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Mini Eggnog Spice Cake with Creamy Dreamy Frosting

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Aww look, it’s fun-sized!

vegan spice cake

Spice up your life

I was in fourth grade when the Spice Girls hit the scene. My friend Jackie got their album for Christmas, and we’d dance around the house to it, wearing crazy outfits and hairdos. (One of the songs was called “Naked.” Jackie’s mom made sure we always skipped over it!)

Fun-sized Spice Cake

Today’s recipe was inspired by my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

Initially, I’d aimed to make a maple version of the bars. However, the first attempt lacked any maple flavor whatsoever, and so I decided to make spice bars instead. In reaching for a new baking dish (for attempt #2), I happened upon a mini springform pan. And thus, this little spice cake was born. As I tried to think of a name, I kept going back to the fact that it’s a baby spice cake—just like the singer! (For those of you who weren’t teens in the 90s, that would be Emma Bunton, also known as “Baby Spice.”)  

eggnog cake

Many of you will appreciate that this recipe is fat-free.

I didn’t actually set out to make it that way. But the batter looked too gooey, after I put in all the applesauce, to add any more liquid. Luckily, this doesn’t taste fat-free (especially when it’s frosted). But you can always replace some of the applesauce with oil if you so desire. 

vegan spice cake

Eggnog “Baby Spice” Cake

(Makes 2-4 servings)

Recipe inspired by my Pumpkin Bars.

  • 1/2 cup spelt flour (or white)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 packets stevia (or 2 tbsp sugar)
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 and 1/2 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp milk of choice (such as almond milk, or even vegan eggnog!)
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup applesauce (120g)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/8 tsp ground cloves
  • optional: raisins, walnuts, pecans, etc.

Combine dry ingredients and mix very well. In a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients (including applesauce), then pour dry into wet. Stir until just combined, then pour into a greased pan (I used a mini springform, but a 4×7 would also work), and cook at 350 F for 20-25 minutes, depending on the depth of your dish. Allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing the springform.

Frost with: Creamy Dreamy Frosting.

For fun, I added a tiny bit of rum to the frosting. But you can opt to leave it out. (Or you can even use rum extract.) And feel free to use a different frosting recipe if you’d prefer.

 eggnog cake

Another idea is to ice this with Gingerbread Peanut Butter.

Or you could always opt to pay tribute to the UK, home of the Spice Girls, and top this cake with Marmite. But I wouldn’t recommend that. No, not at all!

Question of the Day:

What singers or bands were popular when you were growing up?

I was a teen in the 90s, so groups like Blink 182, N’Sync, and the Backstreet Boys played at my middle-school dances. Oh, and Britney Spears, Hanson, and the Spice Girls.

I never got caught up in the Hanson craze, but a few of the girls in my class wanted to marry those boys! And my friend Robin actually bought the Spice Girls movie. (One of only three copies sold?) She made me watch it with her; as expected, it was awful! Aliens abducting the main characters? Really?? Someone thought that was a good idea?

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I think I was a freshmand or sophomore when the spice girls were “big” because I can remember singing it at soccer practices. haha!
    At least one good thing came out of that group…this cake! :)

  2. Lissy says:

    the spice girls movie actually didn’t do too bad I don’t think. It certainly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I too watched it because of my best friend, though it was my dad who bought it … for himself.

  3. I remember that movie! I think I actually loved it, but I guess I was a bit younger than you and maybe thought the whole alien thing was a clever idea? Who knows… but I love all that music, such good memories! I also loved BeWitched, Alanis Morrisette (still love her!), Third Eye Blind…

  4. Val says:

    Hahah I went to go see that movie in theaters. Oh dear. I was also crazy in love with nsync. I may still have a crush on Justin Timberlake… shhh

  5. Marie Leinberger says:

    Idea for maple flavor: Grade B maple syrup is WAY more flavorful, and Ive found that the taste has more staying power in baked goods of all sorts! I dont know which kind you tried, but people usually go for Grade A because they think of it as higher quality: false!!! Its super yummy!

    Band I listened to growing up? Pete Seeger and Ace of Base My mother was a complete old hippy…..but indulged my need for mindlessly positive pseudo-techno! I still listen to, and love, both artists today!
    (my sister was the Spice Girls fan though, so I heard a fair bit of them too)

    1. Oh wow, thanks for the tip! Yes, I did use grade A.
      I’m putting grade B on my shopping list right now :).

  6. tea-bagginit says:

    i love these “warming” spices! put them in my coffee & my hommade protein bars! so good!

  7. kaity says:

    lol my mom would say the same thing about the naked song! too funny! this cake looks so good and perfect size for me and my mom to split! so excited!

  8. Karla says:

    Come on! The Spice Girls movie was awesomely awful! I would watch it right now if I had a copy!

    My friends and I were totally obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. We each had our favorite boy and all of our rooms were covered in posters and Tiger Beat pictures! LOL

  9. This looks delightful!
    The spice girls were big for me too–I remember watching spice world at my very first slumber party! I believe it was in second grade? Maybe third or fourth?
    And, in addition to all those that you mentioned, Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child were big for me!

  10. Haha, I love your references to music or movies! I am waiting for a another one to Friends! I always get those!

  11. Dawn says:

    I just tried to make whipped topping yesterday and it worked quite well. Recipe is simple:

    1 cup chilled milk or milk replacement (I want to try it out with juice though, it seems like something that will work)
    1 tsp of guar gum (or xanthan gum, but guar gum is cheaper)
    1.5 tbsp sugar (I omitted because the soy milk I used was already sweetened)

    Put all ingredients in a bowl and WHIP IT. Start out with medium speed for 2 min and high speed for 5-6 mins until you reach the consistency you want. I used a kitchenaid mixer… it worked quite well.

    I read somewhere the recipe was originally for vitamix, so I assume it’ll work for the vitamix or any super powerful blender. I don’t have one, but it worked well with a mixer. I wouldn’t dare do it by hand…

    Also, a tip… It may work better if the bowl and whip were chilled as well. Just keep everything cold!

    1. Dawn says:

      I put this here because I thought it’ll go well with the cake… it’s definitely light and airy.

  12. Lina says:

    Oh, wow; I haven’t seen the Spice Girls movie in ages! I think I was in third or fourth grade when they came out. I used to love them the Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, TLC… a whole lot of everything.

  13. I grew up with Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and especially the Olsen Twins (loved them since I was 4!!!) I never knew spice girls though!

  14. I love spice cake! I just made one a few weeks ago with my mom! I can’t wait to try these!! I think I’ll add a bit of pumpkin to them!

  15. I LOVE egg nog and I LOVE spice cake. This looks fantastic. Maybe I’ll skip Christmas cookies this year and make some eggnog spice cake instead :)

  16. I grew up with Nsync’s no strings attached always in my ears!

  17. Coco says:

    I just made this cake! It came out delicious! Thanks Katie! I always make your recipes =)

    1. Wow, I’m so excited you already made it! You’re fast! :) :)

  18. Yep, Nsync was pretty popular but none of the girls my age got into the whole boy band thing…. I think we were always listening to songs from about three years earlier. Nothing too good was out when I was in jr high.

  19. The cake looks great! I went on an eggnog kick before I left the States a few weeks ago. Donuts, smoothies, cakes, straight up…love it.

    And that frosting. Now THAT is dreamy. That’s what I need…thick, rich…yum :)

  20. Amber K says:

    I was a teen in the 90’s, although the groups you mentioned were big when I was in high school. And a friend and I actually went to see the Spice Girls movie in the theater. Oh wow, did it suck. Proved that you could like the group, but that the movie truly did suck.

  21. Looks amazing! Hahah the Backstreet Boys…love :)

  22. That looks so great! And I’ll take some rum in my frosting!

  23. laura says:

    Hi Katie! I am obsessed with your blog. So far, I’ve made the blondies, the cookie dough dip, the fudge, and the whipped cream (all in about a week!), and they’ve turned out awesome. Do you have any ideas for a vegan christmas dinner?

    1. Maybe some of these?
      (Last year, I made the polenta casserole for Christmas.)
      Or, my mushroom stroganoff is another idea. I really need to post some more savory recipes, huh? 😉

  24. My friends and I were obsessed with the spice girls! We also got dressed up, and we would each be one of them and make up coordinated dances to go with out amazing lip synch.

  25. this cake looks delicious katie! ha – i totally remember that “naked” track! too funny! i was quite obsessed w/ them! remember the song “mama i love you”? i have a video of my little brother singing that from start to finish when he was like 4… priceless! ill never throw it out!

  26. Claire says:

    ‘Naked’ was a song about baring your soul, not necessarily your body. :/ Parent shouldn’t mollycoddle their children so much. Apart from that, this cake looks delicious. <3

    1. You know, I don’t think I ever actually heard the song! I doubt my friend’s mom did, either. She was WAY overprotective. My friend wasn’t even allowed to have sleepovers!
      I agree with you completely. My mom was very easygoing about things… I think if moms are too overprotective, the kids often end up acting out in rebellion. (Obviously, these are just my opinions lol.)

      1. Carie says:

        I had a friend who wasn’t allowed to go to sleepovers once she got into high school because her mom didn’t trust her. The mom had gotten pregnant in high school so she assumed her daughter might as well (she even made her take birth control!) In my opinion, when parents are like that that it just shows they are insecure about their parenting.

  27. Liz says:

    Seriously! I just love you. Thank you for coming up with yummy recipes over and over again!!! You’ve made being vegan so much more enjoyable.

  28. Albizia says:

    I grew up with the same bands and… I was one of those girls who wanted to marry Zac :) .

  29. Anna says:

    Oh memories! I have been searching for songs from the 90s my HS show choir can sing and it is bringing back memories of when I was in JH. My friends and I were obsessed with NSync for a while, and I even remember having a dream about them coming and having a concert in my small town and singing to me. Strange!

  30. L. says:

    I had everything in my pantry, so I just made this. I think I have a new favorite dessert!!! And I didn’t even use the rum. Ahhmazing :).

  31. Those pumpkin cheese cake bars look amazing! In high school, I used to listen to Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, Britney Spears, N’Sync. All the popular ones of the time.

  32. marmite… ha ha ha! Gosh is that what us English lot are associated so closely with! 😉 It would be creamy dreamy frosting all the way for me!! (though i am at the moment trying to concoct a cinnamon mousse which would also be amazing for frosting).

    1. Haha yes! And I always associate my Aussie friends with Vegemite. My best friend in hs was from Australia, and she kept trying to get me to like Vegemite. I wish I did… Marmite and Vegemite are so good for you!

  33. kelly says:

    The Spice Girls movie is so bad that it’s wonderful. If your friend owns one of the three copies sold, I own the second one.

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog this week and have made a couple of your delicious recipies so far. I am very grateful for your creativity & hard work!

    1. Awww thank you so much, Kelly!!

  34. Kate says:

    Haha, I bought a copy of Spice World! It was for a friend, but I actually really regret not getting my own- I LOVED it when I was a kid :)

  35. Carie says:

    This looks really good! It’s so perfect for this time of year :) Now I need to go buy a small enough pan. Could it be made with some time of whole wheat flour?

    1. I think ww pastry flour would probably work! It would definitely work, texture-wise… I can’t vouch for the taste, but I *think* it would be ok!

  36. Lyza says:

    Hey!!! Spice World is one of the greatest movies of all time!!!! Or…from what I can remember from ten years ago anyway.

  37. Amanda says:

    I am definitely a fan of spice cake but really I am a cake fan in general. It is even better that it is fat free, it looks anything but :)

  38. Goodness I love the 90s. Spice World was among my favorite movies and I still smile every time I hear Wannabe!

  39. michelle says:

    I have to say I never used spelt before your blog…..I do really like it…this looks great and im addicted to so delicious nog….need to get a small pan tho

  40. Your cake looks amazing!! I could totally go for a piece of cake right meow.

    Favourite bands growing up? Haha, all of the ones you listed! I had a maaajor crush on Nick Carter from BSB, and we had posters, movies, and CDs from them and the Spice Girls. And then of course, there was Blink 182, Britney Spears, Hanson….haha soooo many favourites :)

  41. I remember Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, etc! I also remember in 7th or 8th grade when Lady Gaga made “Just Dance”.

  42. LizAshlee says:

    Yum, this cake sounds amazing..eggnog..what a great idea!

  43. Oh I know the plot for Spiceworld was just nuts. But at that point they were like Justin Bieber – they could do no wrong. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea for Justin Bieber to launch a perfume, but he did, and I’m sure in 20 years there will be some fans of his that are like, really? A 16-year-old boy sold me a perfume??

    Haha but thanks for the walk down memory lane – I was born in 85 so those were all my music influences growing up too!

    1. Ugh, and he has a nailpolish line too! I swear, you can’t go into Target and not see his face staring at you from every single aisle! lol

  44. oh i was a big big spice girls fan! i had all their cds and was dancing to the music while singing (and screaming along). i also liked britney spears and her “hit me baby one more time”. haha.. makes me smile just thinking about those times.
    thanks for this great recipe! as usual suuuper delicious!

  45. I made this twice. The first time I used almond flour and it turned out like pudding… delicious pudding, but still pudding. I would think it would need less liquid.

    The second time I made it with spelt and knew that I finally had a Christmas cake! I’m going to layer it and add some sort of frosting.

    Thank you Katie!

  46. Superfood Babe says:

    Hi Katie (that’s my name too!)

    i have to follow a low FODMAP diet for a while and i was wondering if you knew anything about this or if you could recommend any of your recipies!

    thank you, it would really help me :)

    1. Hi Katie!! :)

      Sorry, I don’t know anything about that diet.

  47. Hey! Sorry about this, I really don’t mean to be rude – and I think a lot of your recipes are really great – but hasn’t this cake totally sunk in the middle?! I’m sure it’s tasty but I was thinking about making it and just wondered whether there were any adjustments you’d make at all? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Alex,

      I’m confused… do you mean that you tried to make it and it sunk? Or that you think mine looks like it sunk? Mine definitely didn’t sink lol :).

      1. Sorry to confuse you, I haven’t made it yet but was thinking about making it today. Oh fair enough…in the photo of the single slice it just looks like it hasn’t held its shape very well, my mistake! Will definitely give it a try then as it sounds yuuummy!

        1. Oh no, no worries! I think it’s probably thanks to the small size that it doesn’t sink. But make sure to cook it long enough so it’s fully cooked and risen in the middle :).

  48. Maddie says:

    Just curious, why do you like to use spelt flour so much?

    1. I like the taste… it tastes light for a whole-grain flour (as opposed to the more dense-tasting whole-wheat pastry flour). It just has a fun flavor. But I also like to use it just for the sake of variety. :)

  49. Kathleen says:

    I LOVE YOUR RECIPES, KATIE!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  50. Emma says:

    I made this yesterday using whole wheat pastry flour and instead of 2 T sugar, 1 1/2 T syrup, and 2 T milk, used 1/4 c maple syrup and added 1 t lemon juice (I also doubled the spices because I like SPICY spice cake!), and baked it in a 4″x7″ loaf pan. It tasted incredible and I would make it again, but only for myself since it barely rose at all and was less than 1″ tall. It was also definitely on the dense undercooked side vs. light and cake-y, but it was MOIST! Moist moist moist moist moist (since I know how much people like that word :) ). Do you think it actually rose too much and then fell because of the lemon juice-baking soda reaction? Or do you think using all maple syrup weighed it down? I figured that if you used stevia instead of sugar then the wet-to-dry ratio wasn’t a major issue. I also only baked it for 20 minutes in a toaster oven but when I pulled it out when I started being able to smell it so it wouldn’t get too dry, so maybe cooking a few minutes longer would give it more time to rise?

    Sorry, I know you aren’t a chemist, but wondered if you had any tips or had heard of anything from other readers! Thank you!

    1. Yeah, I really have no idea about the chemistry behind recipes! Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      P.S. I love the word “moist”! Dunno what’s wrong with people ;).

  51. Amy says:

    I would love love to make this right now except I don’t have applesauce in my kitchen. Does anyone know what I can use to replace the applesauce?

    1. Amy says:

      Oh I don’t mind if the substitute makes the cake unhealthy. Just as long I I get to make this cake I’m happy! :)

      1. Pumpkin puree? Oil? Mahsed banana? :)

  52. Alanna says:

    Lol I grew up with the same wonderful / awful 90s groups as you, Katie. We had a school band trip to London between Christmas and New Year’s in Dec. 1996 (I think) and heard the Spice Girls there for the first time, and it seemed like they followed us home because suddenly they were popular in the US, too!

    Just made this cake tonight and had it with your 4 ingredient vanilla ice cream for dinner (it’s been one of those days, haha). I ended up splitting it to 2 mini springform pans because I didn’t think there would be enough room to rise in one, but it worked out well and now I have the other half for tomorrow! I’m going to try that when I get the ingredients for your carrot cake — no need to cut to make the two layers! :)

    1. Alanna says:

      Oops – realized after posting that the carrot cake recipe is done in the microwave, not the oven! I still like the idea of a layered, frosted spice cake, though. (c:

  53. Chocoholic says:

    Can all your cakes, muffins, and cupcakes be baked in the microwave cuz there’s no eggs? That would make my life so much simpler.

  54. melissa says:

    I want to try this cake JUST because of the name! Spice Girls fan forever!

  55. Jess says:

    If you added in chopped apples and did half apple sauce half oil would it work okay to do more of an apple spice cake?
    Want to try with your cream cheese frosting.

  56. Meow says:

    I doubled this recipe and made cupcakes for Thanksgiving. The cake turned out SOOOO good even my father (a hunting meat eater) loved them. And went back for more after I told him they were VEGAN and healthy. :) I tried a different icing I found on your site… the pumpkin and coconut milk one. It turned out UBER runny…. So I had a pumpkin glaze on top. :) It was a hit!

    1. Thank you so much for making them!
      For the frosting, it just sounds like you got a can of coconut milk with not enough fat in it… try coconut cream if you can find it :).

  57. Claire says:

    This cake was so good! Great job, and thanks for the recipe! My husband loved it. I made a variation today to make it a chocolate cake, and it turned out great. I used whole wheat pastry flour, and subbed the 3 spices for 2 Tbsp. cocoa powder (1 dutched, 1 natural). Give it a shot! Great base recipe, very excited to keep trying variations!