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No Chicken Noodle – Get Well Comfort Soup

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This no chicken noodle soup has magical healing powers.

get well soup

Magic Soup?

One spoonful and you will feel a thousand times better.

One spoonful and you can predict the future.

One spoonful and you can fly.

mushroom miso soup

Except not really the last two.

Oh well.

I made up the following recipe to use a ton of mushrooms (an impulse buy from the Asian market, whose mushrooms are much less expensive than Whole Foods’). It’s not cold outside, and we’re not sick; but we loved this hot, comforting soup all the same.

It reminded me of an episode of Friends (everything reminds me of an episode of Friends) where one of the characters–a vegetarian–makes noodle water because she can’t have chicken soup. Not that I’ve ever had noodle water (eww?), but I’m pretty sure this no chicken mushroom soup is much better!

get well soup

No Chicken Noodle Soup 

(Get well soon soup!)

  • 14 oz sliced mushrooms (I used a combination of oyster and shiitake)
  • 4 oz sliced portobello mushrooms (or sliced button mushrooms)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons garlic, minced
  • 1-3 tsp olive oil or vegetable oil
  • 45 oz broth of choice (I used Imagine No-Chickn)
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 3 and 1/2 tablespoons red or white miso – use chickpea miso for soy-free soup
  • optional: rice, a protein source, noodles (I added soba noodles, because I adore them)
  • optional: scallions for garnish

Heat a sauté pot, then add oil, mushrooms, and garlic. Cook 8-10 minutes. Add broth and thyme, and bring to a boil. Cover and lower to a simmer for 20-30 minutes. Take off heat and add miso. (Miso is added at the end because boiling it destroys the health benefits.) Stir to dissolve. If desired, add cooked rice or noodles, and/or a protein source. Makes 4 large servings or 6-7 starter servings.

View Mushroom Soup Nutrition Facts

You know what else has healing powers?


This stuff: Chocolate Frosting Shots

I had to fit chocolate into the post somehow! 😉

What foods do you like to eat when you don’t feel well?

I haven’t actually gotten sick in years, but I used to get Strep throat often. So my favorite things to eat were cold, soothing foods like ice cream or sorbet. Definitely not chicken noodle soup, although I did like chicken noodle soup when I wasn’t sick. Actually, I think I just liked the noodles. Mmmm noodles…

P.S. Don’t you wish you could fly??

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I like a good old fashioned homemade chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies. My tastes don’t really change though when I’m not well because I typically can’t taste. 🙁

  2. This looks sooo good, katie! I love, love mushrooms! I wish I can find a deal like yours, though. All the mushrooms I find are expensive!

  3. Kirsten says:

    This looks ridiculously good! I can not wait to make it 😀 ..not waiting until I’m sick either lol

  4. Jasmin says:

    Looks really good! When I’m sick I like to have fruity stuff though, so I made this fruit soup stuff! Really yummy!

  5. Samantha says:

    This looks so good (I love mushroom) and thanks for the frosting shots link! That is one I haven’t tried yet and I think I would love.

    When I get sick my appetite goes away. I will say one of the advantages of being vegan is that you can eat things like milkshakes and there is no dairy to junk you up and I have done that with a sore throat.

    Once I was REALLY sick and not eating at all and I got a bizarre craving for chocolate chip cookie dough, which I made, and ate over the next few days.

    PS. I did not know that about miso and boiling! Good to know. I can’t wait to make this one. I love soups.

    Saltines and applesauce are biggies for sick days as well.

    1. Samantha says:

      PS. Totally off topic but thanks for letting me know my blog comments was all exclusive to google accounts only! I never knew! Did some fixing today. 🙂

  6. Pauline says:

    Oddly enough, growing up my dad would always so straight for eating jello when he’d be feeling sick. I haven’t found a substitute for that, are there gelatin-free jellos out there?

    1. There are! There are boxed ones, and a few companies (I think Zensoy and Horizon) make the little single-serving cups as well :).

  7. Katia says:

    This soup sounds awesome except for the miso, but I’ve probably only had white miso. Does red miso taste/smell not like fish?

    1. I guess not, because I hate the taste of fish and yet I like miso :).

  8. Arielle says:

    I love to eat Matzah ball soup when I’m sick, and it was my favorite soup to eat as a kid. I eat mostly vegan/vegetarian now so I haven’t had it in a while…perhaps I should try to concoct a vegan version? Mmmmm….

  9. That soup looks so delicious!!!!

  10. soup is definitely something i always like when i’m not feeling well. it’s soothing and not “too much” i always want bland foods too… white bread, saltine crackers, etc. definitely not the healthiest, but it works.

    1. That’s actually probably healthier when you’re sick! Fiber just would make you feel worse. So your cravings are pretty smart ;).

  11. Sara Dane says:

    Chocolate pudding!

  12. Mmmmm

    I wish I could fly home to Iceland for weekends :]

    Ohh well :]

  13. Rikki says:

    I have a question for Katie (or anyone!) about the frosting shots. Does light coconut milk not have enough fat to work? I tried a different frosting recipe with the light kind (refrigerated overnight) and it was pretty runny, but I mixed it quickly with a whisk and not a mixer. I’m not sure if it was the method or ingredient that caused it.

    1. It needs to be full-fat canned.

  14. That soup looks great! When I’m sick, I definitely gravitate toward a big hot bowl (or mug) of soup. When I start to get my appetite back … I reach for the mac and cheese 🙂

  15. Ally says:

    LOVE that you did a savory recipe today! I can’t wait to make this!

  16. ooh girl, that was always my superhero power in elementary school. I would LOVE to fly!

    Is it sad that when I’m sick, I crave Chickfila? Even when I can’t even taste it?? 🙂

  17. sweet road says:

    Mushrooms are amazing. Every once in a while I’ll run into a vegetarian who hates mushrooms and I’m always baffled! I think anything with mushrooms in it could cure me.

  18. Faith says:

    I make a soup with lot’s of ginger and garlic with some shredded veggies (and mushrooms if I have them) thrown in. It’s so soothing, plus flavorful enough that even if my sinuses are a wreck I can still taste it!

    And aren’t the noodles in chicken noodle soup everyone’s favorite part?! They should be!

  19. Soup and ice cream are definitely my “get better” meals. More ice cream than soup, though. 😉

  20. Cathy says:

    I have actually been sick for the past few days! I mostly have found that i don’t want to eat ( I lost a bunch of weight, darn! :)) so i have mainly been drinking juice. I am going to make this now!
    Oh and I totally want to fly! When I was little i thought that was the coolest super power!

    1. Aw feel better soon 🙁
      My mom used to make me peanut butter and banana smoothies when I was sick, to get in calories quickly… plus bananas are part of the BRAT diet (bananas rice applesauce and toast) which is good for when you’re feeling sick.

      Sending well-wishes your way!

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