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The cutest post ever?

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I love cute things.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Tokyo, Japan: home of Hello Kitty, Super Mario, and world capital of all things super-cute. In any case, I now own the five most adorable animal figurines on what I’m pretty sure is the face of the entire planet.

It’s all thanks to my funny friend, Sarah.

We have a strange tradition of giving each other Easter presents instead of Christmas gifts (her idea). Last year she presented me with a hideous stuffed longhorn, and I’ve been making fun of her for it ever since. (The stuffed longhorn currently resides in my closet. Batman is terrified of it!) This year, Sarah promised she’d get me something much cuter. And I have no idea where she found them, but she was definitely true to her word:

animal figures

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Aren’t they fun? Apparently the company—Home Grown Foods—also makes a cabbage puppy, mushroom lion, carrot goldfish, parsnip giraffe, cantaloupe turtle, kiwi koala… I might have to go back and get more! Close ups:

banana dog

Banana Puppy!

I could so turn him into Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread.

What do you think? Too weird?

walrus grapes   cute strawberries

I named the purple guy John Lennon.

The rest still need monikers… suggestions??

sheep figurine

Ooh look: Cauliflower Chicken Nuggets!

Yum yum yum…

rabbit food

Speaking of things that are cute…


So which of the animal figurines is YOUR favorite?

I can’t seem to choose… If I must choose a favorite, I’ll go with the corn rabbit. No, the cauliflower sheep. Or the banana dog. Or… See? I can’t choose.

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. I think I will have to go with the grape walrus…too cute!

  2. Samantha says:

    “(The stuffed longhorn currently resides in my closet. Batman is terrified of it!)” LOL! How could you not put a photo of it up?!?!

    I love the bunny corn. 🙂

    That is great you got a tech person. You blog is growing so big and with so much traffic I can understanding wanting the outside help.

      1. Samantha says:

        Oh thanks! I just had literally found that when I reading about Sarah. 🙂 That is funny. Poor Batman…it is tough being a little dog.

    1. Samantha says:

      Enjoy. 🙂

      OK, I could start pointing several out…Red Onion Cat, Cabbage Dog Pirate, but look for yourself. 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        Oh my god! Those are the cutest things EVER. I’m a total Halloween nut. LOVE those little guys! The onion kitty is adorable!

      2. Justine Duppong @ Life With Cheeseburgers says:

        Oh for cute–I love the lil peanut squirrel!

        1. Samantha says:

          LOL! I know. It is totally bringing my homework to a complete halt.

          1. P.S. Samantha,
            I clicked on your site and was reading about your adorable dog… and then I saw the chocolate love bites :). Thanks for such a sweet post. (I couldn’t comment because I don’t have a google account.) The Dallas bake sale is at the end of April, and I’m making blondies. I’m really excited!

          2. Samantha says:

            Oh! Thanks for visiting. 🙂 I am glad you are doing one for your area too. I love the organization that ours benefits.

            Yes, two of your recipes will be part of my bake sale plans tomorrow. I am super excited. I think I almost got a glimpse of your life in that I made several different versions of the love bites: with/without sugar, with pumpkin, with frozen, with freeze dried…etc.etc.etc. over three days and I almost got sick of it! (almost). My dog was thrilled when I made one just for him.

            Tonight I made the blueberry ketchup. Wow. It came out really well and my baked tofu was great except for forgetting to oil the foil in my excitement.

            Thanks again for all you do! I actually have a lot more confidence to go for this bake sale in part because of all the experimenting I do from this site!

  3. Oh golly! Those are the cutest!!! 🙂

  4. Mariel says:

    definitely the banana dog!! 🙂 🙂

  5. OMG! SO adorable! I like the sheep. I want him to go on my desk!!

  6. The banana puppy is SO adorable. Cute!

  7. Shuwen says:

    So cute! I love them!

    You grew up in Japan? Tokyo? Which area? I have been there several times and I should say I love Japan…
    I mean the culture and art, also Disneyland is the best among the all.

    1. Aobadai… like 2 minutes away from the American School preschool (ASIJ). Oh yes, Disneyland was a favorite!!

  8. Andrea says:

    Aww! The banana puppy and the strawberry chickens are my favorites! But I like the walrus too! It IS hard to choose!

    On another note: I made your cinnamon roll baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning – so good! I’m definately saving that recipe because it’s so simple! Love it! 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! Happy Thursday, Andrea :).

  9. Samantha D says:

    Definitely love the grape walrus..he trumps all!

  10. Sunnie says:

    I have the kiwi koala!!! My mom got it for me and she got my brother’s wife the banana dog! So funny to see these on here 🙂 Have you ever seen the calendars with pictures of food made to look like animals? They might be made by the same people who make the figures.

    1. Oh yeah, and the coffee table book! I forgot about those!

  11. Oh my these guys are so cute! The banana puppy is definitely my favorite 🙂

  12. kathy says:

    Those are sooooo adorable. I’ll have to go to the website & check them all out. I think the banana puppy is adorable, but so is the sheep, and the bunny. Oh my. Too hard to choose.

    Let’s see… monikers? How about Peel the Puppy, Callie the Sheep, Kernal the Bunny, Concord the Walrus, and June Berry the Chick w/Berry Junior. What a hoot!

  13. I love the walrus!!! haha so cute!

  14. Those are so darn adorable! Love the little corny bunny 😛

  15. Cabbage or banana dog, or any of the cats I think lol, I’m with you I love them all :] too cuteness!

  16. Rachelle says:

    My kids have a children’s book by an artist who makes dogs with real food (also all fruits and veggies)! The banana dog is in there. It is the cutest book, and I may enjoy looking at it even more than they do. 🙂

  17. Natalie Wright says:

    Definitely the banana dog! Too cuteeee

  18. Lisa says:

    Yay! My husband used to have a retail store that sold those (among many other things)! I love Cauliflower Sheep…but I think you need to consider adopting the also-super-adorable Sweet Potato Pig and Russet Potato Hippo! =)

    1. Brooke H. says:

      I just went to the site and saw the potato hippo….CUTE! I also like the red bell pepper dog too. My favorite here is the walrus!

  19. Sarah the official CCK drooler says:

    Aaaaaaww, I love the banana puppy! How cute! I want one. NOW. You could name him Naner. or Chico. And the rabbit could be Popcorn! And the chickens could be Mary Kate and Ashley- very appropriate. As for the sheep… Bob Dylan? Yes, definitely Bob Dylan. There you go- all the names you need.
    And I won’t charge 🙂
    But if you insist, you can pay me with a banana puppy. I’ll name him Chico.

  20. Teresa says:

    I have to say the Banana Dog stole my heart!!!

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