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Secretly Healthy Red Velvet Ice Cream

Ice cream cones in February.

Red Velvet Ice Cream - secretly healthy.

That’s what happens when you live in Texas and sometimes it’s 80 degrees.

Then the next day it’s 20.

Texas is weird.

ice cream cone

Above, red velvet ice cream with Healthy Chocolate Syrup.

A rich and decadent treat (perfect for a heart-healthy Valentine’s Day dessert!) you can feel good about serving your kids, your sweetheart, or yourself. This healthy chocolate ice cream is high in Vitamins A, C, fiber, probiotics, and antioxidants, all while tasting like something from a fancy ice-cream shoppe straight out of the 1950s.

healthy chocolate ice cream


Red Velvet Ice Cream

  • 1 1/4 cup frozen raspberries (200g)
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp milk of choice (or canned coconut milk) (90g)
  • scant 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • 2 tbsp Barleans Chocolate Silk (or regular dutch cocoa powder) (10g)
  • nunaturals vanilla drops, or your favorite sweetener of choice, to taste
  • optional: 2 oz melted chocolate (for a richer flavor)
  • optional: chocolate chips stirred in after blending

If you have a high-speed blender, such as a Vita-Mix, simply blend all ingredients (using the tamper) until a smooth, ice-cream-like texture has been reached. If you don’t have a Vita-Mix, you might be able to achieve an ice-cream texture with a food processor, but I can’t vouch for it. Or blend in a regular blender and then transfer to an ice-cream maker. Optional: add a handful of chocolate chips, post-blending. I highly recommend using an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the ice cream from the machine. Makes 2-3 servings.

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healthy chocolate ice cream

Question of the Day:

What kind of winter are you having?

Ours has been very mild this year, although we did get snow for Christmas. Right now it’s 60 degrees, which is pretty much my favorite weather–not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. Sorry… having a Miss Congeniality moment there.

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Published on February 6, 2013

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  1. Katie says

    Hi Katie, this is a random question but I hope you can help (or one of your followers). I know you posted something before about a particular brand of Stevia you like that doens’t have a weird aftertaste, but I can’t find it for the life of me! NuNaturals maybe? I’m not sure.

    P.S. The first ad I saw on your page today was for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. I had to laugh. Know your audience, McDonald’s!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yes, NuNaturals 🙂

      Ugh, I guess that’s an Adsense ad. I have a clause written into my ad network contract for no meat, but it backfills with google Adsense when there’s no ad to run… and adsense just posts whatever it wants :-?.

  2. Lisa says

    I’m not a huge raspberry fan, but I bet this would be awesome with strawberries or blueberries!
    Our Winter has been SO sad over here (no snow at all!). I love snow, so it’s made me a little sad, but oh well!

  3. laura Miller says

    It has been -22 degrees here, but we just went to CherryBerry and got some sormosbet anyways! Otherwise we had one snow storm that gave us 16 inches of snow, and we haven’t had much other than that. It has rained a couple times though, which makes the roads really scary.

    Thanks for the recipe, I need to make it like, now.

  4. Tara says

    I’m from Winnipeg. I have four feet snow drifts in my yard. It’s a balmy -13C right now, yesterday was -24C. We eat ice cream all year round, because our winters last about 5 months, so we’d have to wait a long time to enjoy it otherwise. Would this recipe work with a little more canned coconut, or even coconut coffee cream?

  5. Lindsey @ Dishing Up Hope says

    This looks great! I am looking forward to trying out this healthy dessert. As a Floridian, winter weather is sparse- perfect for icecream cones!

  6. Alan K. says

    I personally wouldn’t call this “Red Velvet” its more Chocolate Infused Raspberry Ice Cream. From things I have done I would say the Red Velvet taste comes from a combination of Buttermilk, Vinegar, and a small amount of Choco Powder.

    • Alan K. says

      It could also be topped with one of your many vegan creams/whipped cream. Such as the creams cheese sauce like for the cheesecake pancakes, or cinnamon boatmeal, or your simple coconut whipped cream.

  7. Sierra says

    Hi Katie! I love your recipes, I’ve tried quite a few ever since I started my gluten-free, low sugar diet and I had to modify all my baking, and they’ve made the transition so much easier and fun! 😀

    I tried this out when I got home, and can I just say how absolutely fantastic it was? I used frozen strawberries because I didn’t have the raspberries, and maple syrup as a sweetener. I would definitely not skip out on that melted chocolate, by the way! This whole recipe was absolutely delicious, thank you so much. I plan on tripling it for a girls’ night on Friday!

  8. Dayna says

    We’ve been having the same weird winters in Kansas City. It’ll be 9º one day and 60º the next! I can’t wait to try this… I crave ice cream often, so a healthy version is amazing!

  9. Am says

    Yes, this winter has been really mild!!

    I am in TX, but farther south than Dallas. We turned on the A/C a couple days ago! :0

    This ice cream sounds so great!

  10. Kitty Bea says

    Looks delicious. I wonder if this would be just as good with frozen strawberries too (which we have abundance of in our freezer)?

  11. amanda says

    so yeahhhhh….ummm….made this the second i saw it! My only issue was the melted chocolate hardened into bits i had to chew (not really that big of an issue lol). SO good!! definitely a repeater 🙂

  12. Pam says

    Katie- or anyone reading this – what model of Vita-Mix do you use and why have you chosen this one? I’ve read about all the different varieties of food processors, but when I went to add the Vita-Mix to our wedding registry, there are many different kinds. This would be for home use as referenced in recipes by Katie and others, with the occasional large batch of hummus, pasta sauce, nut butters, etc… Thanks! Pam

  13. IC says

    Katie… do you think you can come up with the cherry dip recipe (used at Dairy Queen)? I’m obsessed. I read somewhere it’s cherry flavored white chocolate, so I’m assuming if you can somehow figure out a cherry flavor to add to coconut oil it should work…

  14. Mariana says

    I made this today and it was SO satisfying! Killed my ice cream/chocolate cravings perfectly! I adore your blog!

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