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Watermelon Ice Cream

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“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.” –Mark Twain

Watermelon Boy!

Some of y’all might remember Whole Foods Boy.

But I only referred to him as Whole Foods Boy on the blog. In real life, I gave him the nickname of Watermelon Boy, because he could eat an entire watermelon at one time. Therefore, if you ever still read my blog, WF Boy, this recipe is for you!


As a vegan and a healthy eater, I get a ton of veggies in my diet. But I don’t actually eat much fruit. (Maybe only 1-2 servings per day?) I adore fruit—especially summer-fresh fruit—but I never eat a ton of it at one time because it’s so sweet. I guess my lack of sweet tooth extends to naturally-sweetened foods too. And fruit as dessert?

I’d rather have chocolate!

Or fruit and chocolate, like in my Chocolate-Raspberry Frosting.

If given a choice between (vegan) ice cream and sorbet, I’ll pick the ice cream every time. Except yesterday… About a week ago, one of my friends cut up a super-huge watermelon and gave me a container to take home. I ate some of it fresh, but was afraid the rest would go bad before I had a chance to finish it all. So I froze it. Then, yesterday afternoon, I made the most delicious sorbet! (You can also turn it into ice cream.)


Watermelon Ice Cream

  • 2 cups cubed watermelon, frozen
  • 2 fresh mint leaves (you can omit if you don’t have any)
  • Optional: feel free to add sweetener if you want a sweeter sorbet
  • Optional: if you don’t have a high-powered blender, add a little milk of choice or juice right before blending, so your blender can handle it. The result won’t be ice-cream-like, but it’ll still be a delicious slushie!

Thaw your watermelon a little, so your blender can handle it. Then blend everything together. I opted for sorbet this time, but if you’d rather have ice cream, simply freeze a little milk of choice along with the watermelon cubes. (For a rich, ice-cream-like consistency, use canned coconut milk.)

For presentation tips, see: How to make it look like ice cream.

Do you like fruity desserts, such as sorbet?

I love to throw fruit into recipes, such as my Blueberry Pie Pancakes.

I also like it in oatmeal or paired with my vegan whipped cream.  And although I don’t often crave fruity desserts, I do eat fresh fruit every day, as part of pre-run breakfast.Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruits, because it’s only good when it is very fresh.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. MMM, Katie this ice cream looks so yummy and refreshing! It screams summer! Love it. :)

  2. Jessica says:

    Katie, your photos are SO awesome. Can you please please do a “photography tips” post? :) :)

    1. I’m actually working on one! :)

  3. Surely I thought you’d add some chocolate chips! 😉

    1. LOL I dunno… would chocolate-watermelon be a good combination? Why hasn’t anyone tried it before??? Or maybe they have, and I just haven’t heard about it… now I want to try it!

      1. Berta says:

        The best ice cream/sorbet I ever had was in Rome in 1970. It was real watermelon with mini chocolate chips. Delicious! I’ve wanted to duplicate it ever since.

  4. Amazing!! this really is genius :)

  5. Lisa Fine says:

    This definitely counts as a recipe.

    Hmm…I think I may have to buy more watermelon to make some of this sorbet, and to do some experimenting. Thanks!

  6. I love fruit…. I am actually trying to cut back and add more veggies and less fruit!

  7. Lisa C says:

    Oh wow, I want some! Bookmarking this recipe. I feel like I need to go grocery shopping every single day because I ALWAYS want to make what you post that day!

  8. Freya says:

    Aah I like adding xanthan gum to blended watermelon – it turns into mousse!
    Yep, I eat LOADS of fruit! I’m averaging about 2 bananas, 3 apples and countless berries every day atm! But in winter / autumn, I’m more a veg girl. The veg I love is all root veggies, so they’re hard to get in summer :(

    1. Sarahishealthy says:

      Me too! Love my fruit!

  9. Sarahishealthy says:

    omg omg aljailkndxz,mzn:LKM;lM it’s so pretty! I need to buy some watermelon… and get a vita-mix :(. Thanks ffor always giving a variation for those of us who have cr*ppy blenders, though. I really appreciate it! And now I’m going to have a watermelon slushie for snack today :).

  10. This looks amazing!! I love sorbet. I just bought a bunch of Blood Orange sorbet from my supermarket. It’s by Ciao Bella and is AMAZING.

  11. This looks great! I have been loving mint lately – it’s so nice and refreshing, I bet it’s great in Watermelon Ice Cream!

  12. Tricia says:

    Ah! I love watermelon! And yes, i eat tons of fruit simply because it’s such an easy snack!

  13. I love the idea of a watermelon slushie with almond milk. Yum!!

  14. Beautifully simple Katie :)

    I love fruit – I have no trouble getting two to four servings a day. I have it with my oatmeal, yoghurt, almond butter, or just on its own as a snack. I like fruity desserts too but like you I much prefer chocolate!

  15. I love watermelon flavor but I never actually buy it..a whole watermelon usually goes bad by the time I get through it and I’ve had several nasty-textured pieces that have scarred me for life! The sorbet version sounds super yummy though, even though like you I usually roll with a chocolatey dessert when I want a sweet fix!

    1. Agreed! Un-ripe watermelon is awful… and it’s hard to tell, before tasting, if it’ll be good or not :(

  16. Lenna says:

    Great idea! I love watermelon, I also could eat a whole melon in one sitting, as “your” WF boy :) But I love any kind of fruit, I eat maybe 10 servings a day. It is strange, because I don´t like sweets and I don´t enjoy sweet taste very much. I like chocolate when it has almost 100 percent cocoa content, so it is more bitter than sweet. And I never add artificial sweeteners and such. But fruit is a must for me. I need it for breakfast, snacks, after dinner… :)

  17. Sam says:

    Mmm. I have a wedge of watemelon in the fridge right now but I’m not sure I will finish it! May need to make this to amend that :)

  18. Liza says:

    During most of the year, I don’t eat that much fruit, maybe 2/day, but in the summer I crave it! Blueberries, grapes, oranges, and melon… ooo I need some melon in my life. I like certain sorbets but sometimes they are too sweet!

  19. Jess says:

    I eat a minimum of three servings of fruit a day. I try not to go over that most days, but some times (like now with all the amazing summer fruit) it’s hard to not eat tons of fruit! I don’t think I could ever eat too much watermelon :)

  20. I love fruits and can eat an ENTIRE watermelon at a time, like Lenna! I did it once before. It hurt my tummy though. Watermelon’s always been my favourite fruit, along with blueberries and strawberries 😀
    Thanks for the sorbet! I can imagine how delicious it tastes already 😀

  21. LizAshlee says:

    What a great idea..watermelon! I luv fruit and eat a lot of it…currently, I am enjoying blueberries (plump ones of course:), apples, and I have a couple pears to snack on also! Oh, I also bananas quite often in my smoothies!

    Have a fabulous day!

  22. Travis says:

    Sounds great!!! I will make this for July 4th weekend! Can’t wait!!!

  23. Looks good, and you inspire me every day! Good work!
    I do eat quite a bit of fruit. At least two servings a day, usually three’ish. I should eat more berries though, one problem, they are expensive!

  24. tea-bag says:

    oh my, i eat so much watermelon! i ate 1/2 of a huge one all by myself on my birthday! (and i’ve eaten a whole one in one day) this recipe is dangerous for me! :)

  25. Watermelon=summer in my mind. Is there really anything better than ice cold, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day?!

  26. Jennifer says:

    Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits of all time! Actually, I love all fruits. My friends at work used to joke about “grape time” and “apple time” and “pear time” because at some point every morning one (or more) of those would be broken out of hiding.

  27. I was just thinking about how I haven’t been eating much fruit! But now that it’s summer I’m craving things like watermelon and strawberries. I wish I had a Vita, but I’m bookmarking this so I can tweak it for my ice cream maker!

    As far as my desserts, though, chocolatey and indulgent all the way :)

  28. Watermelon is the BEST. We get them at the Farmers Market and always ask the producer to pick out the one he/she would take home to eat. I love watermelon sorbet! Our local frozen yogurt place had watermelon sorbet for a few weeks, and it tasted so pure and simple it was amazing.

  29. Amber K says:

    I love fruit, but I HATE sorbet. It’s much too icy. I prefer my cold treats smooth and creamy.

  30. I might affectionally call myself “Watermelon Girl”… no big deal. 😉

  31. Anna Crouch says:

    you’re hilarious!! When i read that you don’t eat much fruit, I was like “hmm, really?” And then I read that “not much” meant only 1-2 servings I was FLOORED!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably eat like 5-6 servings of fruit a day!!! haha so “not much” in my mind was like at least 3-4. LOL I just don’t understand that!! I gotta have my sweet fruits everyday, multiple times a day. hahaha But it balances out, because i do eat less veggies than you, probably. More than 1-2. But still :)

  32. Silly as it may sound, I used to forget to eat fruit! I’ve now gotten into in a big way. Just brought home a watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple. I cut them all up and have them ready in the fridge to use at will. Since fruit is now Free on Weight Watchers (I am a Lifetime Member at Goal!) it has become my best friend.

  33. Val says:

    I LOVE fruit. Could it eat with EVERYTHING!!! or on it own. Yum. Ita especially delish wig chocolate

  34. I think I probably eat too much fruit. I just love it! :-) This looks like a great way to use up a watermelon!

  35. Lisa says:

    so weird! i JUST saw a post for a watermelon mint ice cream shake right before I clicked here! haha. that looks delicious tho, i LOVE watermelon sherbet. In fact, I love sherbet in general. I prefer it over ice cream!! :)

    1. LOL I was curious as to what you were talking about… then I click on tastespotting and see a beautiful watermelon float/shake! Wow!

  36. michelle says:

    So pretty. This would make such a refreshing dish to serve after a spicy curry.

  37. Gen says:

    Yummy! That looks delicious!! I eat tons of fruits and veggies every day! 😀

  38. Yum- I eat quite a lot of fruit I think- especially in the summer when it is warm and all the fruit is fresh.
    I broke my blender last year on frozen watermelon! I prob would cut it into tiny cubes before freezing to help it along. I make a similar thing jut using frozen raspberries and it is amazing- just like sorbet but with no sugary syrup.

  39. Sarah says:

    This looks lovely! Imagine the fruity possibilities .. it doesn’t have to just stop with H2O melon! I bet raspberry pomegranate would be ridic.

    1. Someone on twitter just told me she was going to do pineapple (with coconut milk). Yours sounds incredible too!

  40. Oh this looks so delicious! I’m not even that big of a watermelon fan but I love that it is so simple and without any yucky preservatives! All of these ice cream recipes make me REALLY want a vita mix but they are so expensive! Any other ones that you would recommend??

    1. Magic Bullet!
      Obviously, it’s nowhere NEAR as powerful as a Vita. And so it can’t make ice cream like this. But what it can do is make clean-up a breeze! I love how easy it is to clean… just pop it in the dishwasher :). I use that more than my Vita-Mix!

    2. Lorin says:

      You can get a food processor and I think that will work the same. I’m trying it tonight with my new processor, but it’s way cheaper than a vitamix.

  41. Emily says:

    This is so pretty! :)

  42. Oc Ziegler says:

    Stunning photography as always Katie :)
    This looks so great! Watermelon is one of my all time favorite fruits!

  43. I love icecream….but I hate watermelon!!! But that’s okay I can easily make this with another fruit and I am sure it will be uber delish!

    1. Maybe pienapple?!
      P.S. I loved your larabar suggestion on twitter… I can only hope larabar is listening ;).

  44. Leslie Paquette says:

    MMM, that looks delicious!! Know that I have a Vitamix I can’t wait to make it. I also buy whole watermelons because they are cheaper and end up eating watermelon 3xday for a week cause I don’t want it to go bad. I froze chunks of honeydew melon recently for the same reason, hmm I wonder if I could make honeydew melon sorbet.

    1. Mmmm yes you can!!! I made that for my mom once last year, when she had a hurt leg and I was her nurse :). She loved it so much that I had to make it every day for two weeks after that!

  45. gahh ive missed my katie!!!!iv had days w/o internet and now im at college for the summer! im so busy!!! btu i can make time fo you!!
    i LOVEEE WATERMELON esp in the summer! this is so refreshing!

    1. Aww you are so sweet!! But seriously, now that you’re in the US, when r we gonna meet up?!? You can ditch class, right? 😉 Maybe not… lol

  46. Ann Claire says:

    I eat so much fruit, like way too much probably. I just can’t stop my self. I figure there are worse things I could OD on though, right?
    And yes I love fruity desserts. Pretty much fruit in any form makes me happy. The watermelon ice cream looks so summery and delicious!

  47. yummmmmmmmm looks so so good! i love this!
    i make this with frozen blueberries thrown in too :) so so good!

  48. Holly says:

    I wonder what it would be like with honeydew? I reeeaaally need to get a vitamix!

    1. Honeydew sorbet is awesome! I made that for my mom once last year, when she had a hurt leg and I was her nurse :) . She loved it so much that I had to make it every day for two weeks after that!

  49. LOVE watermelon…..I love all fruits really, but I’m like you and can’t really eat a ton of it…

  50. Jess says:

    i probably eat more fruits than veggies, for the exact opposite reason. i’m picky about my carrots, and most of the veggies i eat are green beans (haricot vert), green peas, asparagus, potato, kale, collards, spinach, and seaweed. i’ll eat just about any fruit, except cucumber, in particular. i’d pick ice cream an chocolate over fruit though too.

  51. That looks so good! I’d actually let it be more slushy, add watermelon vodka and/or peach schnapps, and call it a day :) It’s that kind of weekend, right?! A holiday!

    Seriously I love watermelon though and have been going to TOWN on it. I swear I post about watermelon at least every 24 hrs on my site. haha!

    And I have thoroughly enjoyed our little photography and talking shop emails. All of it…so true on those sites! Sometimes it’s just one big hair pull! Good thing we have watermelon sorbet/ice cream to fall back on!

    1. Ugh lol yes, hair pull! Watermelon photo straight to page 2 today. I know, I know… a month ago I was complaining to you that they weren’t taking my stuff at all. I just like to complain, I guess ;). And you are such a sweet friend to listen/put up with me!

  52. Moni'sMeals says:

    Lovely! Very creative. I am working on a watermelon rum recipe myself. :)

    I like how refreshing this would be especially for kids.

  53. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!
    I love using watermelon in surprising ways! You may be grossed out by this, but try it (trust me, you won’t regret it):
    Cut up watermelon into chunks and freeze
    Next day, grab some of those chunks and add them + 1 Cup vanilla (unsweetened or sweetened) almond milk
    Add 1tsp vanilla (non alcohol) extract –> optional
    You’ll end up with a watermelon slushy type drink that is seriously refreshing! I used to drink this everyday when I lived in Houston to cool down from that hot, Texas heat.

  54. I just talked about fruit servings on my blog today! I used to eat 3-4 servings a day, but recently, it’s been more like 1-2. I’m not sure whether or not that’s a good thing, but I can’t wait to get home next week to fresh watermelon and berries, two things that, as far as I can tell, are nonexistent in France. 😛

    1. Berries non-existent in France? They must be hoarding them all in Aix en Provence! I had the BEST berries ever when I was there!

  55. Fruit is probably my favorite food group! I eat some at almost every meal and also between meals! I’m not too picky about the fruits I like–the only ones I’ve ever tried that I don’t really like are pears and plums. Watermelon sorbet looks soooooo good, I had some one time at an ice cream place but homemade is even better.

  56. Ragnhild says:

    This looks so refreshing! Kind of reminds me of watermelon smoothe (so good- just water melon + a little limejuice).
    I eat 1-3 fruits a day I think. Sometimes I feel a little bloated when I eat to much, but I usually crave some in the morning:)

  57. Nikita says:

    Yum! I have watermelon cubes in the freezer right now, just waiting to turn into something special. Unfortunately its only about 56 degrees here in Portland and I’m not wanting anything cold!

    1. Eek! Share some of that cold with us, please??? It’s been in the 100s here for the past month :-?. If you gave us 30 degrees, we could both have perfect weather. Promise to think about it? 😉

  58. Charissa says:

    Wow…these pictures are great…the colours and props you used compliment each other perfectly! My mouth is WATERing…because I love WATERMELON! 😉

    1. hehehe you’re so cute, Charissa :)

  59. Michaela says:

    That sounds delicious! And thanks for the guide to supercreamy ice-cream.
    I do eat a lot of fruit, but I do not like super sweet fruits (like grapes and I also do not like eating bananas, I am only using them for milkshakes, baking and your fudge recipes ;)). My favorite would be apples. Followed by mangos and berries!

  60. That looks AMAZING!!!! Katie, I LOVE YOUR FOOD!!!

  61. Pureglow*16 says:

    I love your posts! =) I love watermelon and anything fruity!!!
    I always eat it b4 meals though because fruit digests best on an empty stomach.
    I’m always snacking on fruit during the day!!

  62. BroccoliHut says:

    I defintely have to TRY to eat fruit–I eat so many vegetables naturally, but I have to remember to trade the broccoli for the berries every now and then.

  63. Tara says:

    I tried this as soon as I read the post! I modified it a bit, but I’ll post it on the blog in a few days because it was AWESOME!
    I love fruity desserts! Though it really depends. I would choose homestyle apple pie over flourless chocolate cake, but I would probably choose chocolate over lemon sorbet or something. Or you could just combine the chocolate and the fruit and the world would be in harmony :)

    1. I’m so excited you tried it (or a version anyways)!

  64. Mellie says:

    I wish I had a blender so I could make this! I love fresh fruits, especially in the summer.

  65. Green Groats says:

    What great timing! I have 1/2 of a watermelon in my fridge!!! Score. I WILL make this today :) Thanks Katie.

    I eat way too much fruit. I just can’t get enough of it!

  66. I don’t eat as much fruit as I should but I do like it. But I do have a sweet tooth so that could be why hehe. As for choosing between ice cream and sorbet – it depends what flavour they both are and what I feel like on the day. I’m an equal opportunity sweet eater 😀

    Had a very tasty berry sorbet on top of a mini loaf cookie dough boatmeal last night that was rather nice :) But would have been equally tasty with ice cream instead :)

  67. Leashieloo says:

    I love fruit, especially watermelon. This is perfect for 4th of July weekend!

  68. Rebecca says:

    It looks great and refreshing (minus the mint 😉 ) I adore fruit, sometimes I wonder if I eat too much fruit somedays!

  69. Marissa says:

    I don’t eat very much fruit, sadly! I don’t even know why. Last summer, I ate sooooo much of it, but then I stopped when everything but apples and bananas got crazy expensive over winter… and I just haven’t started eating it like I did last year! Hmm.

    Sadly, I’m allergic to watermelon. :(

    1. That reminds me of my sister, who’s allergic to honeydew! It’s one of my favorite foods. So weird that one sister loves it and the other’s allergic! (I guess it’s good tht I’m not the allergic one.)

  70. shannonmarie says:

    My toddler would eat that by the bowl. Yum!

  71. Abby says:

    This sounds like the perfect summer dessert! :) So light and refreshing!

  72. Kelly says:

    Yum!! Looks so good! How much does it make? Just one serving?

    1. I’d say probably two servings.

  73. Toni Hardy says:

    I LOVE ur blog. I have a super sweet tooth and its hard to give up certain things. I made the watermelon ice cream today with a tweak – added some frozen strawberries in it.

    OMG it is sooo good and I don’t have the guilt or the lactose issue after I eat regular ice cream!

    thank u and keep up the blog please – I am addicted!!

    1. Awwwww Toni, thank you so so so much for such sweet words :).

  74. Elise says:

    Usually I prefer rich and creamy desserts, drinks, or whatever, but my mom brought home half of a watermelon the other day and it just looked so juicy and delicious! So I made this with a little bit of coconut butter. Sooooooooo delicious. I could eat it for days. I freaked out when I got home today because I thought all of the watermelon was gone :(

    1. So glad you tried it! I love your idea to add coconut butter!

  75. Christie says:

    I love your website! Just learned I needed to be on a dairy-free diet about a year ago and have been searching for good recipes ever since. You’ve helped me so much! Can all the ice cream recipes be made in an actual ice cream maker?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried.
      To be honest, I don’t see why not, though!

  76. Rachel Ramey says:

    The great thing about this recipe is that you can eat it when watermelon ISN’T fresh, since you freeze the watermelon first!

  77. Wendy Hill says:

    I love this idea for myself, but for my son who has a life threatening dairy allergy the milk won’t work for him, I am following you on pinterest, can you tell me if you have a recipe for sorbet, or ice cream that doesn’t use regular milk, he can have coconut or almond, but mostly drinks the 8th continent soy…thank you…………oh and I am a BIG chocolate person myself…LOL!!

    1. I guess I’m confused… there’s no milk called for in this recipe.

      Also, ALL of my recipes are vegan, as long as you use a non-dairy form of milk (which I always do, since I’m a vegan).

      1. Wendy Hill says:

        I apologize, I saw the non dairy but for some reason I thought milk, and then stopped reading, if I hadn’t stopped I would have seen the coconut milk………….thank you for this site, I am using so many of these recipes!!

  78. melanie says:

    Made this tonight with watermelon I cubed and froze a month ago. Used my Vitamix, added a little bit of milk (up to the bottom of the blades & not frozen), agave nectar, 2 mint leaves and the frozen watermelon (didn’t defrost it & about 3 cups). Came out DELICIOUS! thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much for making it! :)

  79. rosie_line says:


    Je suis française ( près de Paris ), je découvre ton site. Gourmande, je le colle en favori, j’ y reviendrais à mon retour de vacances, pour essayer tes recettes.

    Merci pour tout, et belle journée.



    I am French (near Paris), I discovered your site. Greedy, I glue favorite, I would return to my return from vacation to try your recipes.

    Thank you for everything, and beautiful day.