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Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle Oatmeal

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The Five Foods you Meet in Heaven

Can anyone guess mine? I’ll give you a hint. One starts with a Ch and ends in –ocolate. But another one is oatmeal. I even have a separate recipe tab:

raspberry oatmeal

Oatmeal Recipes

Under that tab are recipes for the likes of Snickerdoodle Oatmeal, Cookie Dough Oatmeal, and even Boston Cream Pie Oatmeal. I even have Christmas oats and Halloween oats. The problem is none of those are good for Valentine’s Day! 😕

vegan oatmeal

Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle Oatmeal (Or “Raspberry Cream Oats” if no chocolate)

  • 1/3c uncooked rolled oats (40g)
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries (100g)
  • salt (I used very scant 1/4 tsp)
  • a little over 1 cup water or milk of choice (260g)
  • 1-2 tbsp creamer (I used 15g Silk)
  • optional: chocolate (We’ll get to that later)
  • sweetener I didn’t use any, but many people will want some.*

*In place of sugar, you can use the Melted Banana Trick.

Procedure: The night before, I microwave the oats, salt, and water in a large pyrex measuring cup for 3 minutes (2 minutes if using quick oats). Then I leave it in the microwave for 5 more minutes before transferring—uncovered—to the fridge. Next day, after running, I add the other ingredients (as well as 1 1/2 tbsp more water), stir, and microwave again until the raspberries melt into the oats.

chocolate oatmeal

Delicious without chocolate, but… This time, for fun, I stuck a square of 100% Ghirardelli (my favorite chocolate) in the hot oats. However, I didn’t take a photo of the ensuing chocolate melted mess… I was too busy devouring it! Godiva in a bowl.

What are your top 5 favorite foods?

Mine: kabocha, broccoli, coconut, especially (Vegan Coconut Fudge) and oatmeal and chocolate. Of course, chocolate!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Sorry if this is double post, my computer is acting funny.

    Top 5 foods: Bananas, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Avocados, Bacon :)

  2. I love the title of this! Haha!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Top 5: Chocolate, Banana, Avocado, Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter

  4. Albizia says:

    Top 5… That’s a tough one. The first 5 that come on my mind will be the lucky winners. Bananas, coconut, broccoli, potatoes and cheese. Maybe they won’t be the same tomorrow but it doesn’t matter. And after I saw your breakfast I’m wondering why raspberries with white chocolate didn’t make it on the list :) .

    1. Yeah, raspberries *almost* made it onto my list too :).

  5. Woah that oatmeal looks AWESOME. I love the idea of adding a chunk of chocolate… even just one adds flavor through the whole bowl!

  6. wait im SO confusd.. so many people have been talking about Valentines day but don’t we have like 2 weeks?.. maybe im just very last minute! nonetheless I am loving this combo and will probably eat it BEFORE Valentines Day
    top five: greek yogurt, nut butters, oatmeal, cottage cheese, cinnamon or sf syrup!

    1. Hahahaha yeah! But I have so many V-day recipe ideas that I have to start early! :) :)

  7. Squash, nut butter, cheese, chocolate, and yogurt are my top five!

  8. Jennie says:

    My top five: oatmeal, almond butter, greek yogurt, mangoes, super dark chocolate.

    Curious – do you use steel cut oats or rolled oats for your oatmeal recipes?

    1. Oddly enough, I used Quaker quick oats for this recipe! Normally, I am in LOVE with Old Wessex Irish-Style Oats (a green container). I can’t recommend those highly enough. But I ran out, and this was all we had in the house. It was yummy, just the same :).

  9. OMG! One of my favorite books of all time is The Five People You Meet in Heaven!!! It is so touching, and it has a great story :)

    My top 5 fav foods: Peanut Butter, Unsweetened chocolate, sweet taters, Olives, red bell peppers…I could list a whole bunch more!

    1. I actually haven’t read that book! I keep meaning to get around to it!

      1. It is so good, Katie! You really should read it!

  10. mhmmm it LOOKS a bit funky. but mostly, those foods taste the best. and how can you go wrong with raspberry & chocolate, hm? I made raspberry-basil ice-cream this morning, it was like summer in a bowl :)

  11. That oatmeal almost looks too good!!! Alright, top five foods:

    1) Red Velvet Cupcakes
    2) Farro
    3) any type of soup
    4) Coffe, coffee, coffee
    5) trail mix

    1. abby says:

      me too! red velvet cupcakes! well, maybe not my top five, because i hardly ever eat them. too bad there aren’t more occasions calling for red velvet cupcakes in our everyday lives!

  12. That oatmeal looks pretty! Very Valentine’s Day appropriate. :-)
    My Top 5 Foods are: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Mexican food, Bread, and cheese! <3 Mmmm…

  13. Julia says:

    Great oats!

    I love pretty much any kind of sweet, bananas, pizza, all veggies!, and nut butters.

  14. Apples, cereal, scones, broccoli, and spaghetti :)

  15. i feel like you could start your own valentines day business of some sort. i mean ‘chocolate covered _____’ screams love. ha!

    1. abby says:

      and sell fudge babies! :)

  16. Leslie says:

    That’s the most beautiful oatmeal I’ve ever seen!
    I can’t pick 5 favorite foods, because it changes. But chocolate is definitely always one :).

  17. Camille says:

    Top 5 foods: Bananas, chocolate, bread (good bread!), oatmeal, butternut squash.
    Now I am hungry again. :)

  18. Jenny says:

    It seems impossible to pin down 5 favourite foods! I’m amazed you managed to pick some — must’ve been difficult!

    I can’t pick five… But my top seven would be: BREAD, blueberries, apples, carrots, chocolate, nut butter, and spinach. I have many other favourites obviously but those are the five things I’ve loved ever since childhood~

  19. Heather says:

    Dark chocolate, oatmeal, bananas, avocados and cheese!

    I would have added peanut butter…but it appears I am developing an allergy:( How devastating!

  20. Serena says:

    Beautiful valentine’s day inspired brekkie :)

    Looks really yummy. Also: genius coming up with homemade coconut butter! oh yumm

  21. eatandrun says:

    Mmmm that first photo is my favorite. :)

  22. Picking just five is hard . . . tofu, broccoli, clementines, corn tortillas, nutritional yeast (I count it as a food!).

  23. Valentine’s Day is the best! I’m already wearing my holiday socks.

    I really like pizza, burritos, asparagus, nut butters/nut bars/nuts, and sweet potatoes. Delicious question!

  24. abby says:

    i can’t pick just 5! i’m indecisive! ok, if you make me. ummm, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut butter (thanks to you), oatmeal, and bananas!

    1. abby says:

      oh and sweet potatoes. see, i can’t pick 5!

  25. Yuuuuuum you’re making me crave oatmeal!
    My top five foods:
    Peanut butter
    Tortilla soup

  26. Looks delicious! YUM! Mine would be oatmeal, apples, cantaloupe, lettuce and tomatoes. They are all my favorites!

  27. brussel sprouts, oatmeal, pb, banana, and chocolate!

  28. Melissa says:

    Oats, bananas, nut butter, almond milk, kale — but it’s HARD cause I also want to put beans, apples, asparagus and brussels on there. Oh and broccoli. SOB. I’m not counting stevia/cinnamon/vanilla as foods but they get used daily in my house.

    Okay, hang on…
    oats, fruit, vegetables, nuts/seeds, legumes, cocoa.
    Bazinga, there we go. 😉 LOL.

    1. Melissa says:

      Except I can’t COUNT and I still did 6.

      Just combine the legumes with the nuts/seeds. They are all the same general thing anyway. 😉

    2. Oh yeah, you have to include the seasonings. Oatmeal is one of my favorites… but it’d be pretty boring without seasonings or add-ins. So I’ll give you some leeway hehe.

  29. Emily says:

    I made the tiramisu fudge! It is awesome. And I am stoked about homemade coconut butter!!!! I made a whole jar for 3 dollars.
    Tiramisu Fudge

    Layer one:
    4 Tbs Coconut Butter
    1/2 Banana
    1 Tbs cocoa powder
    Pinch of Salt and Cinnamon
    -Blend and freeze while you make layer 2

    Layer 2:
    Tofutti Cream Cheese
    (you can add sweetener but I tried it and HATED it. I don’t know why but it was terrible.)
    -Spread it on layer 1 and stick it back in the freezer

    Layer 3
    2 Tbs Coconut Butter (don’t use all almond butter because it won’t set up)
    2 Tbs Almond Butter
    1 Tbs STRONG coffee
    1/2 Banana
    -Blend, spread it on layer 2 and freeze.


    1. Oh Emily, WOW. That’s all I can say.
      Also, I tried to comment on your blog and it won’t let me (I don’t have an open id, I guess). But I wanted to thank you for the sweet mention a few days ago (in your chocolate oatmeal post). It was so sweet… as are you!

  30. Elle says:

    My top 5 are probably peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and bananas. I usually have 4 of the 5 for breakfast every morning! i love the valentine’s theme already by the way. 😉

  31. Note to self: buy frozen raspberries!! That oatmeal looks GOOOOD! 😀

    Top 5 fave foods?!?! HOW can I pick just 5?! Chocolate (obviously!), oatmeal, dried fruit, bananas and spinach. That took me about half an hour. And I’ll probably be changing that list everyfew minutes! 😛

    1. Wait, nut butter! Cereal! Broccoli! Mangoes! Oh dear…

      1. abby says:

        i want to change my list now too, after seeing yours! i didn’t add mangoes either. i love them so much, i think i eat at least two every day in the summer!

  32. hmm… good question!!

    roasted brussel sprouts
    any pb/chocolate combination
    airpopped popcorn

    1. abby says:

      good call on the roasted sprouties :)!

  33. Valerie says:

    My favorite foods? Ha! I can’t have favorite foods. In my house, it’s all about what the KIDS want. Mommy doesn’t get a say. If all three kids will agree on a food, THAT becomes my new favorite food :). Still, sometimes after the kids go to bed, there will be a glass of wine… Or maybe a sip, before one of them wakes up and needs mommy to get rid of the monsters under his bed? Oh well, I wouldn’t have it any other way ;).

  34. You had me at “boston creme oatmeal”. YUM!

  35. This looks DELICIOUS! And coincidentally, I just finished a chocolate-raspberry smoothie over here :)

    Top 5: hummus, nut butter, coconut, white chocolate, and bread 😀

    1. Ooh that sounds good. P.S. I was just stalking your site: OMG the raw blondie! Send me one through this screen. ASAP! Thank you :)

      1. Hehe, I think that raw blondie is right up your alley…in fact, now I’m picturing it topped with melty coconut butter…ooohh!

        1. Oh no, don’t do that to me! Cruel and unusual punishment to tease a girl who is out of cashews at the moment! 😉

          1. No worries, you could use macnuts instead!

  36. Mel says:

    My favorite foods are: oatmeal, chocolate, nuts, yogurt (which I sadly can’t eat anymore), and fruit

  37. Peanut butter, chocolate, potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, BBQ sauce, apples. Sorry that’s six… what a hard question!

  38. Deelcious, Katie!! My favorite foods are oatmeal, eggs, sushi, maple syrup (it’s totally a food), and bananas. :)

    1. Haha Buddy the elf would agree with you!

  39. Namaste Gurl says:

    I made a really yummy chocolate- raspberry coconut oat combination the other day! You should try raspberries and coconut, the two go hand in hand with each other :) In fact, maybe i’ll feature that for vday….

  40. bitt says:

    I just so happen to have raspberries in the freezer..yum!

    top 5 favorites: chocolate, berries, cookies, kale chips, carrots. really random but i am sure if you asked me tomorrow it would be different!

  41. Top five foods: chocolate, beans/lentils, porridge, broccoli and hummus. :)

  42. Brandi says:

    Top five foods, hmmmmm…..vanilla almond granola, dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice, bananas, brussel sprouts(pretty much anyway), and sweet potatoes. Oh this should be a top ten favorite foods.

  43. Ooof, top 5 is so hard to choose… ummm….

    Peanut Butter
    Sweet Potatoes
    Brussels Sprouts
    Brown Rice

    We’ll go with that! 😉

  44. Devan says:

    Ahh so good!
    I think I will make this for me and my love for Valentines Day breakfast :)
    Maybe with strawberries, as my bf doesnt like raspberries! (crazy boy)

  45. Devan says:

    what are the measurments in cups>>

    1. Do you mean for the oats? I think 40g oats is about 1/3 cup. Let me know what Mr. Raspberry Hater thinks! 😉

      1. Devan says:

        Thanks Love!
        haha and yes I will let you know how he thinks;) x

  46. Yum that looks great! And lovin’ the photography and super pretty pictures :)

    Top 5 foods
    Cruciferous Veggies of all kinds

    Have a great day Katie! :)

  47. In no particular order: nut butters, chocolate, ice cream, oats, and fruit.

    That was hard! I wanted to add pancakes and salad but there just wasn’t enough room :)

  48. Mia says:

    My top five are: pumpkin, chocolate, greek yogurt, oatmeal/oat bran, and pancakes

  49. Ashley C says:

    Thats such a cute post name, i had feeling one of yours would be chocolate :) I love all your oatmeal recipes!! Im going to try a new one every morning becuase i love it for breakfast! Im still trying to get the hang of the volumous oatmeal trick, do you just add extra water and then let it sit overnight?
    My top five are:
    1. Oatmeal (as you probably guessed)
    2.butternut squash
    4. cereal/almond milk
    5. turkey sandwich
    haha i just realized most of those are carbs :)

    1. Hey Ashley!
      I talk about the Voluminous Oat Trick at the bottom of this post:
      But I’m planning to do a bigger tutorial on it soon. Hopefully next week!

  50. Hannah says:

    This looks so delicious!

    Ahh my favorite foods are, in no order,

    1. granola
    2. greek yogurt
    3. peanut butter
    4. ice cream
    5. chocolate!

  51. Sydney says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now but this is my first comment =)

    1. Peanut butter!
    2. Dark chocolate! (paired with peanut butter makes it even better!)
    3. Cashews!
    4. Apples!
    5. Strawberries!

    1. Hi Sydney!! *Waves like a crazy girl* :)

  52. Disturbed says:

    That looks amazing. My favorite foods would be:
    1) Hummus
    2) Oatmeal
    3) Grapefruit
    4) Tempeh
    5) So Delicious ice cream

  53. Top foods:
    1. Chocolate
    2. Nut butter (from peanut to coconut and everything in between)
    3. Fruit (any and all)
    4. Oatmeal
    5. Yogurt
    Gosh, that was HARD!!!!! I love so many foods, I don’t think I could fit all of them into a top 30 😉

    1. Any and all? Have you ever tried durian? lol I haven’t met a single person who likes it yet. But maybe now I have? :)

      1. Durian? I’ve never even heard of it. Maybe I’ve spoken to soon! I’m definitely going to look for it and give it a try. I’ll be sure and let you know what I think once I try it – it might turn to fruit (ALMOST every kind) :)

        1. Oops, forget I mentioned it!! No really, do! It’s awful, and it smells like something rotten. LOL but I’d love to know if you like it. Someone in the world must!

  54. we are so similar!
    1. oats
    2. dark choc (over 70%, defo)
    3. nut butter
    4. eggs
    5. smoked salmon

    now i’m hungry….and its 11pm…darn!!

  55. OOOH, only you know how to make every breakfast sound like dessert Katie!

    Hmm, I will be missing many, but … Broccoli, bananas, cashews, rice / rice noodles, sweet potatoes.

  56. Vanessa says:

    My top 5 favorite foods:
    Peanut butter, oatmeal, pancakes, broccoli, and ice cream.

  57. Hmm, lets see, five favorite foods? Pasta, guacamole, minnestrone soup (yeah that’s got a lot of foods, but who’s counting?), bagels, and ice cream.

  58. Alyssa says:

    Umm, how about making that tomorrow!! Woohoo! I just made an Elvis Banana Hammock and thought of you…naner, 85% TJs dark chocolate, and TJs crunchy almond butter…heaven!

    1. I think Elvis would be mucho jealous!

  59. Emma says:

    #1 is defiantly Kabocha squash, then lettuce, cauliflower, mushrooms and apples.
    I love Kabocha, I can eat the whole squash in one day, I’ll eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner as well as snacks.

    1. Haha wow, that’s some intense squash love! :)

  60. Heather says:

    Beautiful bowl of oats, Katie! It reminds me of my strawberries and cream instant oatmeal packs I adored as a child!

    Top 5 Fave Foods:
    1. Oats
    2. Nut butter
    3. Vegetables
    4. Fruits
    5. Dairy

    Hahaha! I can’t decide! How about my 5 favorite food groups…because you know oats is a food group all by itself!

  61. Kathleen says:

    Oh man, oh man!!! Perfectomente!!!! :) It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! :)

  62. BroccoliHut says:

    Love this idea! I used to combine berries and chocolate all the time in my nightly smoothies, but I think I might have to try this form ASAP.

  63. VEGirl says:

    Five favorite foods would be….. LOL I started my list with about a dozen favorites and then pared down to five. (these are in random order)

    All nut butters (is that allowed? I can’t choose just one!)
    Cocoa powder

    Oooh that was so hard! Closely competing was cabbage and applesauce, and then condiments, herbs, spices…. well, that’s a whole other list! :)


    1. VEGirl says:

      Oh no! I forgot all my berries that I eat for bfest lunch and dinner in summer! Can we just make bananas include ALL fruit? The only fruit I ever met I didn’t like was a cactus pear and fresh figs (bleh! I love the dried ones though. Go figure…).

    2. No! Not allowed. You are disqualified. Hehe just kidding ;).

  64. My top 4: bananas, chocolate, avocados, kale, and strawberries

  65. Ooh, this is tough!

    1) NUTS! salted, mixed, roasted…
    2) potatoes! yumm.
    3) fruit! And i like them all very ripe, with the exception of apples 😉
    4) dark chocolate…a dark square a day keeps my dark side away 😀
    5) breakfast food: french toast, pancakes, oatmeal…perfect!

  66. Moni'sMeals says:

    this looks great, chocolate is a must in it I agree. :)

    1. oats
    2. kale
    3. chocolate
    4. winter squash
    5. vegetables.

    pretty boring but healthy!

    1. Au contraire! It’s not boring if you have chocolate on there ;).

  67. This looks so good
    My top 5: cherries, nuts, any baked sweets, tea, and ice cream

  68. Melissa says:

    5 top foods
    1. chocolate covered pretzels
    2. peanut butter fulled pretzels
    3. chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels
    4. kabocha squash
    5. pink lady apples

    1. Oooh chocolate covered pretzels! They used to be my favorite food… but when I went through a growth spurt, I had a “eat-a-whole-bag-of-chocolate-Flipz” phase and I think I burned out on them!

  69. Angie says:

    Wow that looks great!
    1 pizza
    2 dark chocolate
    3 peanut butter
    4 pasta
    5 tilapia

  70. Wow, that oatmeal is beautiful! I absolutely love that bowl, and the way it looks with the oatmeal.
    Favorite foods? Hmm… mashed potatoes, avocados, blueberries, figs, and soup of any and every (vegan) kind.

  71. michelle says:

    cashew butter, coconut, seedy bread, greek yogurt and salt and pepper deep fried squid.
    That last one gets me every time

  72. That is some of the prettiest oatmeal I’ve ever seen! :)

    My favorites:
    1. Oatmeal
    2. Chocolate (in cake/cookie-form)
    3. Watermelon
    4. Peanut butter
    5. Spaghetti Squash w/ tomato basil sauce

  73. Damjana says:

    Like Valentine’s Day oatmeal :)

    My top 5 foods:
    -crunchy bread
    -fruit salad

  74. Cait says:

    i must admit your blog just has my mouth watering..especially the oatmeal raspberry breakfast! I can’t wait to try it out!!

    1. Ooh let me know what you think if you do try it! :)

  75. Devan says:

    top five foods! ? ahh
    Oats, fruit, coffee, yogurt, nut butter.. :)

    1. Devan says:

      i just like breakfast, it seems 😛

  76. Devan says:

    for fun… i am making a non breakfast one.

  77. odessa says:

    How funny–I’ve been making this recipe all month, thinking I was creative–guess not! I make it with a little raspberry preserve in place of some of the raspberries, and 2 tsp cocoa powder. I use a few drops of stevia as sweetener. Delish.

    Top five foods:
    Greek yogurt

    Runners up: carrots, green grapes, tomato soup, hummus…all good stuff.)

  78. Katie, this is the most beautiful oatmeal i’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes :) <3

    1. Aw wow, thank you Kelsey! Don’t think I can take credit, though… with such beautiful ingredients as chocolate and raspberries, it’s hard to mess up, right? 😉

  79. Emma says:

    did you puree the raspberries at all before putting them in the next morning? They look so tiny~!

    1. No, but they were frozen to begin with, so they weren’t all completely whole. Also, when I stirred them in, they thawed and fell apart a bit. :)

  80. Patricia says:

    I am unable to eat oatmeal (it gives me wicked heartburn), is there any way to make this recipe with chia or tapioca?

    1. Sorry, I don’t know. But you can use spelt flakes, quinoa flakes, kamut flakes, or even barley or bulgur! :)

  81. MC says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks like a delicious bowl of oatmeal. Mm oatmeal, berries, chocolate…

  82. Lauren says:

    Katie – I just made this for dinner using the “pudding technique” and It was PHENOMENAL. By FAR my favorite oatmeal recipe. I cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow so I can have it again :)

  83. Morgan says:

    I just love your site. This looks super yummy!

    My top 5:
    – tomatoes
    – kale
    – quinoa
    – sushi
    – endangered species dark chocolate with mint

    <3 Thanks for another great post!

  84. Melanie says:

    haha I’m a little late commenting on this one. But I am going through all your posts, and so the date is a little irrelevant to me :p I love all your recipes, and thought I should dedicate some time going through your blog to discover all the recipes I may have missed!

    Top 5 Foods:
    Nut Butter

    Thanks for sharing your recipes with us! :)

    1. Aww haha comments on old posts always make me smile! :)

      P.S. I haven’t had a perogie in so long. Maybe I should try making my own… sweet potato sounds really good!

  85. Carly says:

    Just made this for brekkie and it was awesome!!

  86. Stacey says:

    I thought I was being original making something similar this morning, but of course you already had it covered :) I made McCann’s Quick and Easy Irish Oat per the directions on the box, and then mixed in some raspberry preserves, about 10 chocolate chips, slivered almonds, dried cherries, and a little bit of brown sugar. It’s not quite as healthy as your version, but it was super easy and delish! Also, the raspberry preserves is already sweet, so I didn’t need that much sugar added.

  87. Bharathy says:

    Hi Katie,

    Your picture here had been copied by the site here as many of ours.
    We are filling up a form and placing a complaint to google to cease shameless the action by this particular blogger!
    The blogger is lifting (and that’s what she does instead of posting on her own) continuously, not abiding to our mails and warnings and have commercialised her space!
    Would be lovely if you would place your complaint here!

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Bharathy,
      I’m confused… you didn’t leave a link as to where the site’s being copied.

  88. Pipsa says:

    Must answer the question as I ran into this oldish recipe. So top 5 foods:
    1. oatmeal
    2. peanut butter
    3. carrots
    4. dark chocolate
    5. apples

    Other important stuff not quite making the cut: blackcurrants, blueberries, ryebread, natural yogurt, cauliflower, zucchini.

  89. Julia Smith says:

    Yumm! And uh where is the Boston Cream Pie?? 😛 I NEED that in my life LOL! 😀 Haha could I have a link please? Thanks!! :)

  90. Kayla says:

    Top 7 foods (couldn’t do just 5:P): Chocolate, Avocado, oatmeal, pasta, raspberries, mango, cheesecake.
    Not in any particular order though.
    As for this recipe, it is wonderful! :) I’ve been eyeballing it for a while but I never had frozen raspberries.. Or even normal raspberries, as they’re crazy expensive. A week or so ago they were on sale at the store and me and my mom bought 16 packs! So I definitely had some to freeze! :)
    I decided to make this today in a way that would challenge my eating disorder, as I was struggling a lot yesterday.. So I made not 1/3 cup oats, but 1/2 cup oats.
    I made it all this morning with 1/2 cup milk (The store ran out of almond milk, which threw me into anxiety, but whatever) and 1/2 cup water, as we don’t have any creamer. I made it on the stove then added the raspberries along with a little but of cream cheese (which made it beyond creamy.. I’m not vegan obviously), and a bit of sweetener, and then topped it off with a square of 85% Ghiradelli chocolate (darkest we have in my town.. I stocked up on the only 4 left and I got like 6 of the 72%.. It was on sale for 95 cents too!!) . One of the best things I’ve ever tasted. It got me just the right amount of full and didn’t make me feel guilty and heavy. :)
    After I added cream cheese I thought of some sort of cheesecake oatmeal. 😉 I might have to experiment with it.. Maybe create my first recipe. 😛

  91. Alexis says:

    This oatmeal was incredible! Chocolate in oatmeal is a wonderful to start the morning!! It was so good I couldn’t wait for it to cool down, so a little bit of a burnt tongue but worth it! :)

  92. Kali says:

    This is basically my default breakfast.:D Great minds!

    I have a jar full of a 2 parts oatmeal to 1 part muesli mix (I like the chewiness of the muesli with the softness of the oats). I mix that equal parts with frozen red berries and soya milk or water if I’m broke, then throw in four squares of chocolate and microwave.^_^ Takes two minutes.

  93. AJ says:

    Hi Katie,

    I made this for breakfast this morning using a batch of your “Voluminous Oatmeal” from the night before. I used 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder instead of the creamer, and added a drizzle of honey for sweetener. The oatmeal turned out delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!

  94. Kat says:

    I had some 100% Ghirardelli squares in the freezer that I wanted to eat today, so I doubled this recipe for my brother and I and he loved it! Haha, he ate it even faster than I did, and I am a chocolate fiend!! :) Keep up the good work!

  95. Victor says:

    holy… wow… This might be my new favorite recipe on your blog… I made a double batch for breakfast for me and my roommate last night… Ate it this morning. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was. And by good, I mean, I might actually prefer to eat this over regular desserts. Like if someone offered me the chocolate chip cookie dough and this after dinner, I might choose this. I HIGHLY recommend using the melted banana trick she mentioned to anyone reading. I was extremely dubious of it at first but gave it a try and wow… She’s serious about the flavor-adding powers of it. The melted banana flavor mixed with the tart raspberries was insanely delicious… This was the best oatmeal I’ve ever had and I make pretty extravagant oatmeals…. This oatmeal comes out being extremely creamy as well. Unbelievable. Thank you so much for this ingenious and simple recipe Katie… woahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah