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Beach Babies

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No, the post title isn’t a reference to the newest fudge babies. Beachy Babies? What would they look like? Perhaps a date-almond base, then rolled in maple sugar, for a “sand-y” effect?


What are your favorite things to do at the beach? My sister likes to fall asleep at the beach. Molly likes to collect eat crab claws. (Hence, Molly is often left at home.) I like to take walks right at the edge, where the sand and water meet, so only my feet get wet.

Today, we spent the whole morning eating crab claws swimming at the beach and building a sandcastle. But all that beachy action made me hungry.

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  1. Sandi says:

    Getting in the ocean is SO worth the freezing cold (even here in MA!) I’m generally a huge wimp about getting in cold bodies of water (like pools or ponds) but if it’s the ocean it’s too wonderful to miss out on!
    Fruits are my absolute favorite foods so I may have to join this hug-a-fruit campaign 😀

  2. Such a cute picture! 🙂

  3. anon says:

    didn’t you say your sister was a size 0? but her leg is like twice the size of yours. how can you say your naturally like that if she’s so much bigger and still a size 0?
    you said it here:

  4. Ilana says:

    I’m finallyyy going to the beach today for my first time this summer…yay!

  5. Stefanie says:

    I was thinking a beach baby would be a tropical flavored fudge baby. Coat it with toasted coconut and it will have a sandy appearance. It has been over a year since I have been to the beach. I used to live 30 mins from it and rarely went. That is a nice picture of you with your sister. Have a great day. 🙂

  6. Ilana says:

    PS – when I read “beach babies” i thought of fudge babies wearing bikinis! am i weird?!

  7. Ilana says:

    and also in response to the above anon freak – I’m a size 0. I have a friend who is a size 0 as well. Our measurements are entirely different because we have DIFFERENT BODY TYPES. It happens. Stop picking on people on the internet because you’re insecure about yourself!!

  8. emily says:

    you’re too funny! & you girls look beautiful– the background definitely isn’t bad either. 🙂

    i don’t know if i would have wanted to share that fruit…. it looks so good!

    i just love the beach, even though i’ve spent less than a week there total in my 22 years– my parents aren’t that fond of it & we never really went on vacations either. my first experience with it was memorable, though. we drove to destin, florida (gorgeous!) to stay at my grandparents’ beach house right by the water. i was seven, & unbelievably excited. we arrived late at night, but my father said when we woke up he’d take us over. of course, my siblings & i woke up at 6 am. 🙂 we enjoyed a couple hours there before it began pouring down rain. we sadly went inside to wait it out. we were stir-crazy after an entire day of it & my father went to blockbuster to rent a few movies. after he checked out, he heard some locals talk of the major hurricane (opal) coming our way. needless to say, he returned the movies on the spot. he came back empty-handed, & my mom couldn’t believe there was one coming that even the locals were concerned about. the rain became absolutely torrential, my parents re-packed our bags, & late at night as we heard bullhorns telling people to evacuate, we stood by the door– but it was raining far too much to even get in the car. my father actually prayed, i guess, & the rain died down enough; after he shut his door, it resumed with intensity. we were some of the last ones to make it across the bridge before it was closed & drove, without stopping, until we reached my grandparents in atlanta. it’s good we were able to evacuate– the beach house was destroyed.

    but i still love the idea of the beach…. 🙂

    1. Emily,
      Yikes! No wonder your parents aren’t fond of the beach lol. We went to the NJ shore once during the waning hours of a hurricane, and it was scary! The ocean stole my water shoe right off my foot :-?.

  9. anon says:

    hey katie,
    i just wanted to send you a NICE anon comment to counter the jerk above :). i love you and i love your blog. and i think you are beautiful. oh yeah, and i’m also jealous because i adore the beach!

  10. katie says:

    hey there!!!! you look beeeeaaaaaaaaaautiful! ur sis too! hope ur having a great time…and i hope u got my email! when u come to nyc, we can definately meet up!! ..if ya want! xoxoxo

    1. katie,
      emailed ya back ;).

  11. Marina says:

    I love reading on the beach, that going for a long swim, refueling with an ice cream, reading some more…
    Btw, you look awesome girl 😉

  12. Leslie says:

    Ahahahaha I used to bite my sister too. Luckily, now we’re good friends. It looks like you guys are too :).

  13. Inspired says:

    I hugged a whole batch of banana pancakes today. I forgot to take a picture for you though! Guess I’ll just have to make some more. Darn it ;).

  14. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Beautiful beach sisters! Your sister’s vibrant pink swim suit is cute. And the beachie babies sound delicious, especially bikini beach babies!

    The first anon post is out of line. Ilana says it right – relatives or people who wear the same size clothes can have completely different body types and shapes. People are different like that, surprise!

    I’m not much of a beach person. I don’t know how people can lay on the beach for hours and hours. I prefer to go for a nice walk (and try to make footprints in the freshly wet sand), go snorkelling, play in the water, or build sandcastles.

    1. JCD,
      My sis has the best style. Sadly, she hogs all the fashion sense in the family. I’m not big on sleeping at the beach either. In fact, I don’t think I ever have.
      But I will let people bury me every now and then!

  15. Mae says:

    That sounds amazing…. I was away this weekend and saw some one who could be your double in Washington on Saturday!! Haha just letting you know she’s out there. 😉

    1. Mae,
      OMG I always wanted a twin stranger… like “It Takes Two.”
      Twin Katie, if you’re out there, come find me! 🙂 🙂

  16. Damjana says:

    I’d like to have a sister too (however I have two brothers).

    Hugged a fruit – yes! I love the variety on your plate 🙂

  17. jqlee says:

    I absolutely love the beach. I wish I could go every single day. My favorite thing to do there is probably people watch. Lol. Not in a creepy way, just to see how people interact.

    And of course I like to just lay in the sun sometimes or play some beach volleyball. I’m not a big fan of actually getting in the water though…too dirty for me. LOL.

    You two look so cute!!

  18. abby says:

    you two are just gorgeous! i wish i had a sister around my age. i am stuck with two brothers!

  19. Run Sarah says:

    You and your sister – gorg beach babes 😉 I love love love the beach…just lying in the sun, reading, relaxing, or taking a quick dip. One of my favourite things to do!

  20. Aw, you and your sis are so cute!

    I LOVE the beach. My favorite thing to do is walk along the edge, too! I also like writing my name in the sand. 😛

    Yay for fruit hugging! I totally just realized I could’ve used my peach pictures yesterday as mu fruit-hugging pics. that’s okay though, because I’m thinking of taking one today of me hugging my favorite fruit: pineapple. 🙂

    I got your email!! I’m about to write back. 🙂

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