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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

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Easy chocolate chip cookie dough truffles are dipped in melted chocolate and will quickly become your favorite bite size dessert recipe!

Eggless Cookie Dough Truffles

No bake cookie dough truffles

If you are a cookie dough lover, this is the recipe for you.

We took everyone’s favorite part of cookie dough ice cream and added a rich chocolate shell, creating the ultimate chocolate chip cookie dough treats.

And do you want to know the best part?

This snackable cookie dough can be completely egg free and flourless!

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Healthy cookie dough bites with no flour

The chocolate covered truffles can be low calorie, high protein, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, high fiber, sugar free, oil free, and completely vegan.

Yet they taste just as decadent as traditional recipes and can easily hold their own against those popular Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough chunks.

Every single time I serve these cookie dough truffles at a party, guests always ask for the recipe and are shocked to learn the secret healthy ingredient.

Absolutely no one could ever guess!

The truffles are adapted from my Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

Step by step recipe video

Above, watch the step by step cookie dough truffle recipe video

Edible Cookie Dough

Ingredients for the recipe

To make homemade cookie dough truffles, you need chocolate chips, oat flour or protein powder, pure vanilla extract, oil or nut butter, sweetener of choice, a little salt to heighten the flavor, and chickpeas or white beans.

Unlike many other cookie dough truffle recipes, this one calls for no sweetened condensed milk, butter, or shortening.

Superfood chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, make up the base of the recipe. Cannellini beans (white kidney beans), great northern beans, or other white beans work just as well. You can use either cooked or canned beans.

If you experiment with black beans, lentils, pinto beans, or something else instead of beans, be sure to report back with your results. A keto option is also included.

For the best cookie dough truffles, we recommend going with either the oat flour option or a protein powder you have used in the past and already know you like. Our favorite is unsweetened pea protein powder.

Or you can make your own oat flour by blending rolled oats or quick oats in a food processor until a fine flour texture forms.

My personal favorite options are either coconut oil or peanut butter. (Chocolate peanut butter cookie dough truffles? Yes, please.) You can substitute vegetable or canola oil, almond butter, cashew butter, nut free sunflower butter, or Coconut Butter.

Have fun and change up the flavor by stirring in a handful of mini chocolate chips, shredded coconut, chia seeds, chopped dark chocolate, or finely diced walnuts or pecans. Or add mini M&Ms to create monster cookie dough truffles.

You can also swap the nut butter for Homemade Nutella

Cookie Dough Truffles

How to make chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

Drain and rinse the chickpeas or white beans very well. This important step will remove any bean aftertaste in the finished product.

Add all ingredients except the chocolate chips and optional coating to a high quality food processor. Blend until the mixture achieves a smooth cookie dough texture.

Note: A high speed blender with a tamper will technically work, but the texture of these chocolate covered cookie dough candies is much better if you use a food processor.

Turn off the machine, and stir in the chocolate chips with a spoon. Then form the dough into balls or truffle shapes by using a spoon or a mini cookie scoop.

Place the cookie dough balls on a plate lined with wax paper or parchment paper.

You may enjoy the bite sized cookie dough treats now, or refrigerate them while you prepare the optional chocolate coating recipe below.

Chocolate covered cookie dough truffles

Feel free to eat the truffles plain, or follow the steps below to coat them in chocolate.

The easiest way to make your own chocolate dipped cookie dough truffles is to carefully melt six ounces of chocolate chips (or white chocolate chips) in a microwave or by using the double boiler method.

Once melted, I like to then stir in an optional two teaspoons of coconut or vegetable oil for a smoother sauce. Dip each cookie dough bite into the chocolate sauce.

Place the chocolate coated truffles on a parchment lined plate, and let the chocolate coating set.

If you prefer a refined sugar free chocolate shell, stir together three tablespoons each of pure maple syrup, cocoa powder or raw cacao powder, and warm coconut oil. Dip the chocolate chip cookie dough bites in the sauce.

Refrigerate or freeze to set.

Vegan Girl With Dessert

Tips for storing and serving

The recipe can be left out in a cool environment for a few hours. And the cookie dough bites are easy to transport, making them ideal for parties.

Bring the truffles to your next family event, birthday party, book club, or Christmas cookie exchange, and watch how quickly they disappear.

You can even press them into Easter egg shapes for a festive holiday treat that everyone will love. The truffles are wonderful gifts for friends and family.

To prevent the outer chocolate shell from melting, we recommend against serving the cookie truffles at outdoor summer gatherings.

If you are an ice cream lover, stir chopped cookie dough truffles into vanilla ice cream or Banana Ice Cream for DIY cookie dough ice cream. Vegans, try Coconut Ice Cream.

And if you happen to find yourself with leftovers, store them in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to five days. Or place the chocolate covered treats in an airtight covered container and freeze for up to about two or three months.

Or better yet, send any leftover chocolates to me!

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Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites
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Cookie Dough Truffles

These easy chocolate chip cookie dough truffles are dipped in melted chocolate and will quickly become your new favorite dessert!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Yield 26 truffles
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  • 1 can chickpeas or white beans, or 1 1/2 cups cooked
  • 3 tbsp protein powder or oat flour
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil or nut butter
  • 1/3 cup sugar or sweetener of choice (or make keto Cookie Dough Balls)
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup water (omit if using liquid sweetener)
  • 3 – 6 tbsp chocolate chips
  • optional chocolate coating recipe above


  • Drain and rinse the chickpeas very well. Blend everything except the chocolate chips until completely smooth. While a blender technically works, the texture will be much better in a food processor. Stir in the chocolate chips. Use a spoon or a mini cookie scoop to form balls or truffles. Place on a parchment lined plate. Enjoy as is, or refrigerate while you make the optional chocolate coating recipe.
    View Nutrition Facts


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Have you made this recipe?

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  1. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    I always liked cookie dough ice cream but I never seem to buy that flavor. Most of the time I get vanilla because I’m serving it alongside something else – like cake or with fresh fruit. But it’s yummy stuff. Then again, I love ice cream in general. 🙂

  2. Tricia says

    I just made a batch of unhealthy ones and was wondering how I could tweak them to be healthy. I believe I will start here when I make them again. The unhealthy ones were sinfully good…I would imagine these will be also.

  3. Sar says

    Only 40 calories each?!?

    Only you could figure out a way to put a healthy spin on cookie dough truffles! I only wish I’d seen these at Christmastime. My family (and myself) would have EATEN them up! My boyfriend is gonna love these. Oh heck, I will too ;).

  4. Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee says

    Cookie dough, raw is one of the things I miss the most, now that I know I’m allergic to wheat. Wheat/gluten free cookie dough usually tastes kinda weird. I totes get what you’re talking about with the weather, because I live in Austin and it’s the same way, bipolar weather, but also with allergens.

  5. Sarah @ See Sarah Bake says

    I made my own version of cookie dough truffles last week but they definitely weren’t healthy- plenty of butter, flour and sugar :-\ I’ll have to whip up a batch of these as they seem to be a bit more New Year Resolution friendly 😉

  6. Emma says

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, thank you for thinking of those of us who have Celiac’s Disease! I am so excited these are gluten free! 🙂 🙂

    And I agree with everyone else. You are so pretty!

  7. Sarah @ See Sarah Bake says

    I made my own version of cookie dough truffles last week but they definitely weren’t healthy. Delicious, but full of plenty of flour, butter, and sugar. I’ll have to whip up a batch of these- they’re a bit more resolutions friendly 😉

  8. Catey Kay says

    That’s exactly what I do: dig out all the cookie dough in the ice cream before anyone else gets a scoop! In fact, I just recently scarfed down almost a whole quart of the stuff by myself…followed by regret 😮

    Appropriately, my New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier…. and that is where your blog comes in handy! 😀

  9. Ally says

    CCK! You looked awesome for your New Year’s celebration! 🙂 I have never had the guts to sport sequins, but you did it with style! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  10. Grace says

    As soon as I saw this post, I immediately went and made these! They didn’t even have time to get covered in chocolate before they were all eaten up!

    P.S. Reduce the sugar, and this makes a DELICIOUS protein- and fiber-packed breakfast treat! 😉

  11. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    Ooh I used to do the exact same thing with cookie dough ice cream – my favourite way to eat it was to pick out all the dough pieces! Haha. I didn’t care that much about the ice cream; it was all about the dough ;).

    I love your bean recipes btw!

    And that is a gorgeous photo – glamour shot! You looked lovely! 🙂

  12. Erin says

    I definitely think I’ll be making these once all my Christmas sweets have been eaten up. 🙂 Love your New Years shirt! Sparkles are a NYE necessity. 🙂

  13. Kit-Kat says

    Oh I LOVED cookie dough ice cream! I did the opposite of you, though. I would save the cookie dough balls for last (being the best part of the ice cream, it seemed perfect to save it for last!). But then my lactose intolerance/allergy to dairy came really strong after I turned seven, so it became harder to enjoy anything with dairy. Thankfully, the switch to dairy-free ice cream saved me a lot of trouble when I turned nine! Now I can REALLY enjoy vegan cookie dough ice cream to the mak 🙂
    BTW, the recipe looks divine!

  14. Char @ says

    I am the saaame with cookie dough ice cream! So now I just make cookie dough and eat it 😀

    No more bean desserts? I realize not everyone likes them, buuuut…

    I LOVE them!! I have made your cookie pie at least 6 times, your pb & j blondies, your cookie dough…I can’t get enough!

    Dallas (my omni boyfriend) loves them, and he can’t tell they’re made of chickpeas.

    My brother, a 16 year old who eats mostly cheeseburgers, loves them!

    My mom, who is suuuuper picky about the health food I feed her, loves them!

    …I could go on, but seriously. Your desserts are amazing 😉

  15. Lena says

    Oh, please don’t stop with the bean desserts! I love them – just two days ago I made the cinnamon roll deep-dish pie, and the cookie pie is one of my favorites to make. And the cookie dough dip… mmm. Seriously, by all means, keep bringing us bean desserts 🙂 And this looks sooooo goooooddddd aaahhhhhh whydowehavenochocolatechipsnooooo D:

  16. Jennifer JCD says

    Happy New Year! You look absolutely dazzling! And the recipe is guaranteed to get four thumbs up from us later tonight.

    I used to love cookie dough ice cream too, but I did the same thing as you and generally made a big mess in doing so. Mums think alike, and mine started making egg-free frozen cookie dough balls for us too. Then we could add ice cream if we wanted it. 🙂

    Oh, I thought of you yesterday morning when i was making boatmeal and added coloured sprinkles to it – funfetti boatmeal with melted chocolate on top – it screamed CCK. 🙂 We’re always big fans of your recipes and stories.

    On that note, will you be doing any running posts this year? Do you still run in the mornings? I always love hearing about your running stories too. Have a great year and I look forward to all the wonderful things your will write about and share with us.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Aww 🙂

      I don’t know why sprinkles make me happy… I just like colorful things. Maybe it goes back to when I was little and my mom tried to color everything for holidays. But then again, green mashed potatoes kinda scarred me against mashed potatoes for life!

      Yes, I definitely still run in the mornings, and I definitely still think of you every time it’s under 30 degrees F and I don’t want to go out the door. Have I ever thanked you for being my cold-weather running motivator? 😉

  17. Végébon says

    I’m not bored with your fantastic bean recipes, you are INCREDIBLE at changing something as (supposedly) boring as beans into something as sexy as a cookie dough truffle !!
    PS : You’re absolutely gorgeous in the last picture !

  18. Jade C says

    Ohh wow!! These look amazing, Katie!!
    Happy New Year!! I will certainly spend some ((a lot!!)) of mine making ((and then promptly DESTROYING!!)) many new recipes!!
    Jade C.

  19. Sondra says

    No more bean recipes!!! Say it ain’t so Katie! I love your bean recipes, and they’ve helped me make sure my twin girls (who are 15 months old and are at that finicky throw-food-on-the-floor stage) get adequate amounts of protein despite the fact they don’t eat meat. Your snickerdoodle blondies- they absolutely adore them in mini-muffin form. Your bean butter? I make it with carob (no caffeine for the wee ones) and they scoop the stuff right off the toast and eat it by the fingerfuls! Whats a vegan mom of twin toddlers to do without new CCK bean recipes!!!! *weeps*

  20. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Katie, you look so pretty!!! Your hair is gorgeous curly 😀

    And I love that idea of truffles! Will have to try with unsweetened chocolate 😀

  21. Sabrina says

    Wow this is an awesome recipe! I have to try this out. I love love LOVE truffles and plus chocolate, even better…now to go buy some chickpeas…

  22. Kristen-vanillabeanvegan says

    oh I love cookie dough icecream!! Will have to add these to my tub of vegan ice cream!! Thanks for the recipie hope you had a great new year!! The shirt looks very pretty on you!!

  23. Nadiya says

    I love the bean desert recipes. I cooked one of the cookie batters for a party one time and it was a huge success. No one even realized that it was made out of chickpeas other than one of my indian friends (but that doesn’t count because she makes chickpea sweets all the time).

  24. Anna Lynn says

    I adore cookie dough. Like A BUNCH. If I let myself, I could completely eat it for every meal….and these little yummy truffles looks magnificent. I’ve made them before (but with butter and other unhealthy things…) but I’d love to make this version! The last batch my roomies gobbled up in a day, I bet they’ll like this version too and not even know it’s healthy 🙂
    As for cookie dough ice cream, it’s probably in my top three ice cream flavors, although it’s really only a flavor I get if I go out for ice cream. I prefer to get plain vanilla (usually fro-yo) and add my own mix-ins, if any at all. Although, like you, I much prefer the cookie dough to the ice cream 😛

    -Anna Lynn

  25. Astonished says

    OMG a KZ-Inhabitant survivor… :O I thought they all dies around 1945! At least you look like one of the pplthe allies would have found ….

  26. Kim says

    Hi! I’m totally brand new – to the website and to raw/vegan/healthy cooking. However, as my waistline is beginning to worry me, I decided this year I’d try some new things, in particular recipes on this website. I made these today as my first ever attempt, and while the result was certainly not the picture above, it wasn’t too bad. Actually, I stopped before even getting around to rolling the dough into balls and just started eating it straight. Now, I’ve never had a cookie dough truffle before, but at a guess, they aren’t quite like these. These are amazing, don’t get me wrong! But if you’re looking for an identical, healthier truffle, these are not the truffles you’re looking for. Then again, you’ll never find anything that tastes exactly like your favorite recipes but has no fat and no calories and no sugar, because those are what make your favorite recipes taste so darn good.

    Anyway, Katie, you are awesome and I and my waistline thank you for this blog and your recipes!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Kim!

      Oh no, these should taste like normal truffles :-?. Can you tell me more about what you did, specifically? What oil/nut butter did you use? And did you use a food processor? Hopefully I can try and figure out what went wrong, because they ARE supposed to taste just like real truffles… none of my friends could tell the difference!

      Thanks for the sweet comment!!

      • Kim says

        Well, I think part of the problem was that I assumed that vegetable oil would work as a substitute for nut oil – it didn’t! Peanut butter resolved the consistency issues, though. I think another factor has to do with the food processor, it’s as old as dirt so there was a bit of grainy texture to the whole thing. It tastes really good, it’s just a bit off texture-wise and tastes very nutty. I did buy everything from Wal-Mart, though, so that might have something to do with it.

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          I think the food processor was probably the biggest culprit… if the beans don’t get all mashed and creamy then the texture (and taste) is completely off! I tried making the dough in a regular blender once and it was AWFUL because the beans stayed kind of chunky and therefore didn’t absorb the liquid :-?. I’m glad you could at least salvage yours!

          • Kim says

            Yeah, you’re probably right! It didn’t help that I used vegetable oil, of course. After refrigerating the dough overnight, though, it has a much better consistency and taste.
            Do you have any recommendations for good, cheap food processors? I would like a nice one, but I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend, unfortunately!

  27. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Who doesn’t like cookie dough, really! Yesterday I posted about vegan peanut butter cookie dough truffles. Yours look lovely!

  28. Anonymous says

    I just found your blog, I’m going to give these a try this weekend, hopefully my first of many recipes from you.

  29. Amber K says

    Cookie dough ice cream was always my favorite, although I ate it the opposite way. I would eat all of the ice cream first so that I would have a whole carton of cookie dough pieces to eat. Now I just love eating them separately since I can’t find a good gluten-free cookie dough ice cream!

  30. Lucy says

    Hey Katie, once again you made a delicious looking dessert! I would just like to say (even though this has nothing to do with your resent post) I tried this new recipe for chocolate coconut baked oatmeal, i know you have your own recipes to try but you must try it
    1/2 cup of oats
    1/4 cup of almond milk
    1/4 cup of apple sauce
    2.5 tablespoons of unsweetened shredded coconut
    1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
    1.5 tablespoon of brown sugar
    mix everything and bake for twenty to twenty five minutes in a 380 degree oven ENJOY!

  31. Lourdes says

    Hello from Mexico !! !!
    You are a pretty girl and I love your hair ! Do you always push your hair to the front ?
    I can not wait to try your recipes!
    Hace una día buena, Lourdes

  32. Molly@This Life Is Sparkling says

    I used to pick the cookie dough out too 🙂 But I loooove ice cream, so I would still eat it anyway 😉

  33. Anna @ Food Fitness Frolicking says

    These look divine, Katie!

    PS What is the background out your window? It’s beautiful and looks almost like a lake..maybe not, ha.

    I love your shirt and your hair is beautiful! Maybe do a post on how you curl it? 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      LOL it does look really cool, right? I love how it kinda goes with the glitter theme of the shirt. In reality it’s just a pool… and the way the light reflected of the window. I’ve actually used that window for photoshoots before. It gets pretty good light :).

  34. Moni'sMeals says

    iwillbemakingthesenowthankyouverymuch….thereisnotimetoputspacesinbetweenthismessage,blessyousomuchforthisrecipeasiknowiwillloveit..I am on it NOW! 🙂

  35. Mai says

    Love your recipes! I’ve made two of them so far–can’t wait to try more! Also, I didn’t realize you were from Texas! I live in Houston 🙂

  36. Elisabetta says

    Great recipe, I’ll try it tomorrow for a tea with some friend of mine. I’m sure they’ll love these truffles! Love your sparkly top! Maybe it’s a silly question but I’ve to ask you… What’s that gorgeous glittering effect behind the window? is that a photoshop or is that true?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      It’s awesome, right?! It looks like glitter! Not photoshopped at all… it’s just the natural light reflecting off the pool and the glass from the window… and maybe my shirt too? Sometimes I get cool photos without even trying :).

  37. Karen, WA state says

    I love your recipes, they are a healthy way to indulge my sons sweet tooth! As for your first question at the top of the post about Savory recipes… I personally would love a few more occaisionally. We used your bread free vegan stuffing on Thanksgiving when we had grain free guests. It was a big hit with everyone!!! It is always so difficult to get veggies into my crew… We also love how most of your recipes include GF options as we are part of that lifestyle…
    Maybe you could include a savory recipe once a week? Once every other week?

  38. LizAshlee says

    What a great recipe!! I LOVE cookie dough anything 🙂 Can’t wait to try this recipe! BTW, gorgeous photo!

  39. Alexis says

    These look delicious, I can’t wait to try them.

    Also, I definitely am not board of your bean recipes. As far as I’m concerned, you can keep the beans coming.

  40. kirsten says

    i’ve been trying to cut back on my sugar intake so when i made these, i omitted the brown sugar and used dates instead for the extra fiber. i also omitted the chocolate and used unsweetened cocoa powder and added in some walnuts and used a whole cup of oats because i really like oats. they’re in the freezer right now and i can’t wait to try them.

  41. mo says

    I just came across your website and I think its wonderful. I haven’t fully explored all that is posted but I am excited about what I have seen so far. My mom and sister are coming into town tomorrow and we’re planning a baking marathon, now I have even more healthy exciting recipes to use. Thank you for your time and ideas.

  42. gypsyreadr says

    I love your recipes with beans! And tomorrow i’d reallylike the breakfast oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. 🙂 Love the things you have planned (excpt the no beans). Also love to hear what’s going on with your life other than recipes. It’s why I read food blogs and not just cookbooks.

    • Lisa says

      Managing without a food processor, but it’s high up on my birthday wishlist. Guess the original recipe has to wait until then 🙂

  43. Jen says

    Looks like a great recipe. I’m about to make them and I am wondering why the addition of baking soda? Thank you, very happy to have found your blog!

  44. Jen says

    I made the recipe just as you had written and they came out great! Thanks for getting back to me. I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!

  45. Elizabeth Hairston says

    Katie your Truffles are AMAYZAAANG!!! I substituted the brown sugar for Splenda, used the Quick Oats, only 1 Tbsp mini chocolate chips and a White Chocolate Peanut Butter Walmart sells that is equal to calories as the Peter Pan Reduced Fat PB. I AM GOING TO EAT THEM ALL…TODAY!!! I didn’t even need to coat them in chocolate they were so good!!! Thank you for the delicious recipe! I’m anxiously waiting to buy your cookbook….!!!

  46. Carlyn says

    Unfortunately, my truffles turned out extremely runny too. Even after I added more oats and some whole wheat flour. I followed the recipe to the T so I’m not sure why some of us are getting runny dough! Anyway, I decided to just dollop blobs of it on a cookie sheet and bake it for around 10 minutes at 350 and I got some delicious cookies out of it! They weren’t crispy or anything but delightfully doughy. My family ended up gobbling them up!

    • Laura says

      Hmm, mine was really thick! But I used all-natural peanut butter and I have a really good Cuisinart. Maybe that’s the difference? Oh, and I used canned beans.
      What nut butter did you use?

      • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

        I’m so sorry… I really don’t understand how some people are having trouble and others aren’t, with the same recipe! Weird :-?. I second Laura’s food processor question, though. I made the dough in a blender once and it did NOT work.

        • Carlyn says

          Its okay! The cookies were pretty delicious anyways. I used a food processor, canned white beans, and barney butter (so it has added palm oil). It blended really well so I’m still stumped :/

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            I’m stumped too :(.
            Did you drain the beans? And use enough oats? I just dont get how the same recipe can be so thick for some people and so runny for others. It’s the same recipe… so weird! 😕
            (I’m so glad you were able to fix them, though!)

          • Carlyn says

            I drained the beans and probably ended up using about 3 T oats and another 2 T of whole wheat flour to try to get it thicker. I think that maybe the problem is the type of bean. Perhaps white beans don’t thicken as much as garbanzo? Another reason could be the sugar or lack there of. I used brown sugar but perhaps those that used something like stevia got a thicker dough?

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            Ok, just thought of something else: Do you measure 1/2 a can of beans and THEN drain? Or do you drain first and then measure? Id drain first!

            And lol I just received a comment from someone (four or five comments below) who says her dough was almost TOO thick. I still don’t get how it can be so different for different people making the same recipe! Oy… 😕

          • says

            I say double the recipe and all problems will be solved. I make mine in a blentec and they turn out perfectly.

  47. Laura says

    These were UNREAL! I can’t believe how good they are! I may or may not have just eaten about 6 of them, without even waiting for them to cool!

    Oh also, I saw that a few people were getting runny dough. My dough was actually extremely thick, just like cookie dough! But maybe it’s a difference in peanut butters, because mine is all-natural?
    I’ll be making these a million times again!

  48. Devin says

    My high school boyfriend worked at dairy queen, He would laugh every time I came into the store because I would order a cookie dough blizzard without the ice cream. They always looked at me like I was crazy, but it was completely worth it.

  49. Emma says

    Hi Katie!

    I am a new reader as of today! One of my friends brought these truffles to a party last night, and they were so delicious that everyone was asking for the recipe. And that’s how I found you!
    It’s not even afternoon yet, and I’ve already made the truffles again, all for myself this time :).

    I have about a million more of your recipes I want to try. If they’re even half as good as this recipe, I’m in trouble! And by trouble, I mean I may never want to leave my kitchen!

  50. Jessi says

    Hi everyone! I just found this site on Pinterest and I’m so intrigued! I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, just someone who is trying to eat a bit healthier. To those who have had real deal cookie dough, how do these bean recipes compare? Thanks for your help! (katie, your hair is fabulous!)

  51. Melissa says

    I just made these (well, they are in the fridge and awaiting chocolate topping) and it was really, really hard to not eat them all as soon as they were made. It really does taste like cookie dough (no bean flavor whatsoever) and I would actually double it because they are so good if you are taking them somewhere. I mean, what are you going to do with half a can of beans, anyway? Besides make more cookie dough goodness! Mine were a little thick, but nothing unmanageable. They kind of stuck to my hands, too, but that just meant I got to lick it off when I was done! Yum, yum, yum.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I am so so glad they worked for you!
      And my dough is a bit on the thicker side as well… so weird, because a few people have been telling me their dough is too runny! I can’t figure out how we can all be getting such different results!

      • Melissa says

        I have another update since I first posted as they have all been dipped in chocolate and promptly scarfed down. My non-healthy-dessert eating carnivorous husband loves them! He says he would double dip them in chocolate, though to make a thicker chocolate coat, but he’s also a major chocoholic. If anyone is at all concerned about these tasting weird, don’t be. They are ah-mazing!

  52. Christa Herzog says

    This looks good. I would fill it with more chocolate truffles or nougat. When it comes to chocolate, I don’t think about calories, but rather think that where it came from it used to be the food of the Gods. Eat chocolate and feel like a God!

  53. Amy says

    I found this recipe this morning and made them tonight. (Your blog is in my Goofle reader newsfeed, but I’ve been busy lately, so I’m finally catching up!) We don’t do lots of sweets in my house, but every once in a while, my salty/starchy-favoring son gets a hankering for something sweet. As a matter if fact, he just mentioned last night that I should make a dessert, cookies or some candy bars. Haha. Talk about timing!

    Anyway, I made them tonight, and like some of the other commenters, mine were really runny–less wet than cake batter, but about as wet as brownie batter. I’ll tell you what I did so others don’t make the same mistake.

    First, I don’t have canned anything, but I did have chickpeas soaking in the fridge (because I was planning on making some hummus before I found your recipe) since last night. I drained, measured and rinsed them and proceeded to follow the recipe to the letter. I used a quality almond butter and went for the quick oats.

    Second, I did it in my VitaMix—NOT RECOMMENDED! (At this point, I wished I’d read the comments *before* I began. Haha.)

    To fix my runny issue, I added more oats to no avail, and just when I thought we’d have to just eat it with spoons, I remembered the bag of almond meal in the pantry. I didn’t measure how much I used; I just kept adding until the consistency was right enough to shape it.

    I can’t find my melon baller (kids–one of the many joys of motherhood. Ha.), so I used a measuring spoon that has a really deep, round bowl. I put one pan in the fridge and another in the freezer outside, and after a while, I started with the one from the freezer. I was able to round them up pretty well in my hands until they were all perfect little globes. Then I dipped them. (I used your coconut oil/agave/cocoa powder method.)

    They’re awesome! I will try them again, but I will definitely use my kick-ass food processor instead. I’m wondering if mine was runny because the beans had been soaking too long, but canned beans soak for years, so I’m not sure if that was the culprit. They *were* tripled in size, so I suppose it’s possible that is where all the excess liquid came from.

    At any rate, like I said, they were awesome and I can’t wait to try them again. You ROCK! Thanks for sharing with us. My son was really happy to satisfy his sweet tooth *and* have something good for him at the same time. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m so glad you were able to salvage them! I think the issue might’ve been the vita… when I tried to make the cookie dough dip (similar dough recipe) in the vita, it did NOT work. The chickpeas didn’t fully blend, so the dough didn’t get thick. It works SO much better in my Cuisinart.

      LOL about the phone thing… I get frustrated trying to write a sentence on one of those! It alwaays jumbles my letters! I’m in awe that you have the patience to write so much on one ;).

  54. Mozzie says

    You know what, I made a mix of your recipes today. A friend of mine wants to learn some basics of hindi language, so she came to my place with a wine. I decided to make sth small and nice to eat – i “baked” one minute chocolate cake in microwave oven, then I made a cookie dough cream (according to the recipe above, but i didn’t add soda, added more water to make a smooth cream) and put it on the top of the cake.. my friend absolutely loved it 🙂

  55. Sherlock says

    Took me forever to find this recipe again, I ’bout gave up. Please make it easier to find a recipe by adding a photo to the links you provide when we are searching.

  56. Susan N. says

    “Proceed thusly”. Sorry I just loved that. These also may become my post-gym snack tonight. What is Valentine’s Day (or any day, that is) without chocolate?

  57. pumpkinpie says

    Hi Katie! Mine turned out too runny to shape into balls, so I added unsweetened dessicated coconut and more oats, and allowed them to soak up the moisture overnight. These were a serious hit in our house. After making another version with black beans and cocoa, it seemed that the brown sugar might be the culprit for the liquid-y consistency? My advice would be to add nut butter or oil only if needed AFTER the brown sugar. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m so sorry about the runniness… It makes no sense to me that some people are getting runny results when others get it really thick. The only idea I can think of is that it’s a food processor thing. Or maybe some cans of beans don’t have as much? I usually use Westbrae or sometimes generic. In any case, I love your coconut idea!!

  58. Erin says

    I made these as the treat for my fashion show on Saturday and my guests inhaled them! I only told some of them what they were made of after the show. Thank you for creating an amazing recipe!

  59. Ashley B says

    I looove chocolate! CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THESE LITTLE GUYS! I have a major chocolate addiction like you and have to peanut butter on everything! This is a healthy guiltless treat

  60. Millie says

    I just made these for the first time and they are great! By some freak accident I have neither garbanzos nor white beans in my pantry at the moment, so I used black beans, added some cocoa powder and tah dah! Chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough truffles 🙂

  61. Boo says

    Loving this reipe so much! We speared them on sticks (my toddler and i) and made cookie dough cake pops. They didn’t get coated in chocolate as we were rushed for time. We made slight egg shapes sothey felt Eastery-y. My 2 year old could not eat enough of them.
    Just wish I could make them with less sugar so they are less unhealthy for the toddler, but we don’t want to make the totally sugar-free version….thinking of subbing some of the sugar for dates, or date syrup. Will let you all know if it is a success. In the meantime, make these, eat these, they are amazing! (oh, and we had no problems with consistency).

  62. Cathy says

    THANK YOU! I love love love cookie dough and so i really needed to find a “healthy” cookie dough i could make as a snack! I went straight to your website. I am going to make these right away!

  63. Rachele says

    These cookie dough truffles are so awesome! I just made them with almond butter but next time I’ll try with cashew butter. I used white beans because they have a lot more potassium and that’s what I had in the fridge. With the chocolate coating, I decreased the sugar in half and they are still delicious!! I think I’ll decrease it more like Boo did if I use dates – next time. Very decadent and not healthy tasting at all.

    Thank you, Katie, for another fantastic healthy treat!!

  64. Laura says

    Ideas for a person without a food processor? I actually don’t have a mixer at the moment either. I may just have to wait on any of these bean desserts.

  65. Lauren says

    My last day student teaching is on Wednesday and I’m going to make these for my kiddos as an alternative to the infamous sugary cupcake. Wish me luck!

  66. Lori says

    CCK you are the best! What a great recipe -I’ve made about a dozen or more of your recipes in the month since I’ve found your webiste. My 3 and 6 yr old daughters have intolerances to dairy and wheat and you’ve opened up a whole new world or recipes for us! thank you thank you! They LOVED these truffles though I just had a drizzle of cholocate on top instead of submersed. We had friends over and I wasn’t sure if thier kids would like them as my kids are used to alternative recipes and they straight up store bought eaters. They LOVED them, the 8 yr old boy asked if I could make these for his birthday INSTEAD of cake!!! 😀 Well done Katie and keep up the great work! They’ve also requested more girls scout cookie fudge babies too! My family loves all your recipes so far! They are a highglight! I’m a huge fan!

  67. momoftwo says

    approximately how many truffles does this make? love your recipes…my son is allergic to eggs and with your recipes, we can all enjoy healthy snacks and desserts!

  68. Madeline says


    These are amazing! Still can’t believe there is not flour in them. They tast just like cookie dough. My boss told me about your blog and since I have looked at it I am hooked! Thsnkyou and keep cooking!

  69. Kim says

    Just made these truffles and they are so incredibly good!!. I tell ya, with yummy desserts like these, I could slowly see myself become a vegetarian. Thanks to a link I found in your FAQ, I found an out of this world veggie burger recipe. Again so great tasting!! My husband and 2 boys loved them to.

  70. Angela Guptill says

    Just made these little babies and I absolutely love them!!! I did a taste test before I put the sugar in and I thot they were sweet enough for me without the sugar. With the chips they still have a sweet edge to them. I used my cookie scoop so I made mine twice the size of yours Katie but I made them this size because I wanted to see if these could be a replacement for my Peanut Butter Bon Bons I make at Christmas. I didn’t put a cherry in the middle or dip them in chocolate which I do with my bon bons but I do believe these will be a hit. 🙂 I’m just in the process of doing a write-up on my blog about them. Thank-you SO much for sharing your amazing talent with us all!

  71. says

    I have NO IDEA how I JUST NOW found this recipe! I am IN TOTAL LOVE. I only have a blendtec, so although my dough was to soft to work with, I scooped out balls onto a pan and put them in the freezer until they firmed up, then I dipped them in the chocolate and I I’m storing mine in the freezer. They are DELISH! So glad I doubled the recipe! I don’t have a melon baller. I used a small cookie dough scooper. So I’m thinking mine are bigger than yours. Can you tell me how many your made w/your recipe so I can adjust my nutritional information? Thanks so much! Again.. so good 🙂

  72. Kitty Bea says

    I would suggest doubling the recipe and using a whole can of beans, because they are *so* good…. quite genius… definitely making these again, and the beans make it a lot cheaper than other cookie dough truffles I’d been making with coconut and almond four; and yet these are just as tasty if not *way* better.
    I’m a fan, Katie. 😀

  73. Autumn says

    Hi Katie.
    I have loved every recipe of yours that I have tried (savory and dessert).
    For these truffles, could you be more specific on the type of oil you could use? I want to try to avoid nut butters because some friends are allergic.

  74. Kaylin says

    Hello Katie! I wanted to let you know that I am actually going to use this recipe as inspiration for an Experimental Foods project I am having to do in my college class very soon this semester. We have to switch out ingredients of a recipe to experimentally try to make a recipe healthier overall. I’m a dietetics major and my partner and I (in the Foods lab) decided to try this recipe for our big project! We’re very excited! I was also wondering, if you happen to be able to help us out, would it be okay to use either chickpeas OR chickpea flour for this recipe? Or did the chickpeas come out just fine? Thank you!

  75. madi noelle says

    I just made these and they are pretty good! I found that i had to freeze the batter to firm it up enough to roll it into a ball. Also, I wouldn’t recommend trying the chick peas before mixing them with the other ingredients. I did that and when I tried the cookie dough my taste buds noticed the bean-y taste.

  76. Gillian says

    I am currently trying to make these for Hubby for Valentine’s day, but I’m just getting a big liquid mess. I used oil because I’m nut-free, but otherwise followed the recipe word for word. I’m actually having two big problems with this recipe: I can’t seem to get the mixture totally smooth, and it’s completely liquid. I am using a brand new KitchenAid food processor, and blended for nearly 10 minutes! I did stop it to scrape down the sides, but it was blending for so long! As for the second problem … I thought it might firm up after sitting in the fridge for an hour. Nope. Then I thought that maybe a little icing sugar would help. I ended up needing so much icing sugar that the batter started getting too sweet, so I switched to flour. I probably added nearly a cup of flour before the batter started holding any shape. I was able to get them into balls (although it was a frustrating, sticky process) and they’re now on a silpat mat in the fridge. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll firm up a little more. I really wanted to coat them in chocolate but I think I’ll end up with soup if I try. I’ll drizzle some and see what happens. I would freeze them but I just don’t have any room in the freezer right now, and am worried about what the consistency would be like when they get dipped in chocolate. Any advice?? I really wanted to like this recipe …

  77. Sophie says

    Holy cow!! I was incredibly dubious about using chickpeas in this recipe, but you don’t even know they’re there and they taste AMAZING!! Katie you are a god send! I added in a little desiccated coconut and used stevia to sweeten them rather than brown sugar and still I’m still sitting here questioning whether something that tastes this good is healthy!

  78. Emily says

    These look a lot like Chef Chloe’s cookie dough truffles! Now I have to try these and see which ones I love more… It’ll be like the battle of the vegan cookie dough truffles! 😀

  79. Louise says

    I just want to say that I have made these over and over again, and given out the recipe (via link to this page) SO many times!
    I *always* make a double recipe – because who wants to be left with half a can of beans!
    Plus, they’re so good, it’s always worth making extra. And we’re a family of 6 to start with, so we need quite a bit, plus enough for friends and visitors…
    However, I don’t double the sugar, as they’re quite sweet enough with the single quantity. (And this despite me having a *very* sweet tooth!)
    I never add milk to the mixture, and I do have to refrigerate it for it to get firm enough to make into balls.
    Mostly, I just want to say thank you!

  80. Meghan says

    Hi Katie!

    These are DELICIOUS! I make them all the time, and don’t even need the chocolate covering!

    Today I made them, and made a mistake…and ended up making a new creation:

    1.5 cups of chickpeas
    2 tsp pure vanilla extract
    scant 1/8 tsp baking soda
    2 tablespoons all natural peanut butter
    2 tablespoons all natural almond butter
    2 T chocolate chips, or more if desired
    1/4 cup flaxmeal

    I put everything in the food processor even the chocolate chips. I put it on…went to check the laundry, came back and it looked like chocolate! I was like what in the world happened…tried it…tastes like smooth brownie. Might have had most of it for breakfast….

    Anyways, thought I’d let you know!And Katie thank you so much for your wonderful blog, it truly is inspiring, awesome and delicious! I am not a vegan, but I am all about eating healthy.

    Thanks so much! xoxoxoxoxo

  81. Candice says

    Oh my gosh… so many great recipes – which one do I make first?!! Thanks for this blog – I can tell, it’s going to be the beginning of many scrumptious desserts! 🙂

  82. Nina says

    I love your recipes! I was actually looking for a new recipe for homemade protein bars, and had already read somewhere else how packed with proteins white beans actually are! 23% proteins! So when I found this recipe I thought why not make it into protein bars? 🙂 I will probably use less sugar in mine, or replace some of it with my zero calories sugar (Erythritol). Can’t wait to taste them!

    One thing I was curious about was the baking soda, since they’re not baked, what is the purpose of it I wondered…? Is it preserving them a bit maybe..?

    Keep up the good and inspiring work! I’ve pinned your recipes like crazy 🙂


  83. Dana bryan says

    I just made these for our Halloween party at work tomorrow!! I doubled the batch but they were a little too wet so I added just a little bit of coconut flour to thicken them up! They are perfect!!!!

  84. SImon says

    Hope you can suffer a daft question …
    “1-2 T rolled oats or quick oats (or flaxmeal)”

    .. what on earth is a ‘”T” ?
    Is that an Americanism of some kind ?

    Hope you can help as I’d really like to try this recipe.

    Many Thanks

  85. Dia says

    Katie, I am looking for a recipe to make for NYE for my non-vegan non-healthy food eating friends. I was hoping to make these, so I tried out the recipe today. They indeed came out too runny, I have them in the freezer, hoping they will thicken up a bit. I made them in a blender (which I used for the cookie pie too and it worked) and I also used oil. When you put 2 T rolled oats, you meant 2 teaspoons or tablespoons? My issue isn’t even that they are runny, but I feel like they have a hint of bean aftertaste. any way I can fix that? I used canned small white beans. Is there any specific brand you buy that doesn’t leave the bean aftertaste? thanks!

  86. sheri says

    Hi Katie – thanks for the quick response! So I followed the recipe EXACTLY. I used 2T. oats and oil as an option for the nut butter. I consider myself an experienced baker and even weighed the chickpeas as you included the amount. VERY gloppy consistency – even after a few hours in the freezer. I just made this: which is an adaptation of your recipe. I followed this one exactly as well with perfect results. The main difference, as far as I can tell, is that twice the amount of chickpeas are used. They came out perfectly. Would love your thoughts on this!

  87. Barb says

    Hi Katie, I just love all your recipes. I have a question about the cookie dough truffles. I just made those for the first time and followed the recipe exactly except i used Great Northern beans. The dough was so runny i could not form them into balls? Is it because i used the great northern beans? I was able to put the dough in the freezer and it did harden up a little so i had cookie dough blobs instead. They tasted great, but I was just wondering what i did wrong. Thanks!!

  88. Mary Margret says

    I love cookie dough! every time my mom made cookies, I would sneak some dough into my mouth before she noticed. Now i can finally eat it whenver and not have to worry aabout getting salmonella! 😛

  89. s t walker says

    Love your recipes, however not being a techie at my age, I don’t see where I can print these out. Don’t want the whole article. Thanks

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      To print, highlight just the recipe itself and right-click “Copy.” Then open a new Word document and right-click “Paste.” You can print this document easily. You can also name it and save it to a CCK Recipe folder for future reference.

  90. s.t.walker says

    Thanks for trying to help me print out a recipe. I inherited a MAC and what you told me to do didn’t work. Guess I’ll hand write it out.

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Just highlight all of the text and press the “control” button, then the letter c. Then open a word document and press the “control” button then the letter v. It should work on a Mac too! 🙂

  91. Isha Dua says

    Hey Katie, I am a great fan of your receipies and keep oggling at a lot of them from time to time. This one in particular is just truly innovative…a truuffle made out of chickpeas. Some awesomely healthy stuff.

  92. Aenia says

    Hi Katie!!!

    I have been a HUGE fan of your blog for a while. but this is my first comment 🙂 As a health-conscious college student who happens to be lactose- and gluten-intolerant (with a huge sweet tooth- esp. for chocolate and peanut butter), you are a miracle! I had to make these today. I made them with great northern beans (only kind in the pantry), Peanut Butter & Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful and Dark Chocolate dreams, and with out oats (did not have any GF). While the texture was very smooth and soft, they were DELICIOUS 🙂 I ended up eating half of the dough from the food processor, and I baked the rest into soft cookies. Keep up the great work, and I intend to comment more. To answer your question (before becoming gluten- and lactose intolerant), I always liked the cookie dough part better. The ice cream would come next. Now, chocolate chip ice cream was a different story…

  93. Tinka says

    Oh my gosh! Whenever we get cookie doiygh ice cream, I always pick out the cookie dough pieces and leave the ice cream behind too!!! Seriously, it looks like a mining site by the time I am done with it.

  94. Allison says

    I needed a quick dessert using things I already had on hand and came across this recipe…I’ve tried a lot of bean desserts that end up tasting like beans with sugar, BLECH! But *THIS* recipe…WOW! If I didn’t make it myself, nobody could convince me it wasn’t cookie dough let alone that it had beans in it. Love it! Thanks for the great recipe! Looking forward to seeing if my hubby and children can guess the secret ingredient later tonight 🙂

  95. Josette says

    Does anyone have any idea how long these will keep in the freezer? I’d like to make them with kids as part of a chocolate making workshop, but since some of the chocolates will be sold for a Halloween/World Vegan Day charity bake sale they will need to be able to keep for two weeks in the freezer.

  96. Carly says

    Can I just eat the whole batch to myself?! I’ve just discovered this recipe and both times I’ve made them I doubled the recipe (and it was mostly only me who ate them;) so delicious and sinfully addictive; crazy how far chickpeas can get ya!

    • Natasha says

      I haven’t made this yet but I’m pretty sure it would work if you used honey. Katie has plenty of truffle recipes that call for maple syrup. I’m not Katie though, so please don’t take my words for granted- but it would be great if you experimented!!! 🙂

  97. Lea Bittner-Eddy says

    This rock!! I also make them without the chocolate coating. I don’t even bother making them into balls. I keep a container full in the fridge and take a spoon when I have a sweet hankering. Recently made them for my friend going through terrible chemotherapy who finds it difficult to eat and she loves them! Thank you!!

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