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Sex in a Pan

sex in a pan

No, I didn’t come up with the name.

The popular dessert has been around since at least the 1970s, and it goes by many titles: Sex in a Pan, Six Layer Dessert, Chocolate Yummy, Better than Sex Dessert, Better than Robert Redford… It makes for a great conversation piece or icebreaker at a party.

That is… if you are brave enough to tell people what it’s called!

Sex in a Pan.

I first heard of the dessert when someone asked on facebook if I could come up with a healthier version. Obviously, the name intrigued me (How could you not wonder?), and it went straight onto my list of things to try. But finding a good time to serve the dish was tricky… It might not be the best idea to show up with something called Sex in a Pan at a neighborhood gathering, a christening, or an Easter brunch.

However, a Super Bowl party sounded perfect. So this is what I made yesterday, and it went over very well with everyone. To make it healthier, my version is a little different from the original (which calls for a butter-shortbread crust, chocolate and vanilla pudding, cool whip, heavy cream, etc.). This version is also much easier to make—with no baking required!

better than Robert Redford

Sex in a Pan

  • 1/2 cup almonds or pecans (70g)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup quick oats (or sub shredded coconut)
  • 1/2 cup raisins (For all substitution notes, see nutrition info link below) (80g)
  • 8 oz cream cheese-style spread, such as Tofutti
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar or sugar-free powdered sugar (33g)
  • 2/3 cup coconut cream (just the cream, not any water that might be in the can) (160g)
  • 1 1/2 cups any thick chocolate pudding (such as this one) (360g)

Line an 8-in square pan with parchment or wax paper. In a food processor, combine first four ingredients, then press into the bottom of the prepared pan. Cream the next three ingredients together until smooth, then spread over the crust. Spread the chocolate pudding on top. If desired, you can top with another cream layer and shaved chocolate. Best to fridge at least 5 hours—uncovered—so the dessert firms up.

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chocolate pudding dessert

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Published on February 4, 2013

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  1. Kat says

    I think the name is fitting. It looks so good as good sex or even better. I need to make this NOW!
    I didn’t watch the superbowl, I am not a football fan and being overseas I really didn’t feel like staying up all night to catch the event. I could go for some yummy superbowl desserts though!

  2. Nicole says

    Raisins and chocolate? Ew. The “better than sex cake” I know (maybe too well) is a chocolate cake with holes poked in it. Then you cover the whole thing in a can each of sweetened condensed milk, hot fudge and caramel sauces. Let it sit in the fridge at least overnight to soak everything up, then cover with whipped cream and smooshed candy bars. It is amazing…and raisin-free!

    • 0246 says

      not to mention nutritionally void, terrible for you, inaccessible to veg*ns and those with allergies. yeah, sounds great!

      i mean, how dare a food blogger create a recipe so people have a more healthful alternative? the horror.

    • Allie says

      wow folks….she’s entitled to her opinion and her taste preferences! Katie made a great alternative, but I’m sure someone who isn’t vegan or has any allergies would prefer the dessert as she knows it.

        • Kylie says

          Nice recipe Nicole! I tried it with my family, and it was amazing! And 0246, you are extremely rude to others. There is nothing wrong with having a treat that isn’t good for you once in a while in stead of some birdseed with coconut. (Not that this is a bad recipe, but the bottom layer, just doesn’t seem tasty even though I like raisins )

    • Nicole says

      Wow, wait. I understand that this entire site is built off of remaking healthy, vegan recipes. And that’s why I love it. I’m just saying that the basic flavor profile and technique of this version of the dessert is very different than the one I know, which is chocolate/caramel based and is poked and then sits overnight to soak. Katie said she was given the original recipe from someone on Facebook, so I’m interested in how that unhealthy version compares to the unhealthy version I’m familiar with. No need to get all worked up, holy cow.

      • Mary says

        Nicole, I got what you were saying. You weren’t criticizing. Katie’s version is completely different than the one I know too. Usually she sticks to the same idea just healthier so I was kinda thrown off too. I myself HATE raisins so I would use dates instead:) I thought I hated dates til I discovered this blog and made fudge babies. Now I use dates in a bunch of recipes.

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Nicole: I will have to look into your version! I like the idea of poking holes and pouring something on top of the cake…

          I actually like when people write about non-vegan desserts in the comment section. It can be a great source of inspiration… One of my favorite sources of inspiration is actually those little (non-vegan) Taste of Home recipe booklets at the grocery store :).

      • Anonymous says

        I have had a recipe for “sex in a pan” for years and this version is the same. “Better than sex cake” must be different because “sex in a pan” is basically an eclair cake in a pan. Very much like this. I’m sure different parts of the country call them both different things but from my perspective Katie is spot on with this recipe! 🙂

      • Alana says

        WOW LOOKS LIKE PEOPLE ARE HANGRY!! Maybe it would do them some good to eat something with a little more substance. I’m not vegan but I enjoy this blog as well as other non vegan blogs. Everyone needs to take a Xanax and relax already!

  3. Jamy says

    Can’t wait to try it! Your comment made me laugh! ‘Then again, I guess someone who brings a dessert called Sex in a Pan has no right to judge’. I totally agree, though. Although, the commercials are usually worse. I had to ask my son to get something for me from the other room to limit all the skanky skin he saw. Sheesh!

  4. Andrea - Chocolate and Beyond says

    Mmmm! This looks gorgeous. I’m always a little apprehensive about using vegan cream cheese in recipes as I don’t like it all that much, and find it has a ‘chemical’ taste. I imagine the other ingredients must mask that flavour well in this?

      • Maureen says

        Not easy (if not impossible) to get Tofutti BTCC over here in South Africa.. so I would have to try it with more cream I guess. Any other suggestions gratefully received :).

  5. sherry says

    Looks yummy and seductive!! 🙂

    Not a Beyonce fan to start and totally inappropriate — way too many cr*tch shots … oh well, who are we to judge?? I’m sure most people enjoyed it. Give me Rock N Roll !!!

  6. Alysha says

    OMG!!!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITTTTED TO MAKE THIS!!!! I grew up with this dessert and it was my all time favourite. When I found out I was casein intolerant and the gluten intolerant, the only thing I was upset about was not being able to eat this dessert. I started yelling in joy in my dorm room when I saw your recipe. In my family it is known as “Dairy Princess Delight”. Thank you soo much for making this 😀

  7. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    I agree with Kit-Kat, I was a sucker for the Clydesdale commercial too!

    I’m not really a Beyonce fan, so while I didn’t think she did a bad job, I wasn’t all that into it. I thought Alicia Keys could have been phenomenal but she slowed the song down way, way too much and the shots of people looking confused trying to sing along was a touch cringe-worthy. How cute were the Sandy Hook chorus kids though?!

  8. Monica says

    What is coconut cream? I follow your blog all the time, but don’t remember that ingredient before. Is it the kind in a can? Or Coco Lopez?

  9. Katelyn says

    I’ve always known this dessert as “Robert Redford” or “Better than Robert Redford.” It’s one of my absolute favorites. My grandmother’s recipe never called for raisins, though. It’s 4 layer dessert, though, that is to-die for. Crust layer, cream cheese layer, pudding layer, then whipped cream layer. Top with chocolate shavings. I hadn’t thought about how to make this dairy/gluten/sugar free, but maybe I will try this one out. 🙂 I will say that I have yet to find a sugar-free, dairy-free cream cheese substitute. I’ll keep looking, though! Thanks for the inspiration! It looks delicious!

  10. Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies says

    This looks SO good! I’ve heard of this dish in passing, but never really knew what was in it (I was pretty young, so I think the name scared me into staying far, far away from it!).

    I always mean to watch the Superbowl, but never really do. Tuned into the puppy bowl and kitty halftime show, though! So cute.

  11. tammy says

    Yummy, can’t wait to try this. If you don’t like the raisins, you can always use dates as a substitute. It is just to bind the crust together.

  12. jennifer says

    Hi Katie!
    My nine year old daughter LOVES your site and is always experimenting with your recipes, sooooo a heads up would have been nice – title not appropriate for kids:) Thanks!

    • Nicole says

      Oh come on, she’s never heard the word sex before? 😉 CCK didn’t write anything inappropriate in the post, which could’ve lent itself so easily to some inappropriate jokes. I see where you’re coming from in wanting to protect your little one, but I don’t think the post was at all inappropriate. She just used the one word, which is heard everywhere in the media and is pretty much unavoidable nowadays.
      That said, I will call it by the alternative name “Chocolate Yummy” if I make it for my family ;).

      • CC says

        Well said, Nicole. I wasn’t going 2 comment on this, since it’s not food related but felt the need 2. Turn on the TV or any random place on the internet… exposure & exploitation of the idea of sex is everywhere u turn. So much so that I personally find myself immune 2 most of what is shown. Kids get a lot more & worse just innocently watching TV or the internet. It’s the harsh reality, so the only defensive approach is 2 teach your kids well AND address questions when/if asked, as age appropriate.

        Y do we make such a BIG DEAL about a simple word which represents something that is akin 2 breathing, eating & sleeping. It is just a part of life, heh, in fact it IS the genesis of life. The more taboo people make the subject, it the more object of interest it will b…that’s human nature. When I was like 6-12 years old, I watched shows which NOW when I watch them am SHOCKED about the blatant innuendos but the fact was the topics were just incomprehesible 2 a child of that age range, so I didn’t get it. No harm, no foul. Had my parents made a big deal about what I was watching, I’d have wondered what I was not getting & what was so “wrong” & been a lot more curious…

      • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

        Hi Jennifer and Brandi,

        I really am truly sorry… I grew up with the word not being a big deal, and I changed my post about ten times to make sure (or so I thought) that what I wrote wouldn’t be offensive or have any more innuendo than just the name, itself. I guess I misjudged how others would feel about the use of the word in the title, and I really do feel badly that I caused your families some embarrassment. It was definitely not what I wanted.

        Brandi: I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anything suggestive (whether intentionally or not) before today, and I have no plans to do anything like that in the future either. So please rest assured that you won’t see any more surprises.

        • Brandi says

          Thanks, Katie. I really appreciate your apology and understand how easily the oversight can happen. I look forward to reading more on your blog in the future. Knowing it’s safe for my kids makes all of the difference. 🙂

      • Sarah says

        You guys have got to be kidding me. Even as annoying as I sometimes find Katie, she didn’t say or do anything wrong. There was nothing remotely “NSFW”-ish. Aside from that,this site isn’t necessarily marketed to kids in the 1st place, so it’s really a non-issue. She can write what she likes.

        • Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies says

          this only makes me think of the meme “haters gonna hate”. If it’s not one thing, it’s always another.

          Katie, the worst the word sex is going to do to a 9 year is confuse them or make them blush. My aunts and grandma used to make a cake like this and say sex in front of me all the time, and I’m a perfectly well rounded and appropriate adult– no need to appologize if other people can’t deal with the world!

  13. CC says

    THIS looks so good that unfortunately I am gonna go eat my last cupcake that I’ve been coveting. Willpower broken! ha!

    It brings up 2 questions though…
    1- re cheese-style spread, such as Tofutti… any easy recipes 2 make this stuff homemade???? I’m on an extreme budget so I am doing everything from scratch. I have scoured your site (hours on end) but I still could’ve missed it.
    2- What does everyone do with the remainder of the can when u use the coconut cream?

    Merci Beaucoup in advance!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I know that there are homemade vegan cream cheeses out there, but I don’t know how authentic they taste… I’ve never tried one.

      Re: coconut cream: I make frosting or use it as whipped cream. I’ve found that it can be used as a substitute for heavy cream in pretty much every recipe (at least in my experience).

      • CC says

        Hmm, I’ll have 2 make the homemade vegan cream cheese my quest… thank 4 the feedback…I will have 2 plan wisely 2 use the rest of the can OR maybe use it as coffee creamer!?! Not sure how well that will go over…but excited 2 try! THANKS!!!

  14. Sarah @ says

    FYI, this was the cake someone made me for my birthday and they made me eat it (well, it was called “Better than Sex” cake) and it wasn’t healthy, it wasn’t vegan and it was pretty gross. I felt bad not eating it since they went out of their way to do something nice for me, but I felt even worse after I ate it because it had dairy, tons of sugar and all I could do was shake from the sugar intake and felt sick from the dairy. This version looks a bit better… but my aversion to the other has turned me off of it forever 🙁 I’m sure it’s delicious though! Everything Katie does is amazing.

  15. Emilia says

    I have always wondered what this dessert is all about, but have been turned off by the laundry list of not-too-fun ingredients. I’ll definitely have to make this soon! You are an all star at choosing the perfect desserts to veganize. 🙂

  16. Lauren @ Eat Like An Elephant says

    Haha I also thought Beyonce did a great job. For some reason I almost didn’t WANT to like it….and then Destiny’s Child reunited and it was glorious. 🙂

  17. Brandi says

    Katie, you have a lot of great desserts on here and I love looking at your blog for ideas for my kids’ special diets. I think you might want to think twice before posting such an offensive name as a title for a post. It is definitely funny to some, but turns off many and it narrows your reach. 🙂

    • Rebecca says

      Out of all of the actually offensive words out there, sex is not one. It does not discriminate, hate, denote vulgarity, or seek to offend. Making sex a taboo is offensive to me. Its a sad day and age when we cannot talk about one of the most fundamental acts in human nature without thinking it’s offensive.
      Without delving to deep into the human condition (this isn’t a philosophy class after all), it’s the title of a well known dessert for goodness sake. Live a little and come down from the holier than thou cloud you’re on.

    • kel says

      brandi you seem like someone who is strictly missionary, hole in the sheet, lights off. amiright?

      grow up & join the adults. i am sad to hear your child is being raised by an uptight prude.

  18. Katie says

    I grew up with this dessert! Straight from the United Church of Canada cookbook from Saskatchewan. Our version is: shortbread crust + cream cheese layer + combo of chocolate and vanilla pudding mixtures + cool whip topping. However, being from the United Church Cookbook we called it “Jimmy Carter Cake”. 😉

    • Katie says

      A close cousin of Jimmy Carter Cake is “Banana Split Cake” where instead of the chocolate/vanilla pudding layer you place sliced bananas, canned pineapple, and strawberries in simple syrup on top of the cream cheese layer. Then the cool whip layer, sprinkled with some cocoa powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Delicious!

  19. Alyssa says

    Looks yummy! You can market it as Paleo too 🙂 well, if you replace the Tofutti with something else. Super Bowl has lost its appeal for me…I went to bed early and my astounded husband was like “How will you know how it ends?!!?” I replied, “Hasn’t the news been around a while??” 🙂

  20. Shay says

    What a strange name for a dessert! tee-hee!
    I did watch the super bowl! I’m not really into the sports…im just in for the food:)

  21. Kitty says

    I like the name but the I don’t like the hate on sexuality and the female body. Treating it like it’s a dirty inappropriate thing would be the most traumatizing thing for a child,the actual sexuality would just go over their heads. The comments are even worse. Gonna unsubscribe.

      • Nicola says

        My impression is that Kitty doesn’t like the comments saying that seeing the word sex and seeing skimpily clad women is going to damage children, not your post! Nothing in your post comes across as offensive, I wouldn’t worry about it!

  22. Corgigrrl says

    looks yummy! I can’t help thinking, though, if anything I ATE was better than SEX I must be with the wrong partner!

  23. Lisa says

    Oh my gosh this looks so amazing! Yum.
    Can’t wait to try this out.
    I thought Beyonce was great! The halftime show was awesome, and it was the only reason I even watched the Superbowl.

  24. Kit-Kat says

    I agree, those dance moves were not appropriate for families. My family had to turn it off. 😛

    My favorite commercial was the Budweiser one (with the Clydesdale!). Budweiser comes out with the sweetest bonnie-Clyde commercials each year. 🙂

  25. indi says

    sex in the city
    sex bomb
    you sexy thing

    in year 1 we used to sing a song about sexy legged girls, is this woman for real, its natural 🙂 xxx

    love the recipe, can’t wait to try, might experiment with yogurt subbed for cheese xx

  26. antionnette says

    The Dodge commercial narrated by Paul Harvey, “so God made a farmer” was my favorite commercial by far, a touching tribute to hard-working people who love the land and the animals they care for.

  27. Nick says

    Let’s hear it for our CHAMPIONS, the Baltimore Ravens! (Had to represent!) The game was good last night (even for a fan that isn’t too into the sport). How about that power failure?! The commercials were overall all a bit lacking though. There was one that I liked, KIA’s “Respect the Tech”. I wasn’t all that impressed with the half-time either…wasn’t bad, but I thought it was certainly lacking.

  28. Cam says

    Katie! I love your blog! This looks so yummy!:) I was looking at the link for substitutions but happen to glance and see 1g of cholesterol. I recently became vegan and I was just a little confused. I remember reading something you wrote a while back that said all vegan foods are cholesterol free. So how does this have some? I was just very curious and am still very new to veganism so just asking from confusion and love:)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thank you so much for pointing that error out. Caloriecount sometimes does that when you enter in generic items (like chocolate chips or chocolate pudding), and I usually catch it. Definitely, all vegan foods are 100% cholesterol-free! 🙂

  29. Caroline says

    I agree. The half time show was not for family audiences – I actually said that out loud to my husband. Hated the Audie Prom message as well.

    That being said, I love your blog and this dessert looks great! I love your comments about its name too. I will be giving it a go. 🙂

  30. Mary Z says

    Looks good!
    I avoid coconut fat because I struggle with cholesterol issues (despite four years as a low fat vegan!) and a vegan nutritionist said coconut oil (and cream) is a no-no for me.
    Could I sub silken tofu for this? I love silken tofu puddings, so I’m assuming it would taste good, but I’m not sure what texture I’m supposed to be going for in that layer.

  31. Jessica Corbeil says

    This is my all time favorite dessert, but I couldn’t find a recipe for the life of me (Apparently Googling sex in a pan doesn’t get many results). I can’t wait to have a version that I can eat without getting a stomach ache. Thanks so much, Katie. You totally rock.

  32. Karla says

    That looks so good! I got a different version from my husband’s grandmother, and what’s really funny is that she was always *very* conservative. So when I came across “Better Than Sex Cake” in her handwriting I could NOT believe it.

  33. Jess says

    Mm, this looks so good! So excited to see that you came up with a recipe of your own for this, it has always been one of my favorites <3

  34. Brandie says

    I practically grew up on this stuff! We called it “Almost Better Than Sex”…. it was an anytime treat really, BUT it was always at New Years Eve. 🙂 Although my mom still makes it (rarely), she has started just calling it “Almost Better Than…” It. Is. So. Good.

    We ‘veganized’ the recipe when we went herbivore… but it’s still pretty far from “healthy”!! I will SO try your version Katie – OH. YUM. 🙂

    SO glad you posted this!

  35. Maureen says

    I have been eating this dessert since I was a kid and I still love it when I splurge.. I do remember a more kid friendly name when I first tried it.. Like Chocolate Cloud or something 🙂 Later in my teens I heard it as Sex in a pan and have been using it ever since! I am happy for the alternative here as I like to replace bad carbs and sugar with more healthy alternatives. Thanks!

  36. Medha @ Chewing the fat says

    The name had me intrigued, Katie 🙂 And this looks yummy– I have everything I need to make this dessert so I’m probably going to make it pretty soon!

  37. Stephi says

    Oh my goodness, just browsed through the other comments on here- cannot believe that people have a problem with the word sex, unbelievable, are these people totally backward or what??? Jeez…. If your kid is being censored from this, I hate to think how they will grow up; as Katie said, it only serves to make kids more curious if they are being told to not to say certain words or ask questions about a perfectly natural act.

    • Anonymous says

      I totally agree! I can’t believe it either. Sex is not a sin people. It is not an obscene word. If some of the negative comments are coming from Christian people, they should know that the first human sin was disobedience and stealing something that belonged to God, not sex. His command was to *ahem* “fill the earth”… In the Bible, sex and child birth are considered wonderful gifts for humans to experience. Furthermore, sexual “sinning” would only be if it’s in a way we’re not designed for. If we, as parents, teach our children these things, then we can utter these natural words in wholesome ways, instead of cringing at them. That said- call it whatever you like!! It’s just plain good! 😉 Thanks, Katie, for a wonderfully delicious recipe!

  38. Rose says

    Football schmootball… I just want this cake! Thanks Katie! (And ditto to all who defended the title of your post. It’s just dessert!)

  39. Alex @ says

    Give me a break people. It’s a cake. I love the title- it actually made me click on it from Pinterest so don’t think that you are narrowing your audience at all. Bring on the better than sex desserts!

  40. Anonymous says

    I noticed this was tagged with “soy free”, but there’s tofu in the pudding right? Or is there a soy-free pudding recipe? Thanks!

  41. Barbara says

    When I read “sex in a pan” I knew I had to check this out. I’m looking forward to the ecstasy of tasting the yumminess! It’s amazing how people get all uptight about human nature and a clever metaphor. Good lord, get over it. And if families don’t want to watch a kick ass performer like Beyonce who happens to be be one gorgeous, sexy woman, then turn the channel. No one is being forced to watch anything. Thanks for the recipe!!

  42. Amber @ Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    These look amazing! I’ve never really understood the name of this dessert. I mean, clearly, Snickers ice cream bars are better than sex. Oooooh!!! That’s a good recipe idea too!

  43. Anonymous says

    Hi Katie,
    This is just a suggestion, because I’m probably the only one clueless enough not to get this until AFTER I made the dessert, but I didn’t realize you were only supposed to use the solid part of the coconut cream (I used the Trader Joe’s brand) — I mixed the whole thing up and measured out 2/3 cup. I don’t know how the dessert is going to turn out (probably soggy!), but maybe you want to edit the recipe ingredients to specify only the solid part at the top of the coconut cream? It might save someone else from making the same mistake (unless it really is just me!). Thank you, and I love your site!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Ugh, you mean coconut creams aren’t all the same either? 😕
      I’ve only tried the TJ’s brand once or twice, and there’s never been any water at the bottom… maybe not all cans are the same (just like with regular coconut milk)? Thanks for pointing this out… I’m going to write it into my post, and I hope yours turned out ok in the end :(.

      • Anonymous says

        There was definitely water in the bottom of the can — I’ve never used coconut cream before so I wasn’t sure what I was doing. We just tried it — it was definitely soupy, but delicious! We just ate it out of a dish with a spoon. I’m going to try to make it again with just the solid part of the coconut cream. Thank you for responding!

  44. Cupcake says

    Hey Katie! New to the blogworld here, just found your blog and LOVE it.

    I will be trying this recipe… but if I don’t have an ice cream maker or vitamix, how would it turn out if I subbed yogurt for the milk and froze it?

  45. Jillian (Birds and Baking) says

    Back in college I spent a couple summers working at a Bible camp and once a week they served a (non-vegan) version of this but it was just called “a really yummy dessert.” Someone had to explain the real name to me before I figured out why some of the rest of staff were always giggling about it.

  46. GB says

    Love your website, you should have more publicity, hope you are ok if I put your site on my blog, have told a few friends about it too. Fantastic ideas and food, lovely and well done.
    All the best!

  47. Charlie says

    This post is hilarious! Most of Katie’s posts refer to her childhood memories, and the one time she tries to actually be age appropriate, she’s blasted then apologizes. Haha! Sex, in NO way should be an inappropriate word. It is clearer than ever to me the target audience of this blog, which is catered to by Katie in her constant posts about her nostalgic childhood memories, refusing to comment on grown up life and social situations. Kudos to you for trying Katie, to be a normal twenty something, but the reactions to the word SEX, and your subsequent reassurance that you have no plans to make mention like this again, have pushed me further away. I am not childish or sheltered which excludes me from this audience.

  48. Fede And says

    I’m sorry, but if this is better than sex – then you or you’re partner are doing it wrong….. but your cake does look delish 🙂

  49. Jenn says

    I’ve pointed my sister, the baker in the family your way and now she follows you too. She’s always looking for ways to bake healthier. As for this dessert I can remember going into gma’s kitchen and her asking me if I wanted some dessert, and the resulting look on her face when I asked her what it was. She looked all sheepish and asked if I wanted some or not. She did eventually tell me it was sex in a pan and hung her head low when I said ” sure although I’m far to young to know”. It wouldn’t have stuck in my mind at all if she’d just told me it was a pudding pie…

  50. Allison says

    Hi Katie,
    What is considered a serving size? How many squares would you cut this into? I am asking for purposes of counting calories correctly.

  51. Maria says

    Hello! Do you think I could use coconut butter instead of coconut cream? I’ve recently made some coconut butter and don’t want to buy coconut milk just for the solid part on the can (i wouldn’t use the rest).

    Thank you so much *

  52. Olga says

    I thought the sexist commercials (especially the car one that showed sexual assault as a cool thing) were more inappropriate than the halftime show, but no one seemed to complain about those…

  53. Tess says

    I have a suggestion, how about recipes with sesame seeds or tahini–you seem to work a lot with peanut butter yet tahini paste has a similar consistency (different taste).

  54. CY says

    I hope this isn’t offensive, sorry if it is in advance, but does anyone know if any of the vegan ingredients here replaced with their dairy non-vegan counterparts?
    Eg can I just use regular cream cheese instead of Tofutti, regular yoghurt instead of soy yoghurt etc.?
    I know this may seem silly, but sometimes all I have is regular dairy products at home and I really want to try the recipe without going out of the house!

  55. Amanda says

    C’mon… if you have sex in a pan, you need to have slutty brownies… The two were made of each other. (Slutty brownies, in case you didn’t know, are brownies with a layer of oreos and a layer of chocolate chip cookies on top). THEY’RE DELISH! I highly recommend them…

  56. Margaret Leon says

    I love your recipes and thought either you already published a cookbook or you are about to??? If you have done so, where can I get it..I live in Italy so shipping here is out of the question since it costs a king’s ransom..but could get it on kindle if available..
    do tell…

  57. Beth says

    This recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 My question is what is the ‘caramel’ looking layer (top layer) on top of the chocolate layer? I’d like to add this to my concoction I’m making tomorrow for my Valentine for V-day. Also any substitute ideas for the vegan cream cheese? (Not a huge tofutti fan.)
    Thanks 🙂 Beth

  58. Charlotte says

    I was just wondering, once you’ve made the cake can you keep it in the freezer to serve at a later date?

  59. Marisa says

    I made this for a party and it turned out great! I used the graham cracker crust because it seemed easier to make. It doesn’t taste too coconut-y and it definitely doesn’t taste like tofu. Everyone was shocked when I told them what was in it!

  60. Lynda Tracy says

    I see I am a late comer to this list of comments! I am so happy to discover an alternative to this dessert that does not use so much instant pudding! And I think I may try some chopped dried apricots instead of the raisins..
    I first met the traditional “sex in a pan” in a Baptist church kitchen some 40+ years ago, where it generated lots of laughter over the idea that anything based on INSTANT pudding could be related to sex! Nobody was offended whatsoever.

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