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Chocolate with a side of Chocolate

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It finally happened:

Today’s second breakfast was too much chocolate, even for me.

When it came time to eat the homemade Cookie Dough Bar, I realized I was already chocolate-d out.

I didn’t know such a thing was possible!


But alas, it is possible. After polishing off the bowl of Brownie Batter Oatmeal, I experienced chocolate overload first-hand.


So I saved the Cookie Dough Bar for later and ate some of my newest-favorite peanut butter in its place.

Lately, I’ve been a peanut butter purist, eschewing all the Mighty Maples, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and Cinnamon Raisin Swirls for Ms. Plain Jane of Whole Foods. Sometimes plain is better: It’s cheaper (huge plus!!), tastes great on apples, and is the hands-down best peanut butter for making banana butter.


Oh o-kay, so Dark Chocolate Dreams Banana Butter is pretty awesome as well. I would never give up my DCD.  Just because I got sick of chocolate at one meal doesn’t mean it didn’t make a resurgence at the next.

Have you ever had too much of a good thing?

Once, on a trip to Hawaii, I stuffed my face with the freshest, juiciest pineapple ever.  Next day, though, I didn’t feel so great.  That sweet pineapple came with a caustic aftershock: it gave me a cold sore!  Meanie :-?.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Oooh I love peanut butter and I like it plain jane too, but that dark chocolate pb is the stuff of dreams! I think I might have to move back to the states just to get my hands on a few jars….er, gallons. 😉

    Too much of a good thing. Well, whenever I eat too much sugar I feel wretched afterwords!

  2. Jessica says:

    I had alot of pineapple once, too, and my mouth hurt SO bad. The acid gave me so many ulcers and my lips were burning! I have also ate too much chocolate before…though sometimes I don’t believe it is possible!

  3. *Andrea* says:

    i got a cold sore once too from eating like 2 bags of frozen pineapple! ouch :( not sure if i could get sick of chocolate though lol. however, once i did get sick of pb loco/pb&co and fun nut butter brands and just started craving good old fashioned almond/peanut butter

  4. Eliza says:

    i must try your brownie batter oatmeal! looks so good! and DCD ahh love that stuff! i mixed the last like 2 tbsp of my hazelnut futters with the last of my DCD to make a “nutella” haha it was good lol…ahhh too much of a good thing hmmm idk but thats funny because pineapple gives cold sores as well, so i avoid it, but prob yea i have had too much fruit in a day, i prob eat like over 7 servings of fruit most days lol…but i dont care, love fruit! :)

    have a great Sunday Katie ♥

  5. TOO much chocolate?-GASP 😀

    I used to always pig out on my Grandmother’s banana pudding when I was a kid. Then, she would make it for me every time I saw her and I kind of got a sick feeling just smelling it. Can’t eat it now due to allergies and now I miss it!

  6. mariana says:

    oh i just ate a microwaved vegan brownie this morning and im gonna do it again tonight. it’s so easy, quick and delicious i almost cant believe it.

  7. Shelby says:

    Too much chocolate?! I have to admit..I have found out that too much is not always a good thing too.

    Pineapple…oh how I wish I could eat more of you. Pineapple makes my tongue ache no matter how little I eat!

  8. I can honestly say I’ve never had too much of a good thing. Well, except tequila once in mexico about 10 yrs ago! :-) Oops!

  9. That brownie batter oatmeal looks yummy!

    Sometimes I can get too much of cereal. Too much snackage and then I don’t want anymore for a while!

  10. candice says:

    Even the great Katie gets chocolated-out? 😉 I get overdosed on chocolate pretty easily, so I totally feel for you. Sometimes, plain is best for peanut butter! Lately, I’ve been craving MaraNatha creamy peanut butter, but I’ve never tried the Whole Foods brand. I’ll have to sometime—it’s cheaaap :)

    Ooh, I had way too much pineapple once, too. It gave me a stomachache from all the acidity. :/

  11. Melinda says:

    Yes, too much of a good thing is still, well, just too much. I am forever telling that to my nutrition students. Balance is key! I have done too much ice cream before, and it sadly (turns to liquid ya know) makes me have to pee all night long.

  12. I have overdosed on peanut butter before… can you believe it?!

    I tried switched over the almond butter… but for some crazy reason, I just don’t like it :(

  13. Betherann says:

    Two words: banana chips.

    Don’t eat too many. You’ve been warned.


  14. katie + too much chocolate?! Shock horror! Haha…Have definitely had too much of a good thing before- When I find something I like I tend to eat it repeatedly for several days and then I find myself completley bored of it. Usually that doesn’t last too long though thankfully and I come crawling back to the old faves!

  15. chrysta says:

    One time when I was little I ate waaay too many peanut butter cookies. I couldnt eat them for years after that! It made me so sick. But no worries, I can eat them just fine now. They are still one of my favorites=)

  16. Katie says:

    Thanks for linking to so many good recipes! I am intrigued by your chocolate batter oatmeal. One time in college I had a gumball machine in my room and my roommate ordered me an industrial size shipment of coconut flavored gumballs (my favorite!) and I totally over did it. I My jaws hurt from all the chewing, and to I don’t think I have had a coconut gumball since my freshman year.

  17. Meredith says:

    Totally know about “too much of a good thing”! For a party I went to last weekend I made vegan cupcakes — after licking the bowl and eating a crumbly cupcake casualty, I was too sugar-ed out to enjoy the treats at the party!

  18. Vanilla says:


    But the ‘I don’t want to eat this ever again’ feeling never last, lol :)

    It’s like pb or oatmeal…you can get tired of it but it’s still an all-time favorite :)

    Banana butter: I should try that! But now I’m hooked on your melted banana trick! x)


  19. merittothecarrot says:

    Whole Foods PB is the best! and so cheap! I LOVE IT. I’ve experienced the ‘too much of a good thing’ with bananas. I’ve eaten them with breakfast practically everyday for about a year, but I decided to give my digestive system a break… I do miss them :(

  20. Lindsay says:

    Too much chocolate, even for CCV??? Woah. 😉
    Didn’t know it was possible, but I guess you can have too much of a good thing. Around Christmas I tend to go crazzzy on boxes of clementines, like all-clem-all-the-time diet but so far no adverse side effects 😉

  21. Too much chocolate?! Well I nevah! haha
    That browniw batter oatmeal sure does look scrumptious!

  22. lola says:

    i love chocolate too, but sometimes i definitely have too much and get sick of it. i need to try that dark chocolate dream sometime though!

  23. Your oatmeal turned out a lot better than mine this morning! I’m a oatmeal newbie but have always wanted to like it because its just so healthy! Ive been trying different combos all week trying to find one i like. This mornings AB&J with 1/2 a banana in steel cut oats just didnt work and ended up in the food disposable and out popped the cheerios to save the morning 😀 lol But i think i will reattempt the oatmeal one more time just to try chocolate for breakfast!! 😀 now if that doesnt convert me i dont know what will

  24. Carbzilla says:

    As I was eating my double serving (they say this dish serves 20 – there’s NO way) of pumpkin marscapone bread pudding for the third night in a row I thought “I’m over this.”

    This first night I had it I was like “OMG this is the most amazing thing ever” and then that feeling just kinda dwindled off day by day. The rest will now go to work or in the trash. I’m kinda relieved really.

    And shocked you even out chocolated yourself! (I think I’m gonna make your Cashew bars today).


  25. eaternotarunner says:

    Yes! I went to the scooper bowl, which is an event in Boston where 7 bucks gets you all you can eat ice cream from about 15 different ice cream makers. After 7 scoops or so I was not feeling too hot…..:-)

  26. Kathleen says:

    I have done the same thing with pineapple while on vacation. I figured, take advantage while its fresh! Apparently not the best idea. Although, I’ve since heard that it’s a sign that the pineapple is not ripe enough.

  27. I’m sure there are many things that I’ve eaten too much of. I’m sure chocolate is one of them!

  28. i tend to really indulge in a certain food combonation if I discover something i love! in college I had an obsession with granola and applesauce and had it with everymeal straight for a few weeks to this day I cant have that combo! haha

    i NEED to try the chocolate pb dreams!

  29. Jess says:

    PB is probably my favorite food. My blog would be Peanut-Buttered-Jess if it were a plain food blog. 😉

    And I’ve NEVER eaten a gourmet PB. I LOVE the plain stuff. (I buy Smart Balance Creamy b/c it’s the best vegan option at my grocery. Gotta get to a WF!)

    I don’t know what I’ve been missing, but I am sure I need to find out.

  30. Jess says:

    Oh! And I eat an entire pineapple a week spring and summer, but when the temperature dips I just don’t crave it, and I’ve never gotten a canker/cold sore!

    I am one of those people who is perfectly happy eating the same thing for two weeks straight at every meal, and then I want something else for two weeks. I don’t so much get sick of a thing as just, time to move on, I’ll come back to it in a month. :)

  31. Ouch! Pineaples are mean! They have never given me a cold sore but if they’re not ripe enough they make my tongue all tingly and weird.

    Too much chocolate? Blasphemy! I’m just going to pretend that you didn’t say that! 😛

  32. Maria says:

    I do this all the time! I can’t get enough of something and have it every single day. Without knowing, I get sick of it, and realize that I need to shake things up :) Yep, chocolate’s been on that list too!

  33. lisa says:

    First, let me say that PB&Co peanut butter is my fav! I have two jars in our fridge right now and LOVE going to the restaurant.

    I have had too much of a great thing twice that I can really recall. Like you, I LOVE chocolate and don’t usually think I can have enough. But, one year I helped out at the Chocolate Show here in NYC and definitely had too many tastes of chocolate that day. They were all so delicious and I found a ton of great products, but my stomach was not feeling so well by the time I left and I was exhausted! Just a few weeks ago I had way too much fruit in one day! We had an event at work and had a good amount of fruit left over. Beautiful pineapple, melon, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, mango… I ate a huge plate for lunch and more for a snack. I did not feel well after that. I think even with ‘healthy’ foods, it is possible to have too much sometimes!

  34. Jenny says:

    wait wait wait – I have a question. Do you like chocolate or what? ’cause I’m not quite sure 😉

  35. Monica says:

    The last time I had a jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams in my cupboard, I ate the whole thing in THREE DAYS. That was definitely too much of a good thing–and chocolate peanutbutter is pretty much my favorite thing, so it was a little upsetting, haha.

  36. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve OD’s on almond butter in the past. Sometimes, it almost taste too sweet, especially the raw stuff, and I tend to get tired of sweet foods fairly quickly. Salty food on the other hand, entirely different story. I don’t think I could ever tire of tortilla chips.

    Your brownie batter oatmeal looks so rich and chocolatey. I want to dive right in.

    I’m a nut butter purist as well. No salt, no sugar, just the nuts thank you very much. Oh, and I like it crunchy!

  37. OD on foods…yes. But I try to listen to my cues so I don’t get the bleck feeling!
    OD on choc? not so much, but I do exercise portion control. I’m a bite here, bite there, done. Kinda girl. In fact I just talked about this in a post I just put up a few mins ago. Moderation and listening to your body.

    Pineapple and a cold sore? It gives kids diaper rashes. Skylar loves it, but she can only have a few pieces or else…
    All the fun things you learn after you become a mom :)


  38. Jenny R. says:

    whoa Katie that looks good! I always get that way with pineapple…it’s so good and you keep want to eat more and more. It makes my tongue swell after a while. (salt and vinegar chips used to do that too when I was a kid!) I think I od’d on oat bran + jay robb for dinner :S too much jay robb makes things too powdery blech

  39. Jenny R. says:

    oh and I agree with Heather…raw almond butter can be a major od food…too sweet sometimes…currently experiencing that one as well :S

  40. Bekah says:

    Bahah, this made me giggle. I’ve definitely gone over board with a couple things, but I’m trying to practice variety in my life- by planning out my meals and such. After all, variety is the spice of life! Or… Cocoa is the spice of life?!!


  41. jrsimon56 says:

    Question for you….I’m looking for a spiralizer (or something to help with making veggiefied noodles) to add to my Christmas list. Any suggestions on a good one?

  42. Chocolate heaven!
    My “too much of a good thing” moment happened the first time I had a “milk shake” after going gluten free and dairy free. I used Soy Milk and Soy Delicious Ice Cream. That much decadence left me ill for the entire evening. I didn’t even drink the whole thing! No more “milk shakes” for this little gidget!

  43. I OD’d on almond butter once. I didn’t realize how much I had eaten. Started spooning it out of the jar and realized I’d eaten half. Give me a spoon and some cinnamon and I go nuts with ‘literarally’ with the stuff lol Next few days though weren’t very fun… felt like I had a rock in my stomach.

    But it was SO tasty.

  44. plamarie says:

    Oh, but seriously. Your oats looks so good. Yes, too much of a good thing. I was cracking fresh walnuts with my Grandma one time. Crack one, eat one, you know. Well, too many walnuts can make your mouth very sore. Yikes!

  45. eatmovelove says:

    I’ve definitely OD’ed on food before and told myself ‘never again’…only to come back to it the following night :) I don’t learn from my mistakes haha. Oh well such is life :) I like that you said pineapple though – people always think right away in terms of ‘bad’ foods…but I guess you can have too much of anything. Yeah, it can be carrots, jam or ice cream with me!! Cheers.

  46. italyology says:

    Even the greatest things in life we can have to much of. I think we’ve all over done it on something and have learned our lesson!:)
    I over did it on peanut butter and my tummy was aching! I think i had peanut butter in every form at every meal. I guess I didn’t plan it out too well. hah!

  47. lexi. says:

    wow, lots o chocolate! (not complaining)

    sometimes, I overindulge in orange foods – which make my palms and the bottom of my feet orange. so every once in a while i have to cut back!

  48. CaSaundra says:

    Sometimes I will totally overdose on a food for like a month, and then get really sick of it for a long time. Currently that is happening with yogurt! It never really happened w chocolate, because I don’t eat it too often.

  49. Danielle says:

    Oh my gosh love nut butters, and love the idea of chocolate in the morn. Don’t know if I myself could do it though, I can’t have sweets before noon. Weird, I know :) I actually over-did bell peppers over the summer and haven’t had one since. So sad!

  50. Jessica says:

    I have definitely OD’d on food before. Asparagus is probably my most recent casualty. I grilled and ate a bunch of it for 3 straight days, then I couldn’t touch it again for weeks!

  51. Whit says:

    haha I love that you OD’d on chocolate!

  52. Marissa says:

    I admit it…lately I have been polishing off entire jars of peanut butter. I have my sunbutter, my pumpkin seed butter, and my 2 kinds of almond, but the PB keeps calling to me!

    This morning though I had the roasted almond butter with my quinoa flakes and my banana…but mainly because I was out of Peanut 😉

  53. We have the same favorite PB! :) Nerd joy!

  54. Brandie says:

    OMG! I am cracking up right now – I realize that I’m catching up on OLD posts … I’ve only just recently started checking out your blog – I LOVE it!! Life IS too short dangit – I am realizing how much I have shorted myself…. anyway, I digress. I wanted to comment on the pineapple cold sore! I got myself into the sweetest, freshest pineapple one time, when I was younger, (waaaaay back before my veg days 😉 and ate the WHOLE THING. In one sitting. I was in absolute heaven. I still to this day adore, nay, WORSHIP, the fresh pine…. at any rate – I was so excited, I told my mom… I ate the WHOLE thing. LOVE it. But did I gte a cold sore? Nope. Not me… My ENTIRE mouth was burned. Like, scalded almost!!! Yeah after that mom’s like, Well, Pine’s an acid, you should know better? Whaa…..?? You mean you kinda knew it’d happen and weren’t giving WARNINGS!? Lol.. Ack! I learned a valuable lesson that day, and never won’t even do that again!!!!

    (Still want too sometimes tho 😉

    Love you blog I’m so glad I am getting to know it :)

    1. Awwww Brandie, your comments are sooo sweet! (Unlike pineapple cold sores hehe)
      Thank you :).

  55. Dunia says:

    Lol!! The same thing happens to me with pineapple! >.< Just the other day I stuffed my face with almost an entire pineapple, i didn't get a cold sore, however the sides of my mouth were burning as if i did have one! But they are just sooo yummy 😉

  56. Alice says:

    I just ate a giant bowl of strawberries I picked myself today this afternoon (I already ate a lot on the field) and now I feel like I have to die….. My throat hurts so much from the acid in the berries! ANd everything I eat or drink tastes strawberry-y!

  57. chocolate lover says:

    I have definitely overdosed on dates before and still occasionaley eat too many raisins at once….(those little devils are just so hard to stop eating!) So soft and chewy…oh and I’ve gone through a jar of Justins Maple Almond butter in 48 hours…..