Lynne says

    PS after 10 more minutes, it is still not firm. I used a whole grain bread & greek yogurt. Looks like the grandsons will be eating it with spoons!! 😉

  38. Jennifer Nestor says

    Hi Katie, I’ve made this recipe many times, as I told a commenter above. I just wanted to leave my feedback in case it helps others.

    When I make it with tofu, it is the texture of regular french toast, eggy and custardy while still being firm enough to cut into squares. When I make it with soy yogurt it is just a little softer, but I was still able to cut squares, yet it is a little more like a cross between bread pudding and french toast casserole. Both ways are delicious, and my boys can’t eat it fast enough!

  39. Colleen says

    I prepped this in the morning and just made it for breakfast for dinner tonight. It is awesome! So delicious and just sweet enough. I added dried cranberries instead of raisins, plain greek yogurt, and a mix of light vanilla soymilk and regular milk–everything set up perfectly in about 25 min (I have a hot oven). It’s slightly crisp on the edges and top and creamy in the center, with a drizzle of maple syrup it is perfect! I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for breakfast all week.

  40. Lisa says

    I think this is one of my favorite recipes of yours. I never was a breakfast person until I found your blog. Now it’s my favorite meal of the day :).

  41. Jessica says

    Yum! This was delicious! I might have had almost half the pan myself! 😉

    I tell everyone about your blog, Katie. It is my absolute favorite. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  42. Kat says

    If I wanted traditional french toast with cinnamon and rasins and omit the pumpkin, would the tofu cause problems to the flavor and/or texture??

    • Another Jessica says

      I would love to know how a pumpkin version works, as I’ve gotten a bit tired of pumpkin lately. If you try it, do comment back for the rest of us who are also curious!

  43. Natalie says

    I just made this for tomorrow morning and I am so looking forward to it! It’s the perfect thanksgiving morning breakfast 🙂

  44. Jasmine says

    I made this toast this morning, and it was delicious! Perfect for a rainy fall morning! And my favorite fall breakfast is a breakfast sandwhich, made with a tempeh sausage patty, sautéed mushrooms, toasted kale, and some pumpkin purée and maple syrup spread onto an English muffin. So good!

  45. Jenn says

    Does it have to be firm MoriNu? I only have soft, but I have all the other ingredients, and I’d like to make this for my mother’s birthday brunch.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I haven’t tried soft tofu… I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I really can’t say for sure.

  46. Mandy says

    Hey Katie, so I tried this recipe finally! I used the Ezekiel cinn., and raisin bread, tofu and then followed the rest exact. I had to double mine because we have a large family and it does come out a little soggy. So I improvised and cut it and then turned each square over and cooked it an additional 15 min. Perfect, and the taste was great. I think that next time I will add the bread into the bowl and mix it to see if I need extra bread to soak up the liquid. I will continue working on this and thank you for the amazing job you always do!

  47. Shira says

    You use the Morinu Tofu in so many of your recipes but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any Kosher symbols unfortunately 🙁 Can you recommend something similar?

  48. Mel says

    1. How do you stay skinny! ?
    2. Uh… what’s Ezekial bread?
    Just found you on Pinterest, and boy am I in trouble! Craving pumpkin.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      I think as long as you listen to your body and only eat when you’re really craving something, it all evens out. Then again, I have gained weight recently so I might not be one to talk (but I am happy about this weight gain, so it’s not a problem). 🙂

      Do a google image search to see what Ezekiel bread looks like… it’s probably easier to explain that way.

  49. Karen says

    Made this this morning and wanted to share my experience!

    Made it for company and we all loved it, but I did make a lot of modifications.

    I used a 9×13 and filled it up with Ezekiel cinnamon raisin. For the sauce, I used a whole can of pumpkin, two cups of nonfat greek plain yogurt, 3 tsp of pumpkin pie spice, enough whole milk to make a good consistency, and a mixture of a good bit of brown sugar, maple syrup, and regular sugar. I was actually sad to see how much sugar it needed, I guess because I used the whole can of pumpkin. I used very little milk. Maybe a cup total? We tasted the sauce and thought it wasn’t quite rich enough, so we added 3 eggs. On top of the bread, I spread a layer of raw pumpkin seeds and raw pecans. Then I poured the sauce on top and sprinkled it with a good bit of cinnamon. This morning before baking I melted 4 tbs of butter and drizzled it on top so it would get nice and crunchy, which it did. After reading the other comments, I baked it at 350 for about 45 mins, and then turned it up to 425 to get the top nice and brown.

    It was a hit for our run group this morning! I will definitely make it again!

  50. janice says

    Thanks for this yummy recipe. I made it with sour dough bread and coconut milk and let it sit over night. Had it this morning after church. What a treat.

  51. janice says

    Thanks for this yummy recipe. I made it last night with sour dough bread and coconut milk and had it this morning after church. Easy and so good.

  52. Andrea says

    I have stale bread NOW that needs to be used and am wondering if I soak it tonight Sunday until Thanksgiving morning and cook it will it work? Otherwise I could back it tomorrow and have it as “leftovers” on Thanksgiving. Thanks in advance!!

  53. Cindy Stevens says

    These recipes are using canned pumpkin, not fresh like your post indicated. Why not put in there first a recipe of how to bake a pumpkin for your own puree?

  54. Elena says

    This was delicious. I’ve eaten it three mornings in a row now. So excited to get your cookbook for my birthday in two days!!!

  55. Michelle says

    This was FABULOUS! So easy to prepare and the taste was like something from a classy restaurant brunch. I am in love with your website.
    And you look gorgeous!

  56. Anita says

    Do leftovers of this casserole reheat well? Wanted to make it and portion is off to take the work during the week. Figured I’d just pop it in the microwave then pour on some maple syrup. Do you think reheating in the microwave will make it too dry?

  57. Elizabeth says

    Hi, Katie!!

    Just wanted to say how much I adore your website and what an inspiration you are to all girls out there trying to live a healthier lifestyle (you probably here that a lot, but it’s true!!). I just have one question: since I can’t have dairy or soy, could I maybe sub the tofu/yogurt with an egg? Or should I sub something else?

    Thanks SO MUCH! ;-D

  58. bb says

    Hi! Discovering all your wonderful pumpkin recipes while planning Thxgiving 2016. This one particularly appeals as a morning-after breakfast. However, I’m making and hosting the holiday and know that I’ll be too tired that night and will not want to face the kitchen again. How many days in advance can I assemble this? Or even if I can just assemble the wet ingredients and keep the bread separate, please comment on that timing, Thank you!

  59. Vivian says

    We used the lower amount of Sucanat suggested for people who would use maple syrup. We found it a little tart. I’m not sure if this is because of the yogurt (I used Nancy’s plain nonfat) or because I added a couple of extra tablespoons of pumpkin so I would use up the can. We think if we had added some raisins it would have counteracted the tartness plus added an interesting flavor. I used up a lot of various kinds of bread heels I had been in the freezer as well as added fresh whole wheat and whole grain spelt breads, too. It was pretty easy to assemble and definitely easy to bake in the morning. It would be great if you have overnight guests as it would be ready quickly without too much work or mess.

  60. Cait says

    Hi there! Any recommendations for making this without the pumpkin (or substituting it with something else)? Would love to make for Easter next weekend… I was thinking of subbing applesauce for the pumpkin puree perhaps? Thank you!

  61. Lisa Carney says

    I wanted to give some redemption to the “soggy” French toast bake problems. I made this to enjoy this morning. It didn’t work out. After baking for 1.5 hours, I scooped the soupy mess into a muffin tin, thinking it might firm up a little better. After baking 40 more minutes, I gave up and just made regular French toast. However, in my laziness, I didn’t clean out the muffin tin immediately. I noticed, once it cooled, it firmed up to a nice consistency. I decided to try it and it was delicious! I popped it out of the muffin tin and froze it to eat on a later day. So, if the recipe doesn’t work out well for you, try to let it sit awhile and eat it at a later date. Bonus: I don’t need to cook breakfast tomorrow and I have grab and go baked French toast cups to go!

    Notes on what I used: reduced milk a tad, honey for sweetner and cinnamon raisin bread. I followed the rest of the recipe exactly.

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