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Too much food?

Sometimes I feel like my blog focuses way too much on food.  I didn’t initially start it to be a “food” blog per se; the food blog community found me! But I have so many interests other than food. CCK doesn’t just sit around and eat all day. Some of these other interests:

Arts-n-Crafts, like scrapbooking or making Africards:

Copy of spage (1)



I sell the Africards to friends, family members, neighbors, and I also donate them to the local high school’s “Hope for Africa” club, so that we can raise money for The Enough Project, which is working to put a stop to Genocide. (The Africards also represent another interest: charity work/ helping others.)

A few years ago, I read an incredible book called “What is the What.” In high school, I’d learned about the Holocaust and other such atrocities that took place in the past… but for some reason, no one ever mentioned to me that disgusting acts like these are still taking place today. After reading the book (which talks about Genocide in The Sudan), I immediately knew I had to do something. I’m selling the cards for $5 (or a higher donation), which I know hardly helps in the grand scheme of things. But I am a big believer that every little thing you can do is better than nothing. The little things do add up.

Perhaps I need to write another post solely on Africards! For now, I’ll get back to the focus of this post: my non-food interests.

Copy of Copy of Copy of cake

Decorating cake or cupcakes, like my sister’s Pink Princess Cake.

Or decorating anything, really– notebooks, tee shirts, even the furniture I took with me to college!


Being around animals, and My Veganism.

z 579

Nail art and crazy nail designs like my Watermelon Manicure.

Once, I did a candy-corn manicure too. Yes, I know candy corn isn’t vegan. Good thing I don’t bite my nails!


Learning about current events and history.



Photoshopping, running, dancing, tennis, soccer (basically just being active in general), sports (go Stars!), parties (especially theme parties), music, friends (and boys!!), grammar, linguistics, language, travel… See, there’s way more to my life than food.

What about you?

What are your other interests aside from food?

Published on September 11, 2009

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  1. Ashley says

    I try to post about a variety of “health related” topics, but find that my readers seem to enjoy it when I slip in bits about my life! I find that my blog gets boring when I post too many pictures of food, so I try to keep those to once a week!

    My interests other than food: musical theatre, singing, bellydancing, other forms of dance, yoga, reading, cake decorating (although I haven’t done a lot of that lately!), garage sales, fashion and volunteer work

  2. jcd says

    Wow, you are such a multi-faceted woman! You have so many talents.

    I’m not a blogger (no time!) but my life is full of things besides food: taking ballet lessons, teaching Brownies, Girl Guides!, keeping active (jogging, gym, ballet, hockey, swimming), sewing (everything from reusable bulk bin bags to wedding dresses and ballet costumes), travelling the world, and spending lots of time with my husband and two cats.

    But I do spend lots of time cooking and eating too – I love baking and cooking so much!

  3. Caroline says

    Katie, you are so talented! At first, I kept reading your blog because you are a super-active runner like I am, so I am totally in support of more posts about your running passion! You are also as creative an artist as a cook…I’d love to see how you decorate cakes, nails, and scrapbook pages.

    Long comment made short…Go for it!!!

  4. Kristen @ Simply Savor says

    i loove reading about other things other than food–it makes blogs so much more personalized! I especially love seeing your scrapbooking. it’s such a great way to look back on special memories…i may have to start some of my own when i can find the time! 🙂

  5. Lainie says

    I would love to read some more posts about veganism! I don’t know much about it but feel very intruiged by it all…

    I would also love to read more about your cake decorating! What a fun topic!

  6. Ricki says

    Love all the other interests, Katie! You are SO artistically talented, really. 🙂

    Since I started my blog as a food blog, I do post mostly about that. But of course I cover the other two parts of the blog’s title, diet and dogs. I think my two Girls are a big part of my blog. 😉

    Just remember that this is YOUR blog, and you can write about whatever you want!

  7. randomlymikey says

    great post katie! as you may have noticed my blog is extremely random 🙂 but yeah, i do feel pressure to add food because a lot of the readers are food bloggers. but if i don’t have any food pix or don’t feel like writing about food. i’ll still blog. because i enjoy sharing my life with others. one of my main hobbies right now is making masks. and i have had some people ask about buying them so that may be in the future. and i love that you give to charity, i would love to do the same with my masks. other things that excite me: current events, cultures, active lifestyles, cooking, reading, movies,music………

  8. Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo) says

    Katie= great idea to mix it up. It’s fun to see the “other” interests people have!

    My blog is so brand-spankin’ new that I can’t even say that I have a theme. I have not taken photos of meals, just a random thing that strikes my fancy. And I include totally weird crazy things like demolishing a kitchen which really has nothing to do with food or fitness (except being drenched and exhausted!!) So I’m with you on the variety 🙂 Go CCV!

  9. ~Jessica~ says

    Good for you! I’m so glad that you’re finding your blogging ‘voice’ outside of the perceived expectations of the general community.

    Personally, my blog goes all over the place as I suffer from seriously scattered thoughts…I don’t generally consider a topic very far in advanced of posting and rarely address an issue because I believe I ‘should’. Then again, that’s just part of me ‘like me or lump me and take me as I am’ attitude to life in general…I’ve made myself sound quite bitchy there! I am a nice person really, honest ; )

    Personally, I’m particularly looking forward to your posts on non-food related veganism and fitness, but I’d read anything you posted just because you wrote it: it’s the style and presentation that really get people interested, plus the fact that you’re such an engaging person and a faboulous writer : )


  10. Leah says

    I think it would be great to blog about other things! Sometimes when I’m reading food blogs, I think that it really seems like we are all thinking about food 24/7 and there is so much more to life than that! I would love to hear about all of the different things you do, as well as what you eat and bake of course!

  11. Kristie says

    First – I don’t know how I managed to forget to say Happy Birthday. Biggest fail of life.

    But back on topic to the topic about other topics… you know what I mean… hopefully. Or maybe not. Hahah. But YES, I think expanding your blog to include all of the other fun stuff in your life is a grand idea. I want to see way more of all of the fun crafty creative things you do, I love em! And you of course. Bring on all the fun stuff! 🙂

  12. The voracious Vegan says

    This is a great idea and I’ll be happy to read about your various interests other than yummy vegan food.

    I do feel pressure to keep my blog just about food…but that is why I started mine so it’s not too bad. Professionally and as I work on my PhD I get to write about my other interests all the time, so I never feel like I don’t get to express myself.

    My other interests are animal rights, women’s rights, socialism and anarchism, atheism, development and humanitarian aid, anti globalization, animal psychology, traveling, voluntary simplicity, and fitness fitness fitness!

  13. insideiamdancing says

    I can’t wait to learn more about you 😀 My blog was NEVER intended to be a food blog, but kind of transitioned… I was thinking about it today and wondering if it was ‘okay’ to talk as openly as I do and share as much as I do that ISN’T food related. I figure, it’s my blog…I’ll do what i want 🙂

  14. buffmuffy says

    lol you are awesome girly. i seriously wish i knew you IRL bc i would love being your RL friend!
    I love crafts. I wish i had more time.
    I love gardening. Again. need more time.
    I love working on my car. That often requires money though (i like upgrading my exhaust, not so much the fixing part if a gasket blows or something) and having the satisfaction of saying “yes i did all the work myself” when people [guys] ask… lol.
    I love being outdoors, walking, running, hiking…you name it.
    I love baking! food related but whatever!
    I am an old lady at heart… crocheting, crafts, cooking, kitchen supplies, school supplies… it all excites me. LOL.
    Okay… yeah. I’ll stop now 😉

  15. Brandi says

    other interests:

    i do post about these things sometimes, too, which is fun. I don’t mind mostly posting about food because it IS one of my favorite interests and passions 🙂

  16. Jessica says

    I think you should feel free to blog about whatever you want! I recently modified my blog to include my #1 love…college football! I got tired of only talking about food and needed the change.

    Other interests: running/working out, scrapbooking (I’m probably not as good as you, lol), photography, reading, and music

  17. Melinda says

    I think that’s why I called mine blog food, nutrition, travel and more, so that I am not tied to one thing or feel obligated to post on one thing. I am a dietitian, food is a part of my life, so is nutrition, but so are a lot of other things. Good call. I love variety. I think sometimes we get too focused on one thing (like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mindset), but sometimes it is good to step back, regroup your thoughts and redirect your energy. I think its healthy to change things up every once in awhile.

  18. lora says

    you can totally use this blog in whatever way you want 🙂 food or non food topics are always okay in my mind! I feel some pressure, but I tend to just write about what I feel like posting (lately its been weekend recaps of crazy nights) However, Id love to include some poetry in the blog, but I feel many wouldnt “get” it LOL

    do whatever your lil heart desires babycakes!


  19. star says

    Hey Katie! I dont often comment here but I always read and I absolutely LOVE your blog! I love your writing style, your artistic posts, presentation, jokes and… you! I will read anything and everything you post! Im glad you are venturing out and making the decision to post about whatever you want to…it is your blog after all!
    Take Care x

  20. Maria says

    Wow, Katie you have so many talents! I especially envy your art skills 😀

    My other interests include: Christianity/my faith, dogs and puppies (other animals too, but my pup keeps me biased =P), family, friends, people in general, cultures, philosophies, nature (mountains and water, which thrives in the Pacific Northwest!), yoga, running, hiking, walking, reading, fashion, and beauty in general (scenery, nature, fashion,art all go into this category).

    Hmm, I do feel a slight pressure to include recipes and advice on nutrition. But not too much–I mostly have the pressure to post and comment regularly. I look forward to hearing more about your other interests, Katie 🙂

  21. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Thank you for doing this!!!!! This meaning not solely blogging about food. I appreciate you saying that CCK does more than just sit around and eat/cook all day. The current hyperfixation in the blogosphere on every little aspect of everything is sometimes a bit much, isn’t it. Gena had some nice thoughts recently on comparing and “Is it okay to eat”….anyway glad to hear you’re branching out a bit 🙂

    I have sooo many other interests, too. Yoga, running, reading, physical fitness, being a mom which is it’s own fulltime job, being a wife which is a part time job 🙂 and furnishing my new house. Can anyone say shopping? I would love for that to be my fulltime jobby, for sure 🙂


  22. veganhomemade says

    I look forward to these various posts! I always enjoy learning more about bloggers than just what they eat.

    For me, cooking is my favorite hobby and I started my blog as a food blog, so I keep it mainly geared towards that. I try to throw in little personal things too though, like my cat or boyfriend or going to sporting events, so that people don’t think I’m just some drone whipping up vegan food constantly.

  23. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Of course, we’ll still come around if you blog about things other than food! I used to scrapbook and I’ve gotten out of the habit (it helped that I worked at a photo lab at the time I was doing it…hello employee discounts!). Your cards too cute! I love the little couple.

    As for pressure to my blog about food, I typically only blog about food because, unlike CCV, I do sit around eating all day! Well, not technically….but my mind is on food 24/7. When I’m eating lunch, I’m thinking about dinner. I’m probably a food addict…but whatevs. It makes me happy.

  24. nic - the auspicious squirrel says

    Sometimes, I realize that I’ve posted about food for days, even weeks… I recently posted a long one about my feelings on choices vs. sacrifice as a vegan, that was a bit difficult to hit publish, will I lose readers? It’s difficult sometimes, you want to be liked. Turns out that day I got WAY more hits than on most days, yea!

    My interests other than food are: computer programming, animal rights, yoga, and of course, making my puppy’s ‘golden years’ ones that he and I will cherish. Oh, and don’t forget… squirrels. 😉

  25. leslie says

    i actually think this is wonderful, and seems to be a recent trend in the healthy living blogging world that is really nice to see. most of the blogs that i read regularly are because i enjoy the person behind them, whether it be the blogger’s writing, photography, style, perspective on life, etc.

    i always say my blog is about balance in life – maybe that begins with food, but it can also include fashion, fitness, travel, body image, wine… so i try to include a little of everything as ideas come to me – that keeps it fun for me (and hopefully the people reading!).

    i’m excited to learn more about you and your thoughts! 🙂

  26. Kiersten says

    I’m glad you’re going to add some non-food related posts (not that I mind the food ones though!) It’s YOUR blog, so you should do whatever makes you happy. It sounds like you have a lot of other wonderful things that are important in your life, and I am sure everyone will enjoy reading about them 🙂

    I keep my blog mostly food related but I try to talk about some other things in my life too, just to keep it from getting boring. I don’t really feel any pressure about the way my blog should be. It’s my blog and if someone doesn’t like it then they don’t have to read it.

  27. Daria (Summer of the CSAs) says

    Yay, I’m excited to see more of your talents and hobbies highlighted here!

    I like to keep my blog food-specific just because I want my professional life to stay firmly separated from my pseudonymous blog existence, but in real life I also love love love to run, read novels, watch old movies, and create excellent new nail polish colors by combining storebought polishes. 🙂

  28. Amanda @ Panda Lunch says

    What a fun post! I feel like posting about other stuff besides food sometimes too!

    I love ART, any kind of art.
    I love animals
    And my latest obsession is vintage dishes

    I love your watermelon nails! How cute! 🙂

  29. livingfreeforever says

    Love this post! It’s refreshing to see other people’s interest! I do sometimes feel like I focus too much on food and I DO have other interest. I LOVE yoga, I am a homeschool mom, love to read–actually addicted to books I think:) LOVE to take walks in the country. LOVE my church, family and friends.

    Thanks for reminding us that there is more to life than food! Sometimes I feel pressure to keep up with my blog more and to keep up with everyone else’s. I DO enjoy the blogging world immensely, but can’t spend so much time on the computer these days.

    Your cards and cakes are really cute by the way:)

  30. Emily says

    I’m really excited to read about all of CCV’s other activities! Of course, I always enjoy your food posts, but I’m looking forward to learning about your other hobbies, too.

    Other hobbies (besides food and nutrition): musical theatre, dancing, crafting, thrifting for vintage treasures, and playing the clarinet.

  31. Jenny says

    this makes me so happy 🙂 I’m thrilled to see you shine through in this post .. though I do adore your eats, i adore YOU even more and want to read whatever the heck you feel like sharing .. kapeesh?!

    p.s. come do my nails, please? I’ll tip you in oats 🙂

    love! xo

  32. Steph says

    so true. although food is obviously an awesome part of life, there is so much more. I love spending time outdoors, reading, writing, practicing yoga, drawing, playing music, and spending time with family and friends. your interests sound great 🙂

  33. Jenna says

    Giiiirl! I know it matters to you what your readers want to hear from you, because you’re such a sweet person, but I think we’ve proven to you these past couple of weeks (as in the responses to your calorie-counting question) that we love you for who you really are. We just enjoy your posts, no matter what they’re about =). Having said that, yay for ultimately deciding to post what you want to say! I’m excited for the multifaceted initiative =D

  34. Jules says

    I usually just talk about food, but if something interesting and not-food-related happens I’ll talk about that too. I’m happy you’re talking about things other than food. Although I still love your food posts 🙂 Actually, I love all your posts, but I’m excited about the veganism and animals posts the most 🙂

  35. Damjana says

    I’m looking forward to reading more from your nice ccv world! I have a problem right now because I’m preparing to start my longer fast-which means no food anyway and no culinary adventures from my little world. My other interests: running, trekking, statistics, languages, hiking, fasting, health, medicine, psychology…

  36. Christina says

    I love all the topics you’re thinking about blogging about! You are seriously so creative – I love the scrap booking, cards, and cake decorations! I wish I could decorate my baked goods as nice as yours.

    Some of my other interests besides food include fitness, reading and being green. I do enjoy mainly talking about food on my blog though since it’s one of my favorite topics 🙂

  37. broccolihut says

    Yay for more insight into your chocolate-covered world! I love learning about people’s other interests, aside from food.
    My other interests include hard core shoe-shopping, running (obvi), and singing!

  38. Abby says

    I think it’s a great idea, as it’s your blog and you seem to have a HUGE following that would still read even if you posted the phone book. As for me, my blog is still pretty new and I’m still trying to find my niche, so to speak.

    I feel like I have to put something about food to “fit in,” (and the fact that I’m always thinking about it anyway) and I think that self-imposed pressure is taking the fun out of it for me. So, I’m taking a step back and trying to find out what “I” really want to blog about. There’s so much we can share!

    Like you, I’m artsy, active and an animal freak. Look forward to your posts!

  39. Damjana says

    I’m looking forward to reading more from your nice ccv world! I have a problem right now because I’m preparing to start my longer fast-which means no food anyway and no culinary adventures from my little world. My other interests: running, trekking, statistics, languages, hiking, fasting, health, medicine, psychology…
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  40. Kelly says

    You have such fun interests! Incorporating them into your posts sounds like a marvelous idea.

    Personally, I love collaging, playing with polymer clay, knitting, yoga, and reading anything I get get my hands on. 🙂

  41. elise says

    im pretty artsy, so i love drawing. i used to paint but now that im in a teeny tiny ny apt, its an interest that has been sacrificed. i do feel like cooking has taken over my spare time bc of the blog, and its something i love, but i do get tired of it at times…plus i think kyle gets annoyed when im always on the computer, so i try to put it away when he is around.

    otherwise i have too many random athletic interests to count.

  42. Nicole says

    Hi Katie!
    I am a 35 yo mother living in a small Texas town. About one month ago i decided to go vegetarian/ 95% vegan for health reasons. I came across your blog after doing an internet search for vegan blogs. I love your site!! Keep doing what you’re doing including talking about your other interests as well. One funny thing, you are costing me a lot of money!!
    Because of your food reviews i have a ton of nut butters on order including peanut butters from New York and Artisana butters! Can’t wait to get all these butters in the mail!
    I hope that my 10 yo daughter grows up and shares her talents to the world as you are doing now!

  43. Jen says

    yay for other things! I LOVE the food posts BUT sometimes they make me too hungry lol (but then again I’m always hungry so who knows). Honestly Katie, I’m pretty sure 99% of us read your blog b/c of your personality anyways. Yours is like one of two I follow and it’s because you’re soooo funny and awesome haha. I literally laugh out loud everyday from your posts! 🙂

  44. Chris says

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while without posting but I thought I might as well introduce myself now!
    I recently started a blog which is about my life generally and my attempts to find a healthy mind and body place. So that’s one of my hobbies. I also love to read and to cook, and every now and then (especially now) I have a sudden obsession with baking – the unhealthier and more fattening the better!
    I also love walking and hiking, photographing everything that moves – and most things that don’t – usually until the battery dies in my camera and I realise I forgot the charger…
    I take a fair few holidays, and love to go on cruises. I think that’s about it for now, except that I am trying to get into running but discipline is a problem for me. Which also handicaps my efforts to write a novel – I’ve started several but finished none so far. Not giving up though!
    And I love reading about nutrition, health and food!

  45. Katharina says

    “I didn’t initially start it to be a “food” blog per se, as my life is about so much more than what I eat” Even though the title of my blog reads “food adventures”, there’s more to my life than food and I like to share it with others 😀

    I love traveling, fashion, dance, yoga, decorating/crafting, making art and videos, hanging out with friends and Matilda (my dog), researching things, reading, and daydreaming 😀

  46. Gina G says

    hey Katie! sorry im late in commenting and reading, physics has not been one of my interests! hah but i am so excited to hear about some of your other interests! i get excited reading anything you post =) some of my interests include kickboxing, martial arts (kenpo), reading, writing,dancing my heart out (to my own jams),blog reading ofcourse, spending time with family, friends, my dogs and scoping out cute boys haha. Don’t ever feel the need to talk about what you think “we” are all wanting to read, we love every thing that you post and everything about your blog =)

  47. tabitha says

    hey missy!
    i love to hear whatever you have to say–you are an interesting person all around..i might even like your blog better if it wasn’t all about food 🙂
    my blog is totally random and is really a way for me to share pics and updates with my friends and family in a super simple way…i have few followers and no pressure–i’m not great at writing or picture taking
    i enjoy my kids the most of course–being outdoors, hanging with our farmyard of animals, finding death row dogs homes, and other outdoorsy type stuff–thanks for asking!

  48. Clay says

    So, it would seem you have lied to us all with your name. In fact… only half of you is covered in chocolate, the other side is even cooler! Just like a pillow after you wake up to use the bathroom.
    Well, other than pancakes, i would have to say im interested in singing/playing the guitar, going out to movies and going camping/hiking with a good group of friends.

  49. Liz says

    Hey lovely!
    Your scrapbooking skills are amazing 🙂
    Hmm, I guess my other interests are musical theatre/theatre in general, Disney movies (the old-school kind, not High School Musical haha), running, yoga, reading (anything and everything), music (classic rock mostly, some new stuff), writing (I want to be a journalist/novelist someday!), film-making, veganism not related to food like you said (since it’s so much more than that), fashion, travel – especially to the US – and nutrition. Haha wow that’s a looong list… as for pressure to blog about food only, seeing as my blog’s only a baby right now I don’t really feel that. Either way I like to include other things in my posts than just me cooking food – like the story of how my mum and sister became vegetarian!
    Oh, and here’s my email Katie since you asked 🙂
    Love you!

  50. Jules says

    I forgot to tell you my interests yesterday, so I’ll tell you them now 🙂
    Other than food, I like cross country and running in general, animals, especially big dogs, hiking/mountain climbing, and just being outside 🙂

  51. Elizabeth says

    CCV you rock!

    although a huge percentage of my life revolves around food-its what i study in class, its what i do in my college clubs, its where i work, its everywhere. But I love love love running, and zumba and yoga, and dancing. And scrapbook journaling, and writing letters. and watching movies/going to shows with friends. and just wandering wherever my feet lead me!

    have a lovely weekend!

  52. Anne says

    I ran across this site randomly while looking for idea’s for my nephews first birthday cupcakes, and I just felt complelled to say that I’m sincerly concerned about your weight.. You look emaciated. I hope you can see how underweight you look. My best wishes

  53. Julie says

    What a wonderful idea ! Food is not the only thing vegans think about. I am so fed up people around me introduce me as the vegan girl. I am more than that. I’ve got a name first of all and plenty of other interests than my vegan food life ! Can’t wait to see your other interests !

  54. dewtakeflight says

    I’m so glad you are going to post about other aspects of your life! I find I’m having a hard time posting *enough* about food. Since that’s the direction I want to take my career I thought a blog would be a great start, but now its just become a great chronicle of my time abroad so far–and you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Keep inspiring!

  55. Ksenia says

    Many of my interests are the same as yours:
    – vegenism and animals (I am vegan too, but not only in the diet meaning of the word. I have been on demonstrations agains bullfighting, for instance)
    – nail art (although I play volleyball, I have long nails), -exercice (I have been a runner for 7 years and I have practiced yoga. But I love all kind of sports=D)
    – photoshop (how I could not like it? Graphic design and webside design has been one of my hobbies since I was 11)
    – I love languages. I speak four languages: Russian, Spanish, Catalan and English (or trying to do it, he he)….and travelling! I have been in Poland, France (Paris is amazing!), Prague and England. I would like to visit Japan and China someday.
    -But I am not only interested in current history. Actually, I am doing my end of school research project about the Soviet Union and Russia nowadays.
    I also love reading, painting, drawing (manga for a long time) and computer. And….writing veeery long comments xD

  56. Michal says

    I love your blog regardless so I will read no matter what you choose to write about 🙂 I do feel pressure too sometimes on my blog, since its mainly food centered. But lately I have been compelled to blog more about other things, because like you said there is more to me and my life than just what i eat.

    I am interestead in a bunch of things. I love to read and write, scrapbooking, cooking, yoga, working out, playing harvest moon (so addicting i swear!), spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy school work and just being lazy!

    Enjoy your sunday

  57. Marianne says

    I don’t feel any pressure to do anything other than I do on my own blog. I want to have a food focused blog, with tidbits of my life thrown in for fun 🙂

    As for other interests, oh, where would I even begin. But I know you know one of them – HOCKEY!!!!

  58. Liz says

    Those Africards are really cool. Your designs are so pretty!

    I used to make cards for other people all the time, basically as a way of reaching out and saying “you’re not alone.” I haven’t done it in a long time and I’ve really fallen off the wagon with my Letters of Love project, but I am going to make a strong effort to get back on track with it.

    We should totally trade card making tips. 😀

  59. KellyBelly says

    Just a kind of weird note: I linked over to this blog post from todays post about today’s 9/11 10 yr anniversary and this post is also dated Sept 11.

  60. Tanner says

    Let’s see… That’s a pretty tough question. I like shopping (not really purchasing, but just looking in shops), walking my dog, surfing the Internet, Doctor Who!!!!!!!!! I love Doctor Who times infinity! Reading, anime, making things with Perler beads (aka fuse beads, melty beads,…) riding in the car, math ( I am a nerd), and having my feet massaged. Okay, maybe that wasn’t really a hard question after all 🙂
    P.S. your Africards are adorable! You are a great artist! I wish I lived near you so I could buy one. Have you thought about selling them on Etsy or something like it?

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