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(No Sugar!) Cookie Dough Dip

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. No flour, no sugar, no guilt cookie dough @choccoveredkt

*Super-excited face*

On Friday night, my other cookie dough dip post went viral, with over 2 millions views!

It is crazy!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been sharing it! With so many more people finding that post, I spent yesterday afternoon doing something I’d meant to do for a long time: creating a sugar-free version of the cookie dough dip.

cookie dough dip

Since posting the original recipe, I’ve received a lot of requests for a sugar-free option, but until now, the only suggestion I had was to replace the sugar with stevia.

(I don’t recommend using only stevia in this recipe; very few people will think the result tastes good.)

Instead, here is a new sugar-free version that does taste good– sweetened only with fruit!

No flour, no sugar, no oil. The famous cookie dough dip recipe from @choccoveredkt that took the internet by storm! Get the full recipe here:


No Sugar Cookie Dough Dip

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  • 1 1/2 cups chickpeas or white beans (1 can, drained) (250g after draining)
  • heaping 1/8 tsp salt
  • tiny bit over 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup nut butter of choice (If you use peanut butter, some people say it has a slight "pb cookie dough" taste, so you can sub oil if you don't want that.)
  • 1 and 1/4 cups pitted dates (I used SunMaid, from a regular grocery store)
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips OR raw chocolate chips - recipe in the Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook
  • 2 tbsp oats (You can omit if desired.)
  • milk of choice as needed (depending on the consistency you want. I used a few tbsp.)


In a bowl, cover the dates with 1/2 cup water. Let this sit for at least 8 hours. Then add all ingredients (including the dates’ soaking liquid), except chocolate chips, to a food processor (for best results, not a blender) and process until very smooth. This can be served as a dessert dip, as a spread (maybe in between apple slices or crackers?), eaten with a spoon, mixed into oatmeal, stuffed into cupcakes, or even used to top pancakes!

Be sure to check out the original version: Healthy Cookie Dough Dip

healthy cookie dough dip

Do you ever watch the amount of sugar you eat?

A lot of people will probably disagree with me on this, but I don’t believe sugar is the devil. I think it’s fine in moderation. However, it seems like the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. Then it becomes a problem, because–if you’re anything like me–too much sugar makes you feel sick and lethargic.

When I was in high school and hated being skinny, I put myself on an incredibly high-sugar diet. (Multiple slices of layer cake and ice cream pints per day. I wrote a post about this, awhile back.) Once I realized the source of my lethargy was all the sugar, I drastically changed my eating habits.

Now, since I eat very little sugar, I find that I don’t crave it at all. People always ask why I have a dessert blog if I don’t like sweets. The answer is that I still do love desserts; I just like them creamy and rich, not sweet and saccharine. I might not like sugar, but I sure do love fat!

Link Of The Day:

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100+ Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I do! Sugar makes me lose focus really easily so I try to manage my sugar intake (the best I can) and consume sugars like brown sugar and black sugar which I think have kind of helped 😀

    1. Sarah says:

      Black sugar? I have never heard of that! What is it like and where can i find it?! Thank you!

      1. Hmmm… I live in Singapore but I’m not too sure. But I’ve heard from some bloggers from US that you can find it in the Asian/Japanese section! 😀 Hope this helps!

        1. Sarah says:

          Thanks so much 🙂 !

        2. Annie says:

          Hi All, I bought black sugar while living in Hong Kong, assuming it was the same as dark brown sugar. It tasted similar to brown sugar and contains molasses, but also contains some other minerals that give it a subtle but distinct “healthy” taste. My Chinese friends told me that it is a healthy food (like a dietary supplement), but I have my doubts about this. You can buy it on Amazon if you are curious about trying it!

    2. ellie says:

      That’s interesting, but I’m pretty sure brown sugar is just good old sugar+molasses.

      1. Gisi says:

        yap thats right

  2. I don’t necessarily limit the amount of sugar I eat – I just try to be conscious of it. I really should start to limit it 🙂

  3. Renata says:

    You have no idea how excited I am about this recipe. I’ve been sugar-free all month and SO BORED! Yay! I know what’s for dinner..ehem, I mean dessert 🙂

  4. Stacy says:

    My heart is happy after reading this post haha =) Thank you for this!

  5. caroline says:

    I LOVE fat..sugar ok..but fat is the best! i am going to make this! what
    do you serve it with for “regular people?”

    1. chocolate-covered katie says:

      Ideas: as a dessert dip, as a spread (maybe in between apple slices or crackers? Or graham crackers or banana?), eaten with a spoon, mixed into oatmeal, stuffed into cupcakes, or even used to top pancakes!

    2. Marie says:

      As a “regular person” who was so curious by this recipe, I’ve eaten it with graham crackers. It is truly amazing how much it tastes like cookie dough.

    3. Amber says:

      It’s best served with spoons. 🙂 Seriously, I just dig in! 🙂 🙂

  6. I LOVE sweet stuff and have the biggest sweet tooth EVER!! For me its fine in moderation, but mostly I don’t have a lot of sugar, just natural sugars and stuff! 🙂

    And I am making that TOMORROW and I can’t wait!! Looks AMAZING!! 😀

    P.S. Yaaay for it going viral!! You deserve for the world to see your genius!!

  7. Leslie says:

    I totally agree! The more sugar I consume the more I crave it. I do try to watch how much and what type of sugar I consume, however I have a major sweet tooth so it’s hard at times. I love, love, love this dip and actually really enjoy it only sweetened with stevia. I’m sure the version with dates is delicious also. I wonder how it would taste with some mashed banana? I may have to try that too.

  8. Katherine says:

    I’m not big into really sugar-y things, but that being said, I don’t really watch my sugar intake. Protein is more of my thing, definitely! Yogurt, peanut butter, and black bean brownies all the way!

  9. Megan says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay! I have a few chickpeas left and was looking for a dessert, specifically, to use them. I had seen your cookie dough dip but was wanting lower sugar, so thank you!!! I also plan on making your macaroons today 🙂 I do watch the amount of sugar I eat. I used to eat too much artificial sweetener and that really jacks up your cravings. Now I try and eat foods with real sugar, agave, honey, or brown rice syrup. Fruit is excellent for a sweet tooth too. I agree with you about dessert; I would much rather have a rich, dark chocolate mousse than sugary-sweet frosting. I used to be scared of fat but now realize that it is fantastic because it means chocolate, coconut, and nut butters!! Plus the majority of your brain is made of fat

  10. Looks delicious! I definitely love the idea of eating a whole bowl of cookie dough…and when you make it sugar free its totally impossible to resist! I wonder what this would taste like with a bit of coconut butter…might have to try that out….. 😉

    1. Anonymous says:

      I tried it with a combo of almond and coconut butters. AMAZING!

  11. Emilia says:

    I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to make this (yes, caps were necessary). I don’t really watch the amount of sugar I eat, that being said I don’t like to eat too much sugar, it just makes me feel bleh!

  12. Amber K says:

    I don’t really watch the sugar I eat. I know when I’ve had too much because I can literally feel it coursing through my system. It’s the weirdest feeling, so I tend not eat too much. Although I still LOVE sugar!!

    1. Jenny says:

      That’s called hyperglycemia.

      1. Amber K says:

        Wow, everyone I know has said that they can feel it too. Who knew hyperglycemia was so prevalent!

  13. Jessica B. says:

    I made the other version this past weekend and everyone LOVED it! (We used graham crackers and celery sticks for dippers.) As I was adding in the 3/4 cup of brown sugar I decided next time I should try to make it with dates as a sugar free version. It’s like you read my mind! I am definitely addicted to sweets and this recipe looks like such a great alternative.

    BTW, my sister tried the original recipe a while back using canned chickpeas and didn’t care for it. The chickpea taste was too overpowering for her. When I made it, I used dried chickpeas that I soaked and cooked myself. I also added maple extract after reading the comments on your first post and she thought it was fantastic. I think I’ll stick with cooking my own chickpeas from now on.

    1. Kayla says:

      Perfect! I was looking for a comment like this to see if anyone did that! Canned chickpeas did not sound good to me, so I bought some out of the bulk section at the grocery store. I will have to try it ! 🙂 Thanks

    2. Cool, thanks for pointing this out. I was actually out grocery shopping this evening and couldn’t decide between purchasing canned chickpeas or just getting bulk dried and making them myself. The cans were really cheap (big weekend sale) and a lot less work, but I know that I easily detect them when baked in anything, even if I’m eating something that I didn’t make and I’m not aware of what the ingredients are. I’m going to go back tomorrow and get the dried beans.

    3. Megan says:

      I was wondering about that! I made the original version with canned chickpeas as well. And, although I rinsed them well and tried to get a lot of the skins off, it really wasn’t a very tasty treat. It tasted weird and not like cookie dough at all, unfortunately. I think I even tried adding MORE sugar just to try to salvage it. Now I want to buy them dry (less salt maybe?) and make this sugar free recipe!

      Has anyone tried using white beans? I wonder how that turns out.

      1. Brianna says:

        I made the brown sugar version with canned white beans and it was phenomenal! 🙂

  14. I quit eating regular sugar years ago. Then I went to Agave. Quit that and try to use dates as sweetener OR coconut secrets products.
    As usual, your posts always look better than green juice! And I skipped the greens in my smoothie this morning, just because I really wanted something, um, sweet!
    Gotta juice tonight!!

  15. hippierunner says:

    Can’t wait to try this! I’m obsessed with the original…

  16. Elise says:

    Oh no…I only have 1 can of garbanzo beans and I have to choose between making this and falafels 🙁 Oh boy. This sounds so good!

  17. katy sparrow says:

    Oooh this version looks great, Katie! Great idea with the soaked dates, ya can’t even see em in there, wowza. I don’t have white or brown sugar at my house, but don’t think it’s demonic, just not beneficial and something I can live very happily without.

  18. MANDEE says:

    i’m totally trying this!! dates are def sweet, so i think this will be a great substitution for the sugar. i also think they would be great for helping to overpower the bean taste. i’m going to the store now to grab some dates! i just finished up a batch of your “cookie dough” i had made with pumpkin… yum!

  19. Sarah says:

    I know exactly what you’re getting at! Sugar is like a parasite, if you will. When you eat it, a lot, it becomes a fungus in the body. Your body starts craving it, and needs more sugar to feed on. The more you pile on, the harder it is to burn, making you lethargic and gain weight. What a lot of people don’t know is, many times CANCER IS CAUSED BY A SUGARY DIET! Many times cancer can be traced back to the candy bars you just could not resist. Or maybe the slices of cake you knew you shouldn’t have. Now please don’t take this and cut out ALL sugar. A little bit is fine. A little goes a loooooong way. Too much of it goes too far. So sugar itself isn’t much of a problem- it’s the way you use it that is the problem. I used to have a HUGE sweet tooth- but i trained myself to get into other flavors. Savor your food more. Never eat sugar at night! Eat spicy foods- it gives your health a real kick! But do not go off at once. In a few days, you will be back to high sugar. Decrease your intake gradually, and eat more fruit, which is naturally sweet. You’ll be good to go!

    1. Sarah says:

      So sorry for the long comment Katie. I hope some people will read it and kick the sugar habit.

      1. Oh Sarah, you are too cute! Long comments are my favorite :).

        1. Sarah says:

          I tend to write the way I talk… i’m one of those people who jump from one subject to the next without a breather. Ya know like ” Oh i loved the new dress Nikki was wearing and retainers are uncomfortable and tofu is NOT edible rubber and yada yada yada” And you’d be like staring at me and go, ” Um……………” And there i go again. Yea, i’ll shut up

    2. Heather says:

      I’ve been treating sugar like an addiction (excluding naturally occurring fruit and milk sugar). I read that the best and easiest way is to quit cold turkey. I would say that for me, that has been the safest way thus far (roughly 1 month in). What you don’t realize is that after being off sugar for a bit, your tastes start to change and you stop craving it. If I had ice cream right now, I’d go back to craving it and having to talk myself down from the cravings. It’s LARGE part mental. In a lot of ways, it’s actually easier to “Just say no” than it is to say “Just one”.

  20. Oh, yum!! Glad you linked to it – I would’ve missed it otherwise! Chickpeas – you are too creative!!

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