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The Healthy Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

The Healthy Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Bowl - just 3 ingredients:

A super easy breakfast recipe!

I laugh when people leave angry comments on my blog, complaining my recipes are too simple, like this is a bad thing. In reality, it’s my goal to offer ideas and recipes that don’t require a Ph.D or a bunch of obscure ingredients. I want the recipes to be as simple as possible, and I sometimes even remake ones I think are too complicated, before posting them on the blog.

We grow up in a society that emphasizes the notion: more is more; and the laundry lists of ingredients on our packaged foods grow longer by the minute. With so much being thrown at us, it’s beneficial to work at taking specific steps to simplify our lives as much as possible. For example, why make a recipe with twenty ingredients when something with five can taste just as delicious? Today’s yogurt bowl is one of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes, with just three ingredients.

No expensive protein powders, superfood berries, or wheatgrass… just yogurt, milk, and fresh fruit!


The Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

(serves 1)

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries (110g)
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup milk of choice (120g) (depending on desired thickness)
  • 6 oz plain or vanilla yogurt of choice (I like Wholesoy.)
  • Especially if using an unsweetened milk, you’ll probably wish to add a little sweetener of choice

Blend all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet until smooth. Pour into a bowl. On really hot days, I like to now put the bowl in the freezer for up to an hour. Top with your favorite granola, fresh fruit, etc. (My favorite summer breakfast: this yogurt recipe, extra raspberries on top, and peanut butter slathered on some fresh HSH chia bread from Whole Foods.)

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raspberry yogurt

Question of the Day:

Is your life complicated, with people and obligations pulling you in all different directions?

Sometimes when things get really stressful, I fantasize about moving to Hawaii… and not bringing my computer or cell phone. Just me, a beach blanket, and a giant coconut filled with fresh coconut water, lounging under the sun. All day, every day. How amazing does that sound?

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  1. Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies says

    This sounds sooo tasty! Love an easy breakfast 🙂

    What I dont get, is why someone feels the need to complain to you. It’s your blog, you’ll post whatever you feel like posting. If it’s too simple, they can overcomplicate it themselves or make something else 🙂

  2. Jackie says

    How could anyone complain about a simple recipe!? Who wants to spend precious time with a million ingredients and steps? Not I!

    That looks good! 🙂

  3. Isabelle says

    I love simple recipe! For me it is fun ideas to my everyday meals, if it’s to complicated i don’t feel intressed to make it. I <3 your blog Katie! 🙂 //Hugs from Sweden

  4. Lea @ Greens & Coffee Beans says

    I love your simple recipes! That’s why I love your blog! There are other blogs out there with some equally delicious looking food, but I don’t want to have to go out and buy 20 different ingredients and be in the kitchen for hours waiting for something to bake. I’m not patient enough for that!

  5. J says

    I love simplicity when it comes to recipes..that’s why I’ve tried so many different ones on your blog. They’re easy to put together and delicious as well..! keep it up 🙂

  6. Elizabeth B says

    The colors in this are brilliant! Will be making this when we have raspberries in the garden in a couple months. 🙂

  7. Lauren says

    I can’t believe people complain about recipes being too simple!! That just blows my mind.

    As for your Hawaiian getaway…. if you fill that coconut with something a little stronger, I’m with ya! 😉

  8. honeywhatscooking says

    you do a great job with your blog, don’t let anyone bring you down. there will always be haters, and sometimes i get mean comments. the simpler the better, especially when it comes to dessert. yes, i think about running away and not telling anyone and going to Hawaii, specifically speaking, or europe. and then just eating drinking and relaxing. 🙂

  9. Monique says

    I just ventured into the homemade yogurt thing and have 2 quarts of freshly made yogurt in the fridge. This is a beautiful bowl you photographed and its a great idea for using up all that delicious yogurt.

  10. Amanda says

    Your simple recipes are the reason why you are my absolute FAVORITE blogger! Keep on doing your thaaang 🙂

  11. Sadye says

    People actually are mad that your recipes don’t require a million ingredients, lots of cleanup and hours of work? Sheesh! I’m glad you ignore them.

  12. Alanna says

    What a great idea! I love the blender breakfast cereal recipes, so this sounds right up my alley. Although I’d probably pick a different fruit for myself… I love raspberries, but I think the seeds would ruin it for me in something like this. Does the fruit need to be frozen for this to come out the right texture? I have a mango I keep forgetting about in my fridge, but maybe I’ll just put the pieces in the freezer after cutting if necessary. 🙂

  13. Sarah says

    Hi Katie,

    I follow your blog specifically because your recipes don’t require me to go out of my way to find the ingrediants. If some people are wanting more complicated recipes and longer ingrediants lists, they can go elsewhere!

    Keep the recipes coming 🙂

  14. Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake says

    As if people commented saying that. In the words of Thumper from Bambi ‘If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.’

    I personally love simple recipes with fewer ingredients – that’s the way I often cook. I actually think they can be healthier. As you said manufactured products these days have an arms length of ingredients are unpronounceable and obscure.

    Katie, this looks right up my alley. It’s so pretty and pink and girly and full of goodness.

  15. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Who are these crazy people who want complicated recipes? Ha! That’s just crazy. That, my friend, looks delicious to me. And I appreciate any recipe, especially a simple one with few ingredients.

  16. meredith says

    I love my yogurt breakfast bowls, I should try making it this way tomorrow! I usually mix together cooked steel cut oatmeal with plain greek yogurt and berries with a spoonful of peanut butter. I love oatmeal cold, adds such a nice texture!

  17. Brianna says

    Katie, have you ever mixed this in oatmeal? I like to put flavored yogurt (essentially what this is!) in my oatmeal. It makes it kind of like lukewarm ice cream!

    • Lauren O'Connor says

      I actually mixed my fruit and non-fat Greek yogurt with oats and almond milk into a small tupperware container and put into the refrigerator to thicken overnight. It was delish!! (This no-cook oatmeal saved me from having to wash a pan or my rice maker insert).

  18. Bianca says

    I love the color of that yogurt! It’s such a bright and beautiful pink, that I’m sure I’ll make it:)
    I don’t get why people don’t like easy recipes though! Isn’t everyone always complaining that they don’t have enough time to do anything? If that’s the case, then easier should be better 😀

  19. Lisa says

    Ah I definitely get pulled in different directions from family and friends, I always feel stuck in the middle since I hate confrontation or making people feel bad even if I disagree with them.
    I love the bright color is this, it looks delicious!

  20. Julie says

    I think people complain because your recipes don’t really seem to be recipes. Like milk, yogurt,and berries that is a smoothie. I have been making smoothies like that since i was 5. Everyone knows that you only need a couple of ingredients to make a tasty meal…… We are not stupid

    • Laura says

      Ah the trolls emerge! “Julie” I am just curious, if you don’t like Katie’s recipes, why do you continue to read her blog? 😉

    • Lara says

      Maybe the issue is more about people’s expectations of what a recipe post is going to entail. I’d say the majority of Katie’s posts are actual recipes that require a few different ingredients combined in a somewhat novel way. I also agree with Julie in that I wouldn’t call this one a ‘recipe’, but more of a suggestion for a delicious breakfast that Katie particularly enjoys, which is perfectly fine. I think it’s just semantics- this is barely more than combining cereal and milk in a bowl as far as a ‘recipe’ goes, so if you want to be picky go ahead. However I think most readers recognize the intent isn’t to claim ownership to the idea of combining fruit and yogurt. I was quite happy to read this post as an idea for a healthy breakfast, which I just may add to my current breakfast rotation!

      • Julie says

        I’m not being a troll. I love Katie’s cookie pie and it is always a huge hit at events. I enjoy many of her other recipes as well. I am simply stateing why people would feel her recipes are simple. Maybe the troll is you tinyflorets.

  21. Aja says

    Yeah, you’re recipes are wayy too simple. I’ve got too little time on my hands for your recipes to be simple. They need to be long and complicated so I can’t make them because I don’t have the time or understanding to do so.

    I love yogurt for breakfast, and this sounds perf.

  22. Lauren says

    Yes! Life just gets too busy sometimes. Today I saw a living social deal for a trip to Antigua. I forwarded it to my husband and our friends and just wrote “Are we going? Tonight?” Sometimes you just need to hop a plane to Antigua, no?

    We aren’t going tonight, though. Just going out for Mexican for dinner 🙂

    That yogurt looks great. The color is gorgeous!


  23. Tanner says

    Yum! So pretty, I eat this a lot 🙂 I love simple recipes because they’re more like ideas, like I saw this and thought, mmm, carrots and raisins. Also, laundry lists of ingredients turn me off! If a recipe has more than a handful of ingredients, or calls for strange things, I will not give it a second look. The other day I saw a recipe for “simple, yeast free bread” that called for tapioca flour, sorghum flour, sweet white rice flour, and amaranth flour! I don’t have any of those in my pantry, and I’m not about to go out and buy four different flours, plus xanthan gum and everything else, for one loaf of bread! I appreciate your simple recipes, even the ones that are more like ideas. Your pumpkin bread in a bowl is an ever-evolving mainstay in my breakfast arsenal.

  24. Kathryn says

    Looks delicious! You might want to try one of the other non-dairy yogurts that is soy-free. Soy is really not good for anyone.
    Pinned and definitely trying soon! Thanks!

  25. Katy @ Katy's Kitchen says

    I love simple recipes. As great as complicated ones taste, I find the prep can take away from the enjoyment of the dish. I agree- simple is truly best. Love the bright pink colour of that yogurt!

  26. Alanna says

    It takes all kinds to make up the world. I just don’t understand why people always expect everything to suit themselves. You don’t like a simple recipe? Go find a trickier one!
    I would love to spend some time in spring or summer at Versailles. The gardens there are beautiful but as a teacher in oz I can only travel there in the European winter. I’ve never seen the fountains working, or flowers. I am also at the stage where I’m wondering why I’m doing a job that’s so stressful. Surely it doesn’t have to be this way?
    Here in oz we’re celebrating ANZAC day. It’s when we remember those who fought, and died for us in war. So I’ve made your Krispy creme-ish doughnut recipe but with an Aussie twist- roasted wattle seeds.
    Have you ever tried them? They have a coffee/chocolate/hazelnut flavour to them. You probably won’t want to put them in a recipe in the blog, because they’d be a bit hard for your American followers to find, but I thought you might enjoy them yourself. 🙂
    You can get them from
    Thanks for the work that you do. Please don’t try and please everyone- it’s an impossible task!

  27. Mel says

    Sounds yummy and looks great for a simple breakfast for the kids during the summer! In response to your answer for the question of the day, next week is Screen Free Week. 😉

  28. Emily says

    I think the problem is, some recipes can be so simple that they don’t seem like recipes they just seem like common sense. With recipes like that I sometimes feel like I’m being a little ripped off (not that this is a problem I’ve found with your site, but I earlier today read a recipe for Vegemite and cheese on toast which was literally put some Vegemite and then some cheese on your toast, which I think I could have figured out myself).

    • Longtime Reader says

      I’m not trying to start an arguement, but I have found your sentiments echoed on other blogs, and especially often in the comment section of this particular blog, and I find this disheartening. Why should a blog reader feel “ripped off” for anything the blogger writes when he or she is not paying any earned money to see the content? If you don’t like a certain post, you move on and come back another day (or don’t). But readers have no right to feel this sense of entitlement that a blogger is “supposed” to post anything in particular. If a blogger wanted to post vegemite on cheese every single day, over and over, that is his or her right. It wouldn’t be a smart move for the blogger to gain readership, but readers would have no right to complain because a blogger has a right to post what he or she wants. I would hope that my favorite bloggers stay true to themselves and post whatever is moving them at the moment. If that is a complicated homemade soft pretzel recipe one day, I’m great with that! And if, on another day, it’s a simple yogurt bowl that many people make their own variation of, that’s ok too. If I don’t need the recipe or idea on that particular day, I can at least enjoy the photos and commentary. And I think we all can agree that the photos in this post are amazing!

      Emily, this is not a jab at you. I think your comment was respectful and not troll-like. I am more referring to some of the other comments I’ve seen over the years on blogs like this (and sometimes, but rarely, on my own small blog). I come back again and again to Katie’s blog because I can see that hard work and effort are put into even the simplest of posts. I come back again and again because I ENJOY this blog, and I think that’s what readers who feel “entitled” need to remember: if you are not liking a blog, you have the right to not read it. But you don’t have the right to tell the blogger what he or she must post to suit your needs.

  29. Mara says

    I just have to say how amazing you are: all of your recipes are easy to find and you keep the list up-to-the-minute! I was looking for a recipe today (lemon squares and I made them tonight, thank you very much!) and found it with not a moment longer than 23.7sec. Record for blogs!!

    Keep up the awesomely important food work! Like this yogurt recipe – delicious! I shall have to make it. =]

  30. Anna {Herbivore Triathlete} says

    Oh my, people will complain about anything. I for one, love simple recipes, the simpler the better I think. This looks like my kind of breakfast, I adore raspberries, they are definitely my favorite berry.

    Keep the simple recipes coming!

  31. Ellen says

    I’m all about simplicity in the kitchen. Good ingredients can shine. Plus, figuring out proper proportions for simple combos takes finesse, so I am not against simple recipes. I always feel like I have twenty balls in the air, it’s nice to not complicate the kitchen too:)

  32. Lara says

    I’m much more inclined to follow a simple or moderate recipe, but I also love the really complicated ones for getting ideas and just as light reading. :o) I often don’t get around to using them. I’m also more likely to modify a recipe that’s terribly complicated.
    My life is pretty simple. I do a lot of things, but I enjoy them, and I also have plenty of time to rest and reflect.
    I’d say the most stressful thing in my life today is waiting for the carpenter to finally arrive.
    I really enjoy your blog and refer to it often. In fact, I baked your single serving chocolate cake with my seven-year old tutee yesterday. (I added a [simple] ganache and stuck a piece fancy Swiss chocolate bar into the top. We made one for her and one for her dad and they loved them.

  33. Elisabeth says

    I mean, it is kind of funny to read people saying “OMG, such a great idea!” to yogurt + fruit + granola. Like they couldn’t come up with that all by themselves. Still, it’s one of my favorite combos to eat, not just at breakfast time.

  34. Kate B. says

    Thank you for the simplicity!!! Please keep it up! As a work-from-home mom of a five-year-old with family responsibilities every which way, I delight in the simplicity of your recipes. You make everything seem do-able and help me think outside the must-be-difficult-to-be-good box. Bless you! Can’t wait for your cookbook….

  35. Amber says

    I think the difference is that poeple are complaining that your recipes have gone from recipes to recipe IDEAS. Anyone could trhow these together, what makes it special is when theres a trick to making it extra delicious. Most of your recipes lately have been more about ideas. Obviously you have a lot going on, but I too have noticed less actual ‘recipes’.

    • Longtime Reader says

      Amber, I think you need to go back and actually read her blog before leaving negative comments that are simply not based on fact. And read my other comment further above in this post.

      Just checked the last 16 posts of Katie’s, and they are 14 new RECIPES with just 2 of them being idea posts. I’d say that’s pretty awesome. Not sure how she’s managing to save any for the cookbook!

      CCK, sorry for all the comments I’m answering. It just makes me so angry to see the amount of entitlement in this blogworld. People, if you want to fork over some actual money to these bloggers, then you have a right to complain about what you’re getting. Otherwise, showing a little bit of gratitude for the recipes you read wouldn’t be out of line.

      • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

        I agree with Longtime Reader, the entitlement mentality in this country (and blogworld) is crazy. I do find it heartening to see how respectful most of the disagreements are, though!
        And p.s.- I could always use a new bfast recipe. I’m in a rut.

  36. trajayjay says

    I guess people complain that the recipes are too simple is because, if a recipe is so simple it’s basically common sense. There would be no need to post it. I think people crave a lot of work because the sense of accomplishment after having made the recipe will be greater.

  37. Lisa @bitesforbabies says

    Simple as bad? Since when?! All I know is the Italians pride themselves on using simple ingredients to make the most delicious meals (I’m Italian by the way! lol!) I think this simple breakfast bowl looks delicious and even better that it’s “simple” to make!

  38. Lauren O'Connor says

    Love it! Seems we are on the same page. I just made my own fruit-n-yogurt from 0% Greek, thawed frozen strawberries and a little chia (I had already soaked the chia and formed a gel for a demo the day before – so simply added some to the strawberries/juice). I added a little stevia since these particular strawberries weren’t exceptionally sweet. Finally, I topped it with a Tbsp of my homemade granola and it was delish!! : )

  39. Elizabeth says

    That’s so crazy!! I won’t make a recipe if it has too many ingredients or is complicated. I, personally, don’t have the time or the desire. Quick, easy recipes are definitely my favorite!!

  40. Lana says

    This looks so refreshing! I love simple recipes. I’m new to your blog and I am enjoying your recipes. Thank you
    Do you have a recipe for a healthy strawberry trifle?

  41. Emily says

    I made this for breakfast today! I used strawberries instead of raspberries and sprinkled it with chia seeds and homemade granola. So yummy! Thanks for the idea!

  42. Heather says

    Aloha Katie,
    I actually live in Hawaii. Unfortunately, I go to work daily, pay my bills, never walk around in a bikini, etc. Even though I live in “paradise” busy life goes on. I live 1 block from the beach but haven’t been in the water in 6 months. So sad. We tend to think the grass is always greener … I actually pine for seasons and cheaper cost of living. I wish I lived everyone’s idea of Hawaii BUT that is a vacation. Shucks!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Darn, that’s too bad. Lost dreams right there. 😉
      (I guess it’s like my mom growing up an hour from NYC and yet not even going to the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty until she was an adult.)

  43. Mikayla says

    I LOVE the simplicity of your recipes! I live in a dorm and it is so convenient to not have to buy 10,000 ingredients to make something!

  44. Karen says

    Ah Katie, ignore the haters/complainers. I can’t tell you enough what a relief it is to see a recipe which minimal ingredients. I love your wonderful blog with the all the goodies!

  45. Jen says

    I use your recipes BECAUSE they are simple! Simple yet so delicious! I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of ingredients to have things gluten free and vegan. Keep it simple! Thank you!

  46. J says

    Katie, your recipes are simple, but they are created in ways that I’ve never seen before. They’re special simple recipes.

    Don’t listen to people who can’t say nice things about you. Their opinions don’t count and they’re just jealous that they didn’t come up with such amazing recipes. That’s all there is to it. Their comments are not worth your time and they’re not worth anyone else’s time.

    I would hate to think that they could think they could do better than you, because they can’t. Love you Katie. 🙂

  47. Amy says

    Good for you, for keeping things simple! Especially since you’re trying to show how accessible veganism is. And you’re a strong person for being able to laugh instead of lashing back!

    My freshman year of college when I depended on the dining halls, my go-to healthy dessert was raspberry yogurt with granola mixed in. And I always made a stop by the soft-serve ice cream bar toppings for mini M&Ms to top off my “parfait” too!

  48. Amoolya says

    I can’t find large tubs of plain yogurt anywhere! Just the single serving size. Does anyone know where I can find them?

  49. Staci Dunn Silva says

    HAHAHAHAHA. People really complain about not having enough ingredients? You don’t have to worry about that with me. I definitely prefer things simpler. Thanks a ton Katie. God bless!

  50. laura says

    I love that you switch it up between recipes and meal options, it’s great to see healthy choices and I will certainly be making something like this for breakfast tomorrow using the frozen mangoes in my freezer! My parents are Canadian but spend their winters in Hawaii and love it there, so peaceful and beautiful weather, if you promise to cook and bake, you can always come visit 🙂

  51. Shelley says

    Simple is good. Today I made banana oatmeal bars – what’s in them? 6 bananas, 3 cups of oatmeal. Yummy! I would so go to Hawaii with no computers, phones, TV’s, etc. or maybe Italy – I’ve always dreamed of living in the Tuscan countryside buying all my food from roadside markets and cooking whole, fresh, local goodness!

  52. Lee says

    Your recipes are simple and that’s a bad thing?? Are you kidding? I live for simple! So many things in daily life are complicated – food should not be. The simpler the better 🙂

  53. Bek @ Crave says

    Yes, my life is full throttle and I need to find that down time- but I struggle with it. My therapist has given me orders to relax with my anxiety. I love that your recipes are simple- why waste time right?

  54. Fenceline says

    maybe “too simple” a question but what is HSH chia bread? sounds delicious but what does the HSH stand for? 🙂

  55. Jennifer says

    I can’t believe people would complain about something like that. I think if your blog had really busy and complicated recipes, it would intimidate a lot of people (myself included, lol). I live in a small town where specialty foods and ingredients are really hard to find, so I am always grateful for easy, delicious recipes that have accessible ingredients.

    This breakfast bowl looks delicious!

  56. Anonymous says

    Hawaii isn’t just a tropical vacation 24/7. People who reside here deal with the same problems as people do around the world. Geographic location doesn’t necessarily determine one’s level of happiness or stress.

  57. Amy McCann says

    SERIOUSLY! I am so sure that I have told you in previous comments that the reason I LOVE your blog is because your recipes are simple AND delish! I have enough going on in my world to complicate it with food!!!

  58. Amanda says

    This is so simple, yet so delicious! I love how simple so many of your recipes are!

    I just recently took out a huge portion of the complications in my life and I am so much happier! Hawaii does sound fabulous though. If you ever run away to there, I hope some of us are able to go with you! 🙂

  59. Kate says

    Oh my so at a THAT’S how they make flavored yogurt… Duh now I feel stupid I was just wondering this the other day. I once made some soy yogurt and it tasted awful and beany (like the after taste from wholesoy times ten) maybe this would be a good idea to fix it!
    Honestly I don’t care if your recipes are simple, because I would have never thought of that myself

  60. Alanna says

    Finally got around to trying this one, and I really liked it! Makes a huge bowl but still so light and refreshing to eat. I used plain Greek yogurt and blueberries, and the color and flavor was so lovely! Thanks for another winner, Katie!

  61. Dianne says

    Your website has become a regular in our family. In the midst of eliminating lots of unhealthy food we are grateful that chocolate can stay. With your recipes and talent for writing, and of course the chocolate, things have become easier.
    Thank you so much for the extraordinary work you do.
    On the other hand i came across one of your recipes- Sex in a pan??? Guess who loves chocolate and doesn’t need to think about sex– that’s right… children.
    Not an appropriate title!
    Chocolate is a unique and special substance that brings unspeakable joy and pleasure and “sex” is also unique and special: priceless compared to chocolate – if it is in its appropriate “realm”; names of recipes on a website, that probably a lot of children like mine, link into, is not it’s sacred realm. Hope you will consider changing the name with some consideration for the innocence of children.
    Sincerely, from
    A mother who loves her innocent children and chocolate

  62. Grace says

    I love your recipes, they are all so tasty and easy. I live in Hawaii and it is BEAUTIFUL here right now.

  63. Madi says

    Your website completely amazes me and pleasantly surprises me every time I try a new recipe, the color of this yogurt was beautiful along with the great flavor! Thank you so much!

  64. Teri says

    I love mixing milk and yogurt into smoothies much like this recipe calls for. My husband loves soy milk, so we always have a large supply of Silk on hand at any given moment. Except whenever I use it in our magic bullet, it gets so frothy it doesn’t blend very well and almost sounds like it’s going to explode because it’s suddenly so full. Is this normal and I just have a very small blender for the task at hand?

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  66. Nick says

    Great idea about the frozen raspberries! I like making my own yogurt at home, it’s a real “set it and forget it” deal. Fresh milk from store + leftover yogurt (or buy one that says “contains active cultures). After the milk’s been warmed in the crockpot, I turn it off, add the yogurt, and put a towel over the top. When I wake up in the morning, I have fresh yogurt. Too much fresh yogurt. Never enough ideas. Good thing it keeps forever!

  67. MARGARET says


  68. katie says

    This recipe sounds great! I think that I’m going to try it out tomorrow morning;) it would be so awesome if you could get your blog turned into an app! that way it would be easier to navigate through on a smart phone:) just a suggestion. 🙂 i love your blog so much! ❤️❤️

  69. Reemaz says

    Katie, your blog has been (and will always be) my favorite. I don’t know why it took me too long to come across this recipe! I tried it a few hours ago and I instantly fell in love…! I mean I have tried raspberry smoothies before but this was different!

  70. Home & Living says

    People really complain about not having enough ingredients? You don’t have to worry about that with me. I definitely prefer things simpler. Thanks a ton Katie. God bless!

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