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Want to hear my Nutty Ideas?

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My head is full of nutty ideas.

Nutty Idea #1: There are so many recipes for nut butters on this blog that I decided to wrangle them together, with my super-cool nut-butter lasso, and make a special recipe tab:


CCK Nut Butter Recipes

Nutty Idea #2: Despite temperatures dipping way beyond freezing, with gusting winds, I thought a smoothie would make a yummy breakfast.

green smoothie

green juice

Normally, I only like blended greens in my Spinach Ice Cream.

But today, a smoothie sounded appealing. This one had blueberries, peaches, and spinach. It tasted much better than it looks. (Note the snow in the background. Blech.)

Nutty Idea #3: Nothing about a banana appealed to my taste buds at breakfast time.

vegan peanut butter sandwich

So I sliced strawberries on top of Gingerbread Butter.

I ate this toast alongside my freezing-cold smoothie. The deliciousness made up for the cold.


Is it Cold where you are?

Yesterday, I woke up to ice-covered roads, gusting winds, and a forecast that proclaimed “feels like –5 degrees.” Yet, for some reason, I still thought it’d be a good idea to go running. Nutty Idea #4. After 5 minutes of battling the tortuous winds, I admitted defeat and retreated back to my warm cocoon to fight another demon… the treadmill.

Do you run on a Treadmill?

The darned things make me feel like a hamster, constantly moving without ever actually going anywhere. Normally, when the weather’s abominable, I’ll suck it up and go outside anyway. Or I’ll take a rest day. (Really, Texas doesn’t see too many days where it’s just too cold/rainy/icy to venture out.) But this morning, already dressed and ready to run, I decided to take a ride on the wild side Nordic Trac.

Gossip Girl, my ipod, and—oddly enough–Sesame Street kept me company, valiantly trying to distract me from the boredom of running in place for over eight miles.

As I asked on Twitter, if anyone has good “beat treadmill boredom” ideas for me, I’d be much obliged! Although I might not need them, providing the groundhog is to be trusted: he didn’t see his shadow!! :)

Have you ever had any nutty ideas?

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  1. my life is a nutty idea haha. it’s a wild ride at times but i wouldn’t have it any other way. ummmm the weather sucks right now. it’s super windy and cold, my house feels like it’s gonna blow over!! i’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately to combat the horrid winter!

  2. Camille says:

    -5°!? Why in the name of god would you venture out in that! People call me crazy when it dips below 30 and I go out for a run!
    Those kinds of days were just made for the treadmill. I have found that watching a movie/TV show on my iPod helps beat the treadmill blues. You can rent them off iTunes or, if you have Netflix, you can download an App to watch your Instant Queue :)

    1. I didn’t even think about the fact that I had a perfect movie to watch on the treadmill yesterday: The Hangover! I keep forgetting to watch it!!! But it’s supposed to be awful tomorrow still, so maybe then! :)

  3. a reader says:

    I have a request:
    Can you possibly do a post on how to become a successful blogger? I know other bloggers (Tina, Gina) have done posts like these, and I’d love to hear your tips, especially because it seems like you’ve achieved “big blogger” status by doing your own thing.
    Although I’m not new to the blogging world, I still consider my blog a “baby” blog for the amount of traffic it gets and the amount of other people who make my recipes (zero).
    Also, this post made me laugh with every sentence. I love your creativity. You should write a book! Not just a cookbook (because I know people always tell you that) but even just a story book. :) I love your blog!

    1. Aww, your words are kinder than I deserve! I might try to put together a list of tips I’ve picked up from experience, since you’re not the first to ask for such a post. But as for a “successful blogger” post… I think you’re a successful blogger if your blog makes YOU happy. That’s the only thing that matters! :)

  4. Yes, it is cold, and I am so over it. I need sunshine in my life! I want to be drinking your smoothie out by your pool in some 80 degree temps! Heck, make it 90’s. 😉

    So fun you now have a nut butter tab. That makes me smile Katie, and in reference to your last post, I use to love Hamburger Helper, but your version sounds much better. Love your recipes – all of them!

  5. Interval training on the treadmill while watching any of the Twilight Saga movies means I’m never bored working out indoors!

    1. abby says:

      i looove twilight! i know i sound like a crazed preteen, but i can’t help it. they’re my guilty pleasure, both the books and movies :).

  6. It’s -20 where I live (NEGATIVE TWENTY!!!) My poor horsey – it’s a good thing he has really thick fur and a warm blanket :)

    My nutty ideas usually turn into recipe flops. :(

    Oh, I finally made your pizzert!!!!! Sooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    1. I tried to leave you a comment, but it wouldn’t let me! Here’s my comment: Awwww you are so freakin sweet! And ohmigosh it’s too funny that you made a gluten-free version, because I *just* made one too, with brown rice flour, that I hope to post soon. Great minds think alike?
      Yours looks so delicious… and I definitely won’t judge you for eating all the veggies. Can’t let them go to waste, now can we? 😉

      1. Great minds do think alike! :)
        Your comment is amazingly sweet, Katie (just like you!) Reading it made my day!
        That’s so weird that it wouldn’t let you leave a comment. Did the comments not appear at all, or did the problem occur when you were trying submit it?

        1. Might be my internet connection. It’s been off and on due to the snow/ice :(.

          1. I just changed something on my blog so it might work now (unless it is the internet – my internet has been down some today too :( ) If you get a chance to see if it works, I would really appreciate it! But if you’re too busy, I understand that too! :)

  7. Albizia says:

    Considering the fact that I’m nuts, I sure have a lot of nutty ideas :) . But I don’t have a treadmill so I can’t help with that. I’m not even a runner, I just walk most of the time. This morning however, the temperature was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (why don’t you people use centigrade??? I already learned lbs and feet but I still can’t get used to this) when I went out for a walk and to avoid freezing I started running. It really helped me avoid crystalization 😀 .

    1. Ugh I totally agree with you. Centigrade makes MUCH more sense!!! Why we Americans have to be difficult, I do not know!

  8. I watch the strangest things while on the treadmill!! My favorite is cooking shows. I worked out to Julia Child once. Best workout ever. lol

  9. yes i have a treadmill… its great for now but i’m slowly starting to go crazy. i need spring! and its frreeezing here. currently an ice storm happening outside :(

  10. Mmmm…what a great bfast!!!

    It is not cold here at all, actually it was abnormally warm! Like 75* the past couple days…You need to come to Florida missy!

    1. Please don’t give me any more incentive to come. I already have one foot out the door! (Or I would if it weren’t so darned cold here!)

      1. Kelly Michelle says:

        you are welcome to visit me down here too :)

  11. Ilana says:

    Our weather is disgusting. It snowed yesterday, which turned into freezing rain, which turned into just rain, and now everything outside is covered with a thin layer of ice and its impossible to go anywhere. I couldn’t get to class this morning because I couldn’t get down the street to the bus. If *I* can’t walk, I don’t want to be in a moving vehicle!
    But…I woke up wanting a smoothie too! I had a really schitzophrenic one with everything I found in my fridge thrown in – spinach, cuke, a banana, coconut water, lemon, ginger, AmazingGrass, protein powder, cinnamon … I got a little blender-happy, you know? I just kept wanting to throw more stuff in.

    1. ahahahahaha me too! Something catches my eye, and I’m like, “This’d be good in there!” Spinach? Good. Berries? Good. Refried beans? Oops, I took it too far ;).

  12. it is SO cold over here, after over a week of higher temps too so it’s extra bittersweet. obviously, I had a HOT bowl of oats for breakfast, nothing crazy like you ;).

  13. donna says:

    My nutty idea was to go off to a cold place for college, where I knew no one and was far away from home for the first time. It was awful! I transferred back to a college closer to home this year, and I’m much happier.

    Off to check out this new nut butter tab!

  14. Amy says:

    Love your blog!!
    Where i am we have caught the edge of the storm from Texas. Snows flying everywhere!!! and its -20 :(
    another treadmill run for me
    To make it more interesting i change the speeds and incline as i go, and fun music is a must!!

    1. What did we do before ipods?!

      1. Kat says:

        Oh, I don’t know – running on a treadmill carrying a big old ghetto boombox on your shoulder WOULD be a handy, time-efficient way of combining cardio and resistance training! 😉 (You might get kicked out of the gym for disturbing the peace though…)

      2. Eric Jaffa says:

        People used to listen to tapes and analog-radio with headphones.

  15. i dread treadmills. i also feel like a hamster and get so distracted by the people around me and the buttons flashing at me on the machine!

  16. Tulika says:

    Smoothies kind of do sound great despite freezing cold temperatures…I totally understand! Usually when I’m on the treadmill I watch food network or cooking shows. It definitely motivates, hahaha.

  17. I have always hated the dreadmill, but have finally come around to it this year. The difference? Hills and intervals. They make it so much more interesting!

    I heart almond butter!! And your gingerbread butter sounds amazing!

    1. Melissa says:

      +1 I also HATE the dreadmill (and I call it the dreadmill, too, IRL) I started doing HIIT/speedwork on my short training run days. I can handle up to an hour on the dreadmill, then I start wanting to gnaw my own wrists open.

      Luckily the Metrodome is finally open to runners again (the roof collapsed during SNOWMEGGEDON a couple months ago) and I’ve been rearranging my marathon training so I can do my long runs in the dome one of the two days it’s open for us – at the Dome it’s only 2.5 laps to a mile and warm. 😉 Plus, SO many fellow runners that it feels crackling with race day energy rather than workout drudgery. Very cool! Except I got so excited by the mood and so pumped that I ran *really fast* for my first two miles and then sort had to feel like death the last 6. Hah.

      I managed to get outside twice last week for my 8 miler and a 3.5 miler. This week, though, it’s COLD like whoa in MN. I think it’s dome/dreadmill for me! I hate it but it’s not worth getting sick or injured to avoid monotony.

  18. Lisa C. says:

    I hear you on the UGLY!
    I would say it’s ugly everywhere, but I hear Florida is missing out on the rest of the US’s pain. Wish I were there. Or wish I were at your house for some of that gingerbread butter! Maybe not the spinach ice cream, though ;).

  19. Lauren says:

    I cannot convince myself to run outside in the winter, especially with the foot of new snow we got. I can bear the treadmill if I change the speed and do intervals or switch up the incline. It’s a great workout, and it helps me from getting miserably bored.

  20. ahahah my number 1 beat the boredom strategy is INTERVAL training! you are so worried and caught up with changing the speed every minute that time literally FLIES by!

  21. Jennifer JCD says:

    You already know how cold it gets up here. And yes, I still venture out in -30C/-22F all the time. That’s normal for us. I’ll even run in those temperatures as long as the wind isn’t blowing and the roads have been cleared.

    Treadmill, never. I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it. I hate how when I run on a treadmill I get static shocks in my ears from my ear buds – ouch. That, and it’s boring!! The indoor track is a hair better, but I still never go there because it’s still boring. I’d rather run outside in -30C with some scenery and some running buddies.

    As for nutty ideas, I’m full of them. First, I run outside in -30C… which probably earns me a hundred nutty points right there. I also try to add nuts to everything – peanut butter in a stir fry or stirred into quinoa is quite yummy. And then there’s the really random stuff my head can generate…

    1. Woah, -22? Ok, you’re insane! I wish I had your tolerance for… pain!

  22. Alyson says:

    Ohhh Katie, your nutty ideas make me giggle. :) I feel the same way about running on treadmills though! I can usually find workouts that will like alternate speeds, inclines, etc., but even those can be a real drag</strong sometimes… Usually whenever I’m faced with the fated dreadmill, I just plug into music, try not to think about the fact that I’m not really getting anywhere, and go with the runner’s high that comes afterward. :) If anyone else has killer treadmill ideas that help fight the “dreadmill blues” I’d be really stoked to hear them!
    Also, although we got like the greater amount of snow in Michigan in Grand Rapids, I still found a smoothie absolutely delectable, unfortunately I realized that my Magic Bullet was not clean (*gasp*) and had to go with a really hearty bowl of oats. :) Nothing wrong with them either! 😉
    Much love chica! Stay warm!!!

    1. I’m with you! I try to just turn my mind away from reality when I’m on that thing. Looking at the time or any other numbers just makes it drag out longer!

  23. Ohhh my goodness, it is freezing here!! We have a snow day though, thank goodness:)

    Sesame Street keeps me company on the dreadmill, too, girl! Who said it was just for kids anyways?;)

  24. I had a smoothie too, it’s one of the only breakfasts that has appealed to me lately!

    We’re getting ~24 inches of snow between yesterday and Thursday. :(

  25. VeggieGirl says:

    My nutty ideas aren’t as delicious as yours! 😀

  26. Dana says:

    I use to run on a treadmill all the time–not a fan anymore! treadmill=torture


  27. Gen says:

    Its definitely not cold here! Want me to send some sunshine your way? =D
    One of my nutty ideas:
    “Sure its raining outside, the streets are flooded, and there are tons of people and traffic, but I think I’ll go the bread store to get some nice, fresh bread”.

    1. YES PLEASE!!! I’ll pay you in cookies :).

  28. Eric Jaffa says:

    Do you know how many minutes you were “running in place for over eight miles” this morning?

    1. A little over an hour. Hehe I’m fast :).

  29. Marina says:

    It’s cold here, but not so awful as in the States!
    Yeah, treadmill…well, I think shows on tv can help. And changing speeds and incline

  30. Namaste Gurl says:

    I can’t stand the treadmill, I’d much prefer running or walking outside any day! I get bored within minutes of being on the treadmill; however when I run or walk outside, I could stay out there for hours! Can’t help you with the boredom part…..

  31. Katie says:

    I also just drank a smoothie for breakfast, and it’s negative 17 degrees here! Brrr…the temps forced me to hit the treadmill – although I don’t really mind it all that much. :-)

    1. Ick! Hugs!! -5 is bad enough for me. I’d turn into a snowman in -17 :-?.

  32. oooh a nut butter tab!? me likey.

    treadmill stay-interested tips? intervals! that’s all i can really think of. that, and amazing music. depending on how fast u run, magazines!?

    ps sesame street is amazing. at any age.

  33. Christina says:

    Is there snow where I am? Yes. Lots and lots and lots of it…

    Nigel romping around just outside our front door:

  34. I believe it’s 5 below where I live, which is why I’ll be staying inside.

    I do like running on the treadmill, although when the weather’s nice I much prefer running outside. I do like the controlled incline, time and speed on the treadmill, however.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have an answer to all your questions!

    Yes, it is very cold here in Chicago. We just got two feet of snow! Goodness, me!

    Yes, I do run on the treadmill! In fact, I just ran on the treadmill about 3 hours ago!

    Yes, I often get nutty ideas. Some are crazy (nutty) and some are quite literally NUTTY, like when I spontaneously made honey-walnut butter two days ago and FELL IN LOVE. It’s delicious spread on my favorite vegan whole grain bread with some strawberry jam and bitter black coffee — mmmm. Breakfast!

    1. Alexandra says:

      oops — I forgot to fill out my info!

      ^that comment was me!

      1. Mmm walnut butter is amazing! I’ve never made my own, though. What a fun idea!

  36. Alyssa says:

    Is it cold where I am?? Um how about this, “feels like -45!!!!!” Can you believe that! It was -17 yesterday and again today in balmy Colorado Springs! I definitely haven’t run outside. The forecasters said you can get frostbite within 10 minutes of having exposed skin outside!

    I do run on treadmills because I have limited time to workout and doing loops in this weather can be precarious. Not to mention I have lots of stomach issues with Celiac disease and tend to perform better when near a toilet :-) If my treadmill doesn’t have a TV, I have to play games with myself to enjoy my workout in the least bit…I feel your pain!

    1. Are you serious?!? Holy coldness! I’d be on the first plane to Hawaii!

  37. Nutty ideas? Daily.

    Sorry, my running days are long past … you’ll have to stay on that treadmill without me :)

  38. Yes, it is very cold where I am. Windy, icy, AWFUL. Sorry I have no treadmill advice for you; I HATE the treadmill, too.

    1. Poor treadmill… doesn’t seem to have many friends! 😉

  39. Kathleen says:

    For me, actually, I do better on a treadmill. I can push myself more and I enjoy it. :) I get you on how you feel like you’re not going anywhere though. :)

  40. I am all about nutty ideas! I love the crazy side of my food brain. I hate the treadmill, so as much as I would hate to be out in the cold, it is a way better option than the hamster wheel! Stay warm today!

    1. You definitely have some awesome nutty ideas! I have so many of your recipes bookmarked!

  41. So crazy because it is WARM in NC today! It was in the high 60’s when I was driving home from the gym this morning. It was so warm that I put the top down on my car! Crazy to think that so many other people are having a snow day today.

  42. I’ll be visiting the new nut butter round-up often! Great idea!

    We’re having more nasty weather here in Boston… it’s never-ending, and I’m so sick of it! I’ve had to resort to the treadmill too. I used to listen to music, but I’m loving podcasts recently. It makes the time go by much faster for me!

  43. Its not THAT cold over here, thank goodness!! All my Texas friends have been complaining about it – I feel bad for yall!

    And I do run on the treadmill sometimes.. with good music, its not bad at all. But I would NEVER run on it if I didnt actively want to. That would be too tortuous…

    1. Yeah! We’re not used to this!!

  44. Mandiee says:

    I’m planning any icy smoothie for a pre-yoga snack later today, too. I must have my seasons mixed up because it is STILL snowing here and very chilly. Ah, the perks of living in the Midwest… as long as I’m able to go to hot yoga, though, I think I’ll be nice and toasty. Unfortunately, I don’t have any treadmill running tips for you because I’m not a runner (though I’ve heard intervals are good for boredom), but I can recommend something else when the weather prevents you from going outside: try switching up your routine by doing yoga, pilates, or something else you can find online. It’ll keep your workout routine interesting and fun!

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Ooh hot yoga sounds heavenly right now… and I don’t normally even like hot yoga!

  45. Lyza says:

    We are in the middle of a double digit in inches snow storm right now where I live…The snow keeps on pouring and pouring, and there’s at least 10 on the ground by now. So crazy! :)

    You are so healthy…working out, even when you’re indoors and it’s cold! That’s definitely something I need to be doing it.

    LOVE gossipgirl. In fact, watching it right now. :) Take care!

    1. Oh haha I definitely have my lazy days! No treadmill today; I slept in and am still in my pjs! :)

  46. I live in Northern Missouri, so I’ve had a snow day since Monday. It’s been awesome! Lol. I think we’ve gotten 1/8 in. of ice, 7 in. of snow, and an actual temperature is a high of 8F and a low of -10F (actual!). Honestly, though. I don’t mind winter. In fact, I could live in Canada if it wasn’t for the fact that I love the Ozarks so much. :)

    I also hate running on treadmills. I get so BORED. At least when you run outside you can see all the scenery passing you by. I think time/miles go by sooo much faster that way.

  47. It’s freezing here!!! We just got 2 feet of snow over night – it’s absolutely insane!!

  48. Lauren @ Hungry Dancer says:

    I can’t believe you tried to run in that crazy snow!!!! That is some dedication right there!! I think most of the things I do are a little nutty…but that makes life fun!!

    1. I tried… but gave up after 5 minutes lol. My nose was almost frozen off!

  49. Mel says:

    I hate the treadmill and have 0 attention span on it. I will walk or do HIIT running on it, but that’s about all. I’ll use the adaptive motion trainer on “run” before I’ll run on the treadmill.

    I had planned on running outside this morning, until I saw that at 4:45 it was 16. I am opting to workout at the gym this evening instead

  50. Kat says:

    Is that -5 Fahrenheit or -5 Centigrade?! (Sorry, I’m in the UK and not used to these mad American fahrenheity ways!!) If -5 FAHRENHEIT, then you are truly as nutty as a peanut practising synchronised swimming with a hazelnut, a walnut and a pecan in a large sea of almond butter!!! (Er… as they obviously quite frequently do…) I’m not surprised you were forced to face the horrors of The Dreadmill! :O

    I hate running on treadmills, I read a tip once though that, since there’s almost always a sign of some sort up on/near to the treadmill (e.g. “In peak times only use for 20 minutes” or whatever), what you can do is use that as a sort of springboard for various word games, i.e. think of a vegetable that begins with each letter on the sign (which would hardly be a challenge for you hehe!) or make up a story with each word beginning with those letters, or try to make as many words as you can from the letters in the words etc. etc. etc. Not suuuuuuper fascinating, I know, but better than staring blankly forward with dead eyes and counting how many times you can repeat the sentence “I WANT TO DIE!!!” in your head before you give up and throw yourself off the treadmill and out through the window just to break the tedium (er, just me?), right?!

    1. Ooo thanks for the fun idea! I love imagination games :). Anything to keep my mind away from “how many minutes left on this darned contraption?”

      -5 was F. But I agree that we Americans need to give up our ridiculous ego thing and switch to metrics! It’s much more sensible!

  51. I hate treadmills!! I have always said this and every time I give one a try again…I feel like a hamster/wheel…OR worse, I injure myself. Something about my stride/gait and the way I hit the belt, I always throw off my knees and ankles on them so I have learned to skip them.

    And am very fortunate, like you, that San Diego doesnt get too may ‘cant just go outside and go for a walk/run’ kind of days! :) But it’s suppppppper windy here today!

  52. Jos says:

    LOL, I hate treadmill! Just like you said, it makes me feel like a hamster running around in that little circle thing…haha..glad I’m not the only one think that way.

    It’s been pretty chilly here in So. Cal as well..pretty windy and cold.

    another good cardio hmm maybe jumping rope? hehe

  53. HAHA I already new about your nut butter page. Because I go to your recipes tab daily and drool over everything, and immediately noticed the change yesterday! 😛

    I run on treadmills quite a lot now for speeeedwork and my only advice is intervals and/or TV! I love watching Criminal Minds while I run! The scary bits make me run faster! 😀

  54. I am so surprised y’all have snow in TX! I am in Charotte, NC and today is partly sunny skies and a high of 65! (I hope saying that out loud doesn’t make me hated…)

    And I agree with you! I always feel like a hamster on a treadmill… I just can’t make myself do it! I’m impressed that you were able to get 8 miles down! I can hardly even do 2 minutes. If i’m doing cardio inside, it’s some form of cross training. Me and treadmills just don’t mix too well…

  55. Raquel says:

    ARGH! This weather! I thankfully left work early Monday night, and got home 10 minutes before the sleet started (Yikes!). Got a touch of cabin fever even though I’m happy for the days off from work. What was funny yesterday was watching people drive down my street and get stuck on the slight incline that heads into the next block. There was a couple of boys who live on the corner who kept helping people get unstuck. I told them they should charge everyone, lol! I wasn’t trying to be mean, but I seriously couldn’t fathom driving over ice yesterday. Today…like a said, a touch of cabin fever. Thank goodness for the internet!

    1. I tried to go out to the store… went like 5mph :-/.

      1. Raquel says:

        I ended up giving in and going to. tried to walk at first, but the wind cut right through me. So me and one of my sisters braved it. We drove about the same speed as you!

  56. I would totally watch Sesame Street while on the treadmill, lol! 😉

    1. It’s surprisingly fun to watch, right? 😉

  57. Rachael says:

    Jumping on the cold train, though the NC high country isn’t getting hit nearly as badly as folks in climes further north. My fidelity to long underwear and my down comforter is absolute.
    I tend to run on treadmills or trails – my knees can’t handle pavement. I’ll take a trail any day, but the convenience of running indoors also factors in, especially in -20 windchill!

  58. Kate says:

    I live in North Texas and find this weather so insane! It isn’t even the cold that bothers me, but the ice. I ran about 2 miles outside before I had enough of slipping on the roads. Luckily my neighbours don’t mind me running on their lawns:)

    I don’t have a treadmill so -5 degrees or not, I am outside running!

    1. And in Tx, they don’t know how to use rock salt, which makes it even worse! We’re not prepared for this!

      1. Raquel says:

        That’s for sure! :(

  59. I run on a treadmill most of the times that I run. I’m not a fan of the bumpy old sidewalks in my neighborhood, and if I’m outside, I’d rather be on my bike. I run on the treadmill at my gym and my iPod and the gym TVs keep me entertained….but I’m very easily amused.

  60. I love smoothies, but when I drink them on a cold day, I get so cold that my fingernails turn blue!

    I hate treadmills, but they’re a necessary evil sometimes. If I have to, I’ll run on them, but mostly for speedwork. I ran 17 miles outside when it was almost 90 degrees, and my sister suggested I use the treadmill instead. You know I hate running on a treadmill when I’d rather almost die of heatstroke than run on it!

  61. Teresa says:

    Haha, I love the nutty theme! Well here in Santa Monica we’re living up to our “Sunny Southern California” reputation. It’s been in the high 60’s/ low 70’s. I went for a run on the beach this morning and the sun was beating down strongly on me! Come visit and we can run on the beach all day!

    Wish I had treadmill advice, but I hate that damned contraption! My best advice really is to do something else instead, like jump rope, yoga, pilates, hiit, or any sort of video you may have (kickboxing, martial arts, etc). I’m sending you some sun!!!!

    1. Wow, I am soooo jealous! California is like my dream place to live. When I get the $$ to afford it, I am so moving there! Then I’ll come visit you!

  62. I just got my treadmill out of the basement and moved to my apartment.. I watch super duper cheesy Netflix while I’m on it or I listen to really cheesy fun music or sometimes metal if I’m in a certain kind of mood..

  63. Everyone is a little nutty:)
    I do run on a treadmill, but I hate it. It just started to snow here, but isn’t nearly as bad as in other parts of the country.

  64. Ashley C says:

    I HATE TREADMILLs!!!! They kill all my joints but i love the elliptical, i can get lost on that thing for hours. All i need is a few good episodes of my favorite show and big powerade and maybe a piece of gum. Then when i think i cant do anymore I powerblast some rap music and really pump myself up for the last 20 minutes.

  65. Is that a pool I see through your window?!!?

    Yes it is FREEZING today. The windchills are suppose to reach -30 tonight. WTF??? haha. I do run on the treadmill but thats only because I don’t want to freeze into an ice sculpture outside. I have this weird thing withi elipticals…I feel like I’m just bouncing and not actually working out. My max is 4.5 miles though…and that’s IF I’m watching the Food Network!

    1. Hehe yes, it’s a pool… not getting much use now, I can tell you that!!

  66. Edwina says:

    It’s so weird listening to everyone in America talk of snow and minus temps when in Australia we just had 4 days ranging from 35 – 43 degrees Celsius. I had to run at 6 on Sunday morning just to beat the heat and it was still 27 degrees before the sun had risen! It never snows here in Adelaide, although in winter it can get down to 5 degrees or so on really really cold nights. But never snow.
    Btw I’m pressed by your 8 miles. I’m currently trying to build up to that, I’m at 5 at the moment (actually I measure in kilometers but I’m getting used to miles from all the American blogs I read!)

    1. Can I come visit you in Australia? I’ve always wanted to go!! And this icy weather is just depressing! Summer sounds so good… :)

      1. Edwina says:

        Of course you can! Although at the end of an Australian heatwave (last year we had 6+ days at 40 degrees and over) you get a bit sick of heat and air con and want a cool breeze! However I’ve always equated snow with fun (I’ve only seen snow when going skiing) but I can imagine icy roads + running is NOT fun.
        But anyway ou should definitely come to Australia! It is an awesome country :)

        1. Ugh, Texas gets that hot in the summer too. It’s not fun… although right now I’d take that heat over the ice and cold!

  67. Jessica says:

    Ooh girl, I heart your nutty ideas :)

    Even though it’s the middle of winter, you’ve got me craving a smoothie! Mmm, creamy delicious fruit-tastic glory. hahah with spinach of course!

  68. T says:

    Gingerbread butter and strawberries?! YUM

    It is crazy cold in Berlin, but a smoothie sounds good from my end too… crazy vegans

  69. It’s very windy/cold where I am! We only got rain, no snow :(

    Speaking of nutty ideas, I have this really nutty habit of only going to Costco to buy the HUGE jar of Maranatha almond butter!! I made a special trip last night to replenish my stash and am currently eating my second bowl of oatmeal (with AB of course) of the day!

  70. bitt says:

    I love the treadmills at the gym that have TVs hooked up because the time just flies by when you watch and speedwalk (I’m not a runner anymore, sadly).

    And yes I have a few nutty ideas each day. Thank goodness I don’t act on all of them.

  71. BroccoliHut says:

    I have a lot of experience with treadmill running–I’ve managed to live in places where running outside on the streets is not optimal. Anyway, I keep myself entertained with the morning news and people-watching:)

  72. Disturbed says:

    It was freezing here today, but this weekend it was amazing and in the 60s.
    I run on the treadmill, but I can’t stand it. I really should stop running on it, and I am going to try and stop and just run/walk outside for enjoyment.
    Hmmm, I get nutty ideas all the time when it comes to food. It almost always works out though.

  73. Tricia says:

    Try watching tv while you run on the treadmill. Entertains me lol. And thank you for all the nutty ideas! I’m in love with nut butters of all kinds 😛

  74. I need to get a treadmill, because running/walking is nearly impossible with two little ones and a hubby who is rarely home before dark! I’ve been scouring Craig’s List, but nothing promising yet..keep your fingers crossed.

    My tip-read!

  75. It’s colder than what it was a few days ago by about 20*, but it’ll warm up again soon so no worries. :) And crazy craving like a smoothie in winter are totally fine! Hey, your body craves what it’s just not always on the same seasonal clocks as everyone else. 😉

  76. Your smoothie reminded me of my conversation with my aunt. She just started making similar smoothies, but she uses kale, spinach, frozen fruit, a banana, and coconut water. Have you ever used coconut water??

    1. I loooooove coconut water! But after trying some straight from the coconut, the pre-packaged stuff just doesn’t compare.
      I’ve never tried it in a smoothie, though. What a great idea!

  77. Hannah says:

    It’s super hot where I am! Think 105 degrees. So I’ve been pretty much living on raw vegan truffles from my freezer, because at least they’re cold 😀

    1. Normally, 105 is too hot for me (it gets that way here in the summers). But right now I’m so cold I’ll take it!! 😉

  78. i like your blog. it is unique and interesting. i have a very difficult time running on a treadmill b/c it seems like time stands still and my workout, in turn, seems never-ending. when i do the treadmill i like to listen to podcasts. one of my favorites is ryan seacrest. i get caught up in his interviews and before i know it i am finished. :) hope that helps you!

    1. Haha I’ll have to try it! Thanks!

  79. Angie says:

    I always pop in a dvd of friends when running and have my ipod on hand! Friends is such a great show and I love to run and watch it while on the treadmill

  80. When it’s -5° I even don’t go out to buy bread or milk :) so- hooray for the treadmills (in winter time only) 😉
    I am very fond of smoothies too, but what I liked more is your gingerbread+strawberries. Yummy! definitely have to try it.

  81. Lori says:

    Totally agree with you on the treadmill. So much that I refer to it as the “dreadmill”. It has been really cold in Austin too, and even though I am from Canada and used to run in much worse weather, I have no desire too! The only way I can stand running on the dreadmill is if I do intervals or HIIT. I have to constantly change it up!
    Stay warm! My kids are really hoping for snow and it sure feels like it out there!

  82. that nut butter looks yummy

  83. Kianni says:

    *randomness and very late*
    but- you used a boba straw for your smoothie? Lol.

    1. lol yup! I got them at the Asian market. Love those things. You can drink reeeeaally thick smoothies from them :).