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Spaghetti Squash Love

Spaghetti Squash!

Everyone seems to have a different way to cook spaghetti squash. Personally, I like to let it bake a long time, so the insides get all caramelized and sweet.

My method:

1. Poke a few holes into the squash with a knife, then cut in half and place the halves right-side-up on a piece of tin foil.

2. Bake the squash in a (not pre-heated) 405-degree oven for about 1 hour (more for a giant squash), then microwave for 2-3 minutes if desired (I always do this).

3. Scoop out the insides.  If you want it even more caramelized, mix with salt and spices, and put under the broiler for a little while.  Otherwise, just eat it with whatever sauce you want (or just plain). Note: bigger squashes usually yield a sweeter result.

What to do with all of this yellow deliciousness?

Like a lot of other bloggers, I love spaghetti squash topped with tomato sauce, mixed with chili, thrown into a stir fry, and even eaten plain. Better than all that, though, is…

Betty Spaghetti Squash-and-Beans!

Layer some spaghetti squash onto a plate, top with beans (like Amy’s baked beans), and mix together so the sauce gets all over the spaghetti squash. It’s so easy, and it tastes great either hot or cold. You can even melt some shredded vegan cheese over the top if you’d like.

Below, my simple meal (2 cups squash, 1 cup beans, and some amazing roasted asparagus on the side)

I’ve been on a roasted-asparagus kick lately. They’re so yummy, simply seasoned with garlic salt and a little olive oil. (My other favorite way to eat them is roasted with olive oil and then drizzled with balsamic vinegar after they come out of the oven.)

Published on October 21, 2008

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  1. Andrea says

    SWEET post from a super sweet blogger 😉 squash is definitely one of my favvvvorite winter meals too! i just had butternut squash soup for lunch today. SO GOOD! i never thought of mixing it with beans or salsa though – very creative!!

    good luck with your powerpoint presentation… i have to do one for marketing class this week too!

  2. kindkitchen says

    We both blogged about spaghetti squash today! Crazzzy.

    Good luck on your power point! I need to start some homework myself.

  3. Erin of Care to Eat says

    Yay! I’m eating spag squash for dinner right now!
    Also, I meant to tell you that my protein powder is just the GNC soy brand. I LOVE IT!

  4. Gina says

    ooooh i totally need to get a spaghetti squash and roast it!
    asparagus is one of my favorite veggies 😀
    hope you have a great night and good luck with your presentation!

  5. Ricki says

    I have to say I never got turned on to spaghetti squash, but you’ve made it sound so SWEET that I think I’ll have to try again! 😉

  6. River says

    What a sweet post! Your squash and beans dish looks sweet! Hope your PowerPoint project is really sweet! Stay sweet! 😛

  7. shelby says

    I need to try spaghetti squash!! I keep seeing recipes from bloggers and they sound so good. I can’t wait to try one.

    Don’t worry about not commenting for a bit, your super busy girl!

  8. trustingmyintuition says

    I’m filling in the blank with sweet! haha. Great post. I too am psyched for winter squash! 🙂 GOod luck with the power point, and I’m with you because I’ve got a totally unnecessary 12 page paper to write.

  9. just me says

    ahhhhh…you’re too sweet! i love that you blogged about spaghetti squash! i finally finished up mine just last week!!

    g’luck w/ your project!

  10. Ruby Red Vegan says

    Yes! Once again, great meal ideas! I had half a roasted butternut squash today and just fell in love alllll over again. But I have not been as friendly with Mr. Spaghetti Squash, so I am very grateful you have posted about this. I will have to try the longer roasting + “cut at the end” method, and I especially like the idea of mixing it into chili!

    Awww, your comments make me so happy. We really do need to meet for real in person sometime! (And it should be at the Spiral Diner, dang it!)

  11. alaina says

    i am so excited about the return of winter squash!! i’ve never done anything too interesting with spaghetti squash, just eaten it plain or with a kind of marinara.

  12. eatingbender says

    I have mad love for spaghetti squash and winter squash season in general! Thanks for sharing your version :o)

    Good luck with that presentation!

  13. Bianca says

    I found it to be delicious! I love me some spaghetti squash but I’ve never tried roasting it for 2 hours. I’m not that patient, but I bet it tastes better all caramelized…I usually cut in half and roast about 45 minutes at a high temp…or (gasp) microwave it with plastic wrap over the top of each half.

    I’ll try and plan ahead next time so I can slow roast it.

  14. Vegyogini says

    Thanks so much for the much less dangerous method for opening spaghetti squash and a huge thank you for the link, as well! I hope your post saves many other unknowing spaghetti squash openers from the same battle I faced. 😉

  15. Agnesss =) says

    HEY HEY!!!!!!!!! :-DD


    How do you make it..? :))

    Well..I’ll be HAppy…to see a comment FROM YOU….on my blog..:)
    If you have some time pls take a look =D I know you’re busy!! 😀
    Hang in there

    Have a great day!!

  16. lighterportions says

    I always feel like I take the quick way out and put squash in the microwave. At least that’s what I’ve always done with spaghetti. I NEED to stop doing that, roasting makes things soooo much better. I’ll have to see if I have the patience to wait two hours for it haha

  17. TavoLini says

    Hey!! I’m cooking with squash, too 😀 Autumn is so great.

    I love everything in this dish–baked beans and asparagus are my favorites!

  18. aTxVegn says

    I love love love spaghetti squash too. I was at a hotel buffet once that had a veggie casserole with it and it was so good – I’ve never been able to recreate it.

    How weird about the Innocent Chocolate! I must have been taking a bite as you had your arm out to grab it and then you got the bad vibes.

  19. Sanja says

    I’ve never eaten spaghetti squash before ~ I definitely should though, because it looks like my sort of thing…

    Good luck with your powerpoint presentation!

  20. Joanna says

    katie, i love raspberry wine! i haven’t tried plum but i’ve seen it before. my family and i vacation in west virginia every year and we go to a vineyard. they make all kinds and that’s where my raspberry wine obsession came from haha

    i’m so happy you posted a spaghetti squash recipe! i got one 2 weeks ago and it’s been sitting on the kitchen table. i wanted a fun way of eating it but just haven’t gotten around to making it. thanks for the recipe!

  21. shellyfish says

    I love the spahgetti squash! It's so darn yummy & I'm suer excited about the squash coming back into season. I also think that sweet is as sweet does, sweetie!

  22. Catherine says

    What an interesting addition to speghetti squash!! I’ve actually never tried to make it (or taste it). I think a trip to Whole Foods will be in store soon…

    Have you ever tried Shirataki tofu noodles? I am intrigued, but they looked a little ick in their package. Then again it reminded me of saurkraut and I LOVE saurkraut.

  23. Anonymous says

    How come you and VeggieGirls don’t link to one another’s blogs? Nor do you ever comment on each other’s stuff. Just curious…

  24. Roxana says

    mmmm asparagus.
    I tried spaghetti squash when I was a kid and hated it but when I was a kid I hated oatmeal too, lol.
    I should try this again!

  25. Vegetation says

    Oh I’m SOOO jealous! I used to love Spaghetti Squash when I was little and have desperately been trying to find it (but no one seems to be able to get it in for me, I’m contemplating growing my own :P)

  26. CeciLiA says

    I agree with Theresa (Vegetation), I’m so jealous that you guys have spaghetti squash in the US, I can’t find any here in Aus 🙁 Mind sending me some, hahaha and I’ll send you a …. vegemite in return, lol!!!

  27. Happy Herbivore! says

    I made mock meatloaf last night and thought of you!

    I also made a spaghetti squash recently — did it Mexican style… don’t you just love ss?

  28. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    As usual, your comment made my day.
    I’m sending good luck to you as well… although I’ll take a power point project over an essay any day!

    I’m really sorry, but that information is a private matter, so I don’t really want to write about it in this comment section and thus share it with everyone who reads my blog.

  29. Traci Anne says

    So, I have a GIANT eggplant and a GIANT butternut squash sitting at home… so I’ll be flipping through your recipes tonight to figure out what to make! I have some FYH mozzarella, so I could always do eggplant “parmesan”… hmmmm… 🙂

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