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Sometimes you feel like a nut

chocolate covered katie before

I feel super-silly posting this recipe, because it is so easy… but it’s too good not to share.

Roasted Pecans

Take a bag of pecans (unsalted), spread ’em on baking sheet, and roast them in the oven. Not only will roasting them bring out a rich flavor, it will also make your kitchen smell delicious.








Yes, I know this was a short post, but it’s a gorgeous Friday here in Texas, so I’m off to enjoy the day!

Published on March 1, 2008

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  1. Jennifer says

    YUM! Those look fantastic!

    For some reason the idea to roast nuts never occured to me. Why?!?! I mean, yum!

    Happy Friday to you too! It’s also beautiful here in Mid-MO.

  2. Bianca says

    I have a whole bag of pecans in my freezer. I should roast some when I return from my trip!

    I do not know how to do the Google Analytics thing…I looked around in the Dashboard area, but didn’t see anything with that name. I hate to keep bugging about how to do things….

  3. Cecilia says

    Hi once again! Wow pecans! Believe it or not I’ve never tried them before!! It cost too much here in Aus hehe.. 🙂

    Btw, you’ve probably heard this comments for sooo many times now, but you’re REALLY pretty!! Even my bro said that, he walked past and said “Hey, who that? Is she one of ur friends? She’s HOT!” and I was like “oh too bad, she’s all the way over at Texas and TAKEN!!” BWAHAHAHA.. I can be mean at times! have you ever think of joining the pageant??

    Anyways, have a great weekend yeh!

  4. Sarah says

    That reminds me of pecan pies! mmmmmm……

    You’re very skinny still, you’ve managed to gain any weight at all? lol…just curious 🙂

  5. Anke says

    yes, roasted nuts are ridiculously easy and yes, they are ridiculously delicious as well. about time somebody posted about the simple joys in live 🙂

  6. Romina says

    Roasted nuts are so good. Can’t get enough of them! It really does bring out the flavour immensely.

    P.S. I love your new profile pic!

  7. Alison Nicole says

    Enjoy that weather! Im highly jealous. After days of loveliness, it has turned to rain! Boo! For a Friday too! Double boo! I love nuts too! Especially cashews.

  8. Ruby Red Vegan says

    Aww, you look so happy and pretty in your picture! Those pecans must taste really good, and I’m in a luck because I have a small amount left in a plastic bulk bag and now I know exactly what to do with them!

    As a matter of fact, I did grace Dairy Queen with my presence in my pre-vegan days! When I was really little, I would always, always get the Dilly Bars or the lemon ice things in the plastic cartons. I high school I started to really like the Blizzards, but I’m glad I’m a vegan now because the Blizzards are incredibly unhealthy. I never had the ice cream cones that you liked… Vegan soft-serve would be great! They had Oatscreme in the city where I used to go to college. That was good stuff!

  9. Cody says

    I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever had a pecan. I tell everyone the only nuts I like are walnuts… but, I can think of only a select few nuts I’ve even tried. (Shhh… )

  10. Bonnie says

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried pecans either, but now I really want to. So even though it’s simple, I do want to try this! 🙂

  11. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Cecilia: Your brother should come to America. American girls LOVE Austrailian accents hehe. Tell him thank you, for me. He made me smile :o).

    Sarah: I’m pretty much the same weight, give or take a few pounds. For a while, I was trying a “bulk-up” diet that had me stuffing my face, but it was literally making me sick! I went to the doctor, and she said that since I am healthy, that’s probably the “set-point” weight that my body wants, so now I basically eat what I want when I want, and make sure to take in extra fuel if I’ve exercised. Sorry for the long, rambling answer to a simple question!

  12. Vaishali says

    I love roasted pecans, and you’re right- they do make the kitchen smell delicious.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment- I am also glad I found your blog!

  13. Cookiemouse says

    After the storm it was also nice here in Amsterdam today (for St David maybe). A short post is sometimes also cool. Roasting nuts is a simple but tasty idea.

  14. Nicolette (Nikki) Miller-Ka says

    Hey there. I just randomly found your blog and I think it’s great. I have tons of vegan friends and they give me recipes for things all the time, but it’s cool to see a young vegan who actually knows what to eat without having a homogenous diet.

    As far as pecans go, I’m allergic. But they look very nutritious.

  15. Lizzy says

    I’ve never had pecans in my whole life I think. I love roasted nuts though so I think I’ll buy them some time and try them.

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