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The Healthy Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

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The Healthy Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Bowl - just 3 ingredients:

A super easy breakfast recipe!

I laugh when people leave angry comments on my blog, complaining my recipes are too simple, like this is a bad thing. In reality, it’s my goal to offer ideas and recipes that don’t require a Ph.D or a bunch of obscure ingredients. I want the recipes to be as simple as possible, and I sometimes even remake ones I think are too complicated, before posting them on the blog.

We grow up in a society that emphasizes the notion: more is more; and the laundry lists of ingredients on our packaged foods grow longer by the minute. With so much being thrown at us, it’s beneficial to work at taking specific steps to simplify our lives as much as possible. For example, why make a recipe with twenty ingredients when something with five can taste just as delicious? Today’s yogurt bowl is one of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes, with just three ingredients.

No expensive protein powders, superfood berries, or wheatgrass… just yogurt, milk, and fresh fruit!


The Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

(serves 1)

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries (110g)
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup milk of choice (120g) (depending on desired thickness)
  • 6 oz plain or vanilla yogurt of choice (I like Wholesoy.)
  • Especially if using an unsweetened milk, you’ll probably wish to add a little sweetener of choice

Blend all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet until smooth. Pour into a bowl. On really hot days, I like to now put the bowl in the freezer for up to an hour. Top with your favorite granola, fresh fruit, etc. (My favorite summer breakfast: this yogurt recipe, extra raspberries on top, and peanut butter slathered on some fresh HSH chia bread from Whole Foods.)

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raspberry yogurt

Question of the Day:

Is your life complicated, with people and obligations pulling you in all different directions?

Sometimes when things get really stressful, I fantasize about moving to Hawaii… and not bringing my computer or cell phone. Just me, a beach blanket, and a giant coconut filled with fresh coconut water, lounging under the sun. All day, every day. How amazing does that sound?

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. This sounds sooo tasty! Love an easy breakfast 🙂

    What I dont get, is why someone feels the need to complain to you. It’s your blog, you’ll post whatever you feel like posting. If it’s too simple, they can overcomplicate it themselves or make something else 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    How could anyone complain about a simple recipe!? Who wants to spend precious time with a million ingredients and steps? Not I!

    That looks good! 🙂

  3. Isabelle says:

    I love simple recipe! For me it is fun ideas to my everyday meals, if it’s to complicated i don’t feel intressed to make it. I <3 your blog Katie! 🙂 //Hugs from Sweden

  4. I can’t complain – our lives are pretty simple. No kids, no pets. Parents live an hour away. We see friends occasionally, and I travel for work, but other than that, we mostly watch Smallville and eat pizza.

    1. Gigi says:

      That is literally my favorite show. A night of pizza and Smallville sounds about perfect to me.

  5. Simple is always better, in my book! Your detailed descriptions and beautiful photos are exactly what I come looking for on your blog.

  6. Lol this is more like a snack to me, but it looks delicious! I love using raspberries in everything!

  7. I love your simple recipes! That’s why I love your blog! There are other blogs out there with some equally delicious looking food, but I don’t want to have to go out and buy 20 different ingredients and be in the kitchen for hours waiting for something to bake. I’m not patient enough for that!

  8. As if people commented saying that. In the words of Thumper from Bambi ‘If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.’

    I personally love simple recipes with fewer ingredients – that’s the way I often cook. I actually think they can be healthier. As you said manufactured products these days have an arms length of ingredients are unpronounceable and obscure.

    Katie, this looks right up my alley. It’s so pretty and pink and girly and full of goodness.

  9. Samantha says:

    My life is WAY too complicated right now. I cherish the simple moments. Have a great day. 🙂

  10. J says:

    I love simplicity when it comes to recipes..that’s why I’ve tried so many different ones on your blog. They’re easy to put together and delicious as well..! keep it up 🙂

  11. Katie, I’m with you – I’m all about simple recipes and love the ones you post. This looks great!

  12. Elizabeth B says:

    The colors in this are brilliant! Will be making this when we have raspberries in the garden in a couple months. 🙂

  13. Lauren says:

    I can’t believe people complain about recipes being too simple!! That just blows my mind.

    As for your Hawaiian getaway…. if you fill that coconut with something a little stronger, I’m with ya! 😉

  14. My favourite kind of breakfast 🙂 I desperately want to go on holiday to some tropical island this summer to celebrate finishing my undergrad degree… Bali sounds pretty awesome to me.

  15. you do a great job with your blog, don’t let anyone bring you down. there will always be haters, and sometimes i get mean comments. the simpler the better, especially when it comes to dessert. yes, i think about running away and not telling anyone and going to Hawaii, specifically speaking, or europe. and then just eating drinking and relaxing. 🙂

  16. Monique says:

    I just ventured into the homemade yogurt thing and have 2 quarts of freshly made yogurt in the fridge. This is a beautiful bowl you photographed and its a great idea for using up all that delicious yogurt.

  17. Amanda says:

    Your simple recipes are the reason why you are my absolute FAVORITE blogger! Keep on doing your thaaang 🙂

  18. Sadye says:

    People actually are mad that your recipes don’t require a million ingredients, lots of cleanup and hours of work? Sheesh! I’m glad you ignore them.

  19. Alanna says:

    What a great idea! I love the blender breakfast cereal recipes, so this sounds right up my alley. Although I’d probably pick a different fruit for myself… I love raspberries, but I think the seeds would ruin it for me in something like this. Does the fruit need to be frozen for this to come out the right texture? I have a mango I keep forgetting about in my fridge, but maybe I’ll just put the pieces in the freezer after cutting if necessary. 🙂

    1. You could use unfrozen, but I’d at least chill it first. Otherwise the yogurt bowl will be a bit warm.

  20. Sarah says:

    Hi Katie,

    I follow your blog specifically because your recipes don’t require me to go out of my way to find the ingrediants. If some people are wanting more complicated recipes and longer ingrediants lists, they can go elsewhere!

    Keep the recipes coming 🙂

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