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The Top 10 Chocolate-Covered Recipes

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Most Viewed of 2011

I hadn’t planned to write a “top ten” post, since I link back to these recipes anyway. But quite a few readers have requested it. So here are the top ten posts on my blog, based on page views and the number of comments left by people who’ve tried the recipe with good results:

top ten 10

                  Healthy Chocolate-Chip Cookies

top ten 7

                       Starbucks Frappuccinos

top ten 2

                    Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cookies

top ten 8

                  Chocolate-Raspberry Fudge Cake

top ten 6

                    Healthy Cake Batter Milkshake

top ten 3

                          Chocolate-Chip Blondies

top ten 9

                     Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal


                     Hot Chocolate Fudge Babies

top ten

                          Deep-Dish Cookie Pie

And the number one recipe on my blog:

top ten 4

                            Cookie Dough Dip

Question of the Day:

Have you tried any of my recipes?

Did any of your favorites make this list? Three of my favorites are on here (the pb cookies, baked oatmeal, and chocolate fudge cake). Anyone want to count how many of the top 10 most popular recipes include chocolate? Apparently I’m not the only one who’s a chocoholic…

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Summer says:

    My bestie and I just discovered your blog and tried the cookie dough dip last night. SO good!! We’re both excited to give some of your other recipes a try :)

  2. I try your recipes all the time! LOVE them all! …..They have enven inspired me to do a few of my own things. ……I’ve tried and loved at least 6 of those top ones along with a lot that aren’t on the list- all super!

  3. I made your chocolate bar pie for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I didn’t tell anyone that it was made with tofu so they all loved it. It was a great secret to keep and a DELICIOUS recipe!

    1. That’s MY favorite recipe on the blog :). If it were up to me, that would have been at the top of this post!

      1. Carrie says:

        That’s my favorite too! (Chocolate Bar Pie) I would have put that at #1. I’ve tried (pretty much) everything on the list though…. All awesome! Must… eat… chocolate…

  4. I really need to try that cookie dough dip! In fact, I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow and I bet that would be the perfect sweet treat to bring!

  5. I tried the cookie dough oatmeal and it was yummy. Perfect for a cold morning!

    This year I’d like to try the cookie dough dip, deep dish cookie pie, and the peanut butter cookie dough cookies.

    Lots of “yum” in my future I am sure! :-)

  6. The cookie dough dip is amazing – a friend of mine made that when we went painting in October!

  7. Love this post! Yes, I’ve tried recipes and loved them!! My sisters and I love your chocolate chip blondies. Can’t wait for what you share in 2012! :)

  8. Catalina Maya says:

    I love to make your recipes–in fact, I just whipped up your delectable blueberry pie pancakes for breakfast this morning!

    Unfortunately, I am off of school today as I have been diagnosed with anemia–ironically, due to my attempt at ‘bettering’ myself by becoming vegetarian.

    Do you have any recipes which are high in iron? I’d be greatly appreciative if you did! :)

    1. Yes!
      Gingerbread Peanut Butter:
      Or the gingerbread latte. Anything with blackstrap molasses, which is high in iron. To be honest, I don’t know a ton about high-iron foods… but I DO know that lentils and spinach are both good sources, so my Bread-Free Vegan Stuffing would be good as well.

      According to this list, chickpeas are a good source of iron… LOL we all know my blog is filled with recipes using those ;).

      1. Catalina Maya says:

        Oh, man– you’re awesome! :) Thank you so much!

        I wish I would’ve seen your reply earlier, though; my dad gave me a colossal iron-pill that I couldn’t feasibly swallow, so I had to chew! Two hours later, and I am still stuck with its taste in my mouth!

        On the bright side, however, this means I must get rid of this taste… by making your chocolate bar pie! 😉

  9. I’ve tried your cookie dough dip, cookie pie, cookies and so many other recipes not in this list! Looking forward to what’s in store for 2012!! 😀

  10. Angela says:

    We have tried many of your recipes, including the chocolate peanut butter cups, blondies, and many variations of the fudge babies. My favs are the fudge babies and we have given out the recipes to so many friends and family members.

    1. Emma says:

      The fudge babies are my favorites too :)

  11. ~Jessica~ says:

    Well, I am just a tad bit obsessed with the deep dish pies – cookie and cinnamon roll variety :)

    I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with beans in desserts (or breakfasts, in my case…) even if other people do!


  12. Jennifer JCD says:

    The best part of top 10 lists are ones like this where they are all super yummy and delicious!

    We try loads of your recipes, some of which we’ve modified to our own tastes. Boatmeal, Cookie Dough Dip, and Chocolate Pie all make regular appearances at out house. We have tried most of your other recipes too. The truffles the other day were excellent too. We <3 CCK Recipes!

  13. Barb says:

    sooo glad your deep dish chocolate chip cookie cake made it to this list!! that is an awesome recipe! I make it wayy too often! I am also currently obsessed with your cuisinart ice cream maker ice cream – last night I added chocolate syrup, dark chocolate chunks, and peppermint extract, to make chocolate mint chip!

  14. Angie says:

    I make some version of your baked oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast, but the cookie dough baked oatmeal is definitely my favorite.

  15. Liz says:

    Katie, I’m sure others have done it, but I wanted to tell you I made the blondies last night for the tenth time or so, but in an effort to go more whole-foods, I substituted all the brown sugar for pureed dates. It still tasted great! The only difference is they’re a little mushier and you have to reduce the bake time.

    1. Thanks for telling me, Liz! I did a sugar-free version of the cookie dough dip with dates, and I was always curious if it’d work for the baked desserts as well. You’re actually the first person to say she’s tried it! :)

  16. I had your cake batter milkshake just yesterday! But I used some sub-ins and don’t think it was quite as yummy as yours would be, but I could see why it would be if you used the right ingredients! I also have made your chocolate pie a gazillion and one times – always a crowd pleaser and no one ever spots the tofu. Plus I made your flourless chocolate chip cookies last week and they were delish!

    I’ve also made your chocolate single-lady cupcake – my fave of the lot. I tried the gingerbread latte and that failed on me but I’m not always the best cook!

    I have to say I appreciate that you do recipes often in small quantities that don’t make that many. It sure helps to keep it healthy – as in, if you eat 24 of something, no matter how healthy they are it isn’t a good thing! Haha

  17. This just reminds me of all the recipes I want to try!

  18. Emma says:

    I’ve tried every single one of these recipes, and I have LOVED them all. Your recipes never fail me, Katie. You are the best! :)

  19. Sar says:

    That cookie dough dip should win recipe of the YEAR. I see it all over Pinterest, and I actually went to a party at Halloween and someone else had brought it. I was like “That’s a CCK recipe!!!” I was so excited!

  20. The single serving strawberry shortcake was my fave!!!

  21. Rune says:

    I made the gingerbread peanut butter and it turned out really badly. But I made the blondies and they were AMAZING. I need to make them again!

  22. Jessy says:

    Didn’t you say chocolate tofu fudge pie was your favourite? After that one I’m a little wary of trying your recipes, but based on the comments I’m gonna try the blondies next.

  23. Kalyn says:

    Your Single Lady Cupcakes changed my life! I would never bake because I live alone- well, with one super healthy eater who doesn’t believe that dessert can be healthy- and I wouldn’t want to be stuck with huge quantities of sweets sitting around at a time.

    I love that your recipes are usually portioned for one or just a few people. It’s perfect for young girls like me who haven’t started a family yet! Keep up the good work <3

  24. April says:

    I make your cookie dough dip regularly and eat about half a batch a day! I haven’t wanted to venture out to anything else yet. I actually use chocolate PB2 (powdered peanut butter) instead of real peanut butter or any other oil, and just add some milk and it’s nice and creamy. It cuts the fat out, for those watching their fat intake :)

  25. Fiona says:

    Literally just finished eating a batch of cookie dough dip I made a couple days ago. Delicious!

  26. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the roundup.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. ErikaMC says:

    Yes! I’ve only recently discovered your blog but since I have I’ve made several cookies, oatmeals, babies and dips. The baked Cookie Dough Oatmeal is probably my favorite – I save it for Saturday mornings and look forward to it all week :) I have many more of your recipes printed off waiting for me to find the time to try them out.

  28. Those healthy chocolate chip cookies really are so freaking good!

  29. I’ve tried the cookie dough dip, the deep-dish pie, a whole bunch of your oatmeal recipes, and your chocolate chip cookie recipe!

    Unfortunately, I can’t justify spending the money on coconut butter, and my food processor can’t get shredded coconut to a “butter” consistency. Otherwise, I would be trying all your recipes involving coconut butter too :)

  30. Kara KM says:

    I’ve tried the Starbuck’s Frappuccino (very good!) and the hot chocolate fugde babies (amazing!). My hubby doesn’t “believe” in healthy desserts yet he always wants to make sure we have the hot chocolate fudge babies on tap! I think you’re making a believer out of him, Katie! You certainly have me, keep up the good cookin’!

  31. Amber K says:

    I’ve tried your fudge babies, which are delicious. And I tried the whole beans in desserts things, but all I could taste were the beans. I wish I could afford coconut butter (or a vita mix for that matter) because you have some very delicious-sounding recipes that call for it.

  32. Erin says:

    I commented the other day that I just found your blog. I tried your truffles (the no bake cookie ones) and they are REALLY good.

    I wanted to ask if you have nutritional values anywhere, or if you could teach us (me) how to figure out the nutritional value of something. I’m going to a party and want to bring your truffles and I’d like to say: “I brought these candies that only have x amount of calories, and only x amount of fat”

    Thanks again for all you share, this is going to be a regular blog stop for me. Keep the yummies coming!

    1. Hi Erin,

      The nutritional info for the truffles is actually already posted. Just click on the link that says “Calories and Nutritional Info” under the ingredients and directions on that post.

      For many of my recipes, that’s where you’ll find a link to the nutritional info :).

  33. Sarah the official CCK drooler says:

    Actually i’ve only tried most of them. That’s all :) My favorite has to be the cookie pizooka thingy. Yum and yum.

  34. Andrea says:

    I’ve been following your blog for years (back when it was mostly “babies” of some sort). I love watching how it’s grown….the recipes, photography and all the followers! I’ve actually never commented on here (don’t know why), but wanted to let you know that my all time FAVE recipe is the Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie! The One Minute Chocolate Cake is a close second though! Glad to see you doing so well and I’m loving all your yummy recipes. Thank you, Katie!!

    1. Aww thanks, Andrea!
      The chocolate pie is my favorite too :).

  35. Xanthe says:

    I’ve only been a CCK reader for a few weeks but have already made 3 of the top 10. I made the deep dish cookie pie instead of traditional English Christmas pudding for my son and I as we can’t eat the fruit and he is dairy intolerant. The cookie dough boat meal was my new years day breakfast subbed with pear purée due to apple allergy. And we have the cookie dough dip as a treat for my two and four year olds. Thanks a bunch Katie for keepy our tummies happy :)

  36. ellen says:

    i’ve tried lots of your recipes! i just made the chocolate pumpkin pie brownies a few days ago (yum!!!), and i also loved your rice crispy treats, strawberry shortcake pancakes, cookie dough baked oatmeal, and chocolate chip blondies!

  37. Your pictures make me hungry! I love all your awesome recipes!

  38. Okay, I’ve been saying it over and over again, but I must make the cookie dough dip soon! I have all the ingredients at home, so tomorrow morning, I have a date with that cookie dough dip! Thanks for all the awesome recipes, Katie!

  39. Alison says:

    I love your recipes…. SO MUCH! My mom and I have made so many, and we have enjoyed them all. Thanks for your unique ideas! You’ve inspired me!

  40. SugarFreeMom says:

    I think I NEED to make that cookie dough pie dessert!!! and the dip sounds so yummy! LOVE your site!

  41. Lori says:

    I found your blog only a couple of months ago. I have already made a ton of your recipes! I love them!! Some of my favorites are the chocolate cookie dough boatmeal,polka dot banana bread,chocolate peanut butter cookie dough! They are all yummy :)

  42. Cammy says:

    I looove the single serve chocolate cake and the chocolate chip cookie dough would love to see a vegan mergiune pie in 2012. Love your website, recipes and beautiful spirit. Keep it up in 2012

  43. Zeryx says:

    I’ve made fudge babies! A couple of different kinds. Love them!

  44. Julia says:

    My favorite recipe is, by far, the pumpkin bread in a bowl. I made it for my mom when I last visited her, and she liked it so much she asked me to make it again for Christmas morning. YUM.

  45. Well, you clearly have a lot of AMAZING recipes! Of course everyone loves them!!!

  46. Grace says:

    Yes, I have tried a handful of your recipes!!! Including:
    Raspberry Crumble bars
    Chocolate PB no bake cookies
    Chocolate chip blondies
    Flourless Chocolate Chip cookies
    Gluten Free Chocolate Lace cookies
    And my personal favorite:
    Polka Dot Banana Bread! (With walnuts!)

    Happy Blogging!

  47. Grace says:

    Yes, I have tried a handful of your recipes!!! Including:
    Raspberry Crumble bars
    Chocolate PB no bake cookies
    Chocolate chip blondies
    Flourless Chocolate Chip cookies
    Gluten Free Chocolate Lace cookies
    And my personal favorite:
    Polka Dot Banana Bread! (With walnuts!)

    Happy Blogging!

  48. Erin says:

    I seriously adore all your recipes! Your recipes were a major factor in me buying a Vitamix!! I’m still working on trying to get those ice cream “mounds” but I only tried once so far =)

  49. Nadiya says:

    Cookie Dough Dip all the way!

  50. Laura says:

    Let’s see, so far I have tried the pumpkin pie brownies, pumpkin bars, cookie dough baked oatmeal, a bunch of the pancake recipes, gingerbread peanut butter, sugar cookies, and chocolate pecan pie. My favorites were the pumpkin brownies and pecan pie! Actually, I tried the cookie dough dip too but I didn’t put the full amount of sugar and it didn’t turn out that good. I will try again with the date version.

  51. Gi says:

    I’ve never tried any of your recipes, I want to try the cookie dough dip but I’m waiting for the newly harvested granmom’s chickpeas.. I don’t like very much the taste of the canned ones 😉

    But hey, I’m planning to try also lots of the others very soon!
    In the meanwhile check out this awesome panda… how fluffy is he?
    I thought of you in the very same moment I saw the picture (:

    1. Awwwww!! Oh so fluffy… now I want a panda pet. Oh wait, I’ve always wanted a panda pet. (Not really, because they’re happier in the wild… but still, how cool would that be?!)

  52. The cookie dough dip is amazing. I make it all the time :) Thank you!! x

  53. Terri Chevalier says:

    I just recently was informed of your website from my daughter. OMG…I have already made the cookie dough dip and the peanut butter babies!! I can’t wait to try some more of your recipes…..
    Thank you for posting such healthy and YUMMY recipes and sharing them!! Everything recipe that I have made from your site has received RAVES!!! Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. One problem ….There isn’t enough time to try to catch up making all the recipes from previous posts!! Oh well, I guess I will just have to be choosy and start somewhere!! Btw…..almost everything is better with Chocolate!! I will be making your Chocolate Truffles this coming week and can’t wait to taste them!
    Keep on coming up with great healthy and delicious recipes!!
    Sorry this is so long!! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy getting this in my email!!!
    😉 Terri **********

    1. Aww thanks, Terri!!! Your comment put a big smile on my face :).

  54. Terri Chevalier says:

    I just recently was informed of your website from my daughter. OMG…I have already made the cookie dough dip and the peanut butter babies!! I can’t wait to try some more of your recipes…..
    Thank you for posting such healthy and YUMMY recipes and sharing them!! Every recipe that I have made from your site has received RAVES!!! Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. One problem ….There isn’t enough time to try to catch up making all the recipes from previous posts!! Oh well, I guess I will just have to be choosy and start somewhere!! Btw…..almost everything is better with Chocolate!! I will be making your Chocolate Truffles this coming week and can’t wait to taste them!
    Keep on coming up with great healthy and delicious recipes!!
    Sorry this is so long!! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy getting this in my email!!!
    😉 Terri **********

  55. LizAshlee says:

    I love that the majority of the recipes are cookie dough or chocolate chip inspired…my favorite! :)

  56. Michaela says:

    all my favorites :)
    I love your recipes, all of them!

  57. Dallas and I had your cookie dough baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning (again)! So delicious :)

    Your emails have been coming a day late…as in, they come the day after you post. I’m not sure if you knew that or not. No biggie, just thought you should know :)

    1. Ugh, yeah I noticed that. I wish I understood why, or how to fix it!

      I guess I should just be thankful they’re coming at all, because sometimes–for some reason unknown to me–they don’t show up at all! :-?.

  58. I’ve made a lot of your recipes! In fact one if my latest posts was on your single-serving muffins and cinnamon roll boatmeal-both awesome:)
    I also made your ranch dip again for my new years eve party and people loved it-I’m actually surprised its not on the tip ten list…

    1. It was close!
      Maybe if I’d added some chocolate chips to it… ;).

  59. leah says:

    I’ve made the cookie dough dip. I can’t make it too often because I will literally eat the whole batch with a spoon.

    Happy New Year!

  60. I LOVE this post! I’ve tried a lot of these recipes, and they always turn out great. You are so dependable, Katie!

  61. Anonymous says:

    My daughter and I love your apple pie pancakes, we make a compote to top them. Ive also made your fudge babies and the peanut butter babies last night. The baked coconut oatmeal with choc chips is one of my favorites. And in the savory category, lol ive made your sweet potato chilli super Yum, and the mushroom stroganoff :) hmmm….. I’m sure ive made more but those are the ones off the top of my head. Love your recipes, thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Um, hello, the one-minute chocolate cake! How did that one not make the list??
    I like to mix in pumpkin, sometimes a little nutella, and always love it with spelt flour. It’s a winner.

    1. I think if it’d been posted earlier in the year, it probably would’ve made the list! :)

  63. I love your blog and your idea of making everything healthy. The first one of your recipes that I tried was your Snickerdoodle blondies, I love them and have done several of your other recipes after that (of course the ones with chocolate are the best) :).
    I’ve just started my own health blog, it’s in swedish (I’m from Sweden) but it probably works to translate it.

    You are one of my biggest inspirations, thank you for your lovely recipes :)

  64. I haven’t made anything yet, however my mom refers to your website if she wants to make me anything since she is new to cooking vegan foods. I have a list of things that I am getting around to that I want to make from your website :-)

  65. jeannie says:

    the little devil cupcakes with chocolate butter icing. I like it as an unfilled cake, just cooking it a little bit longer. best chocolate cake and icing i’ve ever had.

  66. Wowwwww. Those pictures are heavenly. I will definitely be making the chocolate raspberry fudge cake like, immediately. Way to go, girl! Your recipes are fab :)

  67. I have tried (and devoured) way more of your recipes than I would like to admit 😛 My personal fave is the cookie dough dip, I seriously could (and did) eat it with a spoon. YUM!

  68. Kathy says:

    I’ve tried 5 of these recipes! :]

    thanks for the compilation Katie! ^^

  69. Everything looks amazing! I can’t wait to try out the recipes!

  70. Aubre Rice says:

    OH MY GRACIOUS. I tried the Chocolate Chip Pie tonight and I have no words. Just a big smile and a fully tummy. I will admit, as I was mixing the beans and other ingredients the smell of the beans was yucky….but I kept pushing on hoping it would end up being awesome. Once I got everything mixed I reluctantly tried the “dough” and was AMAZED at how delicious it was. I really was expecting some sort of strange taste, but it was exactly (texture and everything) like cookie dough! Incredible. It was even BETTER once cooked and warm! My PICKY 4 year old loved it and gobbled it up.

    I am on Weight Watchers so I tried to make it even more diet friendly. I omitted the oil for extra applesauce. I also didn’t serve it with ice cream, rather I used frozen fat free cool whip! It still gives you that great warm/cold thing for WAY less calories!

    Another tip, I used dark chocolate chips but definitely could use much less next time. I used a cup and it was SO rich. Next time I am going to use the food processor and chop up (not pulverize, but chop) 1/2 cup of the dark chocolate chips. It should be plenty to make it still nice and chocolatey.

    THANK YOU for this incredible recipe and for opening my eyes to the many uses of garbanzo beans! I am your fan for life now!

  71. Ashleigh says:

    Wait…how is Chocolate Bar Pie not on this? Haha…ever since I found that recipe, there’s been one in my fridge. Just sayin’. :)

    1. I think maybe it’s because I only posted that one in September. It’s definitely my favorite recipe!! :)

  72. I have tried a TON of your recipes, and I have loved every single one of them! 😀

  73. Nikita Gould says:

    Wow, just mouthwatering recipes you have. I just can’t help myself, I wanna try them all at the same time! Now I can improve my list! Thanks for sharing this.

  74. Catherine says:

    I just want to say, “THANK YOU!!” My daughter has struggled with allergies for several years (wheat, milk, soy, cashews, fluorine). Her most recent diagnosis, fluorine, left me making more things from scratch than ever while struggling to figure out yummy recipes for her and ways for her to not feel so left out at parties and dessert time. I just recently found your blog and your recipes have become favorites not just for our allergy daughter, but the whole family. It is great to make one dessert (or meal) for everyone that even the picky kids will not just eat, but love. The newest household chant is, “try another Katie recipe!” Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  75. Jane Farr says:

    I just got on Pinterest and want to say what beautiful presentation for the food category I can’t wait to try some of them.

  76. bob says:

    My favorite was the hot chocolate cookies

  77. carol nahoom says:

    Hi Katie~

    I love your version of nutella. I was just on line looking for recipes using “nutella” (cookies, pies…). They are all so unhealthy…too much sugar and too much fat. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful sweet for the holidays! :)!