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Vegan Dinner At Angelica Kitchen

NYC continued…

Soon enough, after eating at Whole Foods, walking around Times Square, and exploring the amazing hotel, it was time for din-din. We journeyed to Angelica Kitchen, a vegan establishment in the East Village, for an early dinner (5PM). This left us plenty of time to get to Jersey Boys at 8.

As soon as I spied soba on the Angelica Kitchen menu, this pasta-loving girlie knew exactly what to order. Dashi + soba, and a side of the veggies with the MOST amazing sweet basil sauce ever! It was so yummy that I checked out their cookbook after dinner. Sadly, the sauce wasn’t in the book.

angelica kitchen

Handsome Dinner Date’s order was a ½ tempeh Reuben with tomato-basil soup. I thought about ordering the Reuben, but am glad I didn’t. The bite of HDD’s I tried tasted overwhelmingly of sauerkraut. Perhaps that’s what a Reuben is supposed to taste like? Never having eaten a real Reuben before, I wouldn’t know!

Luckily, Mr. Handsome Dinner Date liked the sandwich.

As for the soup… Now that was something worth putting in my belly! Had it been a pool, I would’ve happily slurped my way out. Since the cup of soup was neither mine nor big enough, I refrained from this action, resigning myself to the two sips HDD magnanimously granted me. But I seriously contemplated getting a cup to go for breakfast the next day!

angelica kitchen menu

My mom is the kindest soul in the world.

angelica kitchen salad

However, she’s not the most adventurous.

Although she was once brave enough to try Raw Pecan Pie.

But pecan pie aside, foods like tempeh and tofu usually scare mommy dearest, so she often sticks to commonplace dishes such as salads when we dine at vegetarian establishments. But sometimes playing it safe leaves you wallowing in mediocrity. Such was the case with my mom’s Angelica Kitchen salad. It wasn’t bad, but it was nothing to write home about.

Me, on the other hand? I was very impressed with Angelica Kitchen. The food was flavorful and well-presented, the atmosphere was peaceful, and the service was attentive. (Their owner even came by our table!) It’s definitely a restaurant to which I plan on returning next time I’m in the city.

jersey boys

After dinner, we rushed off to see Jersey Boys. It was awesome!! Along with Wicked, this was probably my favorite Broadway show ever. Highly recommended.

Question of the day:

Are you an adventurous orderer when you go out to eat?
Or do you mainly stick to “safe” foods?

I’ve always gone both ways: As a little girl, I didn’t shy away from ordering so-called “strange” foods. (I ate tofu loooooong before Tofutti made it popular to do so!) Especially since I lived in Japan, foods like soybeans, lychee, and bok choy routinely crossed my lips. However, I liked my safe foods too. In the eight or so years that we frequented Outback Steakhouse, only once did I order something other than their macaroni and cheese!

Published on July 20, 2010

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  1. Sharon says

    Wow! i need to check out Angelica’s Kitchen sometime, that soba looks really goooooddd! I’ve nnever seen Jersey Boys but I’ve heard its great! Hope your having the best time here in NYC 🙂 Is there a blogger meetup in the works for your NYC visit?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I really wanted to do a HUGE meetup, but I just felt too nervous to publicly tell tens of thousands of people that I’d be in a specific location at a specific time. I’m sure nothing bad would’ve happened… but I just wanted to be safe.

  2. Sünne says

    Yum, I guess I’d like Angelica Kitchen, too!

    When eating out I want to try “special” and “exciting” dishes I wouldn’t cook for myself at home. My sister plans to take me to a restaurant for vegan “Currywurst” (sausage in a special curry sauce) soon … I’m up for it!

  3. *Andrea* says

    i love trying new things! but i generally stick to foods i enjoy and try a small appetizer portion to split with someone in case the new food is a letdown 😉

    your meal looks so yummy and fresh!

  4. Marilou @ Mostly Healthy says

    I’m both.. When I go to a new restaurant, I’m always more bold than going to one that I know, where I order my staples …

    I much rather go to someone’s home, and have to try instead of chosing in a menu .. 🙂

  5. Keri - I Eat Trees says

    When I dine somewhere new, I just browse everything and then order what jumps out at me. But if I’m a regular somewhere (which is nowhere right now, but someday I’ll live somewhere with a vegan restaurant and they’ll have to drag me out at closing time), I don’t like to have a “usual”. I love to try new things! 🙂

  6. Run Sarah says

    I love soba noodles, so good! I may have to whip up some soup this week. I try to be adventurous at restaurants but often there are only a few options to choose from that are veg friendly.

  7. Katharina says

    I want to go there so badly! Next time I’m up there I have to make a stop over there. HDD’s soup does sound delicious!!! I’ve never had a real Reuben either but I’ve recreated a vegan version (you can find it in my blog) and loved it, and I tried a vegan one ny friend got but I agree with you–too much kraut for me lol. Anywho, I’m definitely adventurous when I go out to eat. Duh! Lol that’s the title of my blog hahaha. That’s why I love going to a place where I have options. But the other day for instance, we were invited out to eat and of course we accepted. Alas, the only option were the side salads. Atleast I was with good company so I didn’t mind 🙂

    XOXO beautiful girl

  8. Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA says

    What is dashi?

    And I love sauerkraut. Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes is a divine combo, BTW. I bet I would love that sandwich.

    I’m definitely an adventurous eater, and I like almost everything (black licorice being the big exception. I also don’t like green peppers but I will eat them when cooked). But I do prefer making my own food usually just because I don’t like how much oil other people use.

  9. Justine says

    I like to think that I am adventurous but I don’t eat out often enough to be able to say so. I’m always open to trying new things though. After all, you only live once.

  10. C (Slide into Hippiedom) says

    I’m a weird eater at restaurants. I’m adventurous when I first go to the restaurant and am willing to try something weird. However, once I find a dish I like, I never really deviate from it. So certain restaurants, I always get the same dish. At my Asian place, I only ever get Panang Curry despite the plethora of Thai and Chinese choices. The Indian place I always get Veggie Vindaloo, etc. I think once I find something I really like, I’m afraid to try something different for fear it will not be as tasty and I will be sad I didn’t order the normal dish.

    There’s also the aspect of typically only finding 1 or 2 meals on the menu at most places that I can actually eat, so I guess sometimes it’s forced. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I guess I’m like that too! I like taking a risk when ordering, but if I *know* something is good, I tend to want to order it again and again. Such is the case with a certain pumpkin lasagna from Lifethyme Cafe that I’ll post about soon. I was brave to order it once, but next time I’ll probably go straight for that instead of trying something new!

  11. Little Bookworm says

    Sounds like a great restaurant! In terms of ordering food, I guess it depends what I feel like when I go out to eat. 🙂

  12. Jenny says

    Your mom sounds like mine at vegan restaurants…she’ll go for my sake, but she always orders very simple things. I like Angelica’s Kitchen; it’s been awhile since I’ve been there. I like to be adventurous when ordering, but for some reason, it’s always the sandwiches that look so good to me. (And, crazy enough, I’m not a huge fan of ethnic-type food.) I love reubens. I force myself occasionally to order something besides a sandwich.

    Funny story…when you first mentioned Jersey Boys, for some reason I thought you meant Jersey Shores (or whatever that show is called)…and I thought, oh, no, Katie… 🙂

  13. mapledreams says

    Sounds like a really lovely restaurant!! Your meal defo looks the tastiest! Mmm! I tend to stick to safe foods in fear that i’ll waste a dining experience however sometimes i am brave, and it does introduce me to new, exotic foods xx

  14. erinsloves says

    I hate to say it but I usually tend to order safe foods.. I have OCD with knowing what Im eating and whats in it..every now and then I get a wild hair though!

  15. melindard says

    I loved Angelica Kitchen. I only went once, but my sister has been a few times. I am adventurous but only if it is vegetarian, obviously. Glad you are having a good time in NYC. There are tons of good vegan places around there so you will have lots to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed the show. I saw it in Vegas and loved it.

  16. says

    OH YUMMMMY! mm Sweet basil ANYTHING is so good! that salad looks amazing- and so does the gorgeous lady sitting in the restaurant.. oh YOU hehe. was the weather nice there? doesnt look too sunny in the background.. 🙁

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I was blessed with really good skin (albeit a little pale for my liking lol). But I definitely use photoshop for some of my photos! I think maybe this particular photo looks so shiny/glow-y because it’s a bit blurry. It’s not the best-quality photo!

  17. cookeatburn says

    I am definitely an adventurous eater – I guess it helps that there aren’t many foods I don’t like :).

    What are the 4 white things sticking out of your soup?

  18. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    YUM! What a great meal to savor! Do you think you could dissect your meal and give us a recipe? 😛

    I am totally an adventurous eater-all the time! My perfect day would be going all over the world and trying all the local cuisines. It drives me crazy wen I go to a new restaurant with cool ethnic foods, and someone with me orders something totally boring. For example, we went to a chinese restaurant once and I tried the bamboo fungus-very interesting. It looked like white goo and had a woody-earthy taste to it. My sister had the chicken lo mein (i have to strangle her!!! jk!)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh I so WISH! I would looooove to re-create that basil sauce. They told me it was rice vinegar, basil (duh), white miso… and I think that’s it?
      Bamboo fungus? Hehehe sounds… fun? But I so would’ve tried it with you!

  19. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I LOVE trying new foods when I go out! When else will you be able to try new foods cooked (hopefully) perfectly?

  20. Anonymous says

    looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!we (and i mean I) gotta do better coordinating when it comes to meeting up in the city lolol
    luv u

  21. katie says

    we ,and i really mean i, have to do better coordinating when it comes to meeting up in the city with u!! ahh lol
    i luv u

  22. says

    That restaurant looks AMAZING. So jealous. and NYC really does make you appreciate all the things we have around us. xoxoox

  23. Pink Theory says

    Everything looks yummy. Do you ever let your mom try bites of your food? Maybe that will help her make the leap to adventurous eater…granted you only let her try the good stuff 🙂

    I love, love, love trying new foods!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Pink Theory,
      Oh, she can’t STOP me from shoving tastes her way LOL! But unfortunately, her tastebuds are biased against anything “soy” or “tofu” because that’s what she’s grown up to think (like many others). So if I tell her beforehand what something is, she’ll be guaranteed not to like it. But, a few months ago, I actually got e to see that hemp ice cream AND coconut milk ice cream were really good. I told her I wanted to see if she could tell the difference between one of “my” ice creams and a dairy (“normal”) one. So I gave her a taste of both and asked her which she said contained dairy. When she couldn’t figure it out because “both tasted like dairy; are you sure one of these isn’t?” I laughed and told her that NEITHER were actually dairy at all! Then she was super-excited that she actually liked something vegan ;).

  24. miss v says

    i’m a totally adventurous eater! what’s awesome is that my now-veggie husband is as well – sometimes i’ll want to get the same appetizer or entree (even though it still is something off the beaten menu path), and the husband will challenge me to try something new.

  25. Pure2raw twins says

    I used to love trying new things, not with food allergies I do not enjoy eating out as much. : (

  26. BroccoliHut says

    I’m pretty adventurous when I eat out–it’s like I give myself permission to eat crazy things when at a restaurant!

  27. Marianne says

    I consider myself an adventurous eater, as I like to try out new things. But I find that once I start going back to restaurants multiple times, I find a dish or two I like, and I’ll often always order it. Not because I don’t want to try out new things, but because chances are I went to the restaurant because I had a craving for said dish. All the more reason to always try out new restaurants, right? 😀

    I totally would have gone for the brothy soba as well. And you’ve reminded me that I need to restock my soba noodles!

  28. The Voracious Vegan says

    OH YUM! Your meal looks delicious! And I love sauerkraut so I’d probably be happy with the sandwich too. Hmmm…I’m a very adventurous eater, there’s nothing I won’t eat. But when I go to a restaurant I want to be happy and pleased, so I’m sometimes hesitant to experiment and risk being disappointed. Looks like you had a tasty delicious time!

  29. Kiersten says

    I try to be as adventurous as I can when I go out to eat, but it’s tough sometimes. We don’t have many vegan friendly places here so I am often very limited on what I can order. I have heard great things about Angelica’s Kitchen. It’s awesome that you got to go there.

  30. indiechic927 says

    So, I just thought I’d say that I think it’s awesome you’re a vegan! I used to be, but then I felt like I was a hassle to everyone around me and my parents and everyone were always mad with my choice. I mean, it’s a silly reason to convert back, but I still find myself looking for the easy way out of using animal by-products. Weird, I know. But, I do a vegan detox every so often. 😀 Always makes me feel better. Glad to know there are sweet vegans out there though! 😀

    P.S. Banana Butter = YUMMM!

  31. 40apples says

    I LOVE Angelica Kitchen!! Everything there is wonderful. One of my favorites is the Thai-Me-Up raw “pasta”. That place is such a classic, healthy-food-philosophy NYC institution, I’m so glad you went!

    I actually dragged an old boyfriend there once and I think he was a little… reluctant (ha) to try anything on the menu. He ended up ordering the Reuben sandwich and quickly realized it was nothing like what he’d expected and got all bummed out… haha oh well 😉 Meanwhile I was loving every last bite of my dish! I love trying new things, but I also love certain specific foods – like butternut squash, for instance – so if I see a fave ingredient used in a new & interesting way on the menu, it’s like the best of both worlds! 🙂

  32. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear says

    I like to think that I’m an adventurous eater at restaurants and in France I tried to be too, because sometimes I had no idea what was on the menu but every time I ended up eating something not-so-new or not-so-scary 😀

  33. Miss Rachel says

    It’s great that your parents are willing to try vegetarian restaurants, even if your mom isn’t that adventurous with her orders.

    I loved Jersey Boys! My favorite line was when Bob said (about sex) “You’re right. It is more fun with another person.” 😉

  34. Paula says

    I also recommend Candle Cafe.

    CCK — since you lived in Japan, have you ever tried natto? It looks gross and some people acquire a good taste for it and being fermented it’s supposed to be super-healthy.

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