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Vanilla Chai Breakfast Shakes

Thick, creamy vanilla chai breakfast shakes…

A super healthy way to start your morning: 1 cup milk of choice, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/4 cup... Full Recipe: @choccoveredkt


Have you ever tried chai tea?

My college roommate got me hooked on chai sophomore year, and the spicy beverage helped me through many a winter’s bike ride to class. I invested in a stainless-steel travel mug, which I’d fill with hot tea and stuff into the side pocket of my backpack. Today’s recipe is a milkshake version of that comforting chai.

(P.S. To anyone who currently attends SMU: buy a cheap bike. In the years I was there, two of my bicycles were stolen—locks and all!)

chocolate covered katie

A thick, creamy, and secretly healthy milkshake with sweet chai spices.

Perfect for a post-workout drink or a late-night snack…

coconut chai

Or even for breakfast!

Readers voted this the top post-workout shake of the year! You'd swear it's full of fat and empty calories, but surprisingly it's not at all! Recipe here:

coconut shake


Vanilla Chai Breakfast Shakes

Vanilla Chai Breakfast Shakes

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  • 1 cup milk of choice, or less for a thicker shake
  • 1 very ripe frozen banana (Banana-Free Version Here)
  • 1/2 tsp each cinnamon and powdered ginger
  • Tiny dash each: pepper, cardamom, ground cloves, and nutmeg (You can omit any or all if desired. Or omit all the spices and simply brew your milk with a chai tea bag, then chill before blending)
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • optional sweetener if desired


Crazy-simple directions: Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve cold, or gently heat if a hot drink is desired instead. (Side note: I bet if you make a bigger serving and tweak the recipe a bit, it could make a good ice cream. I might have to work on that!)

View Vanilla Shake Nutrition Facts


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Healthy Cheesecake Of Dreams


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Published on April 27, 2012

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  1. Teresa says

    Yum, this looks delicious. Never thought of adding chai spices to my shakes; what a wonderful idea.

    As for the bake sale, I like buying things that are easy to eat out-of-hand and don’t crumble too much. So, brownies, cookies, or bars of some sort. My personal favorites are brownies or spice cookies since I’m always looking for new and interesting variations on both of those. I’m sure whatever you decide to bring will be awesome. 🙂

  2. Colleen says

    I’m pretty sure YOU can’t go wrong — anything you bring will be sold in a flash!!! Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, those go first I think, or cupcakes with cool decorations 🙂

    This shake looks super-yummy! Can’t wait to try!!!

    Thanks so much!!

    • Christy S. Lube says

      At our local coffee shop, they call that (the chai latte w/ espresso) a “Wookiee”… LOL.
      (My daughters told me if I drank a Wookiee, they were pretty sure Chewbacca would come after me…)

      • Kaleigh says

        Haha I work at a coffee & ice cream shop in my hometown and we call it a Dirty Hippie. We also can put espresso in our Mexican hot chocolate (aka a Dirty Sanchez). No idea who came up with these.

    • Amanda says

      I did this recently at home with rolled oats! As I boiled the water for my oatmeal I left a chai tea bag in there. then I cooked the oatmeal as normal with some raisins and nuts and a little milk or creamer it was great. And I got my caffeine kick right along with my breakfast 🙂 I’m trying to think of what other tea flavos might be god like this…

  3. Samantha says

    Have fun cooking for your bake sale!

    I know that when I go to them I tend to avoid things that seem too messy (or heavily man-handled by the maker :))

    I love to try something slightly different than I would normally make for myself to see if I like it. Usually that is a good experience, this last weekend – sort of a weird one. 🙂

    I agree that I need to be able to see the item and a clear ingredient list. Have fun! Anyone is going to be lucky to get what you make!

    So which cause does your bake sale benefit?

  4. Dakota says

    Bake Sale?

    Cookies or cupcakes! People also get really excited over “mini” things, because they can buy something without feeling like they are eating a ton. If you can support a good cause, eat something delicious, but not feel like you just ate something big (or have to eat something if you’re already full)… it’s a win-win-win.

  5. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon says

    I made a batch of granola and portioned it into single-serving packages for a bake sale once and it went off well! People appreciated that they could support the cause but purchase something healthy that they could enjoy then or for breakfast the next day if they weren’t hungry right that second.

  6. Madison @ Peanut Butter Lover says

    I know that when I go to bake sales I normally look for two things: Something that I’ve never tried before BUT looks delicious! OR… Something that I love and haven’t had in a while. For me, these things would be fudge, snickerdoodles, cupcakes, sugar cookies or sweet breads (with chocolate chips of course!). Question

  7. Renata says

    Yum! Looks incredible, this will definitely go on my ‘to make’ list. Those straws are soooo cute! Where did you find those?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I actually got them online somewhere… I forget the site, but it was back in September, and I decided it’d be a good birthday present to myself. (I hardly ever order things online, because of shipping costs.)

  8. Sarah says

    I love love LOVE your Flourless Chocolate Chip cookies! I always have a batch in my freezer to snick snack on. I even posted about them on my blog. I think you should make those. I always leave out the white sugar because I don’t like sweet cookies either and I use super dark chocolate chips but those with sugar would be awesome for people with “normal” tastebuds.

  9. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    LoVE. Used to love chai 😀 and I love that straw! Where did you get it? It is adorable!

    For the bake sale…hmm, make something easy to wrap, doesn’t have to be refrigerated, and sticks together easily. I used to always buy fudgy brownies at bakesales (they are the best). Plus, brownies are pretty easy to bake and store. I bet a “cake batter” brownie/bar thing with sprinkles would be a hit, too. Do you have a recipe like that? I can’t remember…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I actually got them online somewhere… I forget the site, but it was back in September, and I decided it’d be a good birthday present to myself. (I hardly ever order things online, because of shipping costs.)

      I’ve been meaning to make copycat Little Debbies… thanks for the reminder, Alex! 🙂

  10. Suzie says

    Yum! This is perfect, I just bought 2 boxes of chai tea as it was on sale– I will definitely be making this, especially as the HOT days are approaching… Thanks for the great recipe!

  11. Mary says

    The best thing I got at a “bake sale” was called a Power Ball in Vermont. Basically a peanut butter ball w/ raisins and peanuts and rolled in sesame seeds. I think w/ your spin on things you could update that . It was not sticky – It was easy to throw in my purse and eat when I felt low – It didn’t crumble and make a mess.

  12. A.F. says

    This looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it! As for the nutritional facts, though, one medium banana alone is around 110 calories… How can the total for the entire recipe be only 115?

    • Lisa says

      Coming from an obsessive calorie counter:

      1 normal sized banana (90 grams without the skin) is only 75 calories.

      • A.F. says

        I, too, am somewhat of an obsessive calorie counter. I’m not saying this to perseverate on the topic, but I have checked and cross-checked this value many a time, as I eat bananas frequently. Even Dole’s website lists a medium banana at 110 calories, and a search for “medium banana” on Spark Recipes will yield the following: Banana, Fresh (Medium, 7″ – 7 7/8″ long) : 108 calories. The same goes for a search on My Fitness Pal.

        Katie, I made the shake tonight and it is truly delicious, regardless of the amount of calories. And it’s infinitely healthier than a similar dairy-cholesterol-sugar laden concoction! I really didn’t mean to start a fuss here, I just wanted to help out a fellow cal counter.

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          No worries. Sorry, I am NOT a calorie counter… I have to trust what the recipe site gives me, but if you ever think my info is inaccurate, please let me know what should be correct and I can fix my post!

          • Lisa says

            No, you did it correct, Katie! If we’re getting nit picky, those sites list “1 medium banana” but you have to remember that the peel adds grams and calories. But no one eats the peel! At least I hope they don’t! 😉
            So doing it in grams is much more accurate. And I like how you changed the nutritional info link. I think you handled it perfectly! Don’t worry, we calorie counters have your back!

  13. Mandie says

    I’ve never tried a chai tea before – but this sounds so good! I’ll try it!
    (I have tried chai power balls and they were good!)

    A suggestion – you could make your Hot Chocolate Cookies or Funfetti Cookie Dough Balls! 🙂

    Weird question: Do you actually read all the comments posted on your blog?
    Just wondering, because I know you are busy, and you get TONS of comments 😉

  14. casey says

    I have made something similar. I boiled (or close to boil) a small amount of water 1/4- 1/3 cup ish? Then steeped the chai tea bag. Remove the bag. Allow the remaining tea to cool (stick in the fridge or freezer to hurry it along! Then add that to blender with other ingredients. I use frozen banana slices to keep it cold and help it thicken. I use either almond or coconut milk. And because i’m not vegan I like to add some plain yogurt (1/2 cup ish?) Occationally I will add a touch of maple syrup or honey for sweetener. Oh and real vanilla.

  15. Green Tea Bliss says

    Love Chai!
    As for the bake sale I always take in a few pies as people don’t make them anymore and they love to leave with a whole, homemade pie…PLUS they bring in the big $$$. I also love GF macaroons! Have fun baking for a cause 😉

  16. Cheri @ The Watering Mouth says

    These look perfect Katie – except when I make them, I’m gonna omit the banana, cinnamon and all the spices and I will add chocolate syrup. Oh wait, that’s just a chocolate milkshake. Well, so be it!

    Love the concept of this twist – though, I’ll stick with my old faithful. Heehee. 😀

  17. Jenny D says

    This might even be great with some oatmeal added to it to make it a little more hearty!

    Also for your bake sale if no one has mentioned it, I suggest small loafs of your banana bread, definitely the peanut butter bread and coconut cake. Maybe even your homemade energy bars or babies.

    Every one does cookies. Yours are amazing though so I guess it would all depend on how much time you have…..maybe even some of your graham crackers thrown in a small baggies with your chocolate bars/bunnies and marshmallows. Maybe even some coconut melties! Definitely advertise your blog because everyone will be hooked!

    You have so many recipes that I would have to skim through them again but those are all the ones off the top of my head.

  18. Lindsey says

    Thank you for always including so many variations on your recipes. Nobody would complain if you didn’t, so the extra hat tip to those of us who don’t eat bananas is appreciated!

  19. Ann says

    I’ve been to plenty of school bake sales where most of the items are store bought (the sad truth of mothers these days is too often that they don’t know how to make anything without a mix or not in a plastic pack!). The treats never look very interesting, five kinds of bland chocolate chip cookies and an endless supply of those doughy overly sweetened white cookies with too much seasonally colored frosting. Unfortunately kids always want those gross things (I think mine love them so much because I won’t buy them). So my suggestion for a treat to take is something that looks like that–your “funfetti” recipes would be a big draw. And maybe people would be pleasantly surprised that they are not only delish, but vegan without chemicals to boot!
    Otherwise, kids love anything that’s colorful and frosted (another observation is that no matter how yummy a slice of sweet bread or bar is, if it’s brown it won’t sell so well).
    I only wish I could patronize a sale full of your cooking…

    • Jenny D says

      Unfortunately around here anyway many of the schools only allow store-bought items due to so many different allergies. The ingredient list has to be printed on the package. I am really into home made everything so although I understand, it really irritates me at the same time.

  20. Shelly Moe says

    My favorite bake sale item…brownies, brownies, brownies. Oh! And ‘Special K” bars…you know…the rice krispy looking bar with a layer of chocolate on top. Katie, you should totally do a re-make of “Special K” bars!!

  21. Colleen says

    PS- so no tea in your recipe? interesting! …I saw it’s an option instead of spices, but I’m surprised no black tea in the original…anyway, it still looks and sounds delicious! And without the tea, you could have it just before bed!! You’re the best!!

  22. Janice says

    I love milkshakes! I havent had one in a looong time because a lot of times, a milkshake recipe requires a certain amount of sugary ice cream and such… eeuw. I do like ice cream but only in spoonfuls on special occasions. They’re way too sweet for my liking. This is a great idea 🙂

  23. Melissa (Better Fit) says

    I’d love to go to any bake sale that you have a stall at! I’d buy it all 😉

    In terms of your request for advice:
    – Have something that people can see (rather than wrapping everything and covering up the tempting deliciousness… even if it’s a sample to show what they’ll get inside)
    – Offer easy takeaway options (packaging or something that isn’t too messy to carry if you don’t have packaging)
    -Market the trademark that you’re so incredibly good at: gloriously delicious treats that taste amazing, but are also pretty healthy.

  24. Roni Yager says

    I think the things that people want the most at bake sales are either simple like a great soft cookie or something that looks magnificent like an elaborately decorated cupcake…at least those are the things that I like! Or rice crispy treats 🙂

  25. Jen says

    Just made this! I took the advice of someone on your facebook page to add a little spinach, and I can easily see this being my new favorite shake :). Thanks for another winning recipe, Katie!

  26. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Ohh I LOVE chai!! In college I was hooked on chai lattes- but only from the coffee cart- the coffee shop on campus made them differently and they were never as good! Now I start my work days with chai tea with a stevia and it’s the perfect start to my day! Can’t wait to try this!!

    • Casey says

      What form of stevia do you use? I LOVE chai tea, but struggle with finding a good sweetener. I stopped using plain white sugar a while ago. I used splenda for a long time (because I was clueless and thought it was better for me!) I have since tried Truvia and just don’t care for it. I need to add like 6 packets to 1 normal size 8oz mug! I’ve considered trying stevia in liquid form or another brand. Any suggestions would be helpful!

  27. Les says


    I’ve been making the chocolate chip milkshake (with or without mint) every day for several days now! I use frozen banana, coconut milk, and add chia seed. It is so rich and thick! I’m addicted.

    Still lovin’ your blog after several years of following!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      That really (really!) means a lot to me… especially since I know how confusing my blog used to be, with giant white spaces, lots of bold sentences, and links going everywhere even to get to just one recipe. (Hopefully it’s much better about that now; I’ve really tried to make it easier to read!)

  28. krystal@coffeecardiogoddess says

    I have had a chai drink before and thought it was pretty yummy! I will definately give this a go. Where do you get frozen bananas? Do you just freezeva regular banana?

  29. Jen says

    Katie – I’d suggest making the chocolate rice krispy treat bars. I made them for a party a couple months ago, and I’m still hearing about them! (They’re great as cereal too- just break them up and add some dairy-free milk on top. Mmm!)

  30. krystal@coffeecardiogoddess says

    As far as what to bring to bake sale, any of your cookies or the deep dish cookie cake would be a hit!

  31. Megan says

    This looks delicious! Now that the weather’s getting warmer, I don’t drink too much tea, but I’m excited to try this! As for the bake sale, whenever I go to a bake sale, I always buy based on presentation (which doesn’t seem to be a problem with you! Your macaroon Easter chicks were absolutely adorable). Also, I always lean towards something unique; something that I can’t find anywhere else. Your Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies and your Better n Reeses Chocolate Cups look delicious!!! The Funfetti Cookie Dough Balls might be fun too, just because they’re colorful. I’m sure your desserts will be a big hit at the bake sale!

  32. Megan E. says

    Looks good! I love Chai so might try that some night…

    For the bake sale, I’d recommend nothing that will melt, especially as it gets warmer (so anything chocolate covered is out). I like cookies, since you usually can package 2-3 together instead of just 1 item. Brownies tend to get sticky so I’m not as much a fan of them, unless they have a cookie crust or something. I also liked the idea of a pie from above – but maybe make mini ones that you can give away the wrapping too?

  33. Leslie @ healthybybalance says

    Katie! It’s like you always know exactly what I need! I’m making this right now…it looks delicious! And I have a serious Chai addiction!

    As for the bake sale, I agree with marketing your unique brand…everyone is looking for a healthy dessert. I would also focus on the senses…I’m a sucker for pretty food and obviously yummy, sweet smells. So make something that maybe has a stronger aroma that will get people’s attention.

  34. Emily says

    This looks sooo good. Have you ever considered making Chai spiced cookies? Or maybe Chai muffins? I am so obsessed with chai spices and I was so happy to come across this recipe!!

  35. Katie says

    Im going too! My brother and I are bringing pumpkin bars and cinnamon rolls. I would suggest the chocolate chip cookies with frosting between two of them and the snickerdoodles!

  36. Caralyn says

    I.HAVE.GOT.TO.TRY.THIS. Chai is my favorite tea, gonna make this right away.

    I think you should bring one of your blondies, either snickerdoodle or pb&j.

  37. Lisa @Bitesforbabies says

    I love soy chai tea (from Starbucks!) I surprised they don’t have a “cold” version on their menu. Looks like you beat them to it!! I’ll try YOUR version 😉

  38. Alanna says

    I have a new favorite shake! Well, maybe not… The choc PB one is pretty amazing. 😉 But this is delicious, and the spices were just right! I love me some chai. The only thing I left out was cardamom (didn’t have any) and sweetener (didn’t need it). My shake was really thick since I only had a little over 1/2 cup almond milk left, but it was awesome. If I had any milk left I would totally try your ice cream suggestion!

    For the bake sale, I was going to say cookies (secret PB are insanely good, but that’ll get expensive to make a big batch) since they’re so portable. But I really like someone else’s suggestion to do one of your breads in mini-loaf size, or fudge babies (maybe a few to a baggie?). Whatever you make will be delicious!

  39. Jeanna says

    Can’t wait to make this!! Might be my pre run breaky tomorrow!! You should do the pumpkin cream cheese bars—every person I’ve made these for raves about them and won’t believe me when I say they are healthy and vegan!!! It’s always hard for “regular” eaters to believe that vegan deserts can be delicious. I love to surprise people and your recipes help me out!! Thanks!

  40. Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell says

    I first got turned on to Chai tea when I was in gymnastics camp! Except they were lattes and full of sugar. Delicious 😉

  41. Casey says

    I asked this question further up as a direct question to another reader, so please excuse me if you are reading this again as you scroll down, but hoping for advice from other readers. I LOVE chai tea, but I have yet to find a good sweetener. I used to use plain old white sugar because this is how I was shown to make authentic chai tea from an Indian friend of mine (no tea bags and i would crush the cardamom pod myself!) but then I needed to find a way to make chai portable, so resorted to tea bags. I like celestian seasonings. Here’s the delema, I used splenda for a long time trying to avoid calories, but clueless about the potential negative effects of splenda. So, what do I use? What do you all use? I tried Truvia, but had to use about 6 packets in 1 normal size 8oz mug to get it sweet enough and still didn’t care for the flavor. Perhaps a liquid stevia? Or another brand. Anyone successful using honey or agave? PLEASE HELP!!! Oh, I always use a splash of milk in my tea too (regular cow’s milk or almond or coconut milk) Any advice appreciated! I want to be able to enjoy my favorite hot drink again!

    • Vita @ Juicer Depot says

      I love to use Agave as a sweetener. I buy mine at Costco. I have tried Splenda and Stevia but do not like it especially the after taste. I avoid sugar as much as I can. Agave is a low glycemic sweetener and I think the taste is perfect.

      • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

        I would caution against a liquid stevia ( i hate the aftertaste!) But I’ve only tried the NOW brand of stevia. Agave is a good choice but there are also some downsides to it. Personally, I used agave a lot until I read some of the downsides. If using honey, I would use a raw one, like Really Raw Honey. It tastes really good! But its harder to put into tea and other beverages (unless blended) And I’m Indian so I can tell you that you won’t compromise the flavor too much! Have you looked into xylitol?
        Here is a brand of liquid stevia that a lot of people I know like and my grandmother in India uses in her chai!

        It comes in other flavors as well- Hope this helps! And remember, most thing are fine in moderation so don’t worry about downsided TOO much as long as its not regularly consumed 🙂

  42. Shannon Taggart says

    OH MY GOODNESS….. this is the most delicious thing in the entire world. I am heading to the fruit market to buy a million bananas to make sure I always have one in the freezer. Holy moly this is delicious.

  43. Sapphire says

    Chai is absolutely delicious! I’m so glad one of my college girlfriends introduced me to the tasty tasty TASTY drink 🙂

    As for the question: I’m a sucker for fudge and brownies from bake sales. I think I’ll make some Good Girl Vegan Fudge for tomorrow! 🙂

  44. Felicia says

    I ALWAYS go for the brownies at bake sales! As long as they’re nut free, I know they will be delicious and worth every penny. If there are chocolate chip cookies, I check those out too… but I’m a cookie snob. I need my CCCs thick, chewy, and cake-y, with a high chocolate-to-cookie ratio. (: Haha but you can’t go wrong with brownies!

  45. Shannon says

    Yes! I’m going to my kitchen right now to put a banana in the freezer so I can try this tonight. As for the bake sale, I LOVED the pb and j bars 🙂

  46. Stephanie says

    WOW! I made this for breakfast this morning and it was fantastic 🙂
    I am on a higher fat diet (Paleo actually… maybe you’ve heard of it?). So, I used your suggestion to substitute coconut milk for the banana and I also subbed heavy cream for the milk. Talk about luxurious, delicious, wonderful, there just aren’t enough adjectives to describe it. Thanks a bunch for the recipe. It was an amazing start to my Saturday 🙂

  47. Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes says

    I want this shake now! It looks amazing!
    I would suggest something chocolate but with a bit of color added as well- sprinkles or colored frosting. It seems the bright colored items catch people’s eyes and everyone loves chocolate!! 🙂 good luck! I would love to buy one, or a few of your treats!

  48. Sydney says

    This was fantastic! I had after a run and it was perfectly refreshing/comforting. I was out of bananas so i substituted greek yogurt and some ice cubes. Also added about a tbs of cashew butter, just to hold it all together. It was heaven! Great job Katie!

  49. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    YUM!!! Being Indian (in heritage) you bet chai is a staple for me. So naturally I have everything on hand! I put the naners in the freezer earlier and am going to make it now. Stand by… 🙂

    And, like duh, bring your deep dish cookie pie. You could make mini ones in little tartlet pans! How cute? It’ll sell faster than anything, ESPECIALLY when you say its healthy and made with chickpeas… after they buy it of course 🙂

  50. Hungry Heather says

    I just made a variant of your shake here and it is AMAZING! Being on a protein shake diet can get dull fast – I so appreciate your creativity with the adding of chai spices. I never would have thought about doing that! Thank you Katie, as usual, for making healthy eating decadent.

  51. Michelle says

    Katie –
    Does the banana have to be frozen? I’ve always wondered if there is a difference in smoothie/shake if you use a fresh banana vs. frozen. Thanks!

  52. Amy says

    OMG! just made this shake, it was sooo good! I’m not a big fan of chai tea plain but I love the combo of spices in general, like chai lattes with espresso <3

    I would recommend taking some of your gluten-free chocolate cookies since gluten-free is such a big thing right now, but anything would be good!

    I also just discovered that you live in Dallas… I live in Dallas! So random lol

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Awesome! And I definitely listened to your gf suggestion :).
      I hope you got a chance to hit up the bake sale… it was so much fun! (That probably goes without saying, though. When is anything involving chocolate NOT fun? ;))

  53. Evelyne says

    This looks SO GOOD. (drool)

    This isn’t really related to this post, but I have two questions. Kinda random. But anyway.

    1. What kind of cocoa powder do you use in your chocolate recipes? I know it probably doesn’t matter, but I was wondering if there’s a specific kind.

    2. Did you have pets as a kid, or just later in life?

    Thanksss 🙂

    • Evelyne says

      Oh and by the way, for the bake sale, I’d say go with raw cookie dough balls or fudge babies… nom nom nom haha 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I used to use Hershey’s, because it was cheapest… But recently I’ve been learning more and more about slave labor and the fact that Hershey’s isn’t a fair-trade company. So I’ve been trying to use Dagoba all the time now… It’s much more expensive, but I rationalize that Hershey’s can be cheaper because it’s using slave labor. I’d rather pay the extra cost and not be a part of that :(.

  54. Jennifer says

    I made this for breakfast this morning and threw in some raw oatmeal as I was eating it. It was delicious! Thanks for another great and easy recipe!

  55. Cindy says

    For the bake sale – anything that easily stays together between two fingers and can be eaten in just a few bites – sans napkin, sans gooey get-fingers-dirty factor. You have lots to choose from!

  56. Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet says

    Mmm, the shake sounds delish! And lol it’s true! Whatever you make will be a great hit. If I was there I would love some sugar cookies!

  57. Amber with Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    Yum! This sounds awesome! Also, right after I read this post my brother randomly posted this on FitFluential Food’s FB wall:

    “Anyone have a lead on a low or no calorie Chai powder that I can add to a protein shake? If there isn’t one out there I will make my own. Thoughts?”

    How crazy is that?!? Clearly, I lead him straight here 😉

  58. Red-headed Veg says

    Yum! I just tried this but added some spirulina-based vanilla smoothie mix to give it a protein boost–fantastic!

    @Amber with Slim Pickin’s Kitchen: You can find sugar-free Chai syrup online–sold with other coffee flavoring syrups. Don’t know what the ingredients are though–you’d want to check them. Not a powder, and not as good as this recipe, but very easy to add to your shakes.

    Another thought would be to brew up some really strong, milky chai tea and freeze it in ice cube trays, then add a few of cubes to your shakes when you blend them.

  59. roxy says

    I have a distinct feeling these are about to become my salvation for the rest of exams — especially since I’ve got a big bunch of ripe bananas just waiting to be frozen sitting on my counter. Watch out, Bankruptcy Code… I have CHAI MILKSHAKES!

  60. Cindy says

    Have you ever added protein powder to these for added nutrition? Just wondered if it would make it too thick and icky. Sounds so yummy for breakfast but love high protein.

  61. Anna says

    I made this today with some almond milk (with a touch of coconut creamer) brewed with Koni Masala Chai. It was absolutely divine!

    When you mentioned bake sale I couldn’t help but picture Mini Deep Dish Cookie Pies…. *drool*

  62. Lindsay says

    I just made this shake for breakfast and it was delish! I love chai but don’t like the caffeine so this let’s me have the tasty chai caffeine free. What a great idea, thank you!!

  63. evelyn says

    soo…i usually don’t like bananas in my shakes. BUT THIS WAS THE BEST SHAKE I’VE EVER HAD! No joke. seriously, everyone needs to try this. it was beyond delicious!

  64. Chelan says

    Awww, thanks for having a banana-free version! That’s been the biggest hurdle for me going Vegan: so many banana recipes, and they give me migraines!


  65. Anonymous says

    Just made this and subbed 1/2 can coconut milk for the almond milk. SO THICK AND CREAMY!!!!! Tasted just like how I remember milkshakes tasting, only better because it’s super healthy!! YUMMO!

  66. Allie says

    I absolutely love your blog!! About a month ago, after eating soy regularly for all of my 19 years, I obtained a severe soy allergy out of the blue. Living soy-free is harder than I could have ever imagined, especially since up until last week I had to learn while relying solely on dorm food, and one of the things that I have missed the most is desserts. This blog has really helped me find some foods that I can eat, and it means so much to me. I love all of the recipes in the soy-free list, keep them coming!!!! You’ve added a bit of hope this situation I’ve been thrown into, and I love what you’re doing. Thank you!

  67. Laura S. says

    Oh my goodness – amazing! I added a dash of sugar because I like everything sweet. Fantastic recipe, tastes just like any chai drink 🙂

  68. katherine says

    this is the best thing ever!! i have it at least three times a week for breakfast-so quick and easy and delicious! thank you!

  69. Emily says

    If you freeze a banana and a mug of chai tea and then blend it togetger in a food processor, it makes a huge serving of chai-nana soft serve! :3 it’s especially yummy if you make the tea extra strong and add some extra cinnamon.

  70. robinw13 says

    Pies. People LOVE pies and they sell like…um….hotcakes. Especially if you can make a really good and flaky piecrust…

  71. Basil says

    I made this for dessert last night…. it was super yumyum! Great combo of flavours. I’ll have to try actual chai tea one of these days…

  72. Sara says

    This…was…OUT OF THIS WORLD. Better than any frozen chai from any coffee shop. Creamy, sweet, and incredible with the perfect blend of spice. UHMAZING. I used the cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

  73. LessSugarNaturally says

    Pure Genius. Just made it! I’m so mad at myself for drinking it in 30 seconds! Why???????

  74. Elizabeth says

    I am not a huge fan of chai, so last night I made only half the recipe to try it. Well, today I made the full recipe…. :)P

  75. Jess says

    I always make coconut macaroons for bake sales! One of the main reasons is they are always a hit and there are never any other macaroons made by anyone else at any sale I’ve been to! They easily wrap two or three in one little package and you can tie them up with cling wrap and a ribbon 🙂 I started using a delicious recipe for raspberry coconut macaroons that I found here:

    that chai milkshake looks delicious! I simply love chai tea, it’s always reminded me of a warm cinnamon bun in a cup!

  76. maia says

    i just made this and it was literally the best thing i ever drank in my life. i stood in my kitchen licking my glass much longer than i should have.

  77. Mandy Cheshire says

    YUM! I was a little skeptical at first, even though I love drinking chai. But this is really yum, even without the tea! This has the warmth of drinking chai (ginger) and enough icy sweetness from the banana and other spices! Delish! Just a tip, Starbucks used to sell an apple chai. They will still make it for you if you ask, but it’s easy to make at home. Mix approximately equal parts natural apple juice and chai concentrate. Microwave/heat until hot. Hands-down my favorite drink!

  78. Thuy Duong says

    I want to know if you can always substitute vanilla extract with just pure vanilla flavor, the difference between the two is pure vanilla flavor contains no alcohol unlike regular vanilla extract. I just want to know if it will make a difference in your milkshakes since it will alter the taste. An example, is from this website:


  79. Melinda says

    I made this today, and it was ahhhmazing! However, I made a slight variation. Instead of adding all the spies, and brewing tea, I used unsweetened Oregon Chai Latte Concentrate.

  80. Thuy Duong says

    Hey Katie! Can I use both the spices and brew the chai tea bag for a stronger flavor? If I only use either one will the flavor be the same as of the other one I didn’t use? If I use only the spices will it have the same flavor as the chai tea bag without all the spices? I was wondering if you recreated the spices to be a similar flavor of the chai tea bag. And I wasn’t clear on the instruction of should the spices be in a powdered form or a seed form?

  81. Megan says

    YUMMM! I just made this with my breakfast and holy cow, delicious. my only thing is next time i’m gonna cut back on the ginger a little (just my liking.) Thanks so much for this awesome recipe!!:)

  82. Thuy Duong says

    When I asked about the flavor of this recipe before, I wanted to know if the spices will taste the same as the chai tea bag, I’m meant that if you’re going to omit the spices and exchange for the chai tea bag it must taste the same right? Can you explain why you have it like that because I’m confused as to which kind of flavor it will come out if I only use the spices or only use the chai tea bag, do both of these have a different flavor? If it has a similar flavor as each other I want to know how you got the mixed spices to taste the same like the chai tea bag because I was wondering if you had to reinvent the flavor of the chai tea bag with the spices mixed in together?

  83. Cari says

    You are incredible! I made this yesterday morning for breakfast and had thoughts of it being a breakfast, lunch, and dinner sort of thing. AMAZING!!!! Didn’t even need sweetener. Thank you for another indulgence I feel guilt-free about eating. :o)

  84. Jillyb says

    Chai vanilla shake – incredible!!! I subbed a piece of fresh ginger since we don’t have any powdered on hand and it was perfect. Lovely. Amazing. Thanks!

  85. ea-the spicy rd says

    I make a similar shake I call Banana Spice Eggnog, and I add pumpkin pie spice to the mix-delicious. Your version looks fabulous! I never had a bike when I was there, but I went to SMU too, although that was many, many years ago 🙂

  86. Marcy says

    This looks so good and I can’t wait to try it. I love your recipes since I have such a sweet tooth. The brownie batter pancakes are one of my favorites for breakfast ever 🙂

  87. Rae Howard says

    Oh Katie…….Loved this shake. Turned out great even though I couldn’t find the vanilla extract and substituted fresh ginger for the powdered. Super creamy and tastes like it should be bad for you. I will have to make some vegan whipped cream, sprinkle with my homemake choc crunch topping (just choc powder, coconut oil and agave heated poured on cookie sheet put in freezer broken up into little pieces) and a sprinkle of cinnamon-just to make me feel special.


  88. Andrea says

    Just made this for breakfast! It’s a long weekend so a shake for breakfast sounds pretty perfect to me! I know you like it when people try substitutions on your recipes and report back for others, so this is what I did: I don’t like using frozen bananas (perhaps I just haven’t mastered the art of unpeeling them), so I just used a regular banana and added some vanilla frozen yogurt. I also used vanilla soy milk so I didn’t add the vanilla extract or any added sweetener. It’s delicious! (As for the frozen yogurt: obviously this wouldn’t work for vegans, but like you said, a vegan could use dairy free ice cream of some sort!)

  89. laura says

    So great i happened to have a frozen banana!! HA! Ive cut back on chai lattes as i am trying to loose weight and have GERD. (Tea is sometimes hard for me although i LOVE it) any way.
    Im drinking one right now. YUM. very satisfying. thank you. I share your site with everyone. keep up the good work laura

  90. Amy says

    Have you ever tried one of your desserts that is in a liquid form & turn it in an ice cream consistency in a Vitamix 6300? In other words have you ever tried 1 of your recipes like the one on this page(milk shakes, smoothies, & etc.) in a Vitamix & put it on Frozen Desserts function because I’d love to know the results since I know that the Vitamix can prepare a soft serve consistency & I thought that your recipes(I’m only talking of recipes that are capable of making an ice cream flavor) would of went great with it. I hope you will try it out or at least do demos & tell us your results I’ll bet the consistency will be smoother & tastier since the Vitamix grind down everything.

  91. Tracy Biddle says

    just made this! one of the best things ive ever had. me and my mom went crazy over it!
    thank you chocolatecoveredkatie!!!

  92. Ashley says

    This was delicious! It had the flavor of the chai lattes enjoy from Starbucks, but without the caffeine! The only problem was that my thirteen-month-old son kept hogging it! Need to make a bigger serving next time 🙂

  93. Penny says

    I made this with home made almond milk and home made chai spice mix, sweetened with two dates and froze it into popsicles. So yummy! Next time, I’ll reduce the chai to 1/2 tsp and only use 1 date.

  94. Joanna says

    Just made this shake with raw cows milk and cream, and it’s AMAZING. So simple. Why didn’t I think of it?

  95. Melissa says

    Oh my gosh, I just made this and it’s sooooooo good! I made it with coconut milk, a little honey and no ice cream and it was just perfect! The kids loved it too – although I dialed way back on the cloves and cardamom for them. Thank you! This will be a new regular recipe for us 🙂 We also love your deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie, especially since it’s so easy for my young kids to make with me and it’s so tasty – we had it the other day with a small scoop of mint chip ice cream on top.

  96. Andie says

    I made this this morning, only without the banana and cardamom (good thing I looked too, or I would’ve put coriander in instead!) THIS IS DELICIOUS!!! I added extra almond milk and probably 7 or 8 tsp of stevia. This is absolutely fantastic

  97. Katharine says

    My two-year old LOVES these! We have them at breakfast almost every morning, and he will ask for them after nap time, too. Thanks for giving me a healthy alternative to juice!

  98. TeriN says

    I was disappointed to read the, “I detest pepper” comment. My Indian friends taught me to make chai using white pepper. It gives a wonderfully mysterious “bite” to the chai experience. Taste is completely different than black pepper….try it!

  99. Natasha says

    Super tasty!
    Made mine in a single serve blender with a little less milk, turned out exactly like soft serve ice cream! Might have been because the banana I used was pretty large, though.
    Either way, super delicious!!

  100. best hairstyle says

    I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this web page
    is really fastidious.

  101. Brenda says

    WOW! A kindred spirit – I detest pepper too. My husband has to add it if he wants it. I never cook with it.
    I will be trying this shake as soon as the snow is over here – Mother’s day and we have 6 inches of snow.

  102. Angie says

    Another hit Katie!!! I love chai so I figured this would be good. I added vanilla protein powder for that extra boost! Thanks and please keep these delicious breakfast shakes and smoothies coming yours are by far the best!

  103. Gina says

    YUM!!!! I just had to make 2 in a row because I wouldn’t share with my 6 year old daughter, who also loved it. One of my new favorites!!

  104. Kasey says

    Or you could plan ahead and the night before heat the cup of milk and put a chai teabag in it to infuse the chai flavors. Refrigerate overnight and use in the smoothie in the morning. Works great if you are not someone that has all the spices in your cupboard.

  105. Holly Robinson says

    Looks amazing!! I don’t have all the right spices though, so will have to get some. I have lots of frozen banana and plant milk though 🙂

  106. Sarah says

    Katie, this was so good!! I needed to use up some plain greek yogurt that my husband mistakenly bought so I did half yogurt, half water instead of milk. It was definitely more of a smoothie consistency, but still delicious. I’ll be making this one again and again!

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