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Greens is the word, have you heard?

Greens got meanin’ When I learned—from the Epic Roots Company—about mâche greens (pronounced “mosh”), this new super food quickly jumped onto my list of new foods to try. Mâche greens are pretty impressive. For one thing, they contain Omega 3s. Omega 3s in lettuce??? Yes, one three-ounce serving of mâche greens contains 12% of the RDA […]

Huggies! (No, Not The Diapers)

A blog reader, Jenny, had a really fun idea: She suggested that, for Hug-a-Carb Month, we should all take pictures of ourselves… hugging carbs! Silly? Yes. But life’s way more fun when you’re being silly, don’t you think? My grandma always used to say, “If they’re laughing at me, well then at least they’re laughing!” So, at the risk […]

Raisins on Steroids

Creamy polenta with raisins Below, raisin polenta and homemade Kuzu Stew **(EDIT: Kuzu Stew Recipe) **

Hug-a-Carb Month

Carbohydrates do so much for us. For all that, they deserve a month of love. What do you think? I declare October to be Hug a Carb month! Now go love you some carbs!  

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